Saturday, September 22, 2007

Political Polls. Seabirds of Revolution?

Political polls are rife and they unequivocally indicate that a substantial majority of American citizens are deeply opposed to nearly ALL the policies of the Bush/Republican (alias, Bush/Democrat) administration.

Interestingly, the polls consistently demonstrate that the conflict is less between Republicans and Democrats (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber), than between Americans and our one party dem/pug political establishment.

But a country in which the proven majority is dominated by a coterie of unconstitutional criminals is, by definition, a totalitarian dictatorship. Hence, the polls are putting the emPHAsis on the right sylLAHble (as an only debate coach of mine used to put it), i.e., the core conflict is not between the Democratic Congress and George W. Bush, because the Democratic Congress effectively IS George W. Bush.

Rather, the core conflict is something we have rarely seen in American history. It is quite literally a life and death conflict between our pseudo representative's and the Constitutional Republic honored by the vast majority of the American people. Corporate propaganda notwithstanding, Washington's treasonous political puppets of America's Dictatorship of the Rich are on a different planet from grass roots Americans

So, the tipping point is now. Either Americans will yawn their way ever deeper into this fascist, neocon dictatorship or they will walk the walk, not just talk the talk, where walking the walk means some kind of VERY organized and VERY aggressive political and/or apolitical activism.

Said differently, we have run out of options. The "Democratic" Party and our national media have sold their souls to corporate fascism and the treacherous neocon lobby (which has NEVER lobbied for the national security and well being of the United States of America).

So, rigged elections, a ONE party political system, a Judas media, nutcase Armageddon "Big Bang" religious fanatics, and the profoundly un-American neocon cabal, doesn't leave us much wiggle room, doesn't it? Especially since "we" are around 75% of the country according to all the polls.

An analogy which works here is that America is now like a physical system in which homeostasis is no longer possible, hence some kind of radical change is inevitable. Too many wires have been crossed. Too many wheels have come off. Too many fail safe parameters for the status quo have been arrogantly ignored.

The greed of the elites and the pathology of religious fanatics has gone ballistic. The "political game" is that the majority of Americans have political representatives who represent and arbitrate their interests and values, but now we know this game is insultingly meaningless, hence apolitical forces have been passionately loosened.

The thing is, when homeostasis goes, all bets are off on what happens to the system. And when the homeostasis of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY is lost, anything is possible! Pandora's Box is now wide open.