Monday, December 24, 2007

The realm of meta-politics (beneath the radar of constitutions and laws), has always been where all the action is.

This is the land of the elites, national and international. It's also the land of organized crime. And it's the land where the cancerous Nazi Party of WW2 has been in remission. Bed fellows all!

There are two distinct social/financial realities on this planet: (1.) the public establishment politics one we wake up to in the morning and (2.) the "invisible" one of meta-politics which plays the public one like a game of monopoly (literally and otherwise).

The public one is the realm of establishment politics, in which the Democratic Party has morphed into the Republican Party (e.g., Nancy Republican Pelosi & Harry Republican Reid -- our Democratic "leaders"). In short, all these Judas congressional Democrats whose middle initial is R, for Republican, and where exceptions (Godspeed to them) simply prove the rule.

Hence, not much action here since the elites have succeeded in transforming America into a ONE party system (in spite of the efforts of passionate FDR liberals who are still fighting the good fight).

Note that in this set up, liberals & progressive are spinning in the public wind. We used to be the base of the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Party has be gobbled up by DLC, beltway Democrats, i.e., traitors and hog troughers to the max. This is the land of Carvilles and Clintons and these people have sold the soul of the Democratic Party to the elites.

And speaking of Clintons, have you every seen anyone try so hard to “become” an elite? Forget it Bill, they’re never going to accept you into that “old money”, less than one percent elite fraternity no matter how much you suck up to Daddy Bush.

The paralyzing tragedy is that unless and until the public world discovers this infinitely secret meta-political world, we will always be putting the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble (as an old debate coach of mine liked to put it).

And what does this mean? Simple, it means no one gets a free pass from the rule of law and that constitutions were made to apply to EVERYONE. But since America's elites, etc., live like literal Greek Gods, how can we drag them down from their meta-political clouds to rule of law Earth with all the rest of us?

And please note that “all of the rest of us” DO observe the rules of law, which suits the elites, neo Nazis, and organized crime to perfection.

It's like an athletic contest in which one side consistently plays by the rules (that's us!), and the other side simply does whatever the h___ they want to do, whenever they want to do it. So who ALWAYS wins? Duh.

OK, now to the heart of the matter. The one thing the meta-political camp DOESN'T have is the vast majority of the American people (same thing for all countries). So, that's our trump card, and God in Heaven, it SHOULD BE ENOUGH.

The sky people are outnumbered at least 99 to 1. The elites are the "ranchers", the fascists/Nazis are the electric fences, and we are the cattle, so why do millions and millions of us keep passively mooing in their cattle pens -- especially since we know that hamburger, in one form or another is our inevitable future.

The nearly limitless power of the meta-political realm is dependent absolutely on its "invisibility". Said differently, the more the meta political realm becomes common knowledge, is the more the vast majority of humans will deal with it!

When a sea of cattle start pushing against fences, electric or otherwise, the fences WILL COME DOWN (trust me, I’m from the middle west and I’ve seen this happen).

The heart of this is to realize that we ARE living like cattle and that there IS a meta-political realm inhabited by less than one percent of the human race who are living like Greek Gods.

But for the Gods to stay Gods they have to stay invisible. That's the way it works, because, like vampires, once we see them clearly in the daylight, their meta-political secrecy no longer protects them.

So this piece is a flashlight into the meta-political world -- hopefully many floodlights will follow.

Democracy is the will of the people, but the will of the people is on the other side of the meta-political realm. Said straight out, the meta-political realm is the dead center of the target of what the human race has to get rid of.

It’s like living your life while breathing toxic, invisible fumes. So long as you think the fumes just go with the territory of being alive, you don’t deal with it and ultimately die from the fumes. But if and when you discover (in the millions) that the fumes, albeit invisible, are killing your life and the lives of your children, you bloody GET RID OF THE FUMES.

Note, fumes = elites, fascists (or neo-Nazis), and organized crime. Hasn’t the human race put up with this meta-political, unholy trinity long enough?

Keep the faith. Remember, we’re the 99%!