Monday, August 20, 2007

The fascists have opened (what for them) is Pandora's Box

Opening Pandora's Box is typically the consequence of some kind of extremism, and "extremism" is a radical understatement for what's been happening in America for the last seven years.

The religious fanatics have been going absolutely bonkers, death-wishing about "Last Days" and Armageddon. The Baptist Big Bang is set to go off any day now (we're told), and in the meantime those who hope to be lifted up would do well to support George Bush's 21st Century Crusade against the Muslim World.

NOTHING like this was happening before the year 2000 stolen Presidential Election. In those days, wacko religious cults were just that: wacko religious cults. They didn't, shall we say, have the President's ear (and soul). In those days, the Church & State division, legally mandated by our Constitution, was still reasonably intact.

That was before people like Senate Majority Leader, ("Dr."?) Frist, diagnosed Terry Schiavo from a video tape. The Senator, presumably, was "in the spirit" while he did this. Indeed, this episode was a small tipping point for the Bush/Republican juggernaut, since it proved the fundamental irrationality changing Church & State into Church & Church. The angry polls of that time made it overwhelmingly clear that most Americans preferred medicine to stay grounded in science, not some kind of born again voodoo.

It's increasingly common knowledge that roughly one percent of America controls 90 percent of the wealth. In short, we are unequivocally (just as much as your South American country of choice) a Dictatorship of the Rich. But, prior the year 2000, this was NOT common knowledge and the elites hid this "have and have not" obscenity behind a smoke screen of politics.

However, during the Bush/Republican years, the mega rich got mega, mega greedy, so they made the terrible mistake of coming out into the open to rape Mother Nature and systematically rob and destroy the American Middle Class. In short, now we see them exactly for what they are: vampires of greed who have turned our children into cannon fodder for their Bush/Cheney/Oil Wars, thieves of our retirements and health programs, murderers of our Constitutional Republic, and evil incarnate fascists.

In short, the political scam isn't working any more. We now know the conflict isn't between Democrats and Republicans (most of whom are closet Republicans anyway). The conflict, to say it most broadly is between Good and Evil. More specifically, the conflict is between fascism (including religious theocracy fascism) and Democracy.

The polls really say it all, don't they? Just as "Dr." Frist was unmasked as a disgrace to the medical profession, so do the contemporary polls, again overwhelmingly, show that Americans may have a wide range of political and religious views, but AMERICANS AREN'T FASCISTS.

History will be endlessly astounded at the infinitely ironic connection between the neocon cabal (grounded in the philosophy of Leo Strauss) and the openly Nazi policies of Bush/Republicans.

However, now to the good news, which is that most Americans simply aren't religious fanatics any more than most Americans are totalitarian fascists!

Therefore, the Bush/Republican shtick depends utterly on TOTALLY taking over America before the great majority of American citizens wakes up to what is really happening, i.e., the very soul of our Constitutional Republic is being assassinated by a relatively small group of very un American Americans, i.e., the 1% vampire elites, some dufus death-wishing religious fanatics, and a poisonous cabal of neocon Nazis.

Quantitatively, these people don't really add up to much, therefore a successful coup d'etat for them depends mostly on "shock and awe", a Judas media, and a Congress of Bush Democrats.

Well, the shock and awe doesn't really work anymore, since all the polls show that most (repeat MOST) Americans no longer trust these traitors, and the Judas media has been greatly canceled by the progressive Internet (where do you get your news?).

And so far as the Bush Democrats are concerned (speaking of traitors), that's a tough one, but we just have to keep the faith that the now very liberal/progressive will of the American people will out IN SPITE OF Judas Joe Lieberman and the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll and all those Republican/Democrats who keep voting to give away what is left of our Constitution to G. W. Bush.

May I finish this straight out, one on one, as one American talking over the fence to his neighbors? What I'm struggling to say here (call me a dreamer if you wish) is that I deeply, deeply believe that these last 7 fascist coup d'etat years have FINALLY catalyzed a massive reaction in America. Dishwater Democrats, for example, just haven't got it yet that their base has TOTALLY LEFT THEM and we will find other spokes men and women for our dreams, conscience, intelligence, and values.

Also, we've got the Internet (and blessings upon it!). And the Internet is now seething with passionate, enraged, violated Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, whatever. The point is we all want our Constitutional Republic back and we're bloody willing to play whatever kind of political (or even apolitical!) hardball it takes to get it back.

This isn't 6 years ago! It's not even 2 years ago. This is now, today, and this piece isn't merely a voice crying in the wilderness. It's more like a seabird of an approaching, patriotic American tsunami.

God Bless America.