Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The weakest link in Bush's America in Chains are Congressional dem traitors running for reelection in 2008

If there was ever a time in American history that elected representatives needed to be squashed like cockroaches BEFORE they get to the voting booths, this is the time and these are the people.

And here, we DO have considerable control.

(1.) According to all the polls, most of these dem traitors are held in utter contempt by liberal and moderate Democrats.

(2.) Also, according to all the polls, these same liberal and moderate Democrats make up the vast majority of voting Democrats. The DLC beltway cabal resembles the neocon cabal (indeed, the beltway cabal = the neocon cabal?) in that, whatever may be their establishment power, they are a very small minority of Americans.

Ergo, since we loathe these traitors AND make up the majority of the Democratic Party, what in God's name are we waiting for?

We still have the necessary time to brainstorm, donate, and petition, etc., to GET THESE SCUM OUT OF OUR PARTY.

We know the drill. New people, new charismas, new agendas and AT LEAST "moderate" candidates -- but far better passionate and patriotic liberals.

In short, first things first is to concentrate on purging the party of these 2008 congressional candidates. If we can't or won't do this, how can we hope to avoid DLC clones of George Bush like Hillary Republican Clinton, and an election between Republicans and Republican clones is inevitable.

We probably can't (alas) bump Clinton out of the running, but we can certainly go after Nancy Republican Pelosi and all the rest of these greed sucking cowards and traitors.

Our trump card is that the passion is so strong now to save our country and planet from this army of Bush psychopaths, that practically ANY articulate liberal with a whiff of humanity would be taken to the heart of moderate/progressive dem voters in a heart beat.

A broker of mine once described certain investments as being like "picking up money off the floor". Well, that wasn't always the case (no surprise), but "something like" that should be true for what we're talking about now.

Because we simply don't need the "perfect congressional candidate" (whatever that would be). Hey, how hard can it be to find more patriotic dem candidates (we already have several and Godspeed to them) with presence, brains, and conscience?

The point is the wind is at our back and there's so MANY of us, that getting sharp liberal candidates to replace these hog trough, Democracy-killing congressional dems, should be well within our reach.

Viva America.

ps: Please remember that internet orchestrated national/international boycotts would be limitless power for the people! Money back guarantee!

The old political forms have failed us (look at the dem congress), but national/international boycotts would set humanity free from the establishment political monkeys of the planet’s elites. Think of this as Plan B and more we nationally & internationally network it, is the more IT WILL HAPPEN – and goodbye elites (and their fascist thugs) forever. When money talks, the human race listens and fascist corporations need us (the consumers) a thousand time more than we need them. Sorry for the long addendum.