Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Iraq War is a Money Cow for War Mongering Elites

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be? Century after century war mongering elites engineer wars, perpetuate wars, and wind down wars only when they cease to be cost effective.

Iraq and Afghanistan (don't forget Afghanistan!) are still cost effective and the ONLY factor on which hangs the "preemptive" invasion of Iran is the degree to which it can be munificent cash cow number three. This decision is now being made by the Bush Democratic Congress. War Cash Cows have lots of teats, and we now know there's just as many suckling "Democrats" as there are suckling Republicans. Politics is now and always has been civilization's institutionalized hog trough.

It's finally common knowledge to barnyard animals that our country is a Dictatorship of the Rich, but it's a little harder to tease out that most of the wealth of the elites comes generational and wildly successful war mongering. Daddy Warbucks indeed!

It's like picking up money off the floor, as a friend broker of mine once put it. First, invent a threatening international enemy. Then engineer some "evidence" (9/11 comes to mind) that it's time to return to a wartime economy. Then listen to Cheney/Halliburton type cash registers ding and ding and ding and ding. Hey, a little death here and there (it's now estimated that over a million Iraqis have died during the Bush Oil Wars), is good for business. Hell, they don't belong to the Christian Right, so who gives a rat's derriere?

Yeah, we have a few American casualties too, but business and business. You can't have a War Money Cow if you don't have a war, and war feeds on death. George W. Bush is almost certainly responsible for the deaths of more human beings (including children and American cannon fodder soldiers) than any human being on the planet Earth. Just think about that! The NUMBER ONE KILLER . . . and now his greed vampires are prattling about Iran and nukes.

So, there's new jive and lies and fascist propaganda about why have to kill a few MORE million human beings. But there's also the self evident War Money Cow truth. It's like peeling on onion. On the surface are meaningless, one party system political games. Go a little deeper and you start getting into dipstick religious fanaticism, but in the dead center of this Heart of Darkness are the War Money Cows.

And no War Money Cows, no elites. The War Money Cows are the true gods of human existence. The trouble is, they only feed on death and blood and anguish and horror. But my or oh, how they dance for the neocon cabal and Bush/Saudi Royal Families.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?