Tuesday, December 25, 2007

An Internet Party can be created without endless political donations!

Wow, let's say that again: an Internet Party can be created without endless political donations.

Well, we all know about financial donations, don't we, but what about an "Internet Party"?

Internet Party meaning what? Well, there are some rough answers to this question, but basically it means we're creating a radically new social form for expressing the public will.

OK; simple question. Is the Democratic Party the will of the people, or the will of the elites? Alas, most of us well know by now that America has a ONE dem/pug party system whose sole purpose is the lick the boots of America's pig, pig rich (the one percent or less).

So, does the Democratic Party represent the will of Americans or not? [we should probably pause to give us a chance to throw up] NO, it absolutely doesn't represent the will of the people -- but as a matter of fact NOTHING in American politics honors and promotes the will of the people.

So politics belongs to the elites? You can bet the farm that politics belongs to the elites -- and the dems belong to the elites just as much as the pugs.

So, where does this leave us?

Its leaves us with what may be the life and death challenge of this millennia. Civilization almost certainly hangs on the degree to which we aggressively replace traditional/establishment politics with radically new social forms which ARE grounded in freedom and Democracy!

Relatedly, evolution loves Democratic species and selects out the biological cancers (e.g., the elites) who/that are killer parasites of vast social/biological infrastructures. When an airhead heiress has the wealth of a small country, such an infinitely immoral imbalance of wealth has murderous consequences on the health of the human species.

The good news of scientific truth is that the Earth is all for freedom and Democracy! Lots of opportunities of survival experiments and medically healthy life forms. But the pig, pig rich are deadly tumors in the biosphere and their one dimensional greed is a like metastasized cancer.

BUT (unlike us), the Earth know very well how to treat its cancers. "One way or another" they get selected out. And it isn't always pretty.

But back to the Internet Party (maybe eventually we can come up with a better name, but for now, let's use this one).

The net is information, knowledge, and data beyond our dreams. But that's enough for our needs. Who needs money (well, maybe a little from time to time but NOTHING like the bottomless pits of traditional politics) when we have virtually limitless information and knowledge AND the means to brainstorm and communicate in the millions.

Two words: Information and Communication. That's where the 3rd millennia is heading, and these two words will make possible social forms in the very near future which WILL be the will of the people (and even more specifically, the will of the majority).

So let's start the wheels turning to bury the dinosaurs of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Or more generally, to bury elite-dictated traditional/establishment politics.

The next point is tad "intellectual", but it's that the "structure" of establishment politics (which is vast and immoral) IS ITSELF the problem. It's a structure which will NEVER represent the will of the American people. Of course, no one should be surprised by this since it was invented in the first place by the elites to make absolutely certain that pig, pig rich people (i.e., the vampire elites) STAY pig, pig rich people.

In other words this "social form" is contaminated with elite/fascist greed. The thing is, politics works . . . but not for us. NEVER for us.

Moral: we need radically new social forms to save our country. We need radically new social forms to express the POWER OF THE PEOPLE, not candyass, elite "political games" in which the dice are always loaded and the deck is always stacked. Remember the much sacrificed for "Democratic Congress" which PROGRESSIVES elected in 2006, only to discover that it contained a higher concentration of elected cowards and traitors than any elected body for the last several hundred years. Wimps, wimps, and wall to wall wimps -- and wimps on the payroll of the elites.

See, it's really hopeless. The Democratic Party is UNFIXABLE. Even if we worked at it for the next hundred years, it can NEVER be liberalized, because it's made up slob/slaves of the astronomically rich.

So any expression of the public will has to come from politics-transcending forms. We tried the old way and look at the trash in Washington: liars, cowards, hypocrites, and bought and paid for monkey puppets of the elites. NONE OF THIS WILL EVER CHANGE. It may be painfully disillusioning to admit this, but NONE OF THIS WILL EVER CHANGE.

What has to change is US! We have to start an Internet Party to save America and the Earth.

But what could an Internet Party "do". That's actually easier to answer than you may think, since there's LOTS of power of the people things we can do with internet information and communication.

For openers (and I know you've heard this before, so please bear with me) the time has come for carefully orchestrated and VERY selectively targeted national (or maybe even international) boycotts.

The first critical thing to say here is PLEASE do not respond to this peaceful, legal social revolution strategy (for that's what it could be) with cynicism and passivity, because that's enabling the status quo and the status quo is a living hell. The status quo is our country and planet are rapidly DYING because of the fascist/elites, so if this all seems passé or idealistic, may I suggest you take a hike and leave this REVOLUTIONARY concept to those of us who have the passion (and ability?) to make it happen.

This is not the time of niceties! We are fighting for our very world and we MUST stay open to apolitical possibilities and strategies which could literally be a tipping point of human civilization. And boycotts, massively organized and orchestrated (ON THE NET) would blind side these vampire pigs beyond their dreams. Corporate fascism is impressive on the outside, but it has a very soft and vulnerable underbelly to laser boycotts. We could hurt these Earth killing (and they ARE killing the Earth) corporations MASSIVELY. How hopeful for the Earth it would be to watch their bottom lines plummet when they find themselves at the top of a list of say, 10 circulating cancerous corporations that conceivably would be boycotted by MILLIONS of consumers. It would be like watching a balloon slowly deflate. Of course, the truly responsible challenge would be to target first those corporations and advertisers who are murdering our nation and the Earth the most voraciously.

So, boycotts on a national and/or international scale would be "new thing" on the planet. They would be a "new thing" in the realm of what we used to call politics (we would no longer need that word).

But boycotts would only the first step. We can also do national strikes and constitutionally mandated referendums. The truth of the matter is that NON political strategies abound, but the elites have just been tragically successful at keeping us playing the political game. Remember that donkey chasing a carrot tied on a string in front of his head? That's establishment politics. And just as the donkey will NEVER get the carrot, neither will we EVERY get political representation from these pugs and dems at the hog trough. Listen, you can hear them grunt and snort as they laugh at what fools we are to trust them.

SO much more can be said. Not only by this one citizen, but by ALL of patriotic Americans who know with absolutely certainty that looking to traditional politics for "help" is like eating ground glass.

Point blank: Politics is Death. Radical NEW FORMS for revolutionary social change are LIFE. It's that simple. It's that point blank.

And one last thing. Remember and celebrate that we are liberals and progressive and that means (among a thousand other things) that we can think circles around these one dimensional greed heads. Also remember that the elites are biologically/culturally "in grown" (they certainly never want to marry a cattle consumer -- that's us). So they "inbreed" and as the Royal Family of England has shown us, that's a pretty stupid thing to do.

Inbreeding = Stupidity, whether it's biological or social, so, hey, we live in a different IQ universe from these elite morons. They may be rich (with inherited money!), but they're "primates" compared to us. And please don't think this is hyperbole (look it up George). This is the way it is. Our democratic intuitions have kept us in the genetic soup, so we aren't stunted by inbreeding.

So, really we have three things going for us. One: the information "organism" of the internet. Two: the nearly infinite communication permutations the internet makes possible in our town hall meetings (e.g., this site). Three: We're so G. D. much smarter than these vicious goons (and not to forget the loony tunes Armaggedonites!) that it's pathetic. Most of them are probably hominids anyway (look it up George). And who cares about the exceptions that prove the rule?

How can we lose?

So let's get these "alternative forms" airborne as soon as possible. I want to see EXXON and Cheney/Halliburton brought down in 2008, but mostly I want to see my beloved country, "The Land of the free and the home of the brave," resurrected. And even more, I want our revered Mother Nature to be healed and nurtured, just as she has nurtured us since the beginning of human existence.

Each of us (and our children) doesn’t have to die like a dog. And the Earth doesn't have to die like a dog. We can TURN THIS ALL AROUND with kickass IQ, apolitical, hardball strategies. We can take back our world and we can start immediately.


Viva America! Viva Mother Nature! And Viva national/international boycotts!