Sunday, March 25, 2007

Has Bush pulled the bow so far back that he's finally loosened the arrow of American Socialism?

Isn't it time to rip our country away from America's Dictatorship of the Rich?

It's astonishing how many well intentioned Americans are still tricked into thinking that we’re living in a Constitutional Democracy. Not surprising really, since the Greek God like elites have their hands inside all the media puppets, but break troughs of awakening are happening in spite of (because of?) Fox Snooze, "Clear Channel", and relentless, un-American Murdoch/Gobbles propaganda.

This should be our mantra: AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.


America is an "oligarchy" (to use a fancy word); it's a Dictatorship of the Rich -- and always has been. Remember the "robber barons". Jeez, small time compared to Cheney/Halliburton. The robber barons were sparrows compared to corporate Texas energy greed vampires. At least they weren’t able to murder Mother Nature.

And make no mistake the Bush/Republican greed vampires ARE killing our one and only planet. This isn't hyperbole. It's really, really happening. The Earth is dying. Why? Because the Bush 4th Reich is run by a dim witted religious fanatic with an Armageddon death wish and a lust for fossil fuels so limitless that he's willing to trade the blood of our children for stolen Middle Eastern oil.

So the thread that runs through EVERYTHING (including fascist-enabling diaper dems like Hillary Clinton and Judas Joe Lieberman) is that America is controlled by Greek God like elites. One or two percent of our country absolutely subjugates the middle and lower classes, i.e., that's us.

Thus, this should be our second mantra: WE ARE IN A CLASS WAR -- and we are losing. God, how we're losing! The pig, pig rich are stealing EVERYTHING. Look at our vanishing retirements. Look at the under funded, second class schools our children are now condemned to. Look at our non existent health care. Look at the death of American medical research. Look at the going belly up of American science in general.

So where is all this money going? Duh. To the top 1 and 2 percent. These fascist greed vampires are bleeding us dry! It's not enough for them to have 2 mansions, they have to have 3. It's not enough for them to have 5 cars, they have to have 7. It's not enough to spend more money on their health in one day than we do on our children's health in a year. It's not enough for them to pay the same percentage of taxes we do; they don't want to spend ANY taxes. It’s not enough for them to have a two weeks vacation. They want their lifetime international vacation to be 24/7.

In short, back to square one. Back to the absolute necessity of wresting our God given Constitutional birthright back from the infinitely avaricious Dictatorship of the Rich.

Some how, some way, we've got to get their loathsome platinum teeth out of our throats. We've probably waited a hundred years too long as it is. If ever in American history the time has come for an American Socialist Party, it's now. The alternatives are neo Nazi Bush/Republicans and diaper dem enablers.

Actually the word "socialism" (it's just a word) is irrelevant; we can use something else. Call it the America First Party. We can call it whatever we like, but the only thing that can save us from the Bush 4th Reich is a fully functioning Liberal/Progressive Party. Ironically, to be accurate, it would really only be our 2nd political party since the (former) Democratic Party has betrayed and degraded itself out of the pageant of history.

Self evidently, America has hit bottom during these last seven years, but maybe that's not so bad since the bottom is where all the bounce is. And maybe finally, finally the middle and lower classes are actually beginning to revolt against being commode cleaners for the pig, pig rich.

We have the laws, we have the Constitution, and we're the vast majority of the country. What are we waiting for?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sound Reasons to keep the Liberal/Progressive Faith

Hey, it's not all bad! Lots of articles and op-ed's address the tragedies and cancers inflicted upon America by the Bush/Republican Administration (i.e., the 4th Reich), and God knows, Pandora's Box has been opened and reopened with the 2000, 2002, and 2004 stolen elections. And denial = death for us right now, since one has be impeccably realistic when fighting for our country's life.

However, we shouldn't go SO far in that direction that we gloss over many hard core, realistic reasons for hope.

(1.) To begin with, we DID win the 2006 midterms by an (unreported) landslide. Yes the Congressional dems may not be sufficiently following through with our hard won populist mandate, but at least the elections were light years away from the ineffectual strategies of 2004.

Certainly, other factors came into it, like bin Laden's timely photo op for Bush right before the election (Bush/bin Laden are so joined at the hip!), but our FIRST responsibility now is to take responsibly for success, not whine about excuses. Anyway, however you cut it, 2006 was a triumph! We must never forget where we were before those midterms. Post-2006 is a different universe and we should never stop celebrating that fact.

(2.) The investigative committees are doing their wheels of justice thing as we sleep. But we shouldn't expect overnight sensations, since to grind exceedingly fine, takes time. We should also remember that we have our most aggressively liberal dems chairing those committees, and those bulldogs are not going to un clamp their teeth until much blood is let.

(3.) An incalculably important positive is that the lose/lose neocon ideologies which have taken America's foreign policy hostage for the last seven years are now being seen in poll after poll as "doing more harm than good" to the national defense and security of the State of Israel. Thus, to the degree that Bush pursues his corporate oil wars and Muslim genocide fanaticisms AT THE COST OF Israel's well being, he's going to have a friend turned enemy to the max. There is simply NO WAY he can keep stealing Middle Eastern oil and running his 3rd millennia "Crusade" (in the name of his Armageddon death-wishing God) if our Israeli ally gets trashed in the process.

(4.) This one is tricky since it hurts us as well as Bush, but most national financial indicators are blinking that Bush is quite literally (and very rapidly) bringing America's economy to bankruptcy. Even America's comptroller general (and who would know better?) recently said we're getting closer and closer to being able to pay only the interest on our international loans. By the time Bush is done, we may have to change our name to the United States of China.

For middle and lower class America, things are already bad, bad, bad, but the probability is that we ain't seen nothing yet! We already have 2 or 3 jobs just to keep our heads above water, our retirements (national and otherwise) are vanishing, our health care is ceasing to exist, and our children are going to under funded, second class schools.

All this is happening for exactly two reasons: (1.) Bush’s corporate Middle Eastern Oil Wars and (2.) the inevitable results of giving astronomical tax breaks to America's Greek God like elites. The (small) silver lining in all this is that for most people, economic reality trumps political loyalties and the more Americans realize the Bush 4th Reich is breaking their financial backs, is the more they will vote the psycho out.

(5.) The Religious Right has shot itself in the foot so many times of late with one sexual scandal after another, that its moral credibility is now simply laughable. It still has a little traction left, but they fit the "give a fool enough rope and he/she will hang himself" nearly to perfection. After "Dr." First’s disgusting videotape diagnosis of Terri Shiaveo, it has all been down hill.

(6.) Lastly, the Bush/Republican rape of Mother Nature will certainly be seen by history as America's lowest hour. Our ancestors for millennia to come will hate this administrations guts, since window after window of opportunity is closing to keep our planet from dying. There is so MUCH we could be doing, but the neo Nazis are doing NOTHING, and once again in a politics transcending way, the tentative evidence is that more and more "Earthling" Americans are realizing that Bush is killing our children's futures and they know that, as always, it's being doing in the name of his Oil Wars and designer religious insanities. Indeed, in the name of his religious cult, Bush is doing everything he can to "hasten" the death of the Earth, and many Americans are finally waking up to this fact.

As has so often been said, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time (the Rove doctrine), and snapping out of foolishness is the lesser of the evils when the alternative is national bankruptcy and the rape and murder of our one and only planet.

So if we keep “improving” and waking up at our present rate, 2008 should be at least as much better than 2006, as 2006 was better than 2004. Very few bells and whistles, but we’re on a realistic roll and the vast sleeping tiger of American Progressivism is now wide awake!

Is our only defense against a 4th Reich, a 3rd Political Party?

The stakes are high. There has never been a time an American history when our Constitutional Republic has been so traitorously and devastatingly attacked from within.

You know the list. The planet is being deliberately murdered by an air head president with an Armageddon death wish.

The Supreme Court is a bought and paid for joke, as are members of the Justice Department, beginning with our toady Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, who jumps and ribbitts whenever Bush says frog.

It's now totally self evident by that Bush's Middle Eastern Wars had nothing to do with non existent (and lied about) WMD's or even Saddam Hussein. From the beginning these wars were simply trading American blood for Iraqi and Afghanistan oil.

Of course, the other ingredient in Bush's wars was (and is) the limitlessly powerful neocon lobby, but the exquisite irony is that it's increasingly apparent this lose/lose ideological lobby really isn't lobbying for ANY country, since growing numbers of Israeli citizens see Bush's bull in the China shop antics has DECREASING the national security of the State of Israel.

The gargantuan transfer of wealth to America's Greek God like elites during these last seven years is without equal. For multimillionaires and billionaires, everything is coming up roses, but for the dying middle class, things have never been so bad. In short, this is a class war, pure and simple, and the aristocrats are mercilessly hammering the commode cleaners (that's us!).

So what to do, what to do?

Well, we tried the ballot box and busted our butts in 2006 to mandate a more liberal Congress, but samo, samo: dems in diapers. Sure, a few (safe!) changes here and there, but LIGHT YEARS away from a resurrection of populist politics. Harry Truman must be spinning in his grave.

Admittedly, this is a still early on (or is it?), but are we now seeing the beginnings of a genuine THIRD PARTY in American politics? It's as if you have two doctors, but the first is a neo Nazi, Bush/Republican "doctor" who is rapidly and systematically killing you.

So time for Doctor # 2, right? But Doctor # 2 is the Democratic Party and the all they have to offer is band aides and rhetoric. Look at the Hillary Clinton doll, machined by the Carville/DLC. She walks and talks, but on one side she's a Democrat and on the other side she's a Republican (just like Judas Joe Lieberman). The point is, SHE DOESN'T REPRESENT US. She's just a smiley faced court jester of America's Dictatorship of the Rich.

The brutal truth is that when you get right down to it our choices are between diaper dems and Bush/Republican neo Nazis.

So isn’t it life and death time to demand representatives who are willing and able to answer to us (which diaper dems DON'T)?

Perhaps this is two presidential elections away -- assuming the Bush/Republican 4th Reich permits us to even HAVE elections in the future. But hopefully a going ballistic and substantive progressive 3rd Party will be baring enough of its teeth by 2008 to show the diapers dems that their spineless, gutless betrayals have caught up with them sooner than later.

This may sound like theory and wishful thinking, but since the statistics and polls are showing over and over again that the MAJORITY of the country supports neither the Bush/Republican neo Nazis, nor the diaper dems, perhaps such a new and fully institutionalized political force in America is inevitable.

After all, having to choose between Gestapo doctors and dem “centrist” band aides is a fool’s choice, but from this alchemy may be growing our salvation.

How far will the political pendulum swing back to the left after Bush?

There's a consistency in American politics which virtually guarantees that an extreme swing in a political direction is predictably followed by a similarly extreme swing back to the opposite direction. Let's call this the "pendulum principle".

So, since the neocon lobby has moved Washington to the neo Nazi right, does this mean the swing back will be a dynamic rebirth of American Socialism?

However, the word "socialism" tends to make some Americans uncomfortable, so probably the "swing back" will be called progressivism, liberalism, or perhaps even populism (a la Harry Truman) -- but the name is moot, since the political world view of all these "isms" is basically identical.

The one thing you can take to the back is that in spite of the Judas media, "liberalism" is BACK. The pugs did a good job for a time turning liberalism into a political dirty word, but they should have saved their money since liberal values and policies will almost certainly dominate American politics at least through 2008 and possibly for several elections to come.

The swing back first appeared in 2006, in spite of stolen local elections and a Republican media which concealed the fact that the elections were a dramatic mandate for progressive change.

Indeed, the fact that progressivism won the day in 2006 IN SPITE OF media propaganda, samo, samo, Republican stolen elections, and diaper dem centrists (e.g., Happy Hillary, Judas Joe Lieberman, and the DLC), is a measure of the outrage and focus of millions and millions of American liberals.

In poll after poll, it is increasingly clear that the majority of Americans have contempt for BOTH Nazi pugs and diaper dems. Interestingly, similar polls are also appearing in Israel, showing that both countries are filled with people who are sick to death of fascist lunatic fringers and the thumb sucking enablers of fascist lunatic fringers.

So IF the great majority of each of these countries manages to coalesce into a representative political party, perhaps the historically inevitable choice will be some form of Democratic Socialism.

Sure would be nice to take control of our country again, wouldn’t it?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Politics is part of the problem, not the solution

How much longer will it take before we face the brutal fact that America is a Dictatorship of the Rich? Two or three percent (many say less than one percent) of the country controls EVERYTHING.

Said differently, this still is the "Middle Ages" and practically all of us are still peasants. Nothing has changed but the clothes.

For a time the so called "middle" class was allowed a little financial/cultural wiggle room, but those days are over and the Bush/Republicans are systematically annihilating the middle class. Remember the good old days when one parent with one job kept the game going? Gone, gone, gone are those days. Now the statistics are that most parents are both working and at least one of them has at least two jobs -- and we're STILL financially drowning.

So how does "politics" compute into all of this?

That's easy. Politics is the stroke of genius invented by the Greek God like elites (sadly, of both polities parties) to perpetuate the illusion that commode cleaners for the elites (that's us!) actually have some "vote" (pun intended) in the infrastructure dynamics of our country.


Look at the 2006 midterms. We busted our butts to mandate a liberal change in Congress, but the Congressional dems are walking around with their thumbs up their you know what's, while Bush continues to do exactly what he wants to do, exactly when he wants to do it.


Also, look at the crust of bread types the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) is throwing to us, e.g., Hillary Clinton. Jeez, does this woman even "exist"? She certainly lives in a different universe from courageous, progressive values and policies.

However, Happy Hillary did vote for Bush's preemptive oil wars in Iraq, so I guess we should acknowledge she does take a stand about “some” things.

The point is, Hillary Clinton and her ilk are simply court jesters for America's astronomically rich elites. It's exactly like a dysfunctional family. You've got the alcoholics, wife beaters, and druggies, etc., and then you've got the necessary "enablers".

Which gets us back to politics in general, because dem centrist are merely contemptible special cases of this vast fantasy game called "politics".

Politics is supposed to be hard wired into our social/cultural lives. It's supposed to be the mechanism which articulates and manifests the will of the majority. After all, we're a Democratic Republic, right?

What a joke! We're about as far away from being a Democratic Republic as coral reef. But what about our Constitution? What about it? The Bush/Republican are doing everything but turning it into toilet paper.

But surely we are at least living in a country that respects the rule of law? Well, if our Attorney General is any indication, "law" is merely the collective paper rationalizations for Bush/Republican criminal acts.

This isn't to say that our Constitution and law are totally meaningless. To the contrary, they are still our best hope for living in even a token Democracy, but money talks and talks and talks, and this talking of money is now and always has been the true God of America. The "Robber Barons" had nothing on the Bush/Republicans. It's just that then (as now) the hands inside the collaborating political puppets were ripped away to reveal naked fists.

Similarly, the Bush/Republican feeding frenzy at the hog trough has now reached has point that even the strategic pretense of Democracy has been dropped, and the face of politically unconstrained corporate fascism is seen in all its slobbering nakedness.

So, who's really pulling the strings here?

Alas, not us, not Democracy, not elections, not Constitutions, and not even the rule of law.

The strings are being pulled by people who literally live in mansions and who OWN America. For these people, life is an endless vacation and they spend more on their health in one day than all the rest of us do in a year. The have cars they don't even drive and they buy degrees for their children at the "best" schools. They have affairs in other countries at a whim and in the game of life, they have ALL the trumps.

But what about all of the rest of us commode cleaners for the elites?

Oh, no problema, since they let us play the enabling game. They let us play the game of politics.

One has to do something to keep the cattle in their corals.

Fascism is the acting out of delusion

Behind all this chaos and hate is delusion. We human beings just refuse to grow up and the essence of fascism is merely institutionalized fear.

But fear of what?

Fear of truth -- fear of "reality".

Let's take a fun/serious philosophical example. How many of us really take it in that when a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one around, there isn't any sound?

Of course, we have to rephrase it a bit and say that when a tree falls in a forest and there's no "auditory nervous systems" around (human or otherwise), there isn't any sound. However, this self evident answer utterly redefines the human condition! It opens us to realities beyond the consensus scheme of things (i.e., "consensus reality").

Consensus reality is our living our life from place. The only problem is that it's a form of intelligence suicide.

Take the falling tree business. An axiom of consensus reality is that there's a duality between separate selves and the external world. Basically, the alleged external world is what separate selves are separate from (and also from each other).

Sound is supposed to be in the external world and sometimes we hear it and sometimes we don't, but the duality between hearing and sound is absolute.

But this, of course, is total nonsense. Sound IS hearing, just as hearing IS sound. We don't view the view; the view IS the view. All that perceiver, perceiving, and perceived foolishness is a game of the mind. It's projecting language into reality.

The truth of the matter is that there simply AREN'T any "separate selves", any more than there is an abstract "external world". What's real is infinitely (?) more mysterious than this running amok of language.

It would take a book to make all the connections between the above example and the cancer of fascism (implicit or explicit), but the connections are there. If the human mind set is in profound reality denial (and always has been), then it's relatively obvious that this defective take on what's real will manifest accordingly. Hence, fascism is a symptom of reality ignorance.

The tragedy is that none of this is hard to realize and there's countless other ways reality keeps tapping us on the shoulder.

Let's look at one more example. How rarely do we confront the truth that we never think about what we think about before we think about it. Thinking is what you're doing right now -- bang, bang, bang! You never stop and think before any mental activity. Hence, no "thinker" -- any more than there's a "writer" or "reader" of these words.

Which means what? It means we never "one up" ANYTHING. Immediacy ongoingness is reality process and it's the self activity of that which is already the case. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. The ancient Chinese word for nature is tzu-jan, which means (roughly) that which is so of itself. So nowing is the of-itself-soing of that which is so of itself. Only hubris thinks this spontaneous ongoingness is in any way "one upped" or caused by a meaningless separate self.

That name and face on "our" driver's license has no denotative meaning. It's not referring to a kind of entity/thing. It's just a face and a name. So all those "me's" and "we's" and "you's", and "they's", etc., are just white noise in the flow of that which forever transcends language and theory (including scientific and religious theory).

These observations could go on and on, but the relevant intuition is that all this Bush/Republican evil and hatred is DIRECTLY (albeit convolutedly) connected to the consensus delusions of our species.

An encouraging thought is that evolution works in mysterious ways and conceivably Mother Nature is already "dissolving" the chaos and suffering which we will never be able to "solve" with political solutions. And surely it's obvious by now that politics is part of the problem, not the solution.

One thing is certain. Mother Nature always has more tricks up her sleeve than can ever be imagined by delusional separate selves.

Or said differently, however uncomfortable the possibility, the probability is that "we" are not the problem solvers, but the very problem itself.

Thinking otherwise is the soul of fascism.