Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's time to start the first Citizen's Congress

Does the following seem reasonable to you?

(1.) In the year 2000 we discovered to our horror that our country had been totally taken over by corporate fascism. This is a social/political Dictatorship of the Rich, basically identical to what Benito Mussolini had in Italy during WW2 and similar to the German Third Reich of Adolph Hitler.

(2.) This blind sided us beyond belief since many of us remember having conversations over the fence with our Republican neighbors or relatives, many of whom we constructively disagreed with; however, each of us was the "loyal opposition" to the other's political party because then America had a two party political system that at least marginally worked.

(3.) This was followed by stolen American elections in 2002 (mid terms) and the blatantly stolen presidential election in 2004. This isn't opinion since the international standard for stolen elections is a mathematical comparison between exit polls and recorded results and this test categorical proves that the year 2000, 2002, and 2004 elections were criminally stolen. Many states were also stolen by the Bush/fascists in 2006, but in spite of this, the Democratic Congress was reestablished in 2006 by a massive and expensive commitment of progressive Americans.

(4.) But then liberal Americans (i.e., the voters responsible for the 2006 Democratic "success") discovered to our furious disillusionment that this Democratic Congress is made up of wall to wall traitors and cowards. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are virtual Republican moles and they dutifully bury any policies which have liberal/progressive values. The leading candidate of the DLC is the Hillary Clinton/Bush Doll who is a female clone of George W. Bush.

With a few tweaks, these 4 items exactly describe contemporary America. We lost a coup d'etat to fascists and religious fanatics who then stole election after election. We then turned to our "own" party, the Democratic Party, for help, but discovered that establishment politics is in reality a ONE party dem/pug system which slavishly answers ONLY to America's Dictatorship of the Rich -- also known as vampire elites who make up less than one percent of the entire American population (just as the international elites make up less than one percent of the entire human species).

Thus, the ultimate control center of America are astronomically rich people for whom political fascism is a "police force" to make sure the cattle (i.e., US!) stay in our pens.

An elaborately constructed scam of the elites is that we have a political system which at least to some degree (however small) offers the have not’s and middle and lower classes some political representation.

Alas, nothing could be further from the truth! Establishment politics is merely a bone the elites throw to us to gnaw on while we clean their commodes. It's tragically self evident that our country is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich in which we have ZERO political representation. Sure, we can play the Duh "political game" that we have some (any!) input into the national and international policies of our country, but establishment politics is egregiously part of the problem, not the solution.

Saying it like it is, our country and planet are dying, literally dying, and the elites & fascists are in absolute control. Ironically, the neocon cabal doesn't even represent our country (and even barnyard animals know it!).

So, can it actually be possible that something constructive and hopeful is being catalyzed by these gargantuan atrocities?

The answer, miraculously, is a resounding YES!

Look, if the elites own our country (and planet) and the fascists belong to the elites and the Democratic Party belongs to the fascists, then where does that leave us?

It leaves us with zero political representation and reduces us to cattle consumers of the pig, pig rich. Indeed, our middle and lower classes are now basically servants of American Royalty.

We should also bear in mind that American Royalty (the vampire elites) comes in all political flavors. It's suicidally naive not to see that the Kennedy Royal Family and the Gore Royal Family are in the same elite Heart of Darkness with the Saudi's and Bush's. And the Clinton's are, to put it euphemistically, "social climbers". Granted, a few elites have a luxurious “social conscience”, but [being and elite with a social conscience] = [being an elite]. The issue is the Have and Have Not distinction; the issue is MONEY, not talking the talk political games which guarantee that elites stay elites – and guarantee that we stay commode-cleaning, cattle consumers.

All of which is simply more evidence of the absurd meaninglessness of politics. The ONLY distinction that is in touch with reality in America (and basically the world) is are you and elite or are you a cattle consumer? The odds are you do a lot of mooing since international elites are now and always have been a very tiny "country club" of literal Kings and Queens of planet Earth.

When your back is against the wall and all doors seem closed to you, it is put up or shut up time.

OK, here goes. May I be honest with you and acknowledge that what follows is (at least for now) a kind of "groping"? But the basic idea is very simple. Look at where we are. Look at our country. Look at our criminal lack of representation. Hey, this is a total despair place.

Or is it?

Maybe the truth is that we are in a kind of life/civilization "cusp" in which we have to "evolve" (use whatever word that works for you) into a different social/political dimension.

More specifically, maybe we are coming to the end (probably forever!) of traditional politics since traditional politics (e.g., the Democratic Party) has turned out to be our mortal enemy.

The point is, WE CAN'T FIX IT. That's the mantra.

Traditional/establishment politics is UNFIXABLE. Any why should we be surprised since it was invented in the first place to make sure pig, pig rich people STAY pig, pig rich people. The game is stacked and the dice are loaded. The Democratic Party may have meant something (not much!) once upon a time, but now it's like drinking ground glass to turn to the DLC for "help", since the moment an elected Democrat stops talking to us, he/she immediately turns around and returns to licking the boots of the elites. Establishment politics is made up of puppets (with VERY few exceptions) of Greek God like elites. They don't "represent" us, and it's become obscene to even think that. They are monkey/puppets of astronomically rich people AND THEY WILL STAY THAT WAY.

So, what about the hope talk? The hope talk is that we have to keep the faith and ferocious commitment that we can start a "Citizen's Congress."

Which means what? It means we have to turn to our own creativity, intelligence, and daring to find NEW ways to express the power of the people. The illusion is that politics has "left us behind" and we have to eat crumbs. The reality is that WE HAVE LEFT POLITICS BEHIND (my God, look at the polls!), and taking the cue from our genius Constitutional forefathers, we need to start another political/social Renaissance.

See, that's what we need. We need a political Renaissance. That sounds good, doesn't it? It's not that the game of traditional politics isn't working. To the contrary, it's working perfectly . . . but not for us. It's doing EXACTLY what it was created to do -- which is to keep pig, pig rich people pig, pig rich people.

So, time to leave the game! Time to find TOTALLY different ways to honor and express the will of the people.

And you know what, the will of the people of our country is NOT that 99+ percent of us should keep being cattle consumers while the Bush's, Gore's, Saudi's, Paris Hilton's, and Rupert Murdoch's live like literal Gods and Goddesses.

See, that is what's so crazy about this arrangement. It's set up AS IF the middle and lower classes just LOVE being have not’s. Gee, we just love it that an elite can spend more money in an afternoon on his/her health than any one of us spends on our children's health in a lifetime. Yeah, we think it’s great that elites have so bloody many cars that they don't even get around to driving them, or how wonderful it is that an air head heiress is actually seen as a role model by literally millions of pitifully "disadvantaged" children.

It would take a 900 page book to list the ways elites live in God like worlds compared to all the rest of us and to suggest that we actually "like" this arrangement is the ultimate adding insult to injury.

No, we don't "like" it; we bloody hate it and resent it beyond description. We're all God's children and our God given and Constitutional birthright is NOT TO LIVE LIKE CATTLE, which none of us should have to do since the wealth of the planet (especially if nurtured) is a cornucopia for us all. Those little straight lines separating the different colored states (and countries) mean NOTHING to Mother Nature and the biological human species. It's all paper pap to keep elites, elites.

So, back to square one. How can we create radically different social forms to honor the will of the people? We now know politics is ANTI will of the people. Well, we're the people, so let's create something entirely different.

Let's find legal, peaceful way to revolutionize EVERYTHING!

Wow, if you've read this much, you probably don't want to read much more, so may I end with a few alternative strategy suggestions to catalyze our new Citizen's Congress. We can work on these and others as we go along.

(1.) A circulating list of 10 or so national/international targeted boycotts. Remember, money is the God of this planet and such boycotts would be hitting the elites (and their fascist thugs) where they are the most vulnerable. Also please remember that the elites need us a thousand times more than we need them. Specifically, they need our MONEY.

(2.) Nationwide strikes.

(3.) Constitutionally permitted referendums in which we have the constitutional means to legally take our country back. And much to the terror of the elites, WE ARE STILL A COUNTRY OF LAWS.

This list could go on, but the heart of this vision (and I think that's the correct word) is that WE HAVE THE POWER to take our world back with non political, hardball strategies. Yes, getting super organized is probably the first and most difficult step, but, hey, isn't that why evolution gave us the internet?

Politics is death. Boycotts (etc.) are life. The time to make the quantum jump is now. This jail cell in which we are mooing away our lives has an open wall.