Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Something new is "coming into form" in America transcending the political game invented by and for the elites

Obama is 100% defined by the political game. WITHIN this game, the jury is still out, but he seems to be desperately trying to make the best of a bad situation. That is to say, the FUNDAMENTAL political game rules have been defined by and for the elites and since he is the ultimate symbolic politician (the President) he must move within these lose/lose rules. Conversely, these same game rules absolutely guarantee an endless Greek God like existence for that less than one percent of America's parasitical elites.

It's as if he's stuck in a failed marriage, but since he loves his children, his only course is to make the best of a bad situation -- and Godspeed to his efforts.

Hence, the core challenge of America (and the entire planet!) is to GO BEYOND THE GAME RULES OF POLITICS. Politicians can still be pragmatic and useful, but only to the degree we return them to political "servants" of the will of the people, and not the bought and paid for puppets of the elites (also known as "The Beast").

To say it abstractly, we need a "paradigm shift" comparable to changing from geocentrism (the Earth is the center of everything) to at least heliocentrism (the Sun is the center of the solar system). Even better, we need to "quantum jump" (an equivalent image) like Darwin's Origin of the Species or Einstein's transcendental insights which left the bog of 19 Century physics and contractions to his two magnificent theories of relativity.

Forgive me, if I use an image I have used in earlier pieces, but our challenge is not merely to reshuffle the deck (of politics); rather we need to kick over the card table and leave the room. WE NEED A RADICALLY NEW MECHANISM OF SOCIAL CHANGE.

Politics, even at its best (which is never a threat to the Beast) is forever more part of the problem, than the solution. Indeed, even at is best, it is still simply running in place. Politics IS the status quo, not a medicine "for" the status quo. Remember the essence is fascism is status quo-ism, and the elites love to watch us gnawing on the bones and crusts they throw us. And how they must enjoy our pitiful delusion that politics is actually an expression of the will of the people.

So politics for pragmatics, but not for dealing with the ultimate challenge of civilization, i.e., DESTROYING THE BEAST (of mentally ill religious fanatics and/or the lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth and/or UNIMAGINABLY rich elites, aka the Haves).

Be honest. Do you see any "microscopic" change in the Beast, even over the last several centuries? None, zip, zero, nada. The Beast is rapidly killing human civilization and even the human species, while we play this game of marbles called politics.

It's like we've got cancer or aids and we think we are substantively "treating it" with vitamin C, or drinking more milk, or (worst of all!) pretending its not there.

But the cancer or aides IS THERE and, to leave the image, it's been there for literally thousands of years. Call it "The Have’s", or The Beast, or the Rockefeller's, Rothschild’s, Murdoch's, and Paris Hilton's, or call it the God of the Earth. Yes, most of all call The Beast the God of the Earth because that says it to perfection.

And yet we suck our thumbs and shoot political paper bullets at the Beast. The insanity and futility of this almost "justifies" our peasant/peon/slave existence. Who was it who said a slave is someone who waits for someone else to free them. Or to paraphrase the words of the mystic J. Krishnamurti, politics AT ITS BEST is "decorating our cage".

Alas, the challenge here almost transcends being put into words, because there will always be that "slave conditioning" which keeps trying to hear it as just a new variation of "politics".

But it isn't. It's talking about a NEW DIMENSION, like the 4th dimension when compared to the familiar three of horizontal, vertical, and depth.

So what are we groping for? Is this a paradigm shift of consciousness? Almost certainly yes, but also almost certainly no, because without a corresponding dimensional change in "how we live", and "how we ACT", the inner transcendence will be betrayed.

Conversely, this can't be only some breakthrough of apolitical strategy, even though that too MUST be there.

Hence, it's clearly a both/and of a virtual "mystical transformation" all of a piece with radically new ways to manipulate the "fulcrums" of social transformation. Archimedes’s (probably the ultimate genius of the ancient Greek world) once said, "Give me a long enough lever, and I'll move the Earth".

That's what these radically new strategies would be: discovering the fulcrums for the levers to fundamentally "change human social existence".

This is seeing through a glass darkly, but surly we need to "go international" and use the internet a thousand times more effectively than we currently are.

Certain patterns of mental illness are characterized by variations of what Sigmund Freud called "the repetition compulsion". This is related to words like obsession and compulsion and it more or less means spending your life trying to solve impossible (and usually meaningless) problems.

For us, this means playing the political game endlessly, hoping that "somehow" this game will be Democracy in action. But it never, never is and never, never will be. It's our society-wide "repetition compulsion"; it's like those heartbreaking bears in zoo cages who keep walking and hurrying in circles, mindlessly thinking they will "eventually" find a way out back to the wilderness. What an agony it is to watch them; and what an agony it is to what US "trying to wash off blood with blood" -- in the infinitely wise words of an ancient Chinese Zen Master.

However, if a critical mass of us AT LEAST realize that politics endlessly recycles The Beast (i.e., less than one percent of the human race) while it endlessly stifles the potential and fundamentally enslaves the "working class" (still, probably the best way to say it), anything is possible. After all, seeing all the way through what NOT to do is often is equivalent to seeing "the way out". Plus it’s hard to be creative and affirming when your entire life (AND THE LIFE OF YOUR DESCENDANTS) has been reduced to being a blood bank for the vampire elites.

The Beast has to go. The Beast has to be destroyed. No more reshuffling the deck. No more pseudo compromise or "adjusting". This is all the way or nothing, because we have totally run out of time -- which is the second core realization in all of this. If we don't DESTROY THE BEAST with politics-transcending dynamics in the very near future, we're finished. The waterfall of human species extinction is already booming in the background.

Please, please remember that our time has completely run out! Basically, that means it’s now or never. ALL of this challenge falls on us. Everything (human Civilization, our species, and countless other species) will be past the point of no return in (what?) 4 to 5 years if we don’t transcend politics and create apolitical strategies to destroy the beast. We can do it. We have the intelligence, energy, and passion of literally billions of human beings, plus we have going ballistic electronic methodologies.

But do we have the will . . .

So is all this a voice crying in the wilderness? I hope not, God how I hope not.

ps: In Joseph Conrad’s’ magnificent novel, “Lord Jim”, the moment of truth was when Jim had to decide whether to “jump ship” or stay and deal with the chaos of an overwhelming storm. That’s us. Is the human species going to “jump ship” (i.e., keep escaping into politics) or radically deal with (i.e., DESTROY) The Beast? This is our species moment of truth. Perhaps the Universe is watching.

In one form or another, America is headed for Revolution

Obama is waffling more every day while the DLC Clinton right wing machine keeps desperately trying to take over the Presidency.

Should we be surprised? We should NEVER forget the DLC Clinton machine is what puked out the 2006 Congress of dem traitors, and just one example of an historical Clinton atrocity is their repeated support of Monsanto Corporation’s trashing of sane and "green" production of food.

The following excellent submission says it all: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Monsanto-and-Hillary-Clint-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090209-290.html.

Obama still deserves our support and Godspeed to him, but with the passage of every week, he keeps sliding more into "status quo" politics, i.e., NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF ANYTHING.

At the end of the next four years, it’s already probable the best we can hope for is a "decorated cage".

Of course, all this was 100% predictable since politics, even at its "best" is social game invented by and for the elites. Notice the Obama Administration is incomparably more generous to Wall Street than "Main Street". The sad, sad truth is that working class Americans are getting precious little from President Barack Obama.

Naturally, this is NOT Obama's Presidential campaign promises, but elitist lobbies like the AIPAC and Monsanto (both of whom "own" the Clintons), are showing the world again that this is the United States of Lobbies, not the United States of America.

In short, the "will of the people" (which was a MASSIVE mandate for radical change) is being laughed at by elitist, special interest lobbies. Indeed, the Chinese are accusing us of being the United States of Israel.

Ironically and tragically the rest of the world is not fooled by any of this Clinton/lobby/elite trashing of the will of the American people – which please remember, gave an overwhelming mandate to Obama for radical change.

But Obama is just reshuffling the deck, when what is needed is kicking over the card table and leaving the room.

So how do we get the Clinton, AIPAC, Monsanto, etc., etc., claws out of the jugular of America? NOT WITH POLITICS!!! That's the single most important realization for the betrayed soul of our "Dictator of the Rich" country.

And make no mistake, America IS a Dictatorship of the Rich and has been so for decades. That's why the lobbies are the true government of America. American elections are simply ignored in what is now probably the worst "banana republic" on the planet.

So, politics = the status quo = the American Dictatorship of the Rich = The United States of Lobbies. If we didn't get the message after the 2006 Congress of Clinton machine traitors, what's STILL HAPPENING in America is heart breaking proof that electoral mandates mean little or nothing in “our” (what a laugh!) country.

And the alternative to "establishment" politics is what? The alternative to decorating our cage is what? The alternative letting a handful of multi millionaire and multi billionaire lobbies spit on our Democratic and Constitutional Republic is what?

Revolution, of course. There is no other option. However, we must stay open the possibility that radical change doesn't have to come from radical violence. It may sound idealistic, but surely "nonviolent" revolution should be our highest priority.

Here's another way to say this. "The Beast" (i.e., mentally ill religious fanatics, the extremist right wing of every country on the Earth, and parasitical, astronomically rich elites), is the "reality" behind the "appearance" of politics.

Well, we too need a reality behind the appearance -- an ALTERNATIVE reality, of course, and one at least as powerful as the Beast.

In short, we need something that doesn't merely reshuffle the deck and decorate our miserable cage. We need something that kicks over the card table, leaves the room, and LIBERATES humanity from this political cage of the Beast.

Very simply, we're talking about apolitical, nonviolent REVOLUTION.

Impossible? Well not so fast. Actually there's a multitude of ways we can transcend the lose/lose game of politics and save our country, planet, and lives -- all of which the Beast is systematically murdering.

9/11 would be a good place to begin. We must be bulldog-like about this infinite treason and keep up a steady drumbeat of investigation and mutual communication. There's absolutely no doubt that MILLIONS of Americans (and even vastly more millions from other countries) have long since flushed down the toilet the pathetic (and even clumsy) pack of lies spun by the Bushivicks about this fascist engineered event -- indeed, almost certainly, a national/INTERNATIONAL event. The more we tug at these threads, is the more we will inevitably destroy the Beast, because planet-wide, common humanity will NOT ALLOW these traitors to go unpunished.

Systematic and surgically targeted national/international boycotts would also bring down the Beast.

These are just two totally apolitical strategies that would with absolute certainty DESTROY THE BEAST.

And please note that the engine of change in both cases is not "weaponry" but knowledge. It's hard to estimate how many Americans are now open to violent revolution; however, a powerful counter argument is that history has taught us that Revolutionary blood baths almost always end up making everything worse.

Plus, if most of the above is true, such militant revolutions would be totally unnecessary.

The operant turn of phrase here is "knowledge is power" and when you factor in the internet, we're talking about going international with this sharing and quest for knowledge. Naturally, the same would be true for national/international boycotts.

To wax hopeful, such planet-wide, electronic "town hall meetings" could also be extended to deal with even more of America's vast "unfinished business", e.g., the assassination of JFK (in which Daddy Bush played a documented and exceedingly odd role), the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and most recently, the probable assassination of Senator Paul Wellstone.

Since knowledge is the essence of these life and death strategies, here's an admittedly off the wall suggestion that almost certainly would work. What brought down Watergate was of kind of "mole" who supplied much (most) of the information that eventually got translated into the legal, constitutional hurricane that blew away the filth of Richard Nixon -- but not, alas, Henry Kissinger who was even more of an anti-Christ than Dick Cheney.

That's what we need for 9/11, etc. We need some "moles". That is to say we need some "insiders" to supply us with critical facts, dates, etc., we can use the same way they were used in Watergate. Hence, the suggestion is that we offer REWARDS (and substantial ones) to people who either "secretly" supply critical information or, even better, go public (for which they would be paid more). The caveat, of course, would be that IF AND ONLY IF their inside information (about national/international "inside jobs") led to congressional committees or courtrooms, would these individuals be paid the agreed upon "reward".

The Beast (aka, the "Have's" and religious fanatics) is the God of the Earth and has been so for millennia. Politics will never come within light years of The Beast, since politics was INVENTED by and for the elites. It's the bone they throw to the human race to delude us into thinking we have ANY significant role in government.

If the human race doesn't "quantum jump" to the awakening that politics is not part of the solution, it IS the problem, the extinction of our species is realistically inevitable in the very near future. Exaggeration? Look at the hundreds of scientific articles on the net, in books, and magazines that are predicting the rapid destruction of what's left of the life and death ecosystems of humanity.

Its see spot run simple: The Beast vs. the continued existence of the human species. If we don't transcend this lose/lose game of elite, establishment politics and take 100% responsibility for apolitically destroying The Beast, evolution will select out the pitiful "human experiment" before it has a chance to even get started.


ps: The good news (and Lord, we need some) is that massive sharing of knowledge on the net is already in full force. It needs some goosing to be more systematic and “focused”, but we already have the means to destroy The Beast with mountain ranges of knowledge, facts, and evidence. More specifically, we need to “internationalize” sites, submissions, and communications to include EVERY country on the planet. This is the imperative “next step” in the evolution of our virtually limitless “information machine”.

ps2: Plus, we need to buy some moles!

The chaotic social/political world is the tip of an iceberg of immeasurable Homo sapien stupidity.

Astronomers often talk about trying to make contact with "higher intelligence", but are puzzled and frustrated why no planet-wide "contact" (a la Karl Sagan) has been made with us to date.

Note that "higher intelligence" here means basically being in the same ball park with humans. But, what if higher intelligence means being a hundred or a thousand times MORE intelligent than our species? If so, why would they WANT to make contact with a species that is rapidly (almost "instantaneously" on a cosmic time scale) self destructing and dragging countless planetary ecosystems with it?

Roughly 65 million years ago the consensus scientific view is that the Earth had one of its several catastrophes, i.e., it was struck by an asteroid that "killed the dinosaurs" (and much more). In point of fact, this was an infinite stroke of luck for animals, since for roughly 150 million years dino's ruled our swamp-like planet and once the dust had settled (literally) they crawled out of their holes and had a safe environment in which to flourish and evolve.

Many people in science are now speculating that humans are the most recent catastrophe (out of, say, 5 or 6 known ones) because they are (like the asteroid) decimating countless ecosystems of the Earth.

And this means TRULY higher intelligence life forms would want to make contact with us . . . precisely why?

This is just an intro to the thesis that stupid life forms have stupid "societies". It's also the thesis that humans try to find social/political solutions to social/political problems since we are too "intellectually challenged" to realize this is like putting band aids on degenerative diseases.

Treating symptoms instead of causes is virtually the definition of a human being.

And the causes are what? Well, basically having a spider web contact with reality.

Consider institutionalized religion (if you have as strong stomach). How seriously can you take a like form that has INSTITUTIONALIZED "intermediaries" between each of us and truth/reality (or your biggie concept of choice)? Here's a better way to say this. If you want to know who/what you are, you ask a religious professional (e.g., rabbi, priest, minister, guru, etc.). How painful it is to acknowledge that most of the human race is so insecure and stupid they actually ask SOMEONE ELSE who they are! And such intelligence wimps are really going to construct a creative, healthy, and compassionate society? In your dreams. What they are going to construct is exactly the social/political toilet we wake up to every morning (or something gaggingly equivalent).

Even science is tarred by this brush. Not all scientists buy into this, but most of them assume science is our best shot at "objective truth" (this, of course, can be said in a variety of ways). So what's wrong with this? Almost too many things to talk about.

The MAIN problem with "religicized" science is that it's a game only Homo sapiens play. This certainly doesn't totally discredit it. Indeed, the scientific method holds the scientist's feet to the fire pretty well, but there are several Achilles' heels in those feet.

Consider Einstein's work and the "laws of physics". To cut to the chase, Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is often described as proving that the laws are physics are the same for any observer in any state of motion anyplace in the universe (Special relativity limited them to inertial systems). Wow! What an achievement.

And it WAS an achievement. Einstein magnificently jumped out of the common sense box of 19th Century physical contradictions.

So what's the problem? It's so obvious that only a Duh species would miss it. The problem is that the world of physics is species specific. "Our" physics (good bad or otherwise) is only OUR physics and the world it deals with is only OUR world.

The point is that all life forms (including probably trillions of extraterrestrials) "evoke" their own reality/universes so if they do something like "science", that science will be 100% a function of each life form. So, even though we like to think human science is "objective", it's only objective FOR US. Bacteria, whales, bats, salamanders, and extraterrestrials have their OWN reality/universes, fully as objective for them as ours is for us. And if they do something resembling what we think of science (which is a stretch) it would be a very different science in a very different reality. And to think that out of these billions and billions of worlds, some of which with science-like structures, ONLY OURS is the "real" one, the "objective" one, is simply a proof of how stupid we are.

We could go on and on, but let's stop with these two cases (there's lots more).

The moral is that a species utterly dominated with (a.) institutional religion and (b.) religicized science is a criminally stupid species, and from such a species can only come stupid manifestations -- specifically our insane asylum social/political world.

Naturally, the beat will go on with this species stupidity and we'll keep running around, bumping into each other and bumping into to walls in nearly totally dark rooms thinking: "Hey, we're doing something socially & politically significant". Duh . . . no, DOUBLE Duh.

However, the fact that these things are self-evident may be ray of hope. Indeed, our primary problem now is that we may have already passed the survival point of no return since we're accelerating our way to the evolutionary waterfall of human extinction. Put poetically, from probably the beginning of the Have and Have Not horror (the birth of the Beast!), we are less sliding into a “black hole” than WE ARE the black hole into which constellations of ecosystems and life forms keep vanishing.

So, will the human race snap out of its planet-wide mind set of suicidal stupidity in time to "get real"? An exquisite irony is that typically the things in life that are the most ultimately true are also the things that are the most ultimately obvious (the raw meat of species-transcending intelligence), but is the human race willing and/or able to “stand up” in this hurricane of obviousness in time avoid the abyss?

This is not just an important question. It is the only question,

The Scam and the Reality of Israel/Palestine

The scam of extremist Israeli’s (who do not represent the whole of Israel) is that they don’t want to be “pushed into the sea”. One wonders why they would fear this since they have they have incredibly more atomic weaponry than the entire Arab world combined!

The Reality is that the extremists want THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF PALESTINE, as the quotes below make tragically clear . . .

"We must expel Arabs and take their places."
-- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

In 1948, David Ben-Gurion stated: "We have taken their country....We must do everything to insure they never return....We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."

In 1988, former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir told Jewish settlers that Palestinians "would be crushed like grasshoppers (with their) heads smashed against the boulders and

In 1967, Israeli defense minister, Moshe Dayan, said: Palestinians "shall continue to live like dogs" so they'll leave.

"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online,

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist."
-- Golda Meir, statement to The Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

"This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy."
-- Golda Meir, Le Monde, 15 October 1971

"We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question, What is to be done with the Palestinian population?' Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said 'Drive them out!"
-- Yitzhak Rabin, leaked censored version of Rabin memoirs, published in the New York Times, 23 October 1979.

"The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized .... Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever."
-- Menachem Begin, the day after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine.

"The settlement of the Land of Israel is the essence of Zionism. Without settlement, we will not fulfill Zionism. It's that simple."
-- Yitzhak Shamir, Maariv, 02/21/1997.

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."

Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998.

How many of us have awakened from political/social phantasmagoria and seen The Beast?

The philosopher Plato was a dualist. He said life had two radically different parts. One was the trivial world of our senses and the other was the transcendental, abstract world of forms and ideas.

The consensus mind set of our species is contaminated with similar dualities. For example, the gulf between the so-called "separate self" and the so-called "external world" (i.e., that from which the separate self is separate).

This belief is still nearly universal in the human mind set, even though it is beyond absurd. For example, there’s the philosophical toy of when a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, is there any sound?

Well, in the first place this isn't a "toy" question and it isn't even a paradox, because when asked with sophistication, is it self evident that the answer is categorically no.

Think of it like this. When a tree falls in the forest and there isn't any life form (it certainly doesn't have to be human) with an auditory nervous system which transacts with vibrating air, there is no sound. Indeed, "sound" and "hearing" are two different aspects of the same phenomenon. No one "hears" sound, since hearing/sound is a unity.

More radically, the same is true for the visible world which never exists unless a life form with an optical nervous system is keyed into some interval of the electromagnetic spectrum. Succinctly put, your don't view the view, since the view IS the view.

Again, it must be emphasized that the above is not toy talk, hopeless paradoxes, or empty intellectualizing. It is (or should be) the self evident truth of things. The larger moral is that it proves the alleged duality between humans and nature is utter nonsense. The empirical world we live in (a bad way to say it) is the world our species "evokes", and this in turn is a beautiful reminder that the Universe is our home. We are necessary "participants" -- not "visitors".

OK, enough philosophy/science.

All of the above was intended to be a thoughtful (and hopefully interesting) way to introduce a very different duality. We can say this several ways. We can borrow the appearance/reality distinction of Plato or use an ancient image from the Orient and talk about the Veil of Maya which "covers" (at least mentally) the ultimate truth of things.

In any event, the human condition is PROFOUNDLY divided into two unimaginably different worlds.

The first world is the one probably 98% of the human race is semi-consciously "living" in. Note, living was in quotes, because this first world is what the Buddha called Dukha (anguish) and it is an endless vale of tears. The supreme lie of our species is that the world practically all of us are living in isn't a world of broken hearts, bodies, and minds.

But is this being exaggeratedly "negative"? Thinking precisely that it is what keeps the game going, because the only way billions of life forms would submit to chronic abuse and even genocide is to become a species of "enablers" who never see the elephant in the living room (that wonderful image from family systems theory).

However, the Buddhist take on life is not the issue here for all its sublime wisdom.

No, the issue is The Beast.

And the Beast is what? To begin with, The Beast is the second world. It is the TRUE REALITY behind the systematically suicidal "first world", i.e., the world of politics, TV sitcoms, three jobs, lost health insurance, a raped and murdered Mother Nature, broken health, and world wide genocide of the working class.

The infinite tragedy is that nearly every human being alive thinks the first world is the ONLY world. This is as good as it gets, and nirvana is keeping up with your credit cards (even as the interest keeps rising and rising). Hey, this is it; this is life; this is reality. End of conversation.

Ah, but what about the "second world"? What about The Beast, because if extraterrestrials are monitoring us, they know with absolute certainty that the Earth is the Kingdom of The Beast. They probably don't even acknowledge all of rest of us (even though they may pity us), because they know what's on "this" side of the veil is us, i.e., around 6 billion infinitely brainwashed human cattle and creatures so far beyond being "suckers" we don't even have a word for it.

So, back to The Beast, back to Reality. And The Beast is what? That question is easy. The Beast is a hellish stew of mentally ill religious fanatics, the lunatic right wing fringe of every county on the Earth, and parasitical, vampire elites (Paris Hilton comes to mind and, of course, the Bush Royal Family which is all of a piece with the Saudi Royal Family, etc.).

However, the "quantitative" thing about The Beast is that it is made up of very few humans, since relatively few of us can be multimillionaires and multimillionaires. Hence, this is a very, very select "club".

And The Beast relates to human cattle how? Well, for openers there is now abundant evidence (do a search) that The Beast is committing systematic genocide all over the planet since they want to wean out about two billion human cattle. Think of Africa and the "induced" epidemic of aids by white Europeans.

What else? Well, The Beast may be roughly 1% of the human race, but they have 95% (or more) of the wealth of the planet. In other words, The Beast is made up of literal Greek Gods of wealth and power -- Kings and Queens, really, even though they try not to use those words anymore.

So two worlds. One subjugated, systematically murdered, and turned into walking blood banks for the vampire elites. The other, a world of ASTRONOMICAL WEALTH beyond the dreams of Midas.

However, The Beast isn't only living in a world of God-like wealth; it is also seething with putrescent religious fanatics. And that horrific combination is probably nowhere so much in evidence on the planet as the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel. Hey, how much longer are we going to keep our lips sewed together about these infinitely righteous, billionaire psychopaths? Of course, it also should be added that these monsters do not now and never have spoken for the entire State of Israel.

The most loathsome thing about religious fanaticism (for ALL religions -- no exceptions) is that they so comfortably turn all the rest of the human race into expendable slugs.

We saw this over and over again during the anti-Christ Bush years, when the "religious right" made it tragically clear they believed Muslims to be subhuman filth. The surest symptom of psychotic religious fanatics (and we should keep in mind that these people are certifiably psychotic), is their joyful murder in the name of God.

The “religion” word usually has two meanings. Institutional religions are strictly businesses and religious fanatics are out patients from hell. Proof? People who actively massacre hundreds of thousands of other people “in the name of God” are evil incarnate.

The point that's being groped for here is almost impossible to get our minds around because it is the TRUE REALITY of the Earth and this true reality is a reality of virtually cosmic evil.

EVIL is the God of this planet; it is the "second world" which we (the first world) cope with only with pitiful denial and stupidity.

Well, that may be, but what options does the "other" 98% of the human race have?

That question is a measure of our pathetic and MASSIVE conditioning. How can we even ask such an insect-like question? The truth of things is screaming in our face 24/7. It's not that most of the human race, at least on some level of consciousness (however dim), doesn't have an almost ESP sense of The Beast. That's not the issue, even though the denial is so dense you have to cut it with a knife.

No, the "issue" is what the bloody hell do we DO about it?

Well, that question may have literally hundreds of answers, but ONE ANSWER utterly dominates them all. And it’s so simple even barnyard animals know the answer.

Put it like this. The mythologist Joseph Campbell used to talk about following your bliss. A beautiful man with beautiful intuitions, but for what we're talking about now, Joe is irrelevant.

However, to rephrase his saying, the answer is FOLLOW YOUR RAGE, because if several billion human beings "follow their rage" about these tiny enclaves of Greek Gods, the outcome will be inevitable. And this tsunami of rage will totally transcend politics (a game invented by and for the elites).

The point is not to feel bound by someone else's "game rules". In THIS game the only rules are OUR rules. We don't have to "answer to" the abstract structures (financial, political, religious, etc.) which have for millennia protected The Beast.

To HELL with politics. To HELL with religion. To hell with ANYTHING that gets in our way. We must unleash a hurricane of rage that will literally annihilate (whatever that means!) The Beast.

The alternative is to continue our Duh, submissive, sitcom, blood bank existence.

One last shot. The subtle point is we must TRANSCEND the social game rules which enslave the human race, and the only thing that can and will do that is to FOLLOW OUR RAGE.

And don't forget, The Beast (remember Africa, remember Israel/Palestine, remember New Orleans, etc.) is already killing us off by the millions.

And oh yes, it helps to remember 9/11 -- the ultimate and treasonous desecration of The Beast.

We didn't start this "war", but we absolutely have to FINISH it. The mathematically exact bottom line is will The Beast destroy the human species (and of course, itself as well), or will the human species destroy The Beast?

We aren't slugs, we aren't cattle, and we aren't blood banks. We are children of the universe and it's time to once and for all claim our birthright -- WHATEVER THE COST!

Viva the human race.