Friday, June 29, 2007

Questions which continue to torment the American soul

(1.) What American political party BENEFITED from 9/11?

(2.) Which Middle Eastern countries BENEFITED from preemptively invading Iraq?

(3.) Which Middle Eastern countries would BENEFIT from preemptively invading Iran?

(4.) How did the neocon lobby get absolute control of American's foreign policy since this lobby is not lobbying and never has lobbied for the well being and national security of the United States of America?

(5.) How and why did 9/11 happen in the first place, since mountains of intelligence available to everyone but dogs and cats knew it was inevitable?

(6.) Why did the Bush Administration bury the investigation into why only high profile Democrats received anthrax in the mail?

(7.) Why did the Bush Administration bury the investigation into the possible (probable?) assassination of Senator Wellstone?

(8.) What's the big picture about the fact that Prescott Bush (George's grandfather) had open, repeated, and remunerative financial connections with the Nazi Party?

(9.) What's the big picture about the fact that Pope Benedict XVI recently cited a 14th century Byzantine Emperor that Muhammad was evil, setting back Muslin/Christian relations 200 years? Also, lots of loose ends about fascist connections in his past are still dangling . . .

(10.) Why are we still accepting presidential elections which the international standard for determining election fraud (i.e. significant discrepancies between exit polls and tallied results) conclusively PROVES were fraudulent? Said differently, the scientifically validated President of the United States is Al Gore.

(11.) Why are we allowing Texas energy corporations to permanently foul the nest of the human species?

(12.) Why are we allowing a barely toilet trained president to regress American science back into the Dark Ages.

(13.) Why are we allowing duh-brained, death-wishing Armageddon religious fanatics who actually expect the Earth to go boom in the next week or two (!), to clog the institutional dynamics of our Democratic Republic with the sludge of raw stupidity?

(14.) Why do we not acknowledge once and for all that our country is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich and that corporate fascism is hard wired into the social/political games rules for EVERYTHING?

(15.) Ironically, most of us already know the answers to these questions; however silence here is denial. Only by OPENLY and continuously networking about these "answers" can we hope to save ourselves. This is called publicly staying in touch with reality and the alternative is the certain death of America and the biosphere of the Earth.

MONEY is now and always has been the true God of both politics and religion.

Arguably, the single most important event in the history of Christianity is when Jesus Christ whipped the money changers out of the “temple”, because then it was obvious there was absolutely no difference between political types and religious types and they both had their heads up the you know what of Mammom.

The interweaving of priests, religious fanatics, and the "administrators" of your religion of choice and establishment politicians is simply impossible to disentangle.

Said differently, political institutions (with exceptions which prove the rule) and religious institutions (with exceptions which prove the rule) aren't "alternatives" to Dictatorships of the Rich. Indeed, the precise opposite is true.

Politics and religion are stuporous games dreamed up by Greek God like elites to delude a populace that they have some (any?) input into the national and international policies of that nation.

Hence, Royal Families (e.g., the Bush/Saudi Royal Family) are always blathering about religion because religion supplies the needed "moral justification" for the infinite greed of the pig, pig rich.

Over the millennia the 1% continues to subjugate the 99%, not because they're geniuses (to the contrary, since inbreeding typically results in family morons like G. Duybya), but because they have brainwashed the peasants (that's us, folks) into thinking that the astronomical wealth of multi millionaires and multi billionaires has the blessing of some brand X God. God, here, becomes the moral/ethical bank which always cashes checks for Rupert Murdoch, Saudi "princes", and Paris Hilton. Of course, this self same "god" ignores the heartbreaking sickness and literal starvation of African children, the criminal theft of much sacrificed for retirement and health programs for the American middle and lower classes by Bush/Republicans, and the rape of Mother Nature by Texas corporate energy vampires.

More recently, the pig, pig rich have put more of their money (literally) on plan B, such as the Democratic/Republican Party. In short, since religion is definitely losing its social edge (hence, frantically defensive religious cults), politics seems to be the upgrade solution. Gee, the more we think we actually have some representation in Washington is the more we'll shut up clean the commodes of American Royalty with at least a few crumbs of hope. God forbid, we realize we have NO representation in our ONE party system (the dempug party). God forbid we realize Greek God like elites literally control EVERYTHING in the game of life while all the rest of us are still trapped in the peasant Middle Ages.

Bottom line, politicos and religiosos belong heart and soul to America's Dictatorship of the Rich and will lick their master’s boots for a pocket full of change. Our Judas media, for example, presumably sold their souls for even less than 30 pieces of silver. Trash and traitors come cheap.

It simplifies things to see that religion and politics are simply two sides of same corporate fascist “coin".

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Bush/Religion association is destroying religion

Religion before Bush was given a free ride. People played the game. Recovering Catholics were everywhere and cult fanatics were indulged with humor. It was like having an eccentric and frequently toxic older relative in the human family who everyone was tactfully waiting to die.

Science has been taken far more seriously than religion by the cutting edge of human civilization for the last few hundred years.

But then along came an Armageddon death-wishing president and his intellectually challenged army of Muslim haters. And lo! Another "Crusade".

It has always been tacitly understood that genuinely spiritual people are religious in name only. They may "go to church" and even send their kids to religious schools, but they understand deeply and passionately that religion is for children and authentic spirituality is for grown ups.

These people are always kind (not war obsessed), intelligent (not Bush-brained), and sane in the solid, existential sense of the word.

So for true spirituality, institutionalized religion has always been a rather meaningless side show; something which once may have had civilizing value, but only for as long as people trusted arrogant social authority more than then own hearts, intelligence, and intuitions.

Indeed, this was the essence teaching of Jesus Christ (so quickly lost by the cassock folk). Listen to your heart because your heart "is" Jesus.

So for centuries, Christianity (to take that as one example) carried around the dead weight of crushingly expensive institutions, the neurotic theologizing of celibate (or intensely repressed) men, and psychotically self righteous worshippers of violence. After all, the history of Christianity is chiefly the history of war after war after war.

And here we go again. Nutcase religious fanatics are pushing for World War 3. The Middle East is now the springboard into civilization-death for Homo duhians who actually think the world is going to go boom in the next week or two.

However, THIS time, the religioso war mongers and mass murderers are openly seen as being grounded in infantile religious cults. It's one thing to engineer the death of Mother Nature and the human species if you're very far behind the scenes, but if you're right up there on network news proving to the planet that institutionalized religion is fundamentally blood thirsty and stupid, your survival status is in question.

The moral of all this is that Bush's intimate association with religious fanatics and the cause and effect between war and religious hate machines may mark the beginning of the end of institutionalized religion.

Religion, in short, is turning out to be a suicidal luxury the human condition can no longer afford.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

No offense, but isn't it about time for the Catholic Church to put up or shut up?

Wait and see! After this piece comes out some folks will say, well gee, this Pope hasn’t been a big supporters of the moral atrocities and sadisms of the Bush/Republican Presidency. However, to such a response it would be highly instructive and appropriate to do some historical digging into the complex and decidedly fascist background of the present pope

In any event, the Catholic Church (Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, etc.) have been playing it INFINITELY safe. Dear God (see, we can talk about God too), the silence has been deafening. Sure a few candyass denunciations here and there about the horror show in Iraq. And even a few murmurs about the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict". Yeah, conflict is the word since that insane asylum of mutually righteous blood letting is the core cancer that has metastasized to the entire planet. But do you hear Rome making any passionate comments about pouring oil on those troubled waters. Silentio.

Yes, we all know it’s tricky for very institutionalized religions such as the Catholic Church to speak to desperately immoral political realities, but, duh, aren't religions supposed to say or do SOMETHING about tsunamis of world wide evil?

Here's the thing. The more you watch allegedly "religious people" (e.g., the Catholic hierarchy) walk with averted eyes around, say, rape and murder, is the less you think of them as being religious AT ALL.

And that's what the Catholic Church has been doing (or not doing) about the murder of Mother Nature, the destruction of America's middle class, the unbridled greed of America's Dictatorship of the Rich, the contempt for science and education, the theft of America's retirement and health care programs and about 43 other things. The cassock folk just keep walking by and walking by, having conversations about who knows what, but doing essentially NOTHING to even acknowledge, much less condemn, behaviors and policies which would have made Jesus weep.

But, who cares about Jesus? The Baptist Big Bang folks (Armeggdonites) expect the world to go boom in the next week or two, and are neurotically indifferent to the compassionate and loving teachings of Jesus Christ. And the Catholic Church? Well, it's basically doing the same thing it did to St. Francis centuries ago: speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil.

And yes, there are some significant exceptions. Very rarely the Church makes some statement that genocide is naughty and the Middle East isn't a cartoon movie of good guys and bad guys. Hint: the bad guys are murderers and the good guys are merely retaliators against the bad guys. Yeah, right. How about a plague on both their houses?

What about the following possibility? What about the realistic possibility that if the Catholic Church had made some encyclicalesque denunciation of the anti-humanity, Middle Eastern policies of the Bush/Republican Administration, thousands (tens of thousands?) of Middle Eastern children would still be alive?

Seriously, VERY seriously, what about this possibility? Perhaps such a judgment from the Catholic Church would have very significantly weakened the nauseatingly self righteousness moral credibility of these greed/oil obsessed "Crusaders".

By now, even barnyard animals know the Iraq War (and the Iran War to come?) is chiefly about oil and the obscene invention of dipstick religious fanatics.

So, what's the deal here? We all know Jesus wouldn't have walked by the Bush/Republican Heart of Darkness with his eyes averted. And neither would St. Francis or Buddha or Mohammed or the Hebrew Prophets.

So why has the Catholic Church been on its tippy toes for the last six years? The horror of the last six years hasn't been some political "game". It's been mass murder, killing the planet, robbing disadvantaged citizens to make pig rich people, pig richer, regressing science back into the dark ages, under funding schools out of existence, and pouring GASOLINE on Middle Eastern troubled waters, when it could have long sense mediated a Middle Eastern peace that the entire region (and world) would have accepted.

An image that fits is a city which has been utterly taken over by criminals and murderers. Daughters are raped, sons are cannon fodder, homes are destroyed (bulldozed maybe?), "legal" theft is the name of the city administration game, other cities are bombed, and EVERYTHING is under the control of the pig, pig rich.

And the Catholic Church? Maybe a few sermonettes and pamphlets about how religion should never openly address social evils.

And here we thought the ESSENCE of the teachings of Jesus Christ was all about compassion and love and that our core responsibility as a Child of God was to acknowledge and deal with our abandoned, wounded, and dying brothers and sisters.

Apparently the cassock people have a "politically correct" version of Jesus Christ in which wounded and dying bodies (and countries) are things to be stepped over while chatting about social pap.

I vote for the first Jesus.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

America: The country where politicians give the finger to the majority of the citizens

Well, at least the comedy's over. We have a one party system, i.e., the Democratic/Republican Party.

Over and over and again the Democratic Congress (what a laugh!) isn't just "Republican Light", it's a dark brew of Cheney/Halliburton and the Bush Royal Family. We elected these clowns to defend our Democratic Republic, but their only concern is power and money.

Oh God, tell us it ain't so! Tell us that aside from a handful of liberal/progressive heroes, the Democratic Party exactly equals the Republican Party. The days of yore when Democrats distanced themselves from Iraq are over forever; since it's now crystal clear the Iraq Oil War (and probably the Iran Oil War to come) is a Democratic/Republican War. It's not just Bush and his fascists & fundamentalists; it's James Carville, the DLC, and Hillary Clinton; it's the MAJORITY of the Democratic Congress. DEMOCRATS want this war just as much as Republicans.

But what about the polls? AMERICANS don't want this war as all the polls unequivocally show. And these are the same Americans who voted out the Republican Congress in order to (a.) impeach Buch & Cheney and (b.) stop this exchange of American blood for Texas energy corporation oil. We're fighting this war to make astronomically rich Texas energy corporations astronomically richer. Blood for oil. Simple.

But, now we know the dems are on the same payroll as the pugs. Every politician is getting pig rich off the Iraq War, dems and pugs alike. Win/win for the Democratic/Republican Party, but lose/lose for the majority of Americans and our heroic, cannon fodder military.

Most of the world wouldn't be putting up with this rape of the public will. They would massively demonstrate or go to the streets or downshift to SOME kind of hardball. But its sitcom time in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We should be outraged beyond belief by this across the board betrayal of the American will.

Maybe this is America's hitting bottom. Maybe we FINALLY realize that effectively all politicians are lapdogs of America's Dictatorship of the Rich. Maybe we FINALLY realize that "politics" is a meaningless game invented by America's Greek God like elites (the 1% or less) to delude Joe and Jane America that they have some (any!) input into the national and international policies of our pseudo constitutional republic.

That certainly would be progress of a sort, wouldn't it? To slammed with the realization that this still is the Middle Ages and the pig, pig rich still control EVERYTHING -- the Democratic/Republican Party included. To snap to the realization that we (the 99%) are paying all the taxes and are fighting and dying in Oil Wars for the Bush Royal Family and corporate America.

But that's a redundant phrase, isn't' it, since "Corporate America" IS America. There is no other America. There's just an army of commode cleaners (that's us!) for the 1% obscenely rich. Paris Hilton comes to mind. And Cheney/Halliburton (a kind of dyspeptic walrus android). You, know those Greek Gods who symbolically if not literally live in the clouds and pay more for their health in an hour than most of us spend on our children's health in a year. They have cars they never drive and affairs in Asian cities on a whim. These people LIVE LIKE GODS, but to do so they need commode cleaners, tax payers (they never pay taxes), and lots and lots for cannon fodder soldiers.

But, hey, this is America. This is the REAL America, not the media pap reality served up by Rupert Murdoch and his intellectually challenged anchors.

In Murdoch/Disney fantasy land, we have an authentic two party system and the Democratic Party answers to its liberal/progressive base. In M/D fantasy land, Democracy rules and the 1% upper class are neighbors with the middle class. In M/D fantasy land, only traitors don't support corporate oil wars and only atheists don't expect the world to go Armageddon-boom in the next week or two. In M/D fantasy land, elections are free and fair and exactly represent the true will of the American people.

Clearly, M/D fantasy land is institutionalized psychosis in which Evil is God.

But, that's what we have the Democratic Party for, right? These hard fought for elected representatives of progressive Americans who are fighting the good fight for as all.

Yeah, right.

Its time for hardball. It really is.

A futures trader would invest billions on the liberal/progressive "trend"

Here's another way to say this. If you plot the polls over a time line where the dependent variable is "liberal/progressive values", the slope of the line over the last several years is consistently positive.

Sure, it's up and down and occasionally flat, but the overall trend is positive, and when a futures trader sees a long term trend even less consistent than this positive progressive trend, he/she starts thinking it's time to invest and invest big.

Predictably, the Judas media is trying to bury this trend, but the nice thing about vast political and/or financial trends is that they answer to variables pitifully beyond the GED IQ's of anchor persons from Fox Snooze and "Clear Channel" (that absurd contradiction in terms).

Science well knows about hidden and uncontrolled variables and that observed effects are typically the surface merely of n-dimensional dynamics. In statistics, these dynamics are called "white noise" and any statistician knows the big picture context of a given process (in this case, political trends), is fundamentally an unknown matrix of conditions, relative to which we struggle to abstract out a few significant factors. In short, we understand only a few square inches of the charging elephant.

Exactly the same is true for national and international trends. The good news is that these trends are “independent” of the elaborately constructed lies of the corporate press. The once upon a time journalists of yore respected this political white noise and never tried to provide fast food propaganda.

Hence the best measure of what's "really happening" in America is NEVER the Judas press which is pure propaganda from America's Dictatorship of the Rich. Rather (glitches notwithstanding) it is rationally constructed polls.

Science, of course, is never influenced by the press; moreover our ONE party system (the Democratic/Republican Party) is simply a political game invented by America's Greek God-like elites (the 1%) to delude the rest of us that a lifetime of cleaning the commodes of the pig, pig rich (of both parties) is what God intended.

But back to white noise and trends. The trends are measured by polls, not Rupert Murdoch's intellectually challenged collaborators (remember how the French handled their collaborators after WW2), and the polls are nothing but GOOD. The wonderful thing about white noise variables is that they transcend neocon "think tanks" (e.g., the AIPAC comes to mind) utterly. Indeed, by definition, they transcend any think tank since big picture politics is the dog, not the tail, and the dog belongs to itself not the Democratic/Republican Party.

The two axioms of American politics:

(1.) America is a Dictatorship of the Rich, where 99% of us pay the taxes and fight the Oil Wars for the 1%.

(2.) American politics is a meaningless game invented by America's pig, pig rich to delude the 99% that we have some (any!) control over American national or foreign policy. This is like thinking television is reality and we are actually participants in 80 IQ sitcoms.

And yet, despite these two axioms the white noise variables continue to generate an overwhelmingly positive trend for liberal/progressive values.

The big picture stuff in politics (and economics) is not unlike the pig picture stuff in science in general, and what's REALLY going on behind the scenes of our one party system and the seemingly limitless power of the vampire rich is revealing itself the snapshot glimpses of nationwide polls.

Lastly, remember where we were Internet-wise 3 or 4 years ago. The Nazi pugs even at the peak of their power couldn't shut down the net, and now it's virtually the REAL other half of our pseudo two party system, i.e., there's the Democratic/Republican Party and the "Internet Party".

The future belongs to the trends and Internet, not the vampire rich and Bush/Republican Nazis.

Knowledge is power.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

America is fighting for its spiritual life

America is fighting for its spiritual life.


Let's face it; the Bush years have taken a monstrous toll on our spirits. So many lies, so much hypocrisy, so much greed . . . and so much mass murder.

Internet sites allow the no longer silent majority to share our sorrow and rage about these Bush/Republican abominations and we can learn much from the reader response to these submissions. Many comments are, "We already know about the sleaze and greed, so please don't waste our time with that. We are interested in change, not polemics. We want to know how to get out of this awful mess.”

So may I respectfully suggest at least a partial answer to that question, even though it’s not a political answer? No strategy on high from the Judas Democratic Leadership Committee. No propaganda from America’s Dictatorship of the Rich. Something more authentic and modest.

It has to do with where these political fascists and religious fanatics have wounded us the most. Their criminal greed, hypocrisy, and heartless violence has drained our spirits and disrupted our interpersonal lives. But the good news is that this is something we can do something about! We can recommit to loving our children, listening to music, and allowing ourselves to be enriched by the endless beauties of Mother Nature.

Most of all, we can keep talking to each other -- but not only about "politics". Certainly massive political action is now life and death, but endless political talk can be more part of the problem than the solution.

The Bush/Republican Presidency has declared total war on our world and our very souls, but when your children, homes, and planet are under ruthless attack, it's hard to stay sensitive to matters of the spirit. But just this is our strength; this is our center. We can't let these loathsome greed machines diminish our life courageousness.

Presuming to speak for myself as a vulnerable human being is my line in the sand against these dehumanizing, depersonalizing Bushians.

So I suppose this is a "spiritual" communication. Big word, I know, but it doesn't mean anything especially religious or philosophical. It simply means singing the praises of being human together and keeping the interpersonal faith. It also means telling the truth about what is delicately important in each of our personal lives.

Please note that Bush reality is the exact opposite of what we're talking about now. This is the danger and horror of it. This is a world where irrational cults claim to have a hot line to God and where the obscenely rich (of both parties) buy and sell the Earth. But most of all, it is a bareness of intimacy. One never really knows if there’s anyone home behind those dead Bush/Republican eyes.

Such people are mortally dangerous; not only because they're systematically killing our Democratic Republic, but because their spirits are broken and dead. And this is the heart of what I'm struggling to say. What's happening now in America is only symptomatically a political tragedy, because behind the political dance is a vast spiritual challenge in which the best of us, the best of America, is fighting for its life.

Thus, this is not ultimately a political conflict. It’s a conflict between vulnerable human beings and a Republican Heart of Darkness and our best defense is to keep the faith that our love of life is stronger than their psychotic fear of death.

George Bush and his ilk aren't just brutish greed heads, they are parasites of the human spirit and we must not let them contaminate our humanity by compromising with their absolute betrayal of existential honor.

Lastly, we must risk opening our hearts to each other about such things over and over and over again. Only this will heal our desperately wounded spirits.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is Civilization Dying from Terminal Stupidity?

Is Civilization Dying from Terminal Stupidity?


Homo sapiens have always been stupid. Maybe it's our reptilian ancestry; maybe it's criminal sloth; maybe it's our diet; maybe it's human (i.e., grasshopper) short sightedness; but if we're an example of an advanced species, then why is the history of the "human race" the history of irrationality incarnate? If advanced species have an IQ, we've got to be down there around 40.

Certainly, there are magnificent exceptions and moments, e.g., art, science, statesmanship, etc., but these (alas) are exceptions which prove the rule, since the legacy of our species is overwhelmingly cruelty, violence, war, and self destruction.

Limitless greed, for example, is necessarily grounded in infinite stupidity, such as the Texas corporate energy rape of Mother Nature which is killing the goose which lays the golden eggs. Is this hard to see? No, not unless you have defective synapses. Not unless polluting the Earth's air and water is "good business" (even though you're guaranteeing that all your customers are going to be sick or dead in the very foreseeable future).

George Bush is the quintessence of Homo sapien stupidity. And speaking of low IQ's, there’s the perennial planetary dead weight of religious fundamentalists (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever). One would expect the EEG’s of Armageddon types who expect the Earth to go boom in the next week or two to be rather flat.

The thrust of the argument is that if we were a sane and rational species, we would have a sane and rational civilization (and we would be sane and rational stewards of planet Earth). If p, then q is the syllogism, and not q implies not p, e.g., if you're in Albuquerque, then you're in New Mexico; hence, if you're not in New Mexico, you're not in Albuquerque (don't worry about it George -- let a congressional aide explain it to you).

Point being, since we (in general) do NOT have a sane a rational civilization, we are NOT a sane a rational species.

A further implication is that violence and greed are symptoms of fundamental stupidity, since where rationality reigns, the "stupidity of evil" (shall we call it that?) is simply moot. It serves no purpose and has no payoff.

The heart breaking tragedy is that the stupidity of evil CAN be transcended, but it happens very, very rarely. In the big picture flow of human history, Homo duhians are the river and transcenders are the occasional rivulets.

Stupidity and money have also always danced a destructive dance, since Dictatorships of the Rich (i.e., basically every country on the planet – including us!) are ultimately "allowed" by their intellectually challenged populace. When 99% of a country is resigned to cleaning the commodes of the 1% Greek God like elites, this is surely absolute proof of nation wide stupidity.

"Politics" is an elaborate game invented by Greek God like elites to delude the 99% that they have some (any!) role in the national and international policies of that country. In America, that means our ONE party system (i.e., the Republican/Democratic Party), is the only game in town and they answer only to their pig, pig rich masters, i.e., Nazi pugs and diaper dems alike.

Historians do not extrapolate optimism from the march of stupidity-ruled civilizations and cultures.

We can only hope that the Internet may have significantly jumped our social IQ. Certainly, there is some hope to be found by comparing where we are now to where we were 3 or 4 years ago and surely most of that change comes from this electronic quantum jump in communication. Hopefully, this avalanche of raw communication is waking us up from consensus stupor at a rate never before seen in human history.