Saturday, April 28, 2007

Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion


What Heart of Darkness festers in the center of the Bush/Republican Onion?

We know and read about the small stuff. Of course, it really isn't small stuff; it's just small stuff "relative to" the big stuff -- you know, the treasonous stuff, the planet killing stuff, the 3rd millennia crusade against Islam stuff.

For openers, it's now common knowledge now that 9/11 could have been prevented. Dear God, they had a blizzard of warnings -- all ignored. But how many layers into the onion is the answer to WHY

these warnings were systematically ignored? What "payoff" did Bush & Cheney, etc. get by ignoring these warnings?

Most of us suspect that the answer is that 9/11 was ignored for treasonous political reasons. They knew that a terrorist attack would help Bush's political capital. Simple as that. Plus, there's also the possibility that 9/11 was (how shall we put it?) more than allowed . . .

Now that, my friends, is big BIG stuff!

The question is will the committees (especially the post 2008 committees) be able to shine legal/constitutional light on these all too realistic possibilities? Will they be able to prove once and for all that the fanatical neocons criminally betrayed America just to drag president pinhead out the political toilet he was in before 9/11?

And speaking of neocons, how far down into the onion are the deep roots of the neocon cabal? To what lunatic fringe of what country is the neocon lobby answering to? They certainly don't represent the well being and national security of the United States of America, as their track of record of failure, genocide, and bankruptcy of the American economy abundantly demonstrates. So are we ever going to find out who has "really" been pulling the strings of American foreign policy? And still is.

Of course, much of the core stuff we already know, even though we've spent most of our country's history being in denial about it. The last seven years have rubbed our patriotic faces in the infinitely ugly truth that our country is now (and always has been) a Dictatorship of the Rich. Said differently, this still is the Middle Ages and the one or two percent are still treating all the rest of us like cattle. We pay the taxes, we fight the wars (see any Bush's in Iraq?), and we clean their commodes. Here's just one of thousands of examples: in the last few years, Texas energy company profits of gone up SEVERAL HUNDRED percent. How are you doing at the pumps these days?

So, deep in the onion is a Class War, and boy are the middle and lower Classes getting slaughtered!

Lastly, where in the onion is hard evidence that things like global warming, expanding ozone holes, stifled medical research, etc., etc., are directly related to policies engineered by nutcase religious fanatics who actually WANT the Earth to die? Let's face it, George's Armageddon death wish is right there in that army of brain less religious fanatics who anticipate being "lifted up" any day now. Yeah, right. The point is, the rapturettes have made their choice, and it's ain't the Earth. The Earth is precisely what they can't wait to be "saved" from. Mother Nature for these people is not a mythological goddess, she's a whore to be used and abused.

And speaking of which, isn't it interesting that this whole complex of pug fundamentalists have so much contempt for anything feminine, e.g., "Mother" Nature. No, they like that 'ol time (male) religion that has always subjugated and exploited women.

Here's a final thought. What do you bet that somewhere in this filthy onion is organized crime? We shouldn't forget that the more constitutional governments disintegrate (like now!), the more organized crime has a feeding frenzy. Plus, the pugs are sure plugged into Florida . . .


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Is the Earth dying of terminal religion?

Is the Earth dying of terminal religion?


Once upon a time, before the Christian Right, before Christian fundamentalists, before George W. Bush, Christianity had at least something to do with compassion, kindness, and spirituality.

Now, however, the religion of Jesus Christ (at least in America) has been reduced to the infinite hypocrisies of sub humans like Tom Delay,"Dr" Frist, and glassy-eyed, gay-hating, Muslim-hating television Christian Evangelists.

The question is, are these psychopaths the precursors of a religious insanity which will necessarily destroy civilization along with much of the biosphere of the Earth?

In short, has religion turned into our worst nightmare?

In the Middle East we get to choose between Muslim "holy warriors" (that infinite contradiction in terms) and the, hypocritical real estate ambitions of a (self) chosen people.

Everywhere we look, we see religious fanatics trumpeting murder in the name of God . . . always, always in the name of God.

The problem is that such human beings are simply out of reach. They are so caught up in their terror of life that things like rationality, justice, and science are meaningless to them. They might just as well have time warped back from the hordes of Genghis Kahn or Hitler's torch light parades.

Said differently, they are virtually another human species. Homo religioso: the cancer that is rapidly killing us all.

The question before us, is this religious evolution into hatred, violence, and greed inevitable, i.e., is the religious free ride over and are we now seeing the latent Heart of Darkness of ALL religions?

After all, we should take note that religion has always been mankind's designer Disney Land of choice when life gets too confusing and frightening and for literally billions of human beings the 3rd millennia is just too over the top.

So what to do? Well, there's always the pamphlet solution. You can always self lobotomize and join a cult and maybe indirectly (if not directly) righteously kill lots of "alien" people in the process.

When you talk with a religious zealot, you never really have a conversation. What happens is that you get "preached at” by people who would kill your children in a heartbeat if they thought that would garner them some cult points.

The bottom line (and this isn't complicated!) is that religious fanatics and zealots are certifiably insane. Or said more generally, religion has become an institutionalized army of psychotics.

Perhaps over the centuries the good will and sanity of a few religious practioners concealed the fact that religions IN ITS ESSENCE is insanity incarnate.

This turns out to be a very plausible thesis. After all, isn't the core of sanity to "be in touch with reality", and isn't a religious "cult" (by definition!) a gaggle to cowards and wimps who are in pell mell flight from reality?

However, it's increasingly obvious that reality cowards are a luxury our planet can now longer afford. In the 3rd millennia (and for evermore), losing touch with reality is equivalent to turning into a planetary cancer cell.

So our neighbors and relatives who choose dingbat doctrines over science, rationality, and truth aren't just harmless people who happen to have "different views"; they are literal psychopaths disguised to look like adult Homo sapiens. Reality for them is horror and their infantile one liners are symptoms of a reality cowardice they are willing to kill for -- over and over and over again.

Surely the toilet of insanity and carnage called the "religious" Middle East is proof positive of what happens to civilization when the essence of institutionalized religion (i.e., terror of truth) is allowed to run amok,