Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi spent their 30 pieces of silver?

There's a about a quark of grit in these two losers. ONE quark -- between them.

They symbolize to perfection our toxic Democratic Party. If you confronted either of them about the moral horror show that is the "Democratic Congress”, they would blubber their lips and run like hell. In fact we should rename the Democratic Party the "Blubber your lips and run like hell" Party.

These people are beyond cowards. They are traitors, pure and simple. They wouldn't cross the room to help a dying child. Look at their track record of voting FOR Bush's sadistic, anti child legislation.

But wait a minute, wait a minute. These two aren't just supposed to be Democrats; they're supposed to be congressional "leaders". So why are they doing everything in their power (and they really are!) to turn America into a fascist dictatorship.

How did these spiritual zeroes worm their way to "the top"? There are lots of answers to these questions, of course, and they have to do with groveling deals and political soul selling, but all that stuff misses the REAL question.

The real question should be put to these two people directly.

Hey, Nancy & Harry, why are you detestably betraying America? You're in a position of ENORMOUS power and influence, but you spend all your time in the bathroom hiding from patriotic Americans.

Remember, "patriotism"? Why aren't you patriots? We made it possible for you to have those positions of leadership at great sacrifice and expense, and yet you do nothing but spit on the American Constitution. You aren't even Republican light. You are Republican all the way down to your Judas Joe Lieberman souls.

Sure, you talk the "democratic" talk, but you are textbook examples of people who talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

Do you know there are millions of us out here who are still in shock about your betrayal? Hey, we thought you were the good guys, that's why we put you there. And make no mistake, WE put you there, you didn't put yourselves there. Your "leadership" was a gift given to you by progressive Americans.

And, please, please, no b.s. rationalizations. No crap about "how hard you're trying" or whining about how Bush/Republicans are just too smart and strong for you. And most of all, no bragging about how you passed a few candyass bills, while running in terror from the tsunami reality that our country and planet are literally dying.

Maybe we should say that again since do you even realize that our country and planet are dying? Does that EVER get though to you, or you too busy counting your 30 pieces of silver?

In fact, why don't you go all the way and be anchors on Fox Snooze? Just think how much fun you could have getting drunk with the other retarded fascists Rupert Murdoch keeps on his key chain while laughing at the multi millions of sucker patriots out here who love America more than elite political games.

Better yet, why don't both of you go straight to hell?