Friday, June 29, 2007

Questions which continue to torment the American soul

(1.) What American political party BENEFITED from 9/11?

(2.) Which Middle Eastern countries BENEFITED from preemptively invading Iraq?

(3.) Which Middle Eastern countries would BENEFIT from preemptively invading Iran?

(4.) How did the neocon lobby get absolute control of American's foreign policy since this lobby is not lobbying and never has lobbied for the well being and national security of the United States of America?

(5.) How and why did 9/11 happen in the first place, since mountains of intelligence available to everyone but dogs and cats knew it was inevitable?

(6.) Why did the Bush Administration bury the investigation into why only high profile Democrats received anthrax in the mail?

(7.) Why did the Bush Administration bury the investigation into the possible (probable?) assassination of Senator Wellstone?

(8.) What's the big picture about the fact that Prescott Bush (George's grandfather) had open, repeated, and remunerative financial connections with the Nazi Party?

(9.) What's the big picture about the fact that Pope Benedict XVI recently cited a 14th century Byzantine Emperor that Muhammad was evil, setting back Muslin/Christian relations 200 years? Also, lots of loose ends about fascist connections in his past are still dangling . . .

(10.) Why are we still accepting presidential elections which the international standard for determining election fraud (i.e. significant discrepancies between exit polls and tallied results) conclusively PROVES were fraudulent? Said differently, the scientifically validated President of the United States is Al Gore.

(11.) Why are we allowing Texas energy corporations to permanently foul the nest of the human species?

(12.) Why are we allowing a barely toilet trained president to regress American science back into the Dark Ages.

(13.) Why are we allowing duh-brained, death-wishing Armageddon religious fanatics who actually expect the Earth to go boom in the next week or two (!), to clog the institutional dynamics of our Democratic Republic with the sludge of raw stupidity?

(14.) Why do we not acknowledge once and for all that our country is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich and that corporate fascism is hard wired into the social/political games rules for EVERYTHING?

(15.) Ironically, most of us already know the answers to these questions; however silence here is denial. Only by OPENLY and continuously networking about these "answers" can we hope to save ourselves. This is called publicly staying in touch with reality and the alternative is the certain death of America and the biosphere of the Earth.