Tuesday, December 25, 2007

An Internet Party can be created without endless political donations!

Wow, let's say that again: an Internet Party can be created without endless political donations.

Well, we all know about financial donations, don't we, but what about an "Internet Party"?

Internet Party meaning what? Well, there are some rough answers to this question, but basically it means we're creating a radically new social form for expressing the public will.

OK; simple question. Is the Democratic Party the will of the people, or the will of the elites? Alas, most of us well know by now that America has a ONE dem/pug party system whose sole purpose is the lick the boots of America's pig, pig rich (the one percent or less).

So, does the Democratic Party represent the will of Americans or not? [we should probably pause to give us a chance to throw up] NO, it absolutely doesn't represent the will of the people -- but as a matter of fact NOTHING in American politics honors and promotes the will of the people.

So politics belongs to the elites? You can bet the farm that politics belongs to the elites -- and the dems belong to the elites just as much as the pugs.

So, where does this leave us?

Its leaves us with what may be the life and death challenge of this millennia. Civilization almost certainly hangs on the degree to which we aggressively replace traditional/establishment politics with radically new social forms which ARE grounded in freedom and Democracy!

Relatedly, evolution loves Democratic species and selects out the biological cancers (e.g., the elites) who/that are killer parasites of vast social/biological infrastructures. When an airhead heiress has the wealth of a small country, such an infinitely immoral imbalance of wealth has murderous consequences on the health of the human species.

The good news of scientific truth is that the Earth is all for freedom and Democracy! Lots of opportunities of survival experiments and medically healthy life forms. But the pig, pig rich are deadly tumors in the biosphere and their one dimensional greed is a like metastasized cancer.

BUT (unlike us), the Earth know very well how to treat its cancers. "One way or another" they get selected out. And it isn't always pretty.

But back to the Internet Party (maybe eventually we can come up with a better name, but for now, let's use this one).

The net is information, knowledge, and data beyond our dreams. But that's enough for our needs. Who needs money (well, maybe a little from time to time but NOTHING like the bottomless pits of traditional politics) when we have virtually limitless information and knowledge AND the means to brainstorm and communicate in the millions.

Two words: Information and Communication. That's where the 3rd millennia is heading, and these two words will make possible social forms in the very near future which WILL be the will of the people (and even more specifically, the will of the majority).

So let's start the wheels turning to bury the dinosaurs of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Or more generally, to bury elite-dictated traditional/establishment politics.

The next point is tad "intellectual", but it's that the "structure" of establishment politics (which is vast and immoral) IS ITSELF the problem. It's a structure which will NEVER represent the will of the American people. Of course, no one should be surprised by this since it was invented in the first place by the elites to make absolutely certain that pig, pig rich people (i.e., the vampire elites) STAY pig, pig rich people.

In other words this "social form" is contaminated with elite/fascist greed. The thing is, politics works . . . but not for us. NEVER for us.

Moral: we need radically new social forms to save our country. We need radically new social forms to express the POWER OF THE PEOPLE, not candyass, elite "political games" in which the dice are always loaded and the deck is always stacked. Remember the much sacrificed for "Democratic Congress" which PROGRESSIVES elected in 2006, only to discover that it contained a higher concentration of elected cowards and traitors than any elected body for the last several hundred years. Wimps, wimps, and wall to wall wimps -- and wimps on the payroll of the elites.

See, it's really hopeless. The Democratic Party is UNFIXABLE. Even if we worked at it for the next hundred years, it can NEVER be liberalized, because it's made up slob/slaves of the astronomically rich.

So any expression of the public will has to come from politics-transcending forms. We tried the old way and look at the trash in Washington: liars, cowards, hypocrites, and bought and paid for monkey puppets of the elites. NONE OF THIS WILL EVER CHANGE. It may be painfully disillusioning to admit this, but NONE OF THIS WILL EVER CHANGE.

What has to change is US! We have to start an Internet Party to save America and the Earth.

But what could an Internet Party "do". That's actually easier to answer than you may think, since there's LOTS of power of the people things we can do with internet information and communication.

For openers (and I know you've heard this before, so please bear with me) the time has come for carefully orchestrated and VERY selectively targeted national (or maybe even international) boycotts.

The first critical thing to say here is PLEASE do not respond to this peaceful, legal social revolution strategy (for that's what it could be) with cynicism and passivity, because that's enabling the status quo and the status quo is a living hell. The status quo is our country and planet are rapidly DYING because of the fascist/elites, so if this all seems passé or idealistic, may I suggest you take a hike and leave this REVOLUTIONARY concept to those of us who have the passion (and ability?) to make it happen.

This is not the time of niceties! We are fighting for our very world and we MUST stay open to apolitical possibilities and strategies which could literally be a tipping point of human civilization. And boycotts, massively organized and orchestrated (ON THE NET) would blind side these vampire pigs beyond their dreams. Corporate fascism is impressive on the outside, but it has a very soft and vulnerable underbelly to laser boycotts. We could hurt these Earth killing (and they ARE killing the Earth) corporations MASSIVELY. How hopeful for the Earth it would be to watch their bottom lines plummet when they find themselves at the top of a list of say, 10 circulating cancerous corporations that conceivably would be boycotted by MILLIONS of consumers. It would be like watching a balloon slowly deflate. Of course, the truly responsible challenge would be to target first those corporations and advertisers who are murdering our nation and the Earth the most voraciously.

So, boycotts on a national and/or international scale would be "new thing" on the planet. They would be a "new thing" in the realm of what we used to call politics (we would no longer need that word).

But boycotts would only the first step. We can also do national strikes and constitutionally mandated referendums. The truth of the matter is that NON political strategies abound, but the elites have just been tragically successful at keeping us playing the political game. Remember that donkey chasing a carrot tied on a string in front of his head? That's establishment politics. And just as the donkey will NEVER get the carrot, neither will we EVERY get political representation from these pugs and dems at the hog trough. Listen, you can hear them grunt and snort as they laugh at what fools we are to trust them.

SO much more can be said. Not only by this one citizen, but by ALL of patriotic Americans who know with absolutely certainty that looking to traditional politics for "help" is like eating ground glass.

Point blank: Politics is Death. Radical NEW FORMS for revolutionary social change are LIFE. It's that simple. It's that point blank.

And one last thing. Remember and celebrate that we are liberals and progressive and that means (among a thousand other things) that we can think circles around these one dimensional greed heads. Also remember that the elites are biologically/culturally "in grown" (they certainly never want to marry a cattle consumer -- that's us). So they "inbreed" and as the Royal Family of England has shown us, that's a pretty stupid thing to do.

Inbreeding = Stupidity, whether it's biological or social, so, hey, we live in a different IQ universe from these elite morons. They may be rich (with inherited money!), but they're "primates" compared to us. And please don't think this is hyperbole (look it up George). This is the way it is. Our democratic intuitions have kept us in the genetic soup, so we aren't stunted by inbreeding.

So, really we have three things going for us. One: the information "organism" of the internet. Two: the nearly infinite communication permutations the internet makes possible in our town hall meetings (e.g., this site). Three: We're so G. D. much smarter than these vicious goons (and not to forget the loony tunes Armaggedonites!) that it's pathetic. Most of them are probably hominids anyway (look it up George). And who cares about the exceptions that prove the rule?

How can we lose?

So let's get these "alternative forms" airborne as soon as possible. I want to see EXXON and Cheney/Halliburton brought down in 2008, but mostly I want to see my beloved country, "The Land of the free and the home of the brave," resurrected. And even more, I want our revered Mother Nature to be healed and nurtured, just as she has nurtured us since the beginning of human existence.

Each of us (and our children) doesn’t have to die like a dog. And the Earth doesn't have to die like a dog. We can TURN THIS ALL AROUND with kickass IQ, apolitical, hardball strategies. We can take back our world and we can start immediately.


Viva America! Viva Mother Nature! And Viva national/international boycotts!

The weakest link in Bush's America in Chains are Congressional dem traitors running for reelection in 2008

If there was ever a time in American history that elected representatives needed to be squashed like cockroaches BEFORE they get to the voting booths, this is the time and these are the people.

And here, we DO have considerable control.

(1.) According to all the polls, most of these dem traitors are held in utter contempt by liberal and moderate Democrats.

(2.) Also, according to all the polls, these same liberal and moderate Democrats make up the vast majority of voting Democrats. The DLC beltway cabal resembles the neocon cabal (indeed, the beltway cabal = the neocon cabal?) in that, whatever may be their establishment power, they are a very small minority of Americans.

Ergo, since we loathe these traitors AND make up the majority of the Democratic Party, what in God's name are we waiting for?

We still have the necessary time to brainstorm, donate, and petition, etc., to GET THESE SCUM OUT OF OUR PARTY.

We know the drill. New people, new charismas, new agendas and AT LEAST "moderate" candidates -- but far better passionate and patriotic liberals.

In short, first things first is to concentrate on purging the party of these 2008 congressional candidates. If we can't or won't do this, how can we hope to avoid DLC clones of George Bush like Hillary Republican Clinton, and an election between Republicans and Republican clones is inevitable.

We probably can't (alas) bump Clinton out of the running, but we can certainly go after Nancy Republican Pelosi and all the rest of these greed sucking cowards and traitors.

Our trump card is that the passion is so strong now to save our country and planet from this army of Bush psychopaths, that practically ANY articulate liberal with a whiff of humanity would be taken to the heart of moderate/progressive dem voters in a heart beat.

A broker of mine once described certain investments as being like "picking up money off the floor". Well, that wasn't always the case (no surprise), but "something like" that should be true for what we're talking about now.

Because we simply don't need the "perfect congressional candidate" (whatever that would be). Hey, how hard can it be to find more patriotic dem candidates (we already have several and Godspeed to them) with presence, brains, and conscience?

The point is the wind is at our back and there's so MANY of us, that getting sharp liberal candidates to replace these hog trough, Democracy-killing congressional dems, should be well within our reach.

Viva America.

ps: Please remember that internet orchestrated national/international boycotts would be limitless power for the people! Money back guarantee!

The old political forms have failed us (look at the dem congress), but national/international boycotts would set humanity free from the establishment political monkeys of the planet’s elites. Think of this as Plan B and more we nationally & internationally network it, is the more IT WILL HAPPEN – and goodbye elites (and their fascist thugs) forever. When money talks, the human race listens and fascist corporations need us (the consumers) a thousand time more than we need them. Sorry for the long addendum.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The realm of meta-politics (beneath the radar of constitutions and laws), has always been where all the action is.

This is the land of the elites, national and international. It's also the land of organized crime. And it's the land where the cancerous Nazi Party of WW2 has been in remission. Bed fellows all!

There are two distinct social/financial realities on this planet: (1.) the public establishment politics one we wake up to in the morning and (2.) the "invisible" one of meta-politics which plays the public one like a game of monopoly (literally and otherwise).

The public one is the realm of establishment politics, in which the Democratic Party has morphed into the Republican Party (e.g., Nancy Republican Pelosi & Harry Republican Reid -- our Democratic "leaders"). In short, all these Judas congressional Democrats whose middle initial is R, for Republican, and where exceptions (Godspeed to them) simply prove the rule.

Hence, not much action here since the elites have succeeded in transforming America into a ONE party system (in spite of the efforts of passionate FDR liberals who are still fighting the good fight).

Note that in this set up, liberals & progressive are spinning in the public wind. We used to be the base of the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party has be gobbled up by DLC, beltway Democrats, i.e., traitors and hog troughers to the max. This is the land of Carvilles and Clintons and these people have sold the soul of the Democratic Party to the elites.

And speaking of Clintons, have you every seen anyone try so hard to “become” an elite? Forget it Bill, they’re never going to accept you into that “old money”, less than one percent elite fraternity no matter how much you suck up to Daddy Bush.

The paralyzing tragedy is that unless and until the public world discovers this infinitely secret meta-political world, we will always be putting the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble (as an old debate coach of mine liked to put it).

And what does this mean? Simple, it means no one gets a free pass from the rule of law and that constitutions were made to apply to EVERYONE. But since America's elites, etc., live like literal Greek Gods, how can we drag them down from their meta-political clouds to rule of law Earth with all the rest of us?

And please note that “all of the rest of us” DO observe the rules of law, which suits the elites, neo Nazis, and organized crime to perfection.

It's like an athletic contest in which one side consistently plays by the rules (that's us!), and the other side simply does whatever the h___ they want to do, whenever they want to do it. So who ALWAYS wins? Duh.

OK, now to the heart of the matter. The one thing the meta-political camp DOESN'T have is the vast majority of the American people (same thing for all countries). So, that's our trump card, and God in Heaven, it SHOULD BE ENOUGH.

The sky people are outnumbered at least 99 to 1. The elites are the "ranchers", the fascists/Nazis are the electric fences, and we are the cattle, so why do millions and millions of us keep passively mooing in their cattle pens -- especially since we know that hamburger, in one form or another is our inevitable future.

The nearly limitless power of the meta-political realm is dependent absolutely on its "invisibility". Said differently, the more the meta political realm becomes common knowledge, is the more the vast majority of humans will deal with it!

When a sea of cattle start pushing against fences, electric or otherwise, the fences WILL COME DOWN (trust me, I’m from the middle west and I’ve seen this happen).

The heart of this is to realize that we ARE living like cattle and that there IS a meta-political realm inhabited by less than one percent of the human race who are living like Greek Gods.

But for the Gods to stay Gods they have to stay invisible. That's the way it works, because, like vampires, once we see them clearly in the daylight, their meta-political secrecy no longer protects them.

So this piece is a flashlight into the meta-political world -- hopefully many floodlights will follow.

Democracy is the will of the people, but the will of the people is on the other side of the meta-political realm. Said straight out, the meta-political realm is the dead center of the target of what the human race has to get rid of.

It’s like living your life while breathing toxic, invisible fumes. So long as you think the fumes just go with the territory of being alive, you don’t deal with it and ultimately die from the fumes. But if and when you discover (in the millions) that the fumes, albeit invisible, are killing your life and the lives of your children, you bloody GET RID OF THE FUMES.

Note, fumes = elites, fascists (or neo-Nazis), and organized crime. Hasn’t the human race put up with this meta-political, unholy trinity long enough?

Keep the faith. Remember, we’re the 99%!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Earth's Gruesome Twosome: The Israeli/Palestinian War and the elite/Nazi international cabal

It's probably improper to speak of the "resurrected" Nazi Party, since it's now increasingly obvious the Party never died -- it just went into remission. And it's not really uniforms, arm bands, and torchlight ceremonies (although, who knows what's still to come), as it is a world view of such absolute evil that it would make Jesus weep.

Indeed, it would be much easier if we could corral this evil point of view into a single country, but exactly like the elites, this homicidal organization is "meta-national" (may we coin this word?), i.e., always under the radar of the laws and constitutions of governments.

These people (elites as well as Nazis) are just "out there" in the meta-national ozone and effortlessly slip though all the cracks and interstices of civilization.

The elites, for example, are frequently referred to as vampire elites and the image fits PERFECTLY, since they are draining the blood of our one and only planet and MUST have secrecy to cover their tracks from 99% of the human race (that's us!). Organized crime also lives in the meta-national and one wonders if they too share the bed with Nazis and elites. Florida comes to mind.

And as if we didn't have enough on our plate, like other countries we also have to deal with the heart breaking blood bath that is the nadir of hell itself on our planet: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The infinite irony is that polling suggests that BOTH countries are made up of citizens who long for a diplomatic healing of this endless horror, but they have little or no voice or influence. Sound familiar?

Indeed, diplomacy would be the healing rain which would heal not only the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but ALL Middle Eastern conflicts. Another example (closer to home) is that most Americans want diplomacy to deal with Iraq, not more "surges" of American deaths and throwing" more multi billions of dollars at a War which planetary common knowledge now knows has been from the beginning only about oil and religious fanaticism. It is even frequently referred to as a "Crusade" -- of course these fanatics are too illiterate to know what happened to the last ones.

The tragedy is that the Israeli/Palestinian war is not what a mathematician would call a "closed system". To the contrary, it probably polarizes more of the planet than any other single event. The Israelis are our allies, but we are helping them in a war that MOST Americans and MOST Israelis and MOST Palestinians want to be ended with diplomacy and fairness to all, insofar as that's humanly possible.

Plus, we Americans are continuing to make vast financial sacrifices for this war. Yet, believe it or not, the issue is less resenting this, since most Americans are still supportive of Israel, as that we can simply no longer "afford" it! OUR OWN governmental infrastructures (e.g., roads, bridges, ports, etc., etc.) are falling into literal ruin.

Also please remember that this bottomless pit of financial aid (military action must be factored into this) is made possible only by increasingly burdensome taxes on America's middle and lower classes., since rich people in Bush America basically don't pay taxes anymore. Thus, America's Joe Citizen is paying for all of this. The same citizen who now has to have two or three jobs and who NEVER takes his/her family on vacations. The same citizen who has lost his/her retirement and health care.

So, just for the record, the funding for the Bush/Cheney Oil Wars, astronomical tax breaks for America's vampire elites, AND astronomical financial aid is all coming from US, America's sucker middle and lower classes, and we are losing EVERYTHING to pay for all of it -- "aid" included.

So if on the one hand we can purge ourselves of this elite/Nazi contagion (note that they're no longer under the radar and that's a BIG improvement), and on the other hand we can disentangle ourselves from intensely controversial military/financial commitments regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, maybe we can actually be a (non bankrupt) Constitutional Republic again.

Hey, this is the Christmas season. Anything's possible?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Politics is history. What's happening now in America is a life and death conflict between the American people and literal neo Nazis.

Politics is for enablers and TV sitcomers. It now has nothing to do with anything.

In the early 20th Century, the German people (for a time) thought the same thing. The tsunami of Hitler Nazism was approaching, but they played meaningless political games, thinking they would solve everything. And the fruit of this Duh-brained silliness was the monstrous 3rd Reich of the 20th Century.

That's an EXACT parallel with what's now happening in American. The dems are the pugs and the pugs are the dems. End of conversation. The only quasi political distinction that now means anything is between fascists and liberals, but none of this has anything to do with establishment politics, i.e., the pugs are the dems and the dems are the pugs.

What's ACTUALLY happening in our rapidly dying Democratic Republic (maybe it's already dead) is now crystal clear: The American people are in ultimate conflict with an American version of a neo Nazi Party. Call this fascism if you wish, but it would be well to remember that another member of the Royal Bush Family, Prescott Bush (the grandfather of G.W.) tried to sell America to the Nazis in the 30's. Historically, the Bush's and Nazis have always been loving bedfellows. And one wonders if there's a swastika or two in those Skull and Bones secret society rooms at Yale -- whose members always included the Bush's.

But didn't the Nazis cease to exist after WW2? Clearly not! They had pockets all over the planet (Argentina comes to mind) in which, like cancer in remission, they kept their satanic flames alive, waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

But waiting for what? Waiting for George W. Bush. Waiting for ANOTHER chance to get a Bush to sell out America.

All that was missing in the year 2000 stolen election was for the fascist thugs of the elites who trashed the election centers to be wearing Nazi brown shirts.

And ever since that date, we have been playing catch up to the "big picture" of what is really happening to our country. Mostly, we thought it was politics, but then gradually, gradually we began to realize that the elite financed crime that dominated Washington had very little to do with the traditional Republican Party.

No, something else was taking over our country, murdering Mother Nature, bloating the elites, and turning our magnificent Constitution into toilet paper.

And gradually, gradually we began to realize that what was happening wasn't politics as usual, no matter how far you pushed the envelope.

So what was (is) this NON political "something else"? If it's not the traditional Republican Party of pre year 2000, than what is it?

It's a resurrected version of the Nazi Party! Period. Everything else is window dressing. The M.O. is identical. Propaganda (the Judas press), probable assassinations, the Bush middle man, the list goes on and on. And 9/11? Well, according to ALL the polls, most American's think the Bush/fascist version is b.s. to the skies -- and its historical common knowledge that the textbook Nazi modus operandi was to terrorize the public into thinking that only absolute fascist control of the country would “protect” its citizens. Sound familiar?

There's something liberating about seeing that politics is now totally moot. Hillary Clinton (the DLC presidential candidate and biological clone of George W. Bush) will do NOTHING about ANY of this if she's elected (God forbid!). Give us a break -- the woman doesn’t even know how to “spell” liberal.

No, the game rules have changed 100%

Our only hope left is that politics-transcending power of the people strategies and passions will save our nation from turning into the first 21st Century Nazi dictatorship.

Politics may still have to be the mechanism, but not (and never) establishment politics, which merely distracts us (like it did the Germans) from the horror which is stalking our beloved country.

Politics, yes, but not politics as the dog, but politics as the tail. The dog is the American people and politics must be the obedient tail. Thus, the ultimate conflict of our lives is between the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the first menacing resurgence of satanic neo Nazism in this century.

And why did the Nazis pick us? Ask the Bush Family.

If we ever needed Tiny Tim, we need him now: God bless us all every one.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps Season’s Greetings

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A cry for help to our traditional Republican friends and neighbors.

Once upon a time, most of us had Republican friends and neighbors. Sure, we didn't agree all the time, but there was almost always a significant degree of mutual respect, much like being the "loyal opposition" to each other's party.

We also shouldn't forget that financially conservative traditional Republicans are AT LEAST as horrified as we are by our plummeting economy and Bush/fascist financial insanities and illegalities in the trillions! And our dollar? Well, let's just not talk about that. Or the housing market? Or pre earthquake fissures in the stock market?

Also, to be fair and accurate, we should acknowledge that traditional Republicans have an honorable history when it comes to environmental issues. Indeed, thanks to them we had many (now Bush-dismantled) governmental protections for Mother Nature.

The list could go on and on, but this was the good ol' days when we had a viable two party system and this dynamic was the engine of American politics -- and "in general" Democrats and Republicans got along tolerably well. Let's face it, we certainly didn't think of them as Democracy and planet killers!

Alas, all that is now deader than dead, since the closest thing we have to a two party system now are fascists vs. progressives. The DLC establishment Democratic Party has basically been eaten alive by the Bush/Republican Party. Establishment Democrats (e.g., Pelosi, Reed, and Clinton) have all turned out to be closet Bush/Republicans. Hillary Clinton is a veritable female clone of George W. Bush and she's the number one presidential candidate for Carville-type beltway Democrats!

And the moral to this is what?

The moral is that Democracy and the Earth are being voraciously murdered by Bush/fascist psychopaths. EVERYTHING we hear now about global warming, ozone holes, oceanic pollution, etc., is the death rattle of the ecosystem of the planet. Also, remember that dipstick Armageddon religious fanatics think the Earth is going to go *boom* any day now, so they don't give a rat's derriere about our bleeding and beloved Mother Nature? Maybe it has something to do with being blessed with 70 IQ's.

And our Democratic Republic (going back to President Lincoln -- a Republican) has been replaced by Bush/fascists with an American early 3rd millennia version of the German 3rd Reich. Remember the German 3rd Reich? If not, let's just say it's what you see on Judas, propaganda television every day: genocide of innocent people, the rape and murder of our one and only planet, and a gargantuan transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to less than one percent of the American population (the vampire elites).

In short, a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State. So, the Bush/fascists represent NEITHER traditional Republicans any more than they represent traditional Democrats. This is not and never has been the issue or conflict.

Something ABSOLUTELY NEW is now loose in America and it's NOT the traditional Republican Party. Indeed, it is the mortal enemy of the traditional Republican Party because it is the mortal enemy of human civilization itself.

So, God in heaven, help us out here Republican friends! This all so lose/lose for ALL of us (Democrats, Republicans, and the human race) that we need all the help we can get. Our own party has virtually gone belly up, so all you honorable (and probably equally horrified!) traditional Republicans may help us all far more than the rags that are left of the Democratic Party.

Let's say it straight out. This is a cry for help from what you might consider liberals and progressives (the residue of FDR Democrats) to our Republican neighbors, relatives, and friends who loath and fear what these Bush neo Nazis (which is EXACTLY what they are!) are doing to our Constitutional Democracy and our nurturing, beautiful, and one and only planet Earth.

Bottom line: God Bless America and Mother Earth are fighting for their lives against the 4th Reich of George W. Bush. And right now, we're going down for the 3rd time! Plus, we should NEVER forget that the Royal Bush Family in the personage of Prescott Bush, G. W’s grandfather, tried to do EXACTLY the same thing in the 30's (check out Prescott Bush's name and see what you get -- just make sure you have a barf bag).

Please make no mistake. This is absolutely a cry for help! You folks must realize by now that if we don't WORK TOGETHER to get rid of these literal neo Nazis, our planet and Democracy are doomed. Who would have dreamed that, like, cancer in remission, they survived in the dark cracks of post WW2 until the time was right to reemerge as the metastasized cancer (and anti-Christ?) of Herr George W. Bush?

Friday, December 14, 2007

The horrific question: How much are Democrats afraid to speak out because they fear assassination?

It's amazing how much America changed after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In a sense, the idealism, confidence, and optimism of the Democratic Party were assassinated as well. And then the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. And then the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

And then the assassination (?) of Senator Paul Wellstone -- with the strategic Iraq flip/flop to the pugs in the Senate after his death.

And the anthrax in the mail that was sent only to high profile Democrats.

Clearly, whoever hates the FDR Democratic Party is willing to murder over and over again.

The impotent anthrax investigation might just as well have been conducted by dogs and cats and the JFK assassination was virtually demoted to a "conspiracy theory" (the catch all Republican spin to cover their crimes). But wait a minute! You mean he WASN'T assassinated and all those Democrats DIDN'T get anthrax in the mail?

No, those are all conspiracy theories and Democrats just like to shoot and poison themselves.

And 9/11? God knows.

How many desperately needed Democratic Presidential candidates are taking a pass because they simply want to stay alive a few more years?

Organized crime politics knows that a dollop of terror works wonders to stifle a Congress, so who needs a majority if home grown terrorists are muzzling elected Democratic officials quite nicely?

This doesn't mean the elite hog trough isn't congested with both dems and pugs, but it does mean the dems may be given "offers they can't refuse".

There's not much more to be said about this since fear is not something you can explain away.

But haven't you noticed that post Senator Wellstone and anthrax, the Democratic Party abruptly became Republican light? Doesn’t this plausibly mean “they got the message”?

Let's pray that our Constitutional Ship of State isn’t being sunk by murdering rats from hell.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Common Sense Revolution which will abolutely save America and the Earth.

Imagine you're living in a community in which criminals are poisoning the water supply and basically own the police force. Naturally, they're dealing drugs and are responsible for most of the "organized crime" in the community. Also imagine that (like their television caricatures) they like to see themselves as "businessmen". Indeed, most of their income actually does comes from businesses like grocery stores, fuel companies, clothing stores, and maybe advertising on local television stations.

In short, in this fantasy community "organized crime" is thriving, even though the citizens of the community have lost nearly all of their civil rights, (remember, the criminals "own" the government), and have no political representation. Their financial lives continue to get worse and worse (many families now have three jobs and vacations are a memory), and the feeling of hopelessness is like smog of despair that poisons every aspect of the community.

And oh yes, most of the churches are worse than useless since they're either sucking up to the criminals, or they condition their followers to escape into psychotic fairly tales in which the world in going to go boom any day now. Sigh!

Politics is much worse since (big surprise!) nearly all the politicians are at the hog trough provided by the criminals for their obedient political monkeys. Are you listening, 2006 “Democratic” Congress?

So, what does the average citizen (American) do in such a living hell?

Boycotts, what else? What else CAN they do? Boycott the grocery stores, fuel companies, clothing stores, and television stations that sing the praises of organized crime.

Of course, this is simply a hypothetical community, but, as the mathematicians would say, the point is to EXTRAPOLATE our story to our dying country (and make not mistake, it IS dying!) at large.

We need to "think big" here, because IF these folks, these consumers (these AWESOMELY powerful consumers), DID boycott the criminal businesses of these killers of decency, rationality, and the very Earth, it would very quickly (how shall we put it?) draw blood.

Corporate fascism (America's current government) may look fierce on the outside, but it has a very soft and vulnerable economic underbelly.

If MILLIONS of Americans boycotted, say, Wal-mart (that archetypal trash heap for American workers), and started now, right before Christmas, that corporation would find out at the speed of light that a new force is loose in America! And this force would have nothing to do with politics (that dem/pug outhouse in Washington). That's the beauty and the power of it, because this force would be the very heartbeat of Democracy at its best: POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

There are lots of other things we can do besides boycotts. Our magnificent constitution, for example, permits us to have ENORMOUS influence on the dynamics of our country via petitions and referendums. Now these are things we don't have to check out with our one party dem/pug system. We wouldn't have to talk to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reed first. Ugh!

These are things we can do ALL BY OURSELVES as American citizens. Strikes are another, nationwide or otherwise.

It can't be said strongly enough that all these things are POWER OF THE PEOPLE THINGS. We don't have to "go though" establishment politics -- which means we don't need the support or approval of people who are grunting and slobbering at the reality (not fantasy!) hog trough created by the elites (with a millionth of their wealth).

Of course such activism could be both/and with doing everything possible to resurrect the FDR Democratic Party. Indeed, these two activisms would run parallel and be mutually constructive.

Successful, national boycotting would dramatically help liberalize the Democratic Party and VISA VERSA. What we're talking about now is all win/win.

OK, time to be personal. I see my role in this as a barking dog, trying to get the attention of my American brothers and sisters that BOYCOTTS CAN SAVE AMERICA AND SAVE THE EARTH. To me, this is an absolute certainty.

I wish I had the eloquence of Martin Luther King (God bless him!), but I'm going to have to settle for being one American patriot talking over the fence to his neighbors. If the passionate Dr. King were saying these things I know more people would listen, but at least I can bark.

May I try to sum all this up?

There are two or three things to get clear here. The first is these POWER OF THE PEOPLE strategies are basically "independent" of politics -- which is freeing almost beyond belief. These are things WE can do, all by ourselves as American citizens and voters. And also please note that these apolitical strategies and activisms are completely peaceful and legal.

Secondly, the tragic irony is that the single biggest enemy to nationwide boycotts is us! The temptation to discount boycotts as (1.) they've been tried before, and (2.) such small scale actions aren't going to change anything, is the kiss of death.

OF COURSE they've been done before but never before with the backing of the internet! You see, that's our trump card; that's the difference. With the internet, we can synchronize and orchestrate boycotts on a truly national scale (best of all INTERNATIONAL scale!). Will it be easy? Certainly not; it will be devilishly difficult to get this all pulled together, but at least we can see in outline what must be done.

We obviously need some kind of national centralizing agency. Perhaps a site where people can vote for the "top ten" targets, i.e., those corporations which are the most destructive to the Earth and Democracy.

Organization, here, is all, because without a VERY organized central agency, boycotts are moot. However, to think positive, WITH a very organized central agency (perhaps supported and promoted by some high profile and nationally respected individuals, e.g., Jimmy Carter?), the sky is the limit.

WE ARE THE CONSUMERS and fascist corporations need us much more than we need them! Indeed, we should think of this as the empowering "axiom" of this piece.

Clearly, "organized crime" in our pretend example equals the Bush/fascist/elites. But, you know what, these scum need our money! Duh. And if we don't GIVE them our money (e.g., stop buying gas from corporations raping and killing Mother Nature, stop Christmas shopping at anti labor stores, and refuse to buy products of companies advertising on fascist media sites, etc., etc.), they are going get hurt financially beyond their wildest dreams!

However, the point really isn't to "destroy" these corporations (however tempting that might be, assuming we could) so much as simply "get their attention". We need to prove to them that "fascism doesn't pay" and if they want to stay in the economic game, they better start taking Mother Nature and our Democratic Republic (beginning with the Constitution) about 300% more seriously.

So I guess this is my dream and I'm hoping Dr. King (and Gandhi too!) will be there for it spiritually.

Lastly, this dream needs all the nitty gritty technical, realpolitik expertise it can get, so this is also a cry for help! It’s suicidal for us to consider these matters “academically”, since the clock is running and Democracy and Earth are dying as we speak, so the time for nationwide boycott activism is NOW. Even two or three months from now may be too late, so internet brainstorming may be our salvation.