Saturday, June 27, 2009

Does human misery come from victimization or a defective species?

(1.) Explanation one: The social matrix of the world we're born into is fundamentally a host for The Beast (mentally ill religious fanatics, astronomically rich parasites, and the KKKesque, psychotic right wing of every country on the planet). This is clearly a victim explanation, much like being an innocent child born into a defective, dysfunctional family. Said more formerly, this is the sociological explanation for our slave civilization, i.e., the American police state Dictatorship of the Rich.

(2.) Explanation two: We are victims of the power and wealth of roughly 1% of the planet, i.e., astronomically rich elites -- Paris Hilton comes to mind. Against such limitless wealth and power we (basically, the entire human race) are simply cattle on the way to the slaughter house. The evidence is overwhelming that the Haves are committing systematic genocide all over the planet. They think we need to be weaned of around two billion cattle (oops, I mean human beings). They already got a good start in Africa and New Orleans was probably just a fun experiment.

(3.) Explanation three: Lets face it; the world is chiefly made of deadweight, deadbeat, brain dead enablers and scabs, without which The Beast would have no social acceptance. We should never forget that "social acceptance" is the very life blood of The Beast (or the Haves), so the enablers and scabs (e.g., Bill Clinton's right of center army of DLC deadbeats), are the absolutely necessary putrid underbelly of The Beast. No enablers, no Beast. Oh yes, what about Obama? Obama who? He doesn't even exist. He's done about 3% of what he solemnly promised he would do during the presidential campaign, so, next to Bill Clinton, he’s probably planetary enabler number two. Lastly, please note that explanation number three is also a victim explanation. However much we may rage about it, the enablers give acceptance and power to The Beast -- and have done so for thousands of years.

(4.) Explanation four: First, we should note that we could articulate several more victim explanations, but that's of no consequence, since the time has come to look at the REAL explanation -- which, guess what (?), isn't a victim explanation at all.

OK, what follows will be vigorously objected to by many readers. but perhaps also vigorously agreed to by even more readers.

However, before entering into this, may I ask the indulgence of many of my reader friends (or whomever) that what follows may well be the end of many (most? all?) of my future submissions since for me it is the absolute bedrock account of this pitiful human carnival we all are putting up with.

The victim explanations are trash. ALL of them! Certainly they each have their role in this convoluted sitcom called the human condition (also called "consensus reality"), but in the words of my high school debate coach, they all put the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAHble.

Here's a little background for the asserted real explanation.

First, since it’s obvious to barnyard animals that the scam of "politics" (ALL forms, ALL parties) is not only not part of the solution, it IS the problem since it was invented by and for the elites to recycle the status quo (jeez, just look at Clinton and Obama), first things first should be to turn to APOLITICAL activism when dealing with The Beast. Revolution is certainly one possibility, but there are also several non-violent ones (e.g., national/international boycotts, strikes, etc.).

The core evil of life is festering in places like the Israeli extremist right wing -- or ANY collection of murder in the name of God multi millionaires and billionaires. But what do we do with these infinitely righteous psychopaths? Well, with abundant help from suck up Bill Clinton, we allow the AIPAC to wag American Middle Eastern foreign policy like a tail. Gee, wouldn't it be a miracle if Americans got to decide our OWN foreign policy? Don't hold your breath.

Time for a brief pit stop since this list of anti American (and anti EARTH) atrocities could go on and on. But you see that's just the point. We already know EXACTLY who are the psychopaths and murderers! We know EXACTLY who keeps destroying the American economy, we know EXACTLY who keeps metastasizing the Middle East cancer to the entire planet, and we now have scientific and observational evidence piled to the moon that 9/11 was a national/international inside job.

And of course we know EXACTLY who keeps raping and murdering Mother Nature. Duh, how about fossil fuel Earth killers, retarded haters of science, and "preemptive" warmongers who use our children for cannon fodder in their money cow oil wars?

It's time for the bottom line (and maybe one of my last ones). We now know EVERYTHING about the dynamics of evil (i.e., The Beast – who they are, where they are, etc.)), and we know politics is the very life blood of The Beast, and we know ONLY apolitical solutions can save our country, human civilization, and the life and death ecosystems of human existence (as well as thousands of "innocent by stander” species), but we still keep sucking our thumbs in consensus reality, babbling about elections, political parties, and elected traitors. Since we could realistically, apolitically DESTROY THE BEAST in a matter of weeks (the power we could focus is effectively limitless), the conclusion is as inevitable as death!

We "allow" The Beast, we "allow" the miraculous Earth to be ravaged and mangled, we "allow" our descendants to have no future, we "allow" the gaggingly righteous Israeli fanatics to steal an entire country while turning Palestine into a WW2 concentration camp, etc.

Any species which would allow the criminal theft of ethical/rational nations, the murder of civilization itself, as well as its own self extinction and the suicidal betrayal of its planetary home, is not being "victimized"! The evil is as exquisitely obvious as how to deal with the evil.

Thus, there is only one POSSIBLE explanation of such infinite stupidity, betrayal, and cowardice. The human species is radically, ontologically, spiritually, existentially defective. There can be no excuse in this or any other universe, whether there is a God or whether there is not a God, for how we are dealing with the ultimate (and TOTALLY solvable) challenges of human existence.

The Beast is the God of this planet because humans are cosmic slobs bound for an appropriate and inevitable extinction.

Victims, hell! We are allowing EVERYTHING and the Earth is probably holding its breath until Homo sapiens reap the inevitable extinction fruit their pathetic defectiveness has sown.

300 more years, tops.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Addendum: I almost didn’t add this because it’s going to be tip of an iceberg (as opposed to a monograph), but I know in my quarks many readers (pro or con) are going to challenge me with being a member of the very species I am throwing into the trash heap.

Not a problem. Over the millennia, many Homo sapiens have “transcended” their species. Not physically or biologically perhaps (even though suddenly computer/android possibilities are exploding), but in ways impossible to briefly articulate.

May we go back to “consensus reality” (a good jumping off place)? Consensus reality is basically the mind set of the human species. The context for this is simply out of reach in a mere “addendum”, but it is similar to the ancient oriental intuition of “maya”. Consensus reality is a language/thought version of life. It’s what we see when we look at raw givenness “through” totally arbitrary and programmed though-forms (the Hindu/Buddhist name/rupa).

The thinking about point of view, for example, presumes to put reality into perspective (from what vantage point, one wonders). It is also the essence of what we mean by words like ego/personality. The famous “separate self” (separate from the equally famous “external world”) is the fundamental identity of human beings.

But, this is really an intelligence embarrassment since NOTHING is “separate from” reality and equally NOTHING is an island of self existent being. Sorry about the philosophical jargon and I will shut up about all this as soon as possible.

The point I am struggling to articulate is that just because you have two legs, two arms, and a head may mean you are a certain kind of life “form”, but life is n-dimensional and you may be a VERY different being beyond the relative appearance.

Any speculation about a deep connection between the profoundly defective Homo sapien species and “consensus reality” (a criminally simplistic version of the reality/universe) is beyond the scope of this paper, but it is almost certainly true that this effectively universal mind set has programmed our species to act out delusion.

Life is clearly a unity in process and eternally beyond the reach of pseudo separate selves and arrogant thought (basically, internalized language). Thought is the long arm of conditioning, but liberation is groundedness in transcendence. Only if and when the human race realizes that “awakening” (to use that beautiful word) is not that the dreamer finally wakes up from the dream but that SOMETHING MORE REAL THAN THE DREAMER wakes up from the dreamer, will the human species be free.

Some readers may feel offended that our species is being discounted (hey, ye shall judge them by their fruits), but miss the affirmation in the addendum that (however radical this may sound) our species is almost irrelevant.

I have given much of my life to try to “help my species”. However, I think that is now finally over for me because apparently our species is simply beyond help. If you could give an IQ number to a species, I think Homo sapens are down there in the 80’s (sad, sad, sad), hence I am in the process of cutting myself loose and returning to dimensions inaccessible to these defective creatures.

I feel a certain sadness that this means I’ll no longer be fighting the good fight against The Beast in general and the Israeli lunatic right wing fringe (the core evil of our desperately wounded planet) in particular, but one can go on only for so long when the ultimately evil and dysfunctional tragedies of a species are COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD, plus how to remove these dysfunctional evils are also COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD, and yet the species in general takes no responsibility for anything and simply waits (however unconsciously) to go extinct. Well, be my guest and don’t bother to shut the door behind you. Believe me, you won’t be missed.

Several human species were experimented with by evolution. Clearly the wrong one briefly survived.

Oh well, it’s a big universe and intelligence/spirituality isn’t limited to mere appearance.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is the evolution of our species now hopelessly bogged down in evil?

Karl Sagan, author and astrophysicist from Cornell, used to wonder if atomic weaponry would be the nemesis of most "advanced species".

A flight of fancy of sorts since whales and elephants are certainly advanced species but don't feel the need for technology (and should we patronize them for this since they aren't rapidly destroying the planet?). Is it possible that much of science and technology are actually synonyms of self destructive stupidity? A kind of short sighted greed, perhaps.

In any event, what has now TOTALLY blocked the evolution of the human species is pure evil. The Israeli lunatic right wing fringe of astronomically rich sociopaths is the absolute outer limit of evil. Similarly, so do all mentally ill religious fanatics poison the march of human civilization. And, probably most of all, the Earth's Paris Hilton's and astronomically rich parasites (and vampires -- remember, it's all really OUR wealth), necessitate convoluted social/financial structures and processes which are the "crown of thorns" or highway to hell (or your metaphor of choice) for Homo sapiens.

Maybe the wrong species got killed off during the demise of the Neanderthals.

Remember, "human" is a generic word that evolution has experimented with in actually a great many forms -- we're just the form that is still standing.

But what's the problem? Not a candy ass "religious" problem or a candy ass "political" problem but THE problem? Why is our species well on its way to going extinct? Indeed, why is it a near certainly that Home sapiens are going bye bye in the relatively near future (and taking countless "innocent by stander" species with us in the process)?

Well, the afore mentioned right wing billionaire religious nut cases would be a good place to begin, because probably no place else on the planet can you find such a marriage in hell between infinitely righteous religious sociopaths and astronomically rich elites.

However, alas, they are just a sample of evil, since evil is as omnipresent as our breath.

But what IS evil? Well, we don't have to get particularly metaphysical about this. Evil is a function of human society. It has to do with the interactions of quantities of us (or probably any advanced life form).

So there's a decidedly "quantitative" variable here. As our numbers increase, so does the complexity of our social infrastructure. And that seems to be the rub, since invisibly and insidiously the "social game rules" are conditioned into our vulnerable, biological brains.

And just here is the door to hell. This dimension can be called "consensus reality" and it's an admixture of language (always language!), the past, memory (not always our friend), and the miscellaneous conditionings of our time, place, and families (often profoundly dysfunctional).

More openly, here are the programmed religions, laws, constitutions, and "theories" we so love to worship.

In short, here is the stopping point of our species. Not atomic weapons, but the accumulated programming of years of social/psychological conditioning.

The "operational definition" of all of the above is THOUGHT, because consensus realty IS thought; hence the thing the human race does best is think itself to death.

On a positive note, words like liberation, transcendence, and Enlightenment are "mystical" (the shoe fits) alternatives to this "swallowed whole" existence. The intelligence limitations of our species are still sublimely unknown, but whatever pragmatic value consensus reality may offer, our lives don't even BEGIN until we get straight that this fire storm of conditioning that has become the "mind set" of the entire human race (indeed, the very "God” of the human race), is fundamentally, radically, and biologically arbitrary and random.

In the context of this piece, what this means that the SOCIAL GAME RULES that perpetuate the "Have's", that justify their astronomical wealth and power, and that (worst of all!) give an obscene "righteousness" to deranged right wing lunatics who so love to commit genocide for the glory of God, aren't worth the toilet paper they are printed on.

And exactly here is where our species is probably doomed since many are called but few are chosen when it comes to being true to your birthright self and finding a reality/creativity/intelligence center that trivializes millennia of evil-perpetuating conditioning. Remember phrases like, "Might makes right", "Manifest Destiny", "survival of the fittest" (translation, survival of the wealthiest), and the loathsomely hypocritical "Divine Right".

Of course these sayings (and even laws) are merely the tip of the iceberg. The dungeon is elsewhere. It is deep within the infrastructure of the collective human mind. Do we know that it is infinitely unjust that the elites spend more money on their wardrobes than most of us spend on our families in an entire lifetime? Do we know it is evil when religious fanatics try to steal an entire country and turn the lives of the people who have been living there for centuries into a WW2 concentration camp?

One response to these questions could be that we're not sure if these things are evil, but almost certainly the world DOES know these things are filthy, evil, and infinitely unjust.

However, you can know things on the "surface" of your mind that you play games with in the depths of your mind. The tragedy is that the world basically turns the other way from these evils and injustices because in the depths of our conditioning we are historically programmed to accept them. Hence, it is the deep, collective mind set that permits and justifies evil. We know better, but our "unconscious" (to use that word) "accepts" evil because we have been programmed to adapt to it for millennia.

The literally unimaginable suffering that NECESSARILY goes with the existence of Greek God like elites would make Jesus weep, but we accept The Haves (the evil) – indeed, most of us probably envy them. This is the paradox of evil. If we didn’t “accept” evil, it couldn’t exist! But since literally billions of us DO accept evil that makes us an evil species.

This is not intellectualizing or empty theory. If the HUMAN RACE said no to “The Beast”, to the “Have’s”, to genocidal religious fanatics, to the Rockefeller’s, to the Rothschild’s, to the Bush’s, to murder in the name of God subhuman filth, to Saudi Princes, etc., etc., we could destroy them in a week. And I mean “non theoretically” destroy them in a week. Remove them from the planet as in cease to exist -- now you see them, now you don’t! There are times in life you must be limitlessly aggressive. We can either watch The Beast destroy Mother Nature and our children’s future, or WE can destroy the beast. Remember, we know exactly who they are and we know exactly where they are. So what in the name of truth, beauty, and goodness are we waiting for? Certainly not for the paper bullets of religion and politics. ULTIMATE hardball is the name of this game.

Hence, looked at one way, there is great hope. Looked at another way, it is hopeless.

It all comes down to how EACH OF US deals with a lifetime of conditioning. Liberation is transcending the box. The world IS the box.

So consensus reality (the home of evil) can be left. This is called being true to ourselves, or perhaps even Enlightenment.

However, as a species, the probability that we will leave the box in sufficient percentages to "eliminate" evil is probably very, very small.

Fortunately, even though our paralyzed and conditioned species continues to equate life with a moronically defective consensus mind set, each of us is still able to stretch our intelligence/spiritual eagle wings and leave this evil box forever.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be: we're the dogs -- never the tails.

Friday, June 12, 2009

We are rapidly sliding back into Bush-Land.

At the present rate, the dems will have given congress back to the pugs before the year is over.

Would that this were an exaggeration!

The dems are going belly up about everything -- just like the 2006 Congress of DLC/Clinton right wing traitors.

NOTHING radical or life and death is being addressed. Obama isn't the entire problem, since the dems are turning their backs on his agendas en masse. There are more guts in a paramecium than in the entire Democratic Congress.

So the Bush/Cheney world just keeps on trucking.

The Bankers continue to rape America with glee; the Texas energy companies continue to rape America with glee (here comes "clean coal"); the gaggle of Israeli right wing psychopaths continue to rape American Middle Eastern foreign policy with glee, and the Murdoch media still lies to the skies.

And Obama? Well, he talks and talks and talks . . .

If you didn't know better and have calendars and clocks, you would think Cheney is still God. He sure acts like he is still God.

If the dems had 90% of the congress and a president to boot, they would STILL find some way, some how, to give the country back to the pugs.

That's what they do. That's what they are. They have no identity other than people who sell the soul of America to the most loathsome filth on the planet.

But why? Why in God's name do the dems always GIVE the country to religious fanatics and astronomically rich elites?

Bottom line, there's only one thing dems do, and Obama is the quintessence of the dem soul. They talk, and talk, and talk, about things they would never do in a thousand years (hmmm, thousand year Reich?).

And the pugs KNOW this! They know this election was TOTALLY MEANINGLESS and the "The Beast" is still in absolute control of everything. They knew it before Obama was even "elected" (or appointed by Rahm Emanuel).

They also know the Chinese are right when they call us the United States of Israel, just as they know "clean coal" will be our next suicidal fossil fuel.

They also know America's middle class is on its way to oblivion (as in "camps"?).

But most of all they know our political system is the "crown of thorns" of America.

They fear ONE THING ONLY, and that is that a critical mass of apolitical activists will once and for all transcend politics and the power of the people (American and planetary) will manifest in forms that are grounded in the deep creativity of our species.

Obama = establishment politics = species extinction.

The social forces now at work on this planet have long since left the candy ass world of politics, "elections" (what a laugh!), and Bill Clintonism.

It's like some kind of sports competition that has exploded off the field into the spectators, the freeways, and the city in general.

Fantasy land is Obama is talking about “reality”. Yes, REALITY -- we must use that sun-sized word. Probably only two or three percent of the planet doesn't fully understand that the Earth is dominated by psychotic religious fanatics and multi-millionaire and multi-billionaire elites.

This is "The Beast"; these are "The Haves"; and they are the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth.

The quantum jump facing the human race is that AS A SPECIES we must realize that the Rockefeller's, Rothchild's, Paris Hilton's, and certifiably insane, murder in the name of God religious sociopaths have upped the ante far beyond status quo, establishment politics.

Obama is a fart in a hurricane. Politics IN ANY FORM is like eating ground glass.

If you cut through the smoke screen of The Beast (the Haves), what you see is as hideous as it is self evident to raw Home sapien intelligence.

What you see is total war between a handful of astronomically rich, religious psychopaths and the ENTIRE HUMAN SPECIES. We aren't fighting for our lives as a political party or even as a nation any more, and this is true for every country on the Earth. We are fighting for the survival of the human race!

Is this hyperbole? Is this over the top? Alas, in this battle for continued human existence, there isn't any top.

To say it as plainly as possible: A tiny percentage of murderous religious fools and vampire elites are literally driving the human race into extinction.

Hence the ultimate war on this planet is now between the human species and The Beast.

We could stop all this in one week if we bared our fangs -- no, even better, if we USED our fangs.

Or would you prefer systematic genocide of the working class, and "camps", bankruptcy, fossil fuel suicide, the trashing of science and education, BORing presidential babble, global warming, “inside job” atrocities like 9/11, and an American foreign policy TOTALLY under the control of vomitous religious right wing nut cases from another country?

We don't have to live like this you know. All it takes to change from a sheep to a tiger is a species quantum jump. Just imagine how fantastic it would feel to unsheathe our claws and shake the snow off the mountain tops with the roars of a profoundly endangered, but even more profoundly ENRAGED species.

All we need to destroy The Beast is the WILL to destroy the Beast. We are not slaves to elitist paper rules that corral us like cattle. We are the true dogs of human, social existence and everything else is merely a tail, and this includes every religion and social/financial institution on the planet. The Beast too exists only with our sufferance, and can be destroyed whenever it suits us.

Well, how about now? And destroy means destroy. Destroy means forget Obama’s impotent talk, and dem/pug political back room deals, and compromising with the devil, and selling pieces of our soul, and betraying our children’s future, and betraying Mother Nature, and being religious robots, and betraying our Constitutional heritage. You get the idea.

Destroy means DESTROY! Hey, these mentally ill religious fanatics and parasitical, multi millionaire and billionaire elites, and right wing, illiterate barbarians “started” this war, so let’s bloody well finish it with planet-wide ferocity! It’s time for ultimate hard ball. It’s time to stop betraying our Homo sapien birthright.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps: Just a note to Beast types who may be wondering about odd sounds they are hearing more frequently during the night. Probably, they’re encroaching growls and snarls. Just thought you might want to know.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama is not now and never will be a hero; however, his status-quoism may catalyze a critical mass of American activists

Obama is a heart-breaking disappointment. He's Mr. see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil. If Rove was Bush's brain, Obama's brain is the DLC/Clinton/AIPAC.

What are a few things we have learned about Barack Obama? We know he will never hold anyone accountable for ANYTHING during the eight Bush/Cheney horror show years.

We know it's a near certainty he knows everything about the infinite treason of 9/ll (including our back stabbing Middle Eastern connection), but since his name is Barack Obama, we also know he will never do anything about it.

We know he seems to be indifferent to the non-stop corporate fossil fuel rape of Mother Nature. He continues to allow the beauty and cornucopia of the Goddess to be reduced to road kill by Texas (that's spelled: T-E-X-A-S) energy corporations, even though barnyard animals know this suicidal form of energy (along with "clean coal" -- give us a break), is a self evident money cow for vampire elites.

Sadly, the world is increasing looking at Obama as America's latest Ruling Class President and there goes our shot at credibility and honor.

Is he better than Cheney/Bush? Certainly, but so is a cockroach and a rock.

The problem isn't that he's Bush number two (there's only room for one anti-Christ per millennia), but that his special genius is to do the BARE MINIMUM to be "taken seriously" as a responsible American President.

However, there's a potential positive spinoff of Obama's Ruling Class status quoism.

His indifference to the core issues and necessities of our planet and country may be the straw that finally breaks the back of "The American Political Dream". And this dream (really a suicidal nightmare) is that "politics" is the ultimate social mechanism for radical national change.

No, no, no, no, no. "Politics" is a game invented by and for the Ruling Class -- the same gaggle of billionaires and religious fanatics who engineered Obama's election in the first place. Ironically, it would have been much harder to manipulate McCain.

Probably some of the above is open to debate, but what is NOT open to debate is Obama's record to date. Sure, there are a few good things here and there, but it would be an exaggeration to say he has committed to even 10% of what he promised OVER AND OVER AGAIN during the campaign -- and lies are lies are lies.

Is this being negative? Not really. Facts are facts and Obama is going to be the kiss of death for America if he continues to be afraid to even rock bathtub boats.

In essence, Obama is turning out to be a nothing. He's no hero and he's no devil. He's just a nothing.

But this is 2009 and a "nothing" president is political death.

The simple truth is that America and much of the planet is literally going down for the third time. The "Have's" clearly plan to turn the Earth into a handful of Kings and Queens and around 6 billion human cattle. Genocide is rampant and the middle class is going, going, gone.

So the bottom line is what? The bottom line is the realistic possibility that the more Americans discover that the eight Bush/Cheney anti-American years are now going to be followed by four (?) years of an "establishment president" who will do the absolute minimum to save our desperately wounded country and planetary ecosystems, is the more America will mutate a critical mass of apolitical activists.

In short, it just might turn out that Obama's obedient passivity will "create the space" for politics-transcending power of the people.

One thing's for sure. The only way America will ever be saved by a hero, is if WE ARE the heroes!


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Addendum: Are these views premature? Are we jumping the gun here? Should Obama be given more time? Difficult questions to be sure, but that’s not the issue.

The issue is that Republican fascists combined with Israeli right wing psychopaths to gouge EIGHT YEARS out of our Constitutional Republic. Think about it. They flushed eight years of American history down their toilet to hell.

Meaning? Meaning we’ve got some hard core catching up to do and we simply don’t have the time and luxury to putz around for four more years to wait for Obama to do something (anything!) radical. Maybe eventually his conscience and rationality will catch up to him, but that’s his problem. He’s no longer in the equation.

When your house (e.g., country and planet) is on fire, you ACT! Status quoism is suicide in a life and death crisis and if there’s ever been a time in American and Earth history that the absolute and utter destruction of everything we love, need, and honor is a mere heartbeat away -- that time is NOW. This, as they say, is It.

And Barack Obama? Well, “fiddling while Rome burns” comes to mind . . .