Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is Dick Cheney your God?

In a marriage or a band or any socially defined game, there frequently comes a moment of truth when you either keep playing by the rules or you say to hell with it and kick over the card table.

That's where America is now: to kick over the card table or not to kick over the card table.

The biggie word for kicking over the card table is Revolution, but radical social reform often works just as well if not better.

This often plays out paradoxically because the textbook example is that things have to get worse before they get better. How many times have you witnessed (or participated in) a marriage that kept limping along because of cowardly enablers, i.e., people who pretend away the chaos and anguish because they don’t have the grit and intelligence to DEAL WITH the torturing dysfunctionality?

Now so long as the enablers have their way, the dysfunctionality never ends, but this needs to be said more precisely. What this means is that the family (there's usually children) keeps playing a moronically destructive game by rules that imprison them like cattle. The bars of their prison are an abstract set of game rules that no one dares to break. Conversely, DEALING WITH the interpersonal hell more than anything else means "kicking over the card table". Let's call it a "Rule Revolution" because the matrix of imprisoning abstractions are simply walked away from, e.g., a long overdue divorce, or imprisonment of a physically abusive spouse, or a legal "intervention" of grandparents to save the children.

Unfortunately, this salvation frequently takes place only when the enabled evil reaches some kind of critical mass and this, of course, is the paradox. Things have to get worse before they get better, where getting better means the dysfunctional game rules are simply ignored.

And odd analogy here is the evolution of mathematics. When a new area of math opens up it’s rarely because it was "deduced" from former mathematical systems (which would simply be a new variation of that system). No, the new area is really NEW, albeit logically related to former mathematical systems. It's a kind of quantum jump, if you will, into a new mathematical dimension. Hence the deductive connections in the history of mathematics can be retrospective, but never predictive.

That's what happens when critical mass is reached in a dysfunctional family. Some kind of line is crossed and the game rule prison of the dysfunctional system is left by either going into a different dysfunctional system, or, far less commonly, by "transcending" the dimension of social game rule slavery, which is indeed an existential liberation, since henceforth such people live from their birthright center of feelings and intuitions and not some concoction of family, religious, and governmental rules -- all, of course, invented by SOMEONE ELSE.

This, I submit, is exactly where our country is as we speak. We're at that "tipping point" where we could slog even deeper into fascist slavery, OR we could "transcend" the whole can of worms by trashing this matrix of religious, political, and governmental game rules which virtually define how and when we breathe.

If some extraterrestrials did an analysis of the human condition, they would classify us as a suicidally dysfunctional species that worships our god-like rule makers.

We're like a person in a prison cell with one wall missing. The missing wall is our freedom to kick over the card table.


OK, ignoring and/or changing the rules may not be easy, but keep in mind that's always the MAIN rationalization of the enablers in a dysfunctional family.

"Oh my God, we're actually going to have to deal with something and find out what life is like without an abusive husband slamming you against the wall several times a day. Oh my goodness, how terrifying!"

Don't laugh. That's us. That's the American people. We could rid ourselves of vampire elites and the Bush Family neo-Nazis in a week (my God, we're the near totality of American citizens!), but better to make a religion out of our cowed cattle farm than stand up like HUMAN BEINGS and take back our planet and country.

This straight jacket of rules in which we are born and die didn't come from some "god”; it came from limitlessly evil human beings (e.g., vampire elites), who know just how to push our buttons to make us moo our way into the slaughterhouse.

May I sum it up with a question?

Is Dick Cheney our literal God? If not, why to we allow him to murder literally hundreds of thousands of people in Cheney/Halliburton money cow oil wars? Why do we allow him to put his foot on our struggling middle and lower class families to push us ever deeper into credit card hell? And most of all, why do we allow him to use our children as cannon fodder to steal Middle Eastern Oil.

Oh yes, one last question. Why have we allowed the neocon cabal to hijack our State and Defense Departments when it is planetary common knowledge that they kiss the feet of the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing? Will we EVER rebel against having our foreign policy turned into a tail wagged by the right wing crazies of ANOTHER COUNTRY?

And on and on and on.

So, tipping point time. Are we going to tip into a point of no return Police State, or are we going to "mutate" into a dimension where these present enslaving rules (e.g., limitless tax breaks for billionaires) will be selected out by courageous and creative humanity?

Divorce or Die. It's that simple

Are most Americans now progressive or borderline progressive?

Increasingly, all the polls indicate that "conservatism", especially Bush/fascist conservatism, is in the basement percentages of American citizens and voters.

It may be cute to condemn statistics, but the Japanese economy (especially their auto industry) dramatically "defeated" the American economy a few decades ago BECAUSE they took things like quality control and inferential statistics seriously. While junior executives in the American car industry made jokes about a rigorously quantitative approach to business, the Japanese were making managerial decisions based on precisely such quantitative analysis and data and the results are still omnipresent.

So, political polls DO give a very real sense of the American state of mind -- and it ain't "conservative". That pendulum swing has long since had its day.

The only reason it still has political clout is that it has now has next to nothing to do with traditional conservatism. What "passes for" conservatism is now ruthless, genocidal, assassination fascism. In effect, the neocon cabal's neo-Nazi Party (a contradiction which is too surreal for words).

The explosive possibility in all this is that we truly may be on the verge not only a viable American 3rd Party, but a very successful one, i.e., the American Progressive Party.

What if, for example, the Clinton's manage to steal the nomination, using the same fascist tactics the Bush Republican's used in 2000 to steal the presidential election?

What then? Don't we have to consider the real possibility such a theft would catalyze if not a muted civil war, AT LEAST it would catalyze that virtual country of disenfranchised progressive Americans who are the plurality, if not the actual majority, of the United States of America.

Let's face it, Hillary Clinton is the second most hated person on planet Earth (next to the Bush anti-Christ), and if she and her infinitely hypocritical husband DO manage to criminally steal the Democratic (a now meaningless word) nomination, the response would be volcanic. Eight more years of Bush-in-a-dress-fascism is absolutely not acceptable, and presumably passionate progressives would be willing to WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO DO to save our country from the Clinton DLC/Republican traitor machine.

Of course, the pugs would love for the Clinton's to succeed, because defeating her in the 2008 presidential election would be like shooting a fish in a barrel. Ironically, exactly the opposite would be true for Obama who would run over no brain McCain (hey, medical facts are medical facts) like a 747.

The big point here is that for the first time in decades, American progressives are rigorously organized, munificently financed, and at least the plurality (probably the majority!) of the American populace.

And oh yes, we also have the internet and we're bloody going to KEEP it and creatively use it to obliterate Bush Family fascism and right wing lunatic fringe psychopathology.

So, from this progressive cauldron of idealism and "majority rule", where are we going next? No matter WHAT happens, this atomic power plant of passion, rage, and honest to God morality is going to change the face of America radically and permanently.

And President Barack Obama is going to the cutting edge of an American Renaissance.

Camelot, here we come!

ps. Vampire elites. Hang on to your billions while you can, because the human race has finally awakened to the infinite treachery you've been up to for the last 6,000 plus years, and we are going to find a way, believe me, WE ARE GOING TO FIND A WAY to share the wealth of Mother Nature with all God's children. You will no more be able to stop this planetary wealth equality of the human species than sneezing back a Pacific tsunami. Listen! Do you hear the oncoming roar of the approaching 99.5% (at least) of the human race?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Morality is grounded in nature not institutionalized religion.

This is the teaching of the Holy Grail.

The 12th Century didn't only profoundly see through the meaningless hypocrisies of institutionalized religion and realize that authentic humanity is grounded only in our spontaneous hearts, but they further and incredibly realized that being true to yourself is "nature itself" raised to its highest form, as opposed to absurd conflicts with the "supernatural" or "metaphysical" (the babble of intellectualizing theologians and philosophers).

Alas, this vision has been mostly lost to fanatical religious cults such as Baptist Big Bang Armageddonites and George W. Bush, whose limitless hatred of nature is matched only by rapacious Texas energy corporations.

It must be taken in that these people HATE NATURE and see "it" only as a planet sized money cow.

But God without nature is a meaningless abstraction. Indeed, "God" is a metaphor at best for a mystery beyond concepts and institutions. In other words, nature.

This is all of a piece with the terrifying truth (to most of the human race) that ultimate realness is where we already are. This, as they say, is "It" my friends, unless you'd rather masturbate away your lives in 65 I.Q religious games.

But birth and death have NOTHING to do with catechisms, pamphlets, and fear of life sermonetts. They have to do with the spontaneous raw ongoing ness of immediacy which is itself reality process. Indeed, it is exactly this "untheoretical" raw ongoing ness which is the land of souls, not libraries jammed with dead abstractions.

Indeed, the thinking about point of view IS the pseudo identity of human beings, but that "about which" it thinks is nature, nature, and nothing but nature.

The 12th Century knew this. They knew, for example, that love is a creation of spontaneous nature. An ancient Chinese word for nature is TZU JAN, which means (very roughly) that which is so of itself. And so nowing is the of itself soing of that which is so of itself.

In a sentence: nowing is realitying is selfing. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be.

Our country is now controlled by people who are hypnotized with religious/nationalistic games. They are literally insane (i.e., TOTALLY out of touch with reality).

But this is the evil foam, merely, on an ocean of bottomless mystery, and this mystery is the reality in which we live and move and have our being. It also doesn't answer to the foam.

So we should keep the faith that from the depths of nature will still come our salvation. Also, that these depths are also ultimately "our" depths.

So much sorrow. So much despair. So much loss. But keeping the life and death mystery faith will save us in the end. It always has. It always will.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A planetary country club of vampire elites and billions of symbiotic enablers.

No enablers, no elites.

May we say that again? No enablers, no elites.

Enablers, as in: neighbors, relatives, colleagues at work, fellow church members, medical professionals, etc., etc., etc.

Yes, yes, we all know there are exceptions, but do we also know these exceptions profoundly prove the rule?

This planet is basically made up of two power modes: (1.) vampire elites, and (2.) billions of slothful, cowardly enablers of the elites, e.g., TV sitcom heads, religious fanatics, the "don't look at me" slobs, the political duh-brains . . . and a planetary country club of elites who are in control of EVERYTHING and always have been in the control of everything for the last, say, 6,000 years.

But WHY do the elites control everything? Here's a hint. It has NOTHING to do with their cleverness and force of will. So if it’s not you and it’s not me and its not even them, then who? The brain dead enablers, of course.

The psychological model for a dysfunctional family is EXACTLY parallel. The "elephant in the living room" (in our case, vampire elites) is there ONLY because the wife or husband or children or "someone" is first class enabling. And what do the enablers "do"? They supply the global structure in which abusive husbands or doped up wives or tantrum throwing parents, etc., etc., etc., get to behave like the emotional monsters they are. If the enablers resigned and INTERVENED, the dysfunctionality would stop immediately, but for the abused wife, for example, who keeps telling people her husband is really a great guy who sort of doesn't know what he is doing when he is slamming her against the nearest wall and backhanding her face about 14 times, THAT'S enabling.

And that's what billions of human beings keep doing with the elites. We keep making up excuse after excuse for literally satanic behavior, e.g., genocide, which the elites are getting better and better at. Look at Africa and the enforced inoculations which led to a nation now dying of aides.

Psychotic rationalizations like "Divine Right" or an infinitely perverted interpretation of "survival of the fittest", or they've "earned" the money (yeah, by starting a maintaining money cow oil wars) keep popping up as justifications (!) for reducing the human race to a cattle farm run by fascists with cattle prods and ever waiting slaughter houses.

The subtle point here is that it isn't hard to see that elites are virtual devils on earth. That isn't the problem and never been the problem. The "problem" is why don't we scourge this filth off the face of the planet ANYWAY WE CAN? Indeed, that would have been a good title of this submission: ANYWAY WE CAN!

God in heaven (or maybe not), there's BILLIONS of us and a virtual handful of them (roughly 0.5% of the human population), and yet we are their cattle, and they are our Gods.

Time for the word again: enabling, enabling, enabling.

The infinite tragedy is that we DON'T do whatever we have to do to save the human race from this endless, endless slavery (at least 6,000 years and counting).

So, we keep going home and walking into the house in which we get our teeth kicked in (what’s left of them) and/or watching our dope fiend spouse set a wonderful example for our kids (what's left of them) or watching one blatantly obvious affair after another, and on and on and on.

OK. Now moment of truth. WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT ALL THIS CHAOS AND ANGUISH? Well, we turn on Fox Snooze or our insect-brained sitcom of choice or lobotomize ourselves with a religious cult. In short, we "go into denial". And this how we've been living for the last 6,000 plus years.

Fun, fun, fun.

The irony and tragedy is that in all of this we keep putting the emPHAsis on the wrong syLAHble (as an old debate coach of mine used to put it). The elites aren't the problem. Yes, they are in control, but they aren't in control because of their prowess and brains. To the contrary, by now they've become so socially and biologically inbred that many of them are medically defective (English Royal Family ring any bells?) -- and let’s not overlook our pinhead president who had to have a puppet box strapped to his back during presidential debates.

No, the drunk and abusive husband (or spouse equivalent) behaves like a drunken husband not because he is interpersonally dominating everyone, but because everyone is ALLOWING him to get away with murder over and over and over again.

Sound familiar? The elites are human filth and if the human species snapped out of its slothful and cowardly stupor and passivity, we could delete them in a week.

“DELETE THE ELITES” -- good bumper sticker, don’t you agree?

A few billion terribly enraged and fully "awake" human beings could scourge the elites out of human existence once and for all.

Oh yes, one last little item. We will NEVER do this so long as we play the social/political game by the standardized elite rules which surround them like a science fiction force field.

No, we have to find the creativity and daring to crash through these elite-protecting pseudo rules and laws and deal with the elites from OUR world with OUR needs and OUR truths, and OUR rage -- not theirs. This is the Holy Grail Quest of our lives.

Screw the elite worldly game, it’s time to kick over the card table.

If not now, when . . .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do highly socialized species always commit suicide?

It's hard to know, since we're the only highly socialized species on the planet, e.g., symbolic language, vast institutions, fanatical religions, and social, interpersonal game rules to choke a horse (e.g., the babble of politics).

We also seem to be the only enormous species that is (in the terrestrial scheme of things) VERY RAPIDLY committing suicide. "Fouling our nest" is what we do best. It really is. There's nothing human beings do as relentlessly and comprehensively as foul our nest. Killing our host, would be another way to say it.

By now, this should be obvious to 3rd graders. We trash the atmosphere. We trash the oceans. We trash our food (we do everything but glow in the dark). We trash our rivers. We trash the high atmosphere (gigantic ozone holes). We have oil companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars to "pretend" that global warming is a fairy tale. God in heaven, by now even bacteria know global warming is real, but apparently EXXON brains are sub bacterial. Frightening, isn't it? They look human, but they are the high priests of Homo sapien ("sapien", what a laugh!) suicide. All those "X's" probably stand for death or crosses.

The tragedy is that we are preoccupied with EVERYTHING BUT dealing with species suicide. Politics is either totally meaningless or a form of national psychosis (or both). Institutional religion is mostly concerned with killing our neighbors in the name of God. That helps. Over the centuries, NOTHING has killed as many human beings (children included) as religion, so lots of notches on the religion hatchet. And they're still at it! Christians hate Muslims who hate Jews who hate Muslims who hate Christians. The Middle East is pure hateville. It never, never stops and it's ALWAYS "in the name of God". We're probably classified as the nut case planet by extraterrestrials. On the scale of one to ten of advanced life forms, we're probably a cosmic 1.2.

But the cutting edge of species suicide is not so much what we do to each other, but what we are doing (note: ARE DOING) to Mother Nature. Yep, back to fouling our nest and I mean REALLY fouling our nest. We are passing so many ecological points of no return that it's like watching a spinning slot machine.

So are we addressing this fatal one way street reality? No way. Now television, that's another matter. TV for you and me. Fun, fun, fun. Sitcom psychosis is the name of this game. Who cares about the ominous disappearing icebergs and rising oceans? Who cares about New Orleans level hurricanes? Well, we sure better get used to them and much, much worse in the very near future.

99% of what human beings should be thinking about and having life and death discourse about is our dying planet. No, we're not "capable" (thank God!) of bringing down the whole show with us, but we can sure as hell take a big, big bite of other life forms. That we can do and that we ARE doing. Too many species heart breakingly come to mind, such as elephants, polar bears, whales, and on and on and on. And these are just the "big" ones. And this isn't talking about the fossil fuel contamination of networks of such biological complexity that we can't begin to get our heads around them. And almost certainly never will because by the time we achieve that level of intelligence, we will very probably be extinct.

So, how else do we fiddle while Rome burns? Oh, lots and lots of ways. We've got lots of games. Indeed, our civilization is basically NOTHING BUT games -- except for our rare journeys into transcendence. Science at it best is right up there and so are exquisite blossoming art forms. Mysticism is what religion is forever trying to play catch up with (and never succeeds). So, yes we have our moments, but the billions of deadweight, deadhead human beings are almost certainly too much to compensate for. A few flashes of transcendence over an ocean of existential sludge.

The contemporary sludge of choice is politics. Even the candidates are "sludge-like". They have no grace. They have no brilliance. They have no radiant morality. They're just cartoon politicians. We've seen thousands of them before and they talk their cardboard talk and walk their cardboard walk and live in that l% of unreality that we should NOT be thinking about and having life and death discourse about. It's the Tower of Babble. It's always been the Tower of Babble. It always will be the Tower of Babble.

But, hell, it's a way to kill an evening . . . and planet.

Looked at one way, we don't deserve the "Mothering" and clouds of glory of the Earth. And you know what? We're almost certainly not going to keep them.

Sad, sad, infinitely sad.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is social/psychological politics killing our natural human species?

Social/psychological, as in: "political", as in institutional religions & nations, as in abstract self-images, as in "consensus reality" (i.e., the conceptual game rules of our species), and on and on.

The point is we are "mental" beings, profoundly conditioned with language, childhoods, cultures, religions (that worst of all!), politics, etc. All this is the land of memory, abstraction, repetitious programming, and the social/psychological world.

And it's killing the givneness of our self nature like a meteor from hell.

We love to think that since we have these monstrous architectures of religion, and languages we can write down, and core assumptions we unconsciously share as a species, that this somehow makes us unimaginably superior to creatures like elephants, porpoises, whales, parrots, whose brain/body ratio equals or exceeds our own. And only a retarded worm would discount the possibility that the universe is teeming with life forms relative to with we are barnyard animals.

On our beautiful planet, only Homo sapiens ("sapiens" -- what a joke!) are the masters of species suicide and the only realistic question left is how much of Mother Nature are we going to take with us.

WE ARE KILLING THE ECOSPHERE OF OUR SPECIES. Not to know this and grieve this is (and here's the infinite irony) to be "human", since we are doing it world wide and with a "clear conscience". Indeed, the relentless murder of Mother Nature is probably THE distinguishing feature of our species.

There's much talk these days about greed elite vampires (ugh!) and the meaninglessness of politics and how politics is the will of the elites and NEVER the other 99.5% of the human race. All this is well said and agonizingly true. Behind it all are the 0.5% elites and the 99.5% deadbeat enablers of the elites. Elites and enablers and enablers and elites. The twofer from hell.

And yet, this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. All these human "psychological/social" sound of fury game rules do indeed signify nothing.

It's all just a little rust under the vehicle of the raw giveness of being alive and the reality of evolution.

The raw givenness of being alive is unimaginably beyond ANY "thinking about point of view" (science included). The real is the mysterious and the mysterious is the real.

Our tragedy is that the challenge of human existence is all of a piece with a healthy, functioning planet. This, AND ONLY THIS, comes before everything.

Who gives a rat's ass about what old men in dresses ("theologians") think about ANYTHING? Who gives a rat's ass about the lose/lose game of politics since (a.) it only helps the elites, and (2.) it has nothing directly to do with reality.

Yes, its time to use the "reality" word, and it has NOTHING to do with psychosocial human games. No, reality = nature and nature = reality. Chances are, every life form in our galaxy knows this 15 second after they were born EXCEPT HUMAN BEINGS.

Another self evident truth is that ultimate realness is where we already are. Forget all that conceptual "time" stuff and wishful thinking "after death" silliness. This is It. Nowing is Realitying and any God who can't keep up with such realism is a cosmic reject.

But where are we living our lives? Are we grounded in the This is IT intuition? Do we know the psychological/social game is a form of species wide hypnosis from which we CAN awaken? Do we know that politics is a symptom of consensus insanity? The "real world" it so utterly transcendent to conceptual buffoonery like religion and even science (except science at its best) that the human condition is a decorated insane asylum.

We are living in a world of symptoms of symptoms and conceptual nothings and conditioned robots (that's us), and we never existentially realize that the planet on which we walk is spinning and moving relative to the other planets and sun and distant stars. A movement, by the way, which is beyond the reach of mathematical models.

Inside our bodies (which aren't "ours") is an n-dimensional ocean of process that is as boggling as it is boggling because it is ITSELF NATURE PROCESS.

All this political/religious/psychological babble distracts us from the truth that we are not "living in" nature, but that we are ourselves "localized" nature.

This is our home, but all this mind/concept crap is a kind of "anti reality", and that name and picture on your driver’s license means absolutely nothing, because "you" are absolutely nothing, and "I" am absolutely nothing and the psychological/social game is absolutely nothing.

Here's a way to measure the degree to which someone is in touch with reality. To the exact degree they think things like politics, religion, and "the thinking about point of view" have ANYTHING to do with transcendence, they are ghosts in la la land.

Alas, such ghosts cover the Earth like a uniform scum of delusion, but this delusion CAN be transcended. It's as close as realizing that Nowing is Realiting is Selfing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Elite power has never been so powerful

200ish years ago, the power of the elites in, say, France, was in most respects significantly less than it now is in America -- but it was still enough to catalyze the French Revolution.

It may seem that it was less, but that's because it was limitedly social.

Compared to what? Compared to a hundred new and clever ways the 0.5% elites make certain human cattle stay human cattle. Here's a brief sample.

(1.) Drugs have never been so available (look at what Bush is doing in Afghanistan). Poppies galore! For who? America’s human cattle for openers, but more globally the human race in general. A stupefied species is safe species.

(2.) Trashed education. American education in particular is falling like a stone. It's being under funded out of existence. Why? Well, like drugs, illiteracy keeps the cattle mooing. Stoned and stupid is the name of this game and nothing like this was done even by the "Sun King". The control was all brute force and no fun and games with the "psychology" of the peasants.

(3.) Trashed health care. Here's where it gets, let's say, satanic. It isn't just the absolute power of corporate pharmaceutical vampires and stolen health care plans that workers eared in a life time. It's also genocide.


This is a byproduct freebie of the Bush/fascist money cow Oil Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and soon to be Iran?). For them, it's the best of all possible worlds. They get all that free oil AND they get to kill hundreds of thousands of people. And the people are subhuman Muslims (at least in this war).

Africa is a different matter. The history of the aids genocide of Africans was triggered by forced inoculations of the citizens (“for your own good”!). This is genocide on the largest imaginable scale. See, the problem is that the elite vampires don't want TOO many cattle mooing around, so strategies have to be constructed to radically wean the population.

(4.) The contamination of American foods with pesticides, hormones, etc., has basically turned our grocery stores into suicide vendors. Our food is designed (repeat, designed!) to keep us sick (or dying). There are so many hormones in the meat we eat, it virtually glows in the dark -- and so do we. The bottom line is that we have NO PROTECTION from poisonous foods, unless you take it upon yourself to be very, very selective about what you eat, perhaps with some equally selective supplements. Of course, the self care products of supplements are on their way out because several congressional bills are trying to make us see a Doctor just to get a prescription for vitamin C. Oh, the Doc's just love the thought of changing all the health/vitamin stores into "prescription only" businesses.

(5.) The castration of American Science. Our scientific institutions are on a downward slide. First, because it's harder and harder to get literate, intelligent students, and secondly because, like education, American science is being steadily under funded out of existence. Science is just too threatening for the elites. It's a bastion of high, objective intelligence, which terrifies the elites, whose millennia of inbreeding has turned them into stupid billionaires. They aren't rich because they're smart. They're rich because they're evil and if you don't have a conscience, you can easily make tons money if you're willing to kill hundreds of thousands to people to do it. Dirty fighters win, not because they're skillful, but because they fight dirty. It's a simple principle and the essence of the elite "soul". Start wars and perpetuate wars and make billions. Cheney/Halliburton comes to mind.

(6.) Perhaps politics should be the last item as it's the number one brainwashed illusion of the elites (institutional religion is beneath contempt). And once again it can be said almost mathematically: Politics is the will of the elites, NEVER the will of the people. Period. Not to know this is to be virtually sub human. Not to see this SUPREME FACT of American social existence is like not seeing the sun. Politics is the God of our country and it’s nothing but wires on cattle -- Hillary Clinton is a robot among robots.

So what can be done about all this monstrously complicated manipulation of the American Dream into the American Cattle Pen?

In a way the answer is easy. It's simply to dramatically actualize our virtually limitless human potential AND STOP BEING BLOODY CATTLE, because the elites can be elites ONLY in a world of human cattle, and once we "wake up" and transcended that elaborately programmed pseudo identify, the elites will start remembering the French.

It is both OUR power and weakness that such waking up has to happen one life form at a time. You can’t wake up for me and I can’t wake up for you, but neither can the elites block the alchemy of waking up, any more than they can control the creative dynamic of evolution. Indeed, human potential actualizing and waking up from the cattle identity IS ITSELF the cutting edge of evolution,

We ARE the future. Only this empowering realization will save us.

Survival of the fittest is not the lesser of the evils.

The dynamic of evolution is the exact opposite of the dynamic of politics. Natural selection, by definition, "selects out" counterproductive, biological "evils" (lesser, included).

Evolution is all about "what works" in the largest sense and politics is all about what minimally "doesn't work", i.e., it’s about minimizing failure. Obama may be the absolute bottom of the barrel, but the tragedy is that there's a world of slime festering under the barrel.

In fact, Obama "is" the barrel since there's nothing above him in the world of politics.

If evolution worked (or didn't work) like this, the Earth probably wouldn't have mammals, much less primates, or hominids, or human beings, because natural selection would have nothing to select.

It's hard to make a model of this, but everything would be "default" (like American politics). The "fittest", again by definition, would be in a "negative sense" selected out, and only the "lesser" would survive.

Perhaps most planets’ end up with "lesser of the evils" evolution, and slob around in a default world where the "path chosen" is always the lesser of the evils.

On our planet, at least, what makes this so terrible is that we think this is "progress". We think, for example, that electing Obama would be a kind of triumph, when the reality is that he's simply the one least like a human cockroach.

A lesser of the evils dynamic simply "leaves out" the fittest, so a lesser of the evils country would be strangely motivated. Why would people flood to the voting booths when "the fittest" is never a candidate?

Indeed, what is the payoff of lesser of the evils politics? Perhaps it is a compromise with a total dictatorship. After all, people do feel they have SOME input into their country, even though it's only the candidate who seems (only seems!) to be the least dishonest and repulsive.

Perhaps we could call this a lesser of the evils "Democracy". In other words a bare, bare minimum democracy.

Fortunately, nature transcends all this flummery and sets its sights unimaginably higher that the mere lesser of the evils.

It's a challenge to construct a model to capture all this. What would happen, for example, in a lesser of the evils war? The success options are simply deleted and what's left would be a list of "failure options" from which you must pick the least destructive choice to your side.

Of course, the other side is doing the same, so "failure minimization" is what rules this conflict.

So who wins and why? Not the side that succeeds the most, but the side that fails the least.

Of course, the REAL story here is that this idiot political game/war is all win/win for the 0.5% vampire elites. They get to keep living like Greek Gods, while the human race keeps wasting its substance in a brain dead democracy.

"Failing the least" is not the wise and sane civilization our Constitutional forefathers bequeathed to us.

And speaking of being selected out . . .