Thursday, April 9, 2009

America's core unfinished business: Elite Assassinations, Wars, and Depressions.

America's unfinished business: The Great Depression (elite engineered?), Kennedy/King assassinations, Gulf of Tonkin lie, 9/11, and our SECOND engineered Depression, etc.

Of course, and alas, there's more. Remember names like Henry Kissinger (even more evil than Dick Cheney if you measure evil by the number of people you directly or indirectly murder -- plus whose first loyalties were NEVER to the United States of America).

Many of our young people don't realize that the Viet Nam War was "justified" by a TOTALLY DOCUMENTED LIE having to do with the Gulf of Tonkin. Reminds you of Bush's State of the Nation lies to "justify" his preemptive invasion of Iraq, doesn't it?

God how these fascist elites can lie!

The near certain assassination of courageous Senator Paul Wellstone is more unfinished business. Dear God, this man lived in Minnesota and he doesn't know how to fly in a snowstorm? Duh. And to make sure his voice was permanently silenced, most of his family was assassinated as well. And oh yes, his death gave the Senate to the fascist pugs which was critical for making dufus George the King of America.

God how these fascist elites can murder!

Evidence is now emerging that America's "Great Depression" was ALSO engineered. Here's just one quote, but when you pull it the fascist/elite propaganda tapestry rapidly unravels:

"(The Great Depression resulting from the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence....The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all." Louis McFadden (1876-1936) US Congressman (R-PA) (1915-1935), Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee -- who was poisoned in 1936.

Please note the unique financial position of this man and that he was speaking from his erudition and conscience, not the “Republican line” and we should honor his memory as we acknowledge his assassination.

Of course there’s no question of the Kennedy assassinations (both President JFK and Bobby) and the blatantly “political” assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The only question is who orchestrated those infamous murders and why. I think by now we can make a very educated guess, don’t you?

Have you noticed how often we keep using the “assassination” word? That’s how the rest of the world sees us. They know (often better than we do from their “outside in” perspective) that American is 100% a Dictatorship or the Rich and that the “elites” (formerly the “aristocracy” of Kings and Queens) want working class Americans to be cattle or corpses.

However, speaking of the rest of the world (especially the Orient) they’re getting colossally pissed off that America’s elite greed and retarded religious fanatics are steadily and VERY RAPIDLY trashing human Civilization and the necessary planetary conditions for the continued existence of human beings. And we are now receiving very specific warnings that if we don’t deal with the fascist elites, the rest of the planet will do an “intervention” on us, since they have NO intention of continuing to sit by while American elites destroy all the national economies of the Earth and the very life and death ecosystems of our species.

In short, we have been warned and would do well to heed it.

The simple truth is that the human community can no longer afford the luxury of multi millionaires and multi billionionaires, ESPECIALLY that ultimately lethal combination of astronomically rich murder in the name of God religious fundamentalists

Here’s another way to say this. George W. Bush pushed the envelope of vampire greed and kill-a Muslim-for-Christ religious fanaticism much, much too far. His pinhead brain thought he really was King of the Earth and that he had the “divine right” to rob and murder limitlessly -- which is exactly what he did, much to the worry of the “wiser” elites who knew their existence utterly depended on continued and utmost secrecy. Organizations like the “Illuminati” are now unwillingly “going public” and that’s win/win for us all, since this collective virtual anti-Christ can of worms has been controlling human existence beyond our wildest dreams (or nightmares) for millennia.

But if there’s a God, He/She gave us the internet against which the Greek God like elites are defenseless. But is this really the case? Well, think of it like this. If and when a critical mass of Americans (or more probably humans in general since the elites are national/international), REALLY GETS THE MESSAGE that less than one percent of the human race has been manipulating the human condition like literal Gods and Goddesses for millennia, and that this less than one percent has NEARLY ALL OF THE WEALTH OF THE PLANET and is very probably committing systematic genocide even in America to wean down the population to the size they want (the word is they are working to get rid of two billions of us – think Africa and “aids”, think New Orleans, think unregulated poisonous meat, think unregulated pharmaceutical giants, etc.), then it is simply a matter of numbers before this collective knowledge will catalyze a titanic explosion of rage that will be heard on the outer planets.

However, the point of this piece is not the arguable inevitability of literally indescribable human violence once the elites lose their force field of secrecy, but a listing of a few core examples of America’s profoundly unfinished business.

In short, America’s skeletons are FINALLY clattering out of the closets, and ironically this is almost certainly due to the pathological religious fanaticism and greed vampire excesses of George W. Bush who pushed the elite envelope of secrecy beyond the point of breaking.

So just as Sarah Palin’s grotesque “biker policies” significantly helped to break the back of McCain’s presidential campaign, so may the blatantly public, sociopathic atrocities of Georgie Porgie break the back of humanity’s satanic elites.

Time to finish our unfinished business once and for all. Time to apolitically DEAL WITH the elites (remember “politics” is a lose/lose game invented by and for the elites).

Time for the re-birth of America.

The ultimate conflict of human existence: Wisdom vs. The Beast

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be (?): Wisdom vs. The beast.

Notice, it's not institutional religion or establishment politics vs. The Beast, since both are egregiously more part of the problem than the solution.

No, the human species needs something incalculably more profound than murder in the name of God religions or political puppets of the elites to deal with The Beast.

First, let's define our terms. "The Beast" is a composite of mentally ill religious fanatics, the barbarian lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth, and parasitical, vampire elites.

In short, The Beast is humanity at its worst.

Conversely, humanity at its best is incarnate wisdom.

And wisdom is what? Lot's of answers to this, but here's two good ones. Wisdom is what transcends human delusion. Another (and equivalent) definition is that wisdom is "being in touch with reality".

One wonders if this "battle of principalities" is in some sense hard wired into the cutting edge of evolution. Or more specifically, is this conflict an inevitable rite of passage for any "advanced species? Of course, here we can only speculate since each life form (extraterrestrial or otherwise) evokes their own unique reality and survival challenges.

Naturally, there are far too many aspects of this conflict than can be explored in a short paper, but let's examine a few of them.

First, please notice that things like evil are less "defeated" by wisdom than "precluded" by it. In short, where wisdom reigns, evil is simply absent. "Warring" with evil is a secondary phenomenon and a symptom that collective wisdom is fragile and impotent.

Another way to say this is that "moral imperatives" are a kind of holding action to compensate for the relative absence of wisdom. No one lives by "should's" when their lives are grounded in wisdom. Where morality is King, evil too is usually King. Only defective life forms obsess about morality.

The same is even truer for the "stupidity" explanation of human chaos or misery. This mutual exclusion is more obvious since authentic wisdom is necessarily consummated intelligence. Indeed, wisdom and intelligence are virtually synonyms -- even though intelligence can "specialize" itself away from wisdom.

This is why science, for all it value and challenge, does not now and never has been a force for wisdom.

"Transcendence" however, is symptom of wisdom, since it can mean transcending the collective human mind set. Said differently, it’s transcending the arbitrary and socially conditioned mind set of our species. This is approximately what the Hindu/Buddhist tradition calls "Maya" (the world illusion). Another turn of phrase is "consensus reality", since it's the "unexamined living our lives from place" for around six billion Homo sapiens.

Notice again this doesn’t have to conflict with the responsible explorations of science, even though wisdom is grounded in profoundly different dimensions.

The First Noble Truth of the Buddha (perhaps somewhat arbitrarily assigned to him after his death) is that life is Dukha, and dealing with Dukha is where wisdom begins. Dukha basically means anguish or suffering; thus for the Buddha, beginning where you are, means beginning with anguish and suffering.

However, before jumping to the conclusion that this is too much "doom and gloom", we should stay open to the possibility that this is indeed the bottom line human existence if we have to courage to be absolutely realistic.

In any case (leaving out vast intermediary dynamics), his Fourth (and last) Noble Truth is that coming to terms with Dukah (or Samsara -- basically vicious circle living), is a sublime transcendence called Nirvana (one root meaning of which is the blowing out of the ego/personality flame).

The catch 22 in all of this is that ONLY to the degree we dare to begin were we are (i.e., Dukha) is the consummated 4th Noble Truth of Liberation possible.

In short, things like repression, avoidance, denial don't merely keep us in the box or cage of human chaos or misery; THEY ARE THE CAGE/BOX of human chaos or misery. They are the "walls" of our prison which exist only to the degree we are slaves to fear.

Of course, a tragically predictable and simplistic response to the above is to discount it as mere intellectualizing and "impractical" theory. But this is the same strategy of trying to repress death. "Oh, it's nothing to be concerned about since I am the only life form in this galaxy who/what has solved the problem of death."

Oh really? Thinking that means believing the repression of death is the same as "eliminating" death, but this is merely the most common philosophical psychosis of our species.

No, our lives are grounded in a Himalayan Mountain range of repression, denial, and fear, and to the precise degree this is the case, NOTHING of ultimate value or liberation is possible for the human race.

A sort of final example of how this wisdom journey his it’s own "spiritual process", is the following way of experiencing Nirvana. However, this potential consummation for almost every human being alive is NOT a "consummation devoutly to be wished" (kudos to Shakespeare). Rather, it will probably sound like the ultimate fear, the ultimate failure, and a fate worse than death -- even though it is just such fearful thinking that traps us in Dukha.

So, here's a glimpse of the end of the wisdom journey:

It's not that the dreamer finally wakes up from the dream (e.g., the world illusion); rather, it's that SOMETHING MORE REAL THAN THE DREAMER wakes up from the dreamer.

Said differently, it's not that "I's", "you's", "me's", and "we's" are the problem solvers. Rather it's that "I's", "you's", "me's", and "we's" ARE the problem.

And an "advanced species" that doesn't in some sense collectively KNOW this, is doomed to act out delusion, i.e., become extinct.

So, immediately behind business as usual human chaos and misery (e.g., murder-in-the-name-of-God genocide, spirit and health crushing poverty, the Have and Have Not hell on Earth, etc., etc.), is The Beast. But The Beast is only made possible by the core, projected fears of billions of human beings.

Will we humans get through this rite of passage and find the courage and intelligence to stop "projecting" our own terrors and cowardice? In short, as a species (not just a few rare individuals) will we "wake up" in time to avoid the cosmic waterfall of extinction?

CAN this be done? Ironically, the answer is yes, yes, and yes, since the perennial paradox is that the more profound the truth, the more it is self evident. In short, an ultimate challenge is looking each of us directly in the eye as we speak. Indeed, it never ceases to do this.

All we have to do is make eye contact with the real. From this comes everything. From not doing this comes nothing.

So, forget the future. Forget the strategies and "means to an end". Things like religion and politics are so irrelevant we don't even have words for the absoluteness of their irrelevance.

The heart/soul of it all is that ultimate realness is where we already are. An exquisite, ancient Chinese intuition for Nature (tzu-jan) is “that which is so of itself”. Thus, living is the of itself so-ing of that which is so of itself. This is the thought-transcending perfection of spontaneous immediacy and no “higher powers” or “separate selves” need apply, since spontaneous immediacy is the “being myself” of ultimate realness.

Whether it’s said in Pali, Sanskrit, Chinese, or Tibetan, the equation is: Nowing = Selfing = Realitying. This realization is vaster than delusion, transcendent to death, and infinitely more real than the resigned, groveling existence of most of the entire human race.


ps: To discount the above as merely conceptual theorizing or impractical intellectualizing is like spending your entire life “killing time” in a filthy, lonely cage . . . with one wall permanently open. The alternative is whistling in a dark that’s not listening.

It's finally obvious the banks of America ARE America

Behind the financial labyrinth of America's broken economy are banks, banks, and banks.

Have you had the interest on your bank credit cards doubled yet? Well, that letter is probably in the mail.

Now let's get this straight. Banks are in dire straits because of the stupidity and infinite greed of the bankers, but we're supposed to "rescue" them with an unending progression of "bail outs" (continuing with tough talking, but mouse acting President Obama).

Wow, is that a win/win business or what? Do whatever you like; mislead, lie, and effectively steal TRILLIONS from working class Americans, but when you get into trouble, turn to those same working class Americans (taxes!) for bailouts . . . and bailouts . . . and bailouts. It never ends. Banks are bailout machines. That's their life blood. Well, really it's "our" lifeblood since banks are like financial vampires plugged into all of our necks.

But of course even bailouts aren't enough to keep the most defective businesses on the planet afloat. Ergo, INTEREST RATES. Banks are gouging even their best customers for more and more interest on their kiss of death credit cards.

You want to commit financial suicide? Hey, just take out a credit card from a Vampire Bank. In due course (actually, very quickly) they'll manipulate you up to an interest rate you'll be trying to pay down ten years after your dead.

But bail outs and credit cards are just two ways the banks of America (e.g., Bank of America) have radically helped to destroy the American economy.

And with a different cast of characters and different vicious strategies, it's increasingly obvious the banks of America ARE America.

Who, more than any other aspect of American society, does President Obama handle with kid gloves? No, it's not even Wall Street. It's limitlessly rich and certainly limitlessly powerful banks.

How ironic that these Midas ghouls and paper shuffling wimps are exactly the people and institutions the MOST distant from the real world of working class Americans.

Hey, its non stop play time at the bank. Doesn't anyone ever have to "lift" anything or "repair" anything or "invent" anything? Do they ever have to DO anything -- but paper shuffle?

No, they live in a surreal paper reality of money, contracts, and (most of all!) debts. And we should never confuse this play time money with authentic "wealth". Wealth is the real thing. It's our national resources, the labor or millions, and the passion of entrepreneurs. Its water and the cornucopia of the Earth. In short, wealth is "real", but paper money is just numbers on a page or a wad of elaborately constructed paper rectangles you can’t even eat.

But bankers have hypnotized us into thinking this is exactly backwards, i.e., MONEY is what's real, and all the other "stuff" (including the planet and our labor of a lifetime) is fundamentally irrelevant. Reality for them stops at the doors of the bank and whatever is "outside" (for openers, the human race) has only a symbolic reality.

Banks see each of us the way our genes see us, i.e., we're just "hosts" for the passage of something. But the money game works only because banks are the virtual Gods of human existence. All that paper shuffling (and cash shuffling) is the "reality" behind the "appearance" of the lives of your children, the Himalaya's, the solar system, and even death itself.

But how did all this literal insanity happen? Of course it evolved over millennia (most recently, in the Italian city states during the Middle Ages), but it is now the abstract paradigm in which the human species is seemingly hopelessly ensnared.

Lastly, to put all this more writ large, consider the following observation and question.

(1) Naturally, talking about banks means we're talking about the elites (aka, the "Have's"). So banks are an effective synonym of the elites because banks are the lovingly constructed sledge hammers the elites are holding over all of us; and

(2) What countries or cultures come to mind when you think of banks and/or money, money, money people, because these countries and cultures are the ultimate jailers of human existence. You show me a vampire elite and I'll show you a thousand people who are staked to the money game for the rest of their lives.

The money game is evil and the people who dominate the money game are evil. And banks are the nauseating face of the money game.

Again, please, please keep asking yourself what countries and cultures are historically identified with this incalculably evil money game, because these are the countries and cultures who have tricked and wormed their way into the very heart of human existence. And where the money game rules, there is no creativity, compassion, humanity, or joy -- just vermin money changers.

So, money, banks, elites, and the cultures and countries thereof are death itself. Banks are the institutions of death and these countries are the countries of death and these cultures are the cultures of death.

Let's see, what was it that Jesus did to the "money changers" in the temple? Something about scourging them out of the temple (the Spiritual Sanctuary) wasn't it?

All this insanity and evil is usually so far behind the scenes its virtually invisible, but when you get your notice in the mail about how your credit card interest rate is going through the roof, or when you hear about the next bank bail out (how many now -- I've lost track), or the next time you're reminded that country X and/or culture Y is a putrescence of murder in the name of God billionaire psychopaths, these may well be our final warnings that cash-register-souled money changers (and we all know exactly who they are) are now openly pushing the human species into extinction.

Look, our planet is on fire, our country is on fire, and we have an Obama/Clinton/AIPAC Presidency!

The same Bill Clinton jackasses who set up the financial infrastructure that destroyed our economy in the first place (with colossal help from eight years of psycho/greed Republicans) are the same jackasses Obama has appointed to "fix" the economy. Duh. No, double Duh. Does this mean Obama is stupid or does this mean he has sold out to the DLC? Or both.

It sure didn't take 100 days to find out that American foreign policy in the Middle East is STILL dictated by the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing. And the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing is about as lunatic as it's humanly possible to get! Even going back to Ben Gurion, it was made crystal clear the ultimate goal of these gaggingly righteous religious fanatics was the theft of THE ENTIRE STATE OF PALESTINE.

And what about "accountability"? A subject all the polls indicate the American people feel just as passionately about as the total destruction of the American economy by the DLC Clinton right wing machine.

Gee, is Obama going to hold ANYBODY accountable for ANYTHING? Not just car company CEO's but THE BANKS (who now “are” America), the anti-Christ Dick Cheney (hey, the shoe fits) and pinhead George. Remember these two monsters are directly responsible for the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people -- children included. But nicy nice Barack is going to do . . . what? "Chide" them in his politically correct, abstract speeches.

But most of all, does anybody get it that the life and death ecosystems of human existence have already basically ceased to exist? What's over the horizon is too hideous to contemplate. Massively expanding ozone holes, new breeds of over the top hurricanes, global warming which is turning into global "baking", a probable oncoming magnetic shift of the poles which will leave the Earth radiation-defenseless for possibly hundreds of years, the agonizing destruction of sacred rain forests to keep the United States loaded with mountains of hamburgers, the suicidal pollution of not only America's rivers and lakes, but all the oceans of the planet (mostly by the good ol' US of A -- and the rest of the planet bloody well knows it!), 100% unregulated food and medicine (is there “dirt” in those capsules?), totally dismantled environmental protections, etc., etc., etc.

The tragedy is not only that Homo sapiens are committing suicide as a species; it's that we're also dragging thousands of other life forms with us.

But Obama gives speeches. Yeah, that helps.

The point isn't that Obama isn’t doing anything. The point is that Obama is doing 10% of what DESPERATELY must be done, but "spinning" that 10% into 90%.

No, no, President Obama. Read our lips. You are doing TEN percent, not NINETY percent. That too complicated for you? Hey, don't worry about it. Just give another vacuous speech. You're good at that. See, the problem is that you’re not DOING anything radical to save our country and planet.

But back to the image in the title: Our country and planet is "on fire" and we can't afford some nonsensical "100 days” to judge the morality and rationality of this administration.

The jury is already in and you're coming up as a heart breaking disappointment. We hoped for at least a writ small version of FDR, but what we're getting is a Clinton clone. What we're getting is another pain in the derriere "politician" who’s not going to upset the big boys so he can have a second term. Ugh.

But, Obama, "the house is on fire"? Are you in a coma? If it was the personal home of any one of us, what would we do? Would we wait a hundred days before we called the fire department? Would we talk to the "gang" that set the house on fire to put it out? Would we ask some genocidal Middle Eastern thieves what neighbors we should attack while the house was burning?

NO!!! We would ACT. We wouldn't give BORing politically correct "speeches" -- we would ACT. And would we tell our spouse and children that we were giving 90% to save our home, while we were so intimidated and secretive about the local "God Father's" that we were really only committing ten percent?

OBAMA IS FAILING. He's not the man he promised to be. Practically EVERYTHING he's doing is "political" and cowardly.

Lastly, keep in mind that our evidence isn't only these last two months, it's also the gaggle of Clinton losers he's appointed to deal with the economy, his pathetic and humiliating submission to the AIPAC, and his day one appointment of a chief of staff who has a documented record of total hatred for Palestinians.

If the Earth and American houses were NOT on fire, perhaps we could be more permissive and even wait (which is still silly) the "hundred days" before extrapolating the future. But we don't have that luxury. The Earth doesn't have that luxury and the rags of what's left of our Constitutional Republic doesn't have that luxury. And you know what, the REST OF THE PLANET isn't going to GIVE US that luxury because they know full well the primary home of The Beast (mentally ill religious fanatics; parasitical, vampire elites; and the barbarian lunatic right wing) is the United States of America -- as the last eight horror show years abundantly prove.

So, where does this leave us? It leaves us with the brutal realism that "putting out the fire" isn't going to come from this status quo President. Maybe the Congress (for a change), but definitely NOT Barack Obama (he still hasn’t “earned” a Presidential title).

So just like the George W. Bush horror show years, the core dynamics of social, biological change are going to have to come from us. The people. You and me and our neighbors -- including internet neighbors.

Is Obama a hopeless case with his "political" ten percent masquerading as ninety percent? Well (to extend the fire analogy) if we KEEP HIS FEET TO THE FIRE maybe he'll be the patriotic American he pretended to be in the primaries. Maybe he'll have a change of heart and conscience and fundamentally deal with the fire, i.e., deal with The Beast.

But for now, it's thumbs down and no mistake. Sad but true, so as per usual the buck stops with us. For the moment at least, we need to ignore Obama and concentrate on the Congress and the Will of the People (i.e., apolitical strategies).

One thing is certain. You don't putz around and talk a lot of smiley, smug talk when your home is on fire. And you don’t squander your integrity and credibility by sucking up to elitist Bill Clinton and the The United States of the Israel (the Chinese name for America).

Oh FDR, FDR, if only we could resurrect you . . .

Why is Obama giving a green light to bailed-out-banks to credit card rape "lower class" Americans?

(1.) First, American banks (e.g., Bank of America!) are bleeding Americans dry to "bail them out" from their greed/stupidity policies.

(2.) Now, adding insult to injury (or "double dipping") these same virulently anti Democracy banks are gouging even their best customers with dramatically escalating interest rates. Many (most?) bank cards rates are now well into the twenties and any loan with such astronomical interest can NEVER be repaid, even if you keep making payments twenty years after you're in box city.

And Obama is doing what?

Maybe we should say that again. And Obama is doing what?

Hey, Mr. President, how come your memory is so short when it comes to prioritizing the "lower classes”? You see, millions of us wonder why you're effectively encouraging this credit card rape. You know, most of us already have enough grief on our financial plates without this quasi legal theft. Because of the categorical support of President Obama, we probably can't even defend ourselves with class action suits.

But do the math Mr. President (can you do the math?) and you'll see that if everyone goes along with this high robbery, the extra interest coming into the banks will be in the BILLIONS. Or if you think about several banks, it will probably be in the trillions.

But, but, but . . . haven't we already given them most of the farm? Do we also have to give them the 3 ducks and 5 cows we have left? Is there no LIMIT to their Rothschild greed?

The "bank thing" is at the core of what's rotten in America, since they are the public mechanisms that keep one or two percent of American citizens (i.e., the elites -- aka, the "Haves") living like literal Greek Gods and all the rest of us living like human cattle . . . on the way to the slaughter house. And the slaughter house has many forms: money cow oil wars, systematic genocide of the "lower classes" by the elites, the theft our health plans and retirements, and on and on. It's no fun to be a Homo sapien cow in a country of vampire elites.

And it’s no fun to be in a country that has a speechifying President (BORing!) who seems to be in a coma while bailed out banks gang bang working Americans.

Indeed, "banks" are the very essence of the stupidity of confusing symbol with reality. Reality is the Earth, it's loving each other, it's a lifetime of LABOR, and it's spiritual to the core (which doesn't have to be "religious" -- totally another matter), its children, and its death. You get the idea.

But banks don't see it that way. For them all that jazz is merely a "symbol". It's abstract irrelevance and at best cannon fodder for the money game war.

For banks, reality is those little rectangular pieces of green paper, columns of numbers, and most of all DEBTS. Yes, most of all debts because that's what the money game is fundamentally all about. It's exquisitely designed to keep us broken with debt, while the elites have affairs on a whim in their country of choice, have so many cars some of them are never driven, have at least two mansions, never do one day of real work in their entire life, and sneer at 99% of the human race with limitless contempt. And oh, yes they are also systematically committing planet wide genocide because they think the Earth has an excess of around two billion human cattle (or is it cattle humans?).

Think about it, human existence (thanks to the weapons of the elites, i.e., banks), is a vast paper game that is totally abstract, totally "out of touch with reality, and totally evil.

The bank game, the money game, the elite game, has one purpose only. It's all about power and greed. But somehow it has so infected the human race with delusion, that eventually we'll have to pay to breathe; we'll have to pay to have sex with our spouses or significant others (i.e., pay the Rockefeller's, Saudi Princes, and Murdoch's); we'll have to pay to look at a beautiful sunset; we'll have to pay for the right to get up in the morning -- hell, eventually we'll have to pay to brush our teeth. After all, Paris Hilton has to have a few hundred grand for a new wardrobe every month or two and the Royal Bush Family needs to be frozen for as long as it takes for them to be unthawed as brand new hominids in a science fiction future (actually, the freezing part is rather appealing -- just so long as they don't start to rot).

The one good thing about contemporary events is that it’s now totally obvious that the core mechanism of “The Have’s” is banks, banks, and banks.

Lastly, it would behoove us to examine very closely the families, cultures, and countries that are now and have historically been most associated with the bank/money game. Who are these people, who are these cultures and countries who have over the centuries most perfected the bank/money game into the straight from hell filth that has poisoned the very heart of human existence.

At least now we know where to look. The bank/money game (really war!) is a public manifestation that points very precisely to specific families, cultures, and countries.

And where the bank/money game flourishes, certifiable psychosis is god and hate (usually self-righteously "religious") is the ultimate currency of our tragically vulnerable species.

And Barack who?