Sunday, October 7, 2007

Will species extinction be the scientific effect of elitist greed?

The time has come to seriously examine the biological consequences of rampant immorality.

If an alien life form was observing human civilization (and perhaps they are!), probably they would classify "disease" not only biologically, but socially. This would make sense if disease was defined as a "force of nature" which had the potential to lead to civilization death, if not species extinction.

With such a definition in mind, elitist greed could certainly be the number one candidate for the death of human civilization and/or the extinction of the human race.

We really don't have good definitions for such dynamics (even though we critically need them!), but clearly some variation of elitist greed could manifest in any "advanced" life form. A homey image is the choking of a dynamic ecosystem such as a country pond when it is steadily taken over by moss. It is a sad thing to behold, since the moss gradually suffocates the environment and a dead and stagnant pond is the result.

The astrophysicist Carl Sagan used to worry about such things, fearing the discovery of atomic energy would be the inevitable beginning of the end of advanced civilizations in this or any other galaxy. He felt the universe was teeming with life, but that few if any of these civilizations could survive the combination of devastating atomic weaponry with the raw stupidity of the life forms.

The jury is still out on Sagan's speculations, but perhaps he didn't live long enough to see that the limitless immoral greed of the planet’s elites is almost certainly far MORE dangerous than the morally neutral discovery of atomic energy.

Consider the facts (and please forgive the general outline as this is not the place for a properly worked out monograph).

The "elites" make up one percent or less of the human population, and yet they absolutely dominate the entire planet. This ratio also exists in America which a textbook example of a Dictatorship of the Rich.

"Democracy" is a fairly tale on this planet. We love to talk and dream about it and even write "Constitutions" to support it, but this is like getting so carried away by a brain-dead television sitcom that you think it's actually happening. Well, the sitcom is NOT actually happening and neither is human Democracy.

Many of you have probably had the experience of being in a company or university in which much ado was made in the construction of a "Mission Statement"­­­­, which meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It's construction made everyone feel wise and good, but its an empty paper game not even the walls pay any attention to.

The same thing is true for Democratic Constitutions. Utterly, utterly, meaningless documents (however well intentioned), because the Greek God like elites are the true brains, sinus, and muscles of all major countries.

Hence, if you want to know where the buck stops that completely explains the plummeting disintegration of human civilization and ballistic destruction of the human ecosystem, it is (of course) grounded in the ultimate power and control centers of human civilization, i.e., the vampire elites.

And yes, the "vampire" elites, because they are literally draining the blood of our one and only planet, even though they make up a tiny percentage of humankind.

Another take on the elites is that they are incarnations of humanity AT ITS WORST. Note that we're talking about the perennial have and have not distinction which has been the constant horror of human existence.

Much, much more could be said about all this, but the theory argued for in this piece is that human civilization and even human existence may well be biologically doomed by our "evil deeds". In short, morality isn't just a religious preoccupation ("heaven", etc.), but a species survival necessity. Sagan's concerns also factor into this and the increasingly exploding human population, but the core survival truth is "how we behave", and the exponential greed repercussions of the planet's multi millionaire and multi billionaire elites are steadily pushing the human species into the eternal abyss of extinction

The other critical variable in all this is that Sagan’s worry about species stupidity equally applies here, since if the collective human intelligence of planet Earth had a little more pizzazz, the elites would be dispensed with like dysfunctional bacteria. The torturing irony is that vampire elites are a TOTALLY SOLVABLE PROBLEM -- but not with brains that are clogged with sloth.