Saturday, March 24, 2007

How far will the political pendulum swing back to the left after Bush?

There's a consistency in American politics which virtually guarantees that an extreme swing in a political direction is predictably followed by a similarly extreme swing back to the opposite direction. Let's call this the "pendulum principle".

So, since the neocon lobby has moved Washington to the neo Nazi right, does this mean the swing back will be a dynamic rebirth of American Socialism?

However, the word "socialism" tends to make some Americans uncomfortable, so probably the "swing back" will be called progressivism, liberalism, or perhaps even populism (a la Harry Truman) -- but the name is moot, since the political world view of all these "isms" is basically identical.

The one thing you can take to the back is that in spite of the Judas media, "liberalism" is BACK. The pugs did a good job for a time turning liberalism into a political dirty word, but they should have saved their money since liberal values and policies will almost certainly dominate American politics at least through 2008 and possibly for several elections to come.

The swing back first appeared in 2006, in spite of stolen local elections and a Republican media which concealed the fact that the elections were a dramatic mandate for progressive change.

Indeed, the fact that progressivism won the day in 2006 IN SPITE OF media propaganda, samo, samo, Republican stolen elections, and diaper dem centrists (e.g., Happy Hillary, Judas Joe Lieberman, and the DLC), is a measure of the outrage and focus of millions and millions of American liberals.

In poll after poll, it is increasingly clear that the majority of Americans have contempt for BOTH Nazi pugs and diaper dems. Interestingly, similar polls are also appearing in Israel, showing that both countries are filled with people who are sick to death of fascist lunatic fringers and the thumb sucking enablers of fascist lunatic fringers.

So IF the great majority of each of these countries manages to coalesce into a representative political party, perhaps the historically inevitable choice will be some form of Democratic Socialism.

Sure would be nice to take control of our country again, wouldn’t it?