Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is social/psychological politics killing our natural human species?

Social/psychological, as in: "political", as in institutional religions & nations, as in abstract self-images, as in "consensus reality" (i.e., the conceptual game rules of our species), and on and on.

The point is we are "mental" beings, profoundly conditioned with language, childhoods, cultures, religions (that worst of all!), politics, etc. All this is the land of memory, abstraction, repetitious programming, and the social/psychological world.

And it's killing the givneness of our self nature like a meteor from hell.

We love to think that since we have these monstrous architectures of religion, and languages we can write down, and core assumptions we unconsciously share as a species, that this somehow makes us unimaginably superior to creatures like elephants, porpoises, whales, parrots, whose brain/body ratio equals or exceeds our own. And only a retarded worm would discount the possibility that the universe is teeming with life forms relative to with we are barnyard animals.

On our beautiful planet, only Homo sapiens ("sapiens" -- what a joke!) are the masters of species suicide and the only realistic question left is how much of Mother Nature are we going to take with us.

WE ARE KILLING THE ECOSPHERE OF OUR SPECIES. Not to know this and grieve this is (and here's the infinite irony) to be "human", since we are doing it world wide and with a "clear conscience". Indeed, the relentless murder of Mother Nature is probably THE distinguishing feature of our species.

There's much talk these days about greed elite vampires (ugh!) and the meaninglessness of politics and how politics is the will of the elites and NEVER the other 99.5% of the human race. All this is well said and agonizingly true. Behind it all are the 0.5% elites and the 99.5% deadbeat enablers of the elites. Elites and enablers and enablers and elites. The twofer from hell.

And yet, this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. All these human "psychological/social" sound of fury game rules do indeed signify nothing.

It's all just a little rust under the vehicle of the raw giveness of being alive and the reality of evolution.

The raw givenness of being alive is unimaginably beyond ANY "thinking about point of view" (science included). The real is the mysterious and the mysterious is the real.

Our tragedy is that the challenge of human existence is all of a piece with a healthy, functioning planet. This, AND ONLY THIS, comes before everything.

Who gives a rat's ass about what old men in dresses ("theologians") think about ANYTHING? Who gives a rat's ass about the lose/lose game of politics since (a.) it only helps the elites, and (2.) it has nothing directly to do with reality.

Yes, its time to use the "reality" word, and it has NOTHING to do with psychosocial human games. No, reality = nature and nature = reality. Chances are, every life form in our galaxy knows this 15 second after they were born EXCEPT HUMAN BEINGS.

Another self evident truth is that ultimate realness is where we already are. Forget all that conceptual "time" stuff and wishful thinking "after death" silliness. This is It. Nowing is Realitying and any God who can't keep up with such realism is a cosmic reject.

But where are we living our lives? Are we grounded in the This is IT intuition? Do we know the psychological/social game is a form of species wide hypnosis from which we CAN awaken? Do we know that politics is a symptom of consensus insanity? The "real world" it so utterly transcendent to conceptual buffoonery like religion and even science (except science at its best) that the human condition is a decorated insane asylum.

We are living in a world of symptoms of symptoms and conceptual nothings and conditioned robots (that's us), and we never existentially realize that the planet on which we walk is spinning and moving relative to the other planets and sun and distant stars. A movement, by the way, which is beyond the reach of mathematical models.

Inside our bodies (which aren't "ours") is an n-dimensional ocean of process that is as boggling as it is boggling because it is ITSELF NATURE PROCESS.

All this political/religious/psychological babble distracts us from the truth that we are not "living in" nature, but that we are ourselves "localized" nature.

This is our home, but all this mind/concept crap is a kind of "anti reality", and that name and picture on your driver’s license means absolutely nothing, because "you" are absolutely nothing, and "I" am absolutely nothing and the psychological/social game is absolutely nothing.

Here's a way to measure the degree to which someone is in touch with reality. To the exact degree they think things like politics, religion, and "the thinking about point of view" have ANYTHING to do with transcendence, they are ghosts in la la land.

Alas, such ghosts cover the Earth like a uniform scum of delusion, but this delusion CAN be transcended. It's as close as realizing that Nowing is Realiting is Selfing.