Friday, October 26, 2007

Diplomacy -- the civilized alternative to the Dogs of War.

Over the centuries and millennia, diplomacy has always been the "way out" of allegedly inevitable and fatal and national/international conflicts.

This is why all countries have State Departments, not just Defense Departments. Indeed, millions of Earthlings think all countries should have "Peace Departments".

The Israeli/Palestine conflict is probably the supreme example in recorded history of what happens when diplomacy is urinated on by religious and political fanatics, and a plague on all these houses of hate.

Diplomacy WORKS! Civilization has never been nurtured or evolved by war. War is the certain death of Civilization. Diplomacy is jiggling the key, not nuking the lock -- softly, softly, catchee monkey.

God only knows what would happen if the psychopathic Middle East was rained on by the gentle and healing rains of diplomacy. Instead of diatribes; dialogue. Instead of lies; honesty. Instead of screaming; listening. Instead of rage; respect. Instead of killing; hope.

An infallible measure of social maturity is the degree to which humans (and countries) turn to communication, not violence, to deal with the inevitable conflicts of life. History (and our personal lives) have shown us over and over again that practically anything can be "worked through" when given a chance.

Does this apply to "terrorists"? Well, for openers the very word stops diplomacy in its tracks. Who is calling who a terrorist, and why? Wouldn't it be better to just drop inflammatory name calling AND DEAL WITH ISSUES?

This is what works in business arbitration. When union reps and company lawyers cut the crap and spend an hour or two just being people together, that's when things get done!

So why don't the Israeli's and Palestinians cut the crap for an hour or two and just be human beings together and actually LISTEN TO EACH OTHER -- without unveiled threats and religious hatreds (and as everyone knows, there's no hatred like religious hatred).

But what if all of that stopped, say, for an afternoon. Let's say for one enchanted afternoon the coming together REALLY WAS a "coming together" and the religious fanatics and war mongrels were bared at the door and ordinary people got a chance to really communicate with each other. Probably there would be much empathy and sorrow that so much time had been wasted by the righteous hate machines.

There used to be a chant that said, "Give Peace a Chance." Let's start another one that says, "Give Diplomacy a Chance."

But diplomacy with who? You name it. With ANYONE! With so called terrorists. With the Iranians -- God knows, DEFINITELY with the Iranians. Imagine a world in which diplomacy blossomed here and there like roses. Not just the Israeli/Palestinians (since its unfair to single out this one region) but with the multiple national/international groups which are at each other's throats.

Could all this happen? Really, really, could all this authentic mutual communication really take place? Of course, in a heartbeat.

So why aren't we doing it? May I repeat that question? Why aren't we doing it?

How simple and tragic is the answer. Diplomacy has been banished in the 3rd millennia by the international vampire elites. It's not happening in America, for example, because America is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich, and the main way astronomically rich people BECOME astronomically rich people and STAY astronomically rich people is by inventing pseudo war after pseudo war after pseudo war.

Very, very rich people have always been the black heart of Civilization-destroying wars. Look at Iraq. Billions and billions of dollars are being skimmed off by Cheney type oil companies along with literally hundreds of different multi millionaire and multi billionaire scams. These scams are robbing the Iraqis just as much as they are robbing American taxpayers (and that certainly doesn't include the elites!).

Said point blank: The Bush Iraq Oil War is a cash cow for vampire elites. The same will be true for Iran and it is already true for Afghanistan. Daddy Warbucks indeed!

Hence, the "Have's" fear diplomacy above all else, because they know if human beings are simply human beings together, they will quickly work out who are the peasants and who are their Greek God-like elite masters.

The elites also know that IF the "Have Not's" (basically all of us) EVER get our act together, we will take our lives and planet back with apolitical hardball (VERY hardball if necessary). We won't play meaningless establishment political games anymore since politics is our jailor, not our savior.

We should bear in mind that the only group on the planet that is NEVER accessible to diplomacy are the vampire elites, since the elites are greed incarnate and will destroy Mother Earth a hundred times a hundred times over before they share their God-like wealth with the rest of the "Have Not" human race.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Extinction or the elites. Choose

Human civilization is actually see spot run simple to analyze. What science calls "critical variables" are the vampire elites, i.e., the one percent or less of humankind who are the literal Gods and Goddesses of planet Earth.

Jesus knew all about the elites and so did Karl Marx. Marxism is now dead and buried (probably just as well as it was so easily perverted in Soviet totalitarianism), but at least it was 100% clear that astronomically rich people are the terminal cancer of human existence.

The problem is what to do about it, since establishment politics (like establishment religion) is ruled absolutely by vampire elites. The "vampire" modifier here is more than poetry, since the elites are literally sucking the life blood out of Mother Nature. Again, the metaphor fits the rape and murder of our bleeding planet by Texas energy corporations.

It's a little like being told you are dying (rapidly) from a disease for which there isn't any cure. We know EXACTLY what the disease is (vampire elites), but "traditional medicine" (i.e., establishment politics & religion) is part of the illness, never the cure.

Take Bill and Hillary Clinton as a case in point. Bill Clinton may have charisma, but he spends so much time licking the jack boots of Daddy Bush, that his tongue must be as black as his conscience. Also, let's never forget he was elected as a liberal who turn coated into a corporate centrist.

And we don't know if the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll even exists! She/it never takes a stand about ANYTHING, so she, like her husband, is an incarnation of those zero change politicians (i.e., fascists) who the elites manipulate like video games.

So, no help from the house-trained Clintons. But also, no help from establishment politics (i.e., our dem/pug ONE party system).

Thus, this brings us back to square one. The supreme evil of human existence is the Have and Have not distinction, i.e., the vampire elites, but how do we get the majority of the planet to realize this? NOTHING could be more self evident, but our planet suffers not only from the pathology of greed, but also, alas, from the pathology of sloth.

Indeed, to borrow psychological terminology, sloth is the "enabler" of greed, i.e., no sloth, no greed. God in heaven, we are talking about a international cabal of elites who have kept at least 99% of the human race under their boots since the beginning of time.

SO WHY DON'T WE BLOODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Mostly because they created these b.s. social game rules to justify and maintain their infinite selfishness (which we slavishly obey, e.g., sloth) -- but we also have the MORAL RIGHT and a 99 plus percent majority.

In short, it all comes down to why are we agreeing to play by social rules which forever condemns the "Have Nots" (i.e., practically ALL of us!) to a Middle Ages peasant existence. We still pay all the taxes. Our children are used as cannon fodder for their contrived Greed Wars. We watch the heartbreaking rape of murder of Mother Nature, and whenever we get representatives who miraculously speak for the human race, they promptly get assassinated, e.g., J.F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Senator Paul Wellstone, Bobby Kennedy, and all those targeted high profile Democrats who got anthrax in the mail.

We have learned over and over again that the elites don't hesitate for a heartbeat to assassinate whomever speaks for humanity, even though millions and millions of people all over the planet are passionately convinced that 9/11 was "facilitated" by Bush/Republicans (i.e., the elites), just as they believe all the Bush Oil Wars (Afghanistan included) are all about MAKING MORE MONEY for the elites.

Of course, the Judas media writes off these possibilities as conspiracy theories, even though "conspiracy" here means establishment denial. Again, however, we should never forget that millions and MILLIONS of people in and out of America believe all these Bush/Republican treasonous horrors to be true, just as they believe the neocon cabal and lobby (which NEVER lobbies for the well being and national security of the United States of America) is the ultimate cancer of planet Earth.

It is always useful to follow the money and whatever families, organizations, countries, and communities who symbolize and incarnate the pig, pig rich are the precise Heart of Darkness monsters of civilization.

If an extraterrestrial planetary physician examined our desperately wounded Earth, its (his/her?) diagnosis would be that the only hope of human civilization and its ecosystem is to DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to emancipate our planet from very rich people. These anti-humanity "social game rules" are blatantly suicidal. We have to find in our hearts and souls whatever it takes to "transcend" these rules with apolitical hardball.

The face of God may be mysticism beyond measure, but the face of evil is the elites, and how much longer are we going to allow our lives, the lives of our children, our planet, and civilization to be literally eaten alive by these bloated vermin?

If we don't find SOME way to get rid of the Have and Have Not horror, the abyss of oblivion is but a few steps away. Remember New Orleans. Remember the biological insanity of fossil fuels. Remember we have a Yale cheerleader president who has trouble even "pronouncing" the word science. Remember that we have Oil War after Oil War whose sole purpose is to MAKE RICH PEOPLE RICHER . . . and please remember that brutal, self righteous, hypocrisy of the "Christian Right" about tragic Terri Schiavo.

Extinction or the elites. Choose

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Onion of Evil: first establishment politics & religion and then vampire elites.

How ironic that religious fanatics have demonstrated to the human race that evil is palpably real -- by their own hypocritical, hateful, and murderous behavior. And no religion or culture has any monopoly of these monsters. They foul the nest of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity equally.

Is it more than a metaphor to see George Bush as the Anti-Christ of the 3rd millennia, since he's already responsible for the deaths of over a million and a half people? Hey, this guy's catching up with Hitler and Stalin fast. All he has to do is start another Oil War in Iran and he'll be the murderer of more human beings than any man in human history. Of course, he’s deluded himself that he's doing his mass murderer thing "in the name of God", but the very rocks and trees know he's evil incarnate.

Now "evil" is a word many us feel very uncomfortable with. It just doesn't seem to have anything to do with scientific reality for openers and anyone who discounts scientific is, let's just say, pitifully intellectually challenged. In fact, study after study has shown that in general human beings trust science over institutional religion and have done so for centuries.

So, what's the story about all this evil business? Well, it seems to be the only way to for account for this tsunami of Bush/Republican heartlessness, hatred, and violence. Somehow the "psychological" explanations just don't cut it. Psychology (and sociology) seem to getting only pieces of it. And even the more hard core sciences like genetics and neurology still seem to be missing some kind of "essence".

Another aspect of this (which many of you are probably already anticipating) is that if you take evil seriously (shall we call it metaphysical evil?), then you also end up taking good seriously, and THAT opens the door to God thinking, since the it seems plausible that "God" can be a word/metaphor for the ultimate good.

So this twists around into so many ironies it’s hard to keep track. First, it means religious fanatics (basically the lunatic right wing of any institutional religion) are where religion, goodness, and God (if that works for you) are NOT. Indeed, they are the exact opposite of God, with their drooling righteous hatreds and blood lust.

Right wing Israeli religious fanatics have NOTHING to do with the Hebrew Prophets (those beacons of justice), any more that Muslim "holy warriors" (that ultimate contradiction in terms) have any thing to do with the wise and compassionate teachings of Mohammed, any more than that army of Christian right wing rapture raptors who hate EVERYONE, have any spiritual connection with the loving presence of Jesus Christ.

And yet there is still another door which opens even more deeply into this onion of evil and that is the door which leads to the vampire elites. And here again, no country has a monopoly on the elites as they truly are vampire-like and live wherever it suits them.

We now have reached the have and have not layer of the onion and it simply doesn't get any more evil than this. What pig, pig rich people do to keep and expand their pig, pig wealth is literally satanic. This is that Heart of Darkness which has broken the hearts of people steeped in love and compassion since the beginning of time.

Indeed, one could convincingly argue that pure and absolute evil is found only in the dead hearts of the Earth's vampire elites. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?

Examples are legion. Iraq, for example is ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites). Afghanistan is ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites). And Iran will also be ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites).

Global warming is all about financially exploiting our dying (and it IS dying) planet. Fossil fuels are planetary suicide, but the elites want the oil profits AT ANY COST. Well, the cost is going to be the death of human civilization if not the literal extinction of the human species -- but the elites want more money.

99% of what has happened, is happening, and will happen (unless we start playing going-all-the- way apolitical hard ball) is because THE ELITES WANT MORE MONEY.

So behind the meaningless games of establishment politics and religion are the Earth's blood-sucking vampire elites. This one percent (probably less) of human beings are and always have been the true God's and Goddess's of planet Earth.

Note that the question still remains as to what evil really is. But theology, psychology, genetics, etc, aside, whatever it is, IT'S REAL and it has our planet in its claws as we speak. Perhaps the only thing we truly KNOW about evil is that its manifestation on our desperately wounded and vulnerable planet is through religious fanatics and vampire elites. These are the true children of a Heart of Darkness blacker than a black hole.

God help us.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the the twin foci of the post 2008 "Nuremberg Trials

9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the twin foci of the post 2008 "Nuremberg Trials".


The neocon cabal is the stinger of the scorpion. This profoundly UN American coterie of special interests has limitless funds and zero patriotism. It has taken American foreign policy hostage for the last seven years (or more) and its secret agendas have NOTHING to do with the well being and national security of the United States of America. The masters for whom the neocon lobby lobbies never sing God Bless America.

This cabal, more than any other political force (even the irrational Armageddon fanatics) is responsible for our national horror show from year 2000 on. For the neocon cabal, George Bush was too good to be true; not because of his Napoleonic stature, but because of his pitiful, puppet mentality. Here was a man who basically went to work with the words "manipulate me" stamped on his forehead. And manipulate him, they did! Remember the visible box under his coat during the Kerry debates? Ugh. An obedient air head, but the PERFECT Judas to give away the American farm to these un-American, Midas rich, lunatic fringe, right wingers.

And then, 9/11! The literally hundreds of internet sites that offer objective facts, empirical evidence, pictures of imploding buildings that scientifically COULD NOT have come from the impact of one medium sized plane, and mountains of documented records and conversations pre, during, and post that infinitely treasonous event, will be the other focus of these American soul-healing trials.

Predictable and tedious shouts of "conspiracy theory" and "tinfoil hats" will be drowned out by a tsunami of fact, facts, facts, facts, and more facts. 9/11 is the turning point in American history, at least as important of the Civil War. Indeed, 9/11 in its own way IS a civil war, since the scientific evidence, data, and facts all overwhelmingly point to an event that didn't just "happen" because Bush was asleep at the wheel, but to an event that was TOTALLY KNOWN IN ADVANCE WOULD HAPPEN by Bush/neocon Americans(?). Only the second Neunberg Trial will revel the degree to with the Bush/neocons facilitated 9/11.

The supremely important question to bear in mind about 9/11 is WHO BENEFITED FROM IT? The answer is self evident. Before 9/11, Bush had already disappeared down the political toilet, but then (April Fool, 9/11!) and suddenly he became a presidential hero. Gee, interesting timing, right? Bush a "hero"? Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. This man is literally responsible the deaths of around a million an a half people. How about calling him the 3rd millennia Anti-Christ -- that shoe fits a lot better.

OK, next question. What COUNTRY benefited by 9/11? Or said differently, did 9/11 help or hurt the neocon agenda? That's a rhetorical question.

As mentioned earlier, it's not only useful to think that (post 2008) we're headed for another Nuremberg Trial. It's also VERY helpful to see 9/11 as the "first shot" of America's second Civil War, since the evidence is that to some very significant degree (we don't know how much -- yet) it was an "inside job".

God knows, these are heartbreaking and tragic events and possibilities we're now talking about. At no time in the 20th Century did we think such treasonously horrific events could happen to us.

Well, its turns out such unspeakable tragedies as having our government's foreign policy taken over by the neocon lobby (which sure as hell has never lobbied for the United States of America), and the almost certainly "allowed" terrorism of 9/11, is so outside the box that it's almost impossible to take it in.

But if you have what is almost certainly a large cancerous growth growing on your body, this is not the time to sweep the unthinkable under the rug.

What would the noble authors of our Constitutional Republic have done? Probably exactly what they did the first time when they had a mad King George to deal with.

Now more than ever we need Tiny Tim's, "God bless us all, every one"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Will species extinction be the scientific effect of elitist greed?

The time has come to seriously examine the biological consequences of rampant immorality.

If an alien life form was observing human civilization (and perhaps they are!), probably they would classify "disease" not only biologically, but socially. This would make sense if disease was defined as a "force of nature" which had the potential to lead to civilization death, if not species extinction.

With such a definition in mind, elitist greed could certainly be the number one candidate for the death of human civilization and/or the extinction of the human race.

We really don't have good definitions for such dynamics (even though we critically need them!), but clearly some variation of elitist greed could manifest in any "advanced" life form. A homey image is the choking of a dynamic ecosystem such as a country pond when it is steadily taken over by moss. It is a sad thing to behold, since the moss gradually suffocates the environment and a dead and stagnant pond is the result.

The astrophysicist Carl Sagan used to worry about such things, fearing the discovery of atomic energy would be the inevitable beginning of the end of advanced civilizations in this or any other galaxy. He felt the universe was teeming with life, but that few if any of these civilizations could survive the combination of devastating atomic weaponry with the raw stupidity of the life forms.

The jury is still out on Sagan's speculations, but perhaps he didn't live long enough to see that the limitless immoral greed of the planet’s elites is almost certainly far MORE dangerous than the morally neutral discovery of atomic energy.

Consider the facts (and please forgive the general outline as this is not the place for a properly worked out monograph).

The "elites" make up one percent or less of the human population, and yet they absolutely dominate the entire planet. This ratio also exists in America which a textbook example of a Dictatorship of the Rich.

"Democracy" is a fairly tale on this planet. We love to talk and dream about it and even write "Constitutions" to support it, but this is like getting so carried away by a brain-dead television sitcom that you think it's actually happening. Well, the sitcom is NOT actually happening and neither is human Democracy.

Many of you have probably had the experience of being in a company or university in which much ado was made in the construction of a "Mission Statement"­­­­, which meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It's construction made everyone feel wise and good, but its an empty paper game not even the walls pay any attention to.

The same thing is true for Democratic Constitutions. Utterly, utterly, meaningless documents (however well intentioned), because the Greek God like elites are the true brains, sinus, and muscles of all major countries.

Hence, if you want to know where the buck stops that completely explains the plummeting disintegration of human civilization and ballistic destruction of the human ecosystem, it is (of course) grounded in the ultimate power and control centers of human civilization, i.e., the vampire elites.

And yes, the "vampire" elites, because they are literally draining the blood of our one and only planet, even though they make up a tiny percentage of humankind.

Another take on the elites is that they are incarnations of humanity AT ITS WORST. Note that we're talking about the perennial have and have not distinction which has been the constant horror of human existence.

Much, much more could be said about all this, but the theory argued for in this piece is that human civilization and even human existence may well be biologically doomed by our "evil deeds". In short, morality isn't just a religious preoccupation ("heaven", etc.), but a species survival necessity. Sagan's concerns also factor into this and the increasingly exploding human population, but the core survival truth is "how we behave", and the exponential greed repercussions of the planet's multi millionaire and multi billionaire elites are steadily pushing the human species into the eternal abyss of extinction

The other critical variable in all this is that Sagan’s worry about species stupidity equally applies here, since if the collective human intelligence of planet Earth had a little more pizzazz, the elites would be dispensed with like dysfunctional bacteria. The torturing irony is that vampire elites are a TOTALLY SOLVABLE PROBLEM -- but not with brains that are clogged with sloth.