Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are the vampire elites a symptom of a slob species?

Politics is a meaningless game invented by the international vampire elites (the 0.5%) to make sure 99.5% of the world's human cattle stay in our cattle pens. This has been the way of the world for approximately the last 6,000 years.

So, behind the meaningless sound and fury signifying nothing of politics are the vampire elites. But for that matter, behind effectively EVERYTHING in the human condition are the manipulating vampire elites.

So, is this at long last the dead center (literally) of the Earth's Heart of Darkness?


Because "behind" the vampire elites is something even worse -- worse at least in the sense that there's nothing we can do about it.

Behind politics are the elites, but behind the elites is a defective species, i.e., Homo sapiens, i.e., "us".

On a scale of one to ten of allegedly "advanced" species, we’re probably a two.

This is so obvious. How ELSE could the vampire elites be controlling the human condition if it weren't for the fact that PRACTICALLY ALL OF US "permit" it? Hell, if we really got our act together, do you think this social chess game would keep us from deleting the elites in a week?

If this isn't obvious, then the sun isn't obvious. 99.5% of the human race out votes, out fights, out thinks, out energizes (with countless etc's), the 0.5%. Yes, yes, yes, they've got the pseudo legal upper hand, but "legality" means BLOODY NOTHING if it's not grounded in authentic morality. And nothing about the elite world has ANYTHING to do with morality and rationality.

The elites are pure evil. End of conversation, and 99.5% of the human race should be able to kick the ass of this evil in a thousand different ways.

But we don't and the only explanation for WHY we don't is, let's just say, biologically unflattering.

We allow this filth to have their way, not only with us, but with the very planet, because as a life form, we're too ineffectual to do otherwise.

And are there exceptions which prove the rule? Are there individuals and institutions with nobility and courageous intelligence? Do members of our species "occasionally" rise to the challenge of high intelligence, courage, and spirituality?

Of course, the answer is yes, but also of course, such manifestations of "quality" (let's just use that word) are very, very exceptional. Indeed, quantitatively relative to Joe 6 pack and Boobus Americanus, these exceptions are pitifully rare.

This could all be written up in very convoluted ways, with paragraphs of statistics, and maybe a chart or two, but may I simply submit the excruciatingly obvious fact that the huge majority of the human race are "enablers" who have neither the brains, courage, or ethics to fight the good fight -- because there ISN'T any "good fight" happening on this planet except from a handful of worldly "activists".

If most of us look around our neighborhood, what we see are houses filled with stupefied enablers. Said differently, our species is defective because there's just too much DEAD WEIGHT. The human monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and CONFRONT no evil.

Statistically speaking, such people are a representative sample of the human population and from such a population can come glorious exceptions like science, art, and moral courage, but "human nature" has always historically been predominately DEAD WEIGHT. That should be the name of our species: Homo DEAD WEIGHT. Naturally, it’s tricky to talk about a species of which one is a member, but facts are facts.

One last way to say this is that the elites (as the ultimate face of evil on our planet) aren't living their Greek God like lives because they are so amazingly powerful and intelligent. To the contrary, their social/biological "inbreeding" is making them more and more effete.

No, they are living Greek God like lives because "human nature" is too defective to stop them.

And yet another very complicated variable in all this are the lives of people so “disadvantaged” or mutilated that they are really impossible to evaluate and this includes (what?) half the human race? People living in ghettos and ghetto countries are barely existing, so what CAN be expected from their tragic and hopeless lives?

However this absolutely doesn’t change the fact that fascism is now and never has been the result of empowered elites, but rather the criminal enabling of our deadbeat neighbors.

It’s also why the defective species problem is so much more serious than the vampire elite problem, because with vampire elites we can at least imagine revolutionary social change. Usually not a good solution since revolutions almost always end up making everything worse (e.g., Russia and Iraq), but FUNDAMENTAL changes in human nature (if they even happened at all) could take tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Mother Nature doesn't like to be hurried.

But, alas, the human nature we are stuck with for the present is a virtual host for the "Have's" and vampire elites. Our nature is so contaminated with sloth, stupidity, and cowardice that the elites are in a certain sense inevitable. Or more generally (and spiritually & philosophically) EVIL itself is inevitable.

It would be criminal not to acknowledge over and over again such human triumphs as science and that collection of individuals over the centuries who keep reminding us of our virtually limitless human potential, BUT these (ironically like the elites) are the very rare exceptions. The rule is that humanity is mass of dead weight in the billions which it would take a God to transcend.

To conclude this with contemporary specifics, the tragic and heart breaking political/social condition we now wake up to in the morning is not the result of brilliant Republican sociopaths (who are mostly just nuts and rich) but because of the crushing dead weight of human nature.

So it seems the ultimate question is whether human evil the result of ordinary human beings not “rising to their spiritual and intelligence” potential, but rather the Bush-like (and extinction bound) biological acting out of a tragically defective life form.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The exquisite irony is that the insanities and excesses of the Bush/neocons are destroying the elites.

Get serious, right? George Bush is in any imaginable way "hurting" the elites?

No, Bush and his neocon advisor/puppets of the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing aren't just hurting them, they've set in motion historical forces (colossally magnified by the internet) which are already the beginning of the end of the elites.

Look, this is straight up, not weird or wishful thinking.

In mathematics and philosophy there's something called reductio ad absurdum (similar to proof by contradiction in math). The idea is that if A is the case, then B should be, let's just say, "acceptable".

And if B is off the wall nutso, then A has been reduced to absurdity.

Something like, if "creationism" is right, then it would be absurd for carbon dating to find bones in rocks that are millions of years old. Of course creationists have 6th grade vocabulary pamphlet counter arguments for this, but they are snickered at even by dogs and cats.

Thus, creationism implies things that are meaningless and absurd; ergo, bye bye creationism.

This is a rough sketch of the logic.

OK, how does this relate to Bush killing the elites?

Well, the elites have ground humanity under their heels for roughly the last 6,000 years, chiefly because, like vampires, their evil has to be done in secrecy, because if and when their cover is blown and 99.5% of the human race wakes up (a kind of social "enlightenment") to the factual realization that this 0.5% of vampire elites is basically controlling EVERYTHING in human existence, they're going to be very, VERY pissed!

So how does Bush come into this? That's easy, this guy is such an absolute moron he has totally "blown the cover" of the elites. Increasingly, EVERYONE is learning that 0.5% of the human population does everything but tell all the rest of us how to breathe and who to marry and whether or not drugs are available (look at Afghanistan and the encouraged huge increase of poppies!) and giving inoculations "against" TB in Africa that somehow resulted in a continent full of aids, and on and on and on.

In short, the international elites have a track record of absolute horror when it comes to stealing and keeping their astronomical fortunes. Indeed, Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, didn't only encourage a Nazi take over of America in the 30’s; the Bush Family fortune was also deeply grounded in "deals" with the Nazis.

The elites are basically highbrow Mafioso’s who ALSO like to get away with murder, but with very low social profiles. The trick is to do all your rape, theft, and murder (Senator Paul Wellstone comes to mind) without the "average citizen" knowing anything about it.

This secrecy isn't academic; its life and death critical for both organized crime and the elites. It's also related to such psychotic rationalizations as "Manifest Destiny", "Divine Right", and "Evolution of the fittest", to name just a handful of 47 IQ trash.

So, Bush REALLY IS destroying the elites. He's made the elite blood suckers of humanity and Mother Nature so obvious that they never again will have the cover of secrecy.

Another piece of this is that the pig, pig rich desperately tried to counter Bush's shouting from the rooftops that the international elites were bleeding dry the Earth and our American Republic with their absolute control of the Judas media, but they didn't count on the "progressive friendly" internet. So, the media failed to achieve what WW2 Goebbels was talking about in the following monstrous quote:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

-- Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda for Adolph Hitler’s 3rd Reich

Well, this might have done the trick (it certainly worked in mid 20th Century Germany), but the elites didn’t count on a retarded president, just as no one alive anticipated the astounding, massive and ever accelerating impact of the internet on human existence.

So once upon a time the vampire elites could line up the human race like bottles of blood on a shelf and rape Mother Nature at will. Indeed, paradoxically in the context of this piece, they’re just getting more and more bloated with the blood of the planet and all the rest of us are being demoted to “Have Not’s” and cattle people.

But, that’s reductio ad absurdum at work, because the Bush/neocons have been so blatant and rapacious that (with gigantic help from the internet), millions of people are now “snapping out of it” and realizing that their God and Constitutionally given birthrights mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because their entire existence is just dirt under the boots of Greek God like elites.

Now, is this subhuman existence of the 99.5% new? Of course not. It’s been the rule for the last 6000 years, but what IS new is that millions of human beings are FINALLY “waking up” to this immoral obscenity. And when that waking up rage is in the billions, the elites will find no place to hide on this planet.

So, thank you, thank you, Mr. President, for so dramatically “raising the consciousness” of the human race.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Is the internet declaring war on the vampire elites?

With minor variations, what's happening now in America has happened all over the planet from the beginning of record history.

The one percent of less of "Haves" control EVERYTHING – especially politics and religion. So, we shouldn't be surprised that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich. We also shouldn't be surprised that the elites are rapidly evolving America into a textbook police state.

After all, we really haven't been around that long, so regressing our Constitutional Republic (what a laugh!) into a Nazi-like dictatorship in 300ish years is actually a real accomplishment. Our pitiful little democratic dance is now basically over, so get ready for ZERO privacy, ZERO human rights, and ZERO democracy.

Hitler bragged about what he called the thousand year Reich and it looks like he may bring it off after all. It's just that we didn't expect him to resurrect in America.

But the names are irrelevant. Call it fascism, neo Nazism, corporate totalitarianism, or your hell-word of choice, but it all comes down to something see spot run simple.

Religion isn't the issue; in spite of brain dead Armageddon fanatics who lie awake a night having sexual fantasies about killing Muslims. And politics is such a joke it doesn't even deserve to be mentioned. Take Hillary Clinton (if anyone wants her). Just who/what is this person/thing? She's a kind of doll constructed by James Carville and the DLC to be the token Democrat. Dear God, she's more of a corporate fascist that most Republicans and constantly sucks up the neocon cabal (Bush's advisors who get their orders directly from Israel’s lunatic fringe right wing), and apparently has never once in her entire life taken a moral/rational stand about ANYTHING. And we're supposed to vote for this android.

In your dreams.

So, the bulls eye, the dead center of the Earth's Heart of Darkness is what? What else? It's rich people -- very, VERY rich people. People who spend more on their health in an afternoon than most of us spend on our children's health in a life time. People who have SEVERAL mansions. People who have so many cars many of them aren’t even driven. People whose designer clothes cost more than everyone in your extended family makes in a year.

In older language these are the "Haves" and they are the literal Gods & Goddesses of planet Earth. And they have ALWAYS been the Gods & Goddesses of planet Earth. To them, we are, at best, cattle consumers, and they let us moo our way to the hamburger factory. And worst of all, the international elites (remember, always less than one percent) are getting richer and richer and richer.

Politics is a bone they throw to us to gnaw on while they have affairs in Bangkok on a whim and live off the interest that is larger than the GNP of a small country.

This is arguably the single biggest repression of the human race. We think since they wear cloths, drive cars, have two legs and two arms, they're really much more like us than they are different from us.

If there's one thing that an extraterrestrial would use to justify classifying Homo sapains as defective morons, it's the above paragraph, because the elites are NOT "like us"!

This is the supreme duality of our lives. We live "as if" cattle people (that's us) and the elites are basically the same. But this is sheer insanity. These people life in a different universe from all the rest of us. They NEVER work (unless its “play” work). They're ALWAYS on vacation. And now, thanks to Bush, the don't even pay taxes.

Another way to say this is that we're still living in the "Dark Ages". But maybe it’s actually worse, because a Dark Ages peasant/slave at least "knew" he/she was living like a subhuman life form.

But sitcom drugged cattle consumers think the elites could be their neighbors, and this, more than anything else, is what keeps the elites in power.

Tell you what; try to move next door to a mansion of the Royal Bush Family or Rockefeller’s or Rothschild’s. Pick your skuzzy billionaire of choice and see what happens.

What will happen is that you'll find out in a heart beat that you are treated as a DIFFERENT LIFE FORM.

And indeed we ARE different life forms from this less and one percent of human race. Don't be put off by bipedalism, since the truth is that we live is TOTALLY DIFFERENT REALITIES and that makes us totally different life forms. You might argue about the logic, but you can't argue about the "existential variable". These people do everything but control how you BREATHE and they manipulate religious and political social games like cultivated ant farms.

Said one last way, "our world" is the world they allow us to have -- and God knows they don't allow us much! Indeed, the Bush neo Nazis are increasing their wealth astronomically. Give it a couple more years, and we'll all belong the "lower class". We'll all be text book Have Not's and that makes us virtually another species.

OK, now the good news.

Now you folks may think I'm in dream land, but I'm hoping, praying, whatever that the internet will ultimately change all this.

How? Because the elite world is like a world of vampires (greed vampires!), and vampires can't exist in the "daylight". Yes, I'm pushing the metaphor envelope here, but the daylight which may drive a stake through the heart of the "elite species" is TALKING ABOUT ALL THIS OPENLY AND REPEATEDLY ON THE NET.

NOT to talk about it (as we've done for, say, 6,000 years) is what keeps the elites powerful, because it keeps alive the social insanity that they are more like us than they are different from us, and because of that illusion we tend to be "accepting" of this Have & Have not horror (and it IS a horror!).

But the more we carefully, systematically, and realistically look at these Greek God like human beings is the more we see that we are basically AGREEING to commit existential suicide. They equip their fascists with cattle prods to keep us cattle people, but the more we communicate among ourselves via the internet (and blessings upon it!) is the more we realize we have been brain washed into playing the worldly game with rules all written by the elites.

Meaning: IT'S TIME TO START BREAKING ALL THE ELITE RULES and claim our God given and constitutionally given birthright to have an EQUAL SHARE of the wealth of the Earth.

Call this socialism if you wish, but calling it Jesus Justice says it just as well if not better.

In any case, call it what you like, but these "daylight realizations” are about how all the social/financial game rules were consciously and elaborately invented by the vampire elites to keep us cleaning their commodes while they live like a different species from us.

Here are a couple of the hundreds of things they do to keep us cattle. (1.) make opiate drugs much more available, because drugged cattle are more docile -- although it’s had to imagine anyone more docile than our TV sitcom drugged enabling neighbors, (2.) constantly under fund and trash education and science because an illiterate populace is an obedient populace.

This list goes on and on and on, since we are living in a “machined” society that is lose/lose for us, and win/win for elites. And this machining cuts so much deeper than politics and religion that it is heartbreaking to see people fly paper stuck on the infantile surface of multi layers and dimensions of evil

Solution: Tell them to take their rules and shove it!

Solution: Don't ask; DEMAND that the Earth belong to the entire human race, not just Paris Hilton and her airhead ilk.

Solution: Don't attempt this transformation of the human condition with b.s religion or b.s. politics.


Solution: The more we talk about this on the net (and otherwise) is the more we will destroy this abstract, social game we keep playing and we will start living like INDIVIDUALS, not rule machines.

What we've been talking about is the core evil of everything. As it was in the beginning, is now, but NOT every shall be if we can only evict the vampire elites from the human condition.

Elites and human cattle. You can’t have one without the other.

The essence of all this is that the core war of human beings is not between countries, or Republicans and Democrats (same thing anyway), or even murder in the name of God religions.

No, it's much simpler than that. The bottom line of the human condition is the life and death conflict between pig, pig rich people and all the rest of us. It’s impossible to say this strongly enough. This is the “core war’ of human existence and it TRANSCENDS EVERYTHING. Alas, so far the less than one percent has had thousands of years of total victory.

So if we "really" want to escape our cattle pens, we have to rise to the challenge of deleting the elites. And not "theoretically" or abstractly, but we have to do WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to do to purge the Earth of these unimaginably rich vampires from hell. There’s probably 99.5 % of us and 0.5% of them, so what in Gods name are we waiting for?

More specifically we do this by basically reinventing society. The elite game we have been waking up to in the morning for the last several thousand years is a living death. But CAN we do this? What a pitiful question. OF COURSE we can do it. Rules are the tail; we’re the dog and our collective power and creativity is virtually limitless

Also, the parasitical aspect of the elites is virulently anti nature, and evolution inevitably selects out what is virulently anti nature.

This should be the Holy Grail Quest of our Century

Saturday, January 12, 2008

If your money was in a bank which had the safe guards of a "voting machine", you would be dead broke in a week!

This is not an exaggeration! Banks and Las Vegas slot machines are incomparably more secure than pug corporation voting machines (Diebold comes to mind!).

That's the thing about voting machine safe guards: they’re aren't any. Duh.

Would you put your money in a bank a high school student could hack into to clean out your balance? Believe me; it wouldn't take long for there to be a hacker run on the bank and bye bye savings, checking account, identity, etc.

However, "hacker" really isn't the word since this conjures the image of a super accomplished computer criminal and NOTHING like this is needed for strolling through the wide open doors of voting machines. They have everything but manuals on the net that say do A, B, C, & D and then bye, bye, not money this time, but registered Democrats (or liberal Democrats such as in the New Hampshire primary).

These machines are beyond absurdity. They are electronic junk, pure and simple, and it is literally AGAINST THE LAW for banks to have such zero protection for our hard earned money.

Well then, what about our hard earned votes?

The rest of the world must be looking at us with total disbelief. To think we would simply hand over our country to neo Nazi elites because of high-school-hackable Republican voting machines is a patriotic mortal sin. Said differently, it's 100% OUR FAULT if we let them do this for eight straight years.

Barnyard animals know the year 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 elections were stolen. During these elections, even the pugs were shocked that they carried certain states that the dems had 100% locked up. More recently, they also know Hillary Clinton was voting-machine- conjured into a phony lead in the New Hampshire primaries because she’s the most corporate/neocon Democrat in Washington. Hey, she’s just pug “insurance”.

There's more to it than this, of course. There's also the Bush/fascist strategy of fouling the nest of voter logistics, e.g., making certain voters virtually tell officials how many times they had sex last month to get to vote, or pushing wheelbarrows of "identification" to even get in the building. And literally hundreds of other voters blocking strategies.

The worst case scenario of all is that most of these machines were constructed to "automatically" ignore, switch, or exaggerate votes. Of course, since they are black box voting machines, there's no way we can get quality computer pros into the system to dig out convolutedly embedded and criminal programs.

In short, we are totally f______ UNLESS we massively and immediately mount a NO COMPROMISE way to either "get inside" these black box one party voting machines or, better yet, simply TRASH THEM ALL.

Forget about the logistic problems. This problem has a simple and perfect solution. Paper voting, paper voting, paper voting -- where we have records of EVERYTHING.

If we go back to the bank comparison, it is beyond dementia that we just sit back and watch our money/votes be stolen from us without even the spark of a fight.

But for this we don't need a spark, we need a conflagration of national rage to DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to guarantee that 2008 will be the first free and fair election in eight years!

Which means what? Well, when you're fighting for your life and your elected representatives have totally abandoned you (e.g., the Bush sucking up Democratic Congress), than it's time for out of the box, creative apolitical hard ball. No more nicey nice.

If we sit on our thumbs with this one, we're going to be living in a Dictator of the Rich police state forever. The American Dream will be DEAD and we will never, never have a second chance to save our country and the Earth.

This is the big one folks -- the last one. Now or never.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Hampshire should be all the Paul Revere we need!

(1.) The Republicans are already criminally trashing elections.

(2.) The pugs want the DLC Hillary Clinton robot to be the dem presidential candidate (why not, since she's a biological clone of George W. Bush!). Plus both the Clinton's are wanabee elites. Once upon a time Bill was not so bad, but of late he sure spent a lot of time sucking up to Daddy Bush.

In any case, it's already here: wall to wall election fraud, and New Hampshire is a seabird of the coming tsunami of neocon/Republican 2008 stolen elections -- state, congressional, and presidential.

If there was ever a time to mount the barricades, this is it. WE CANNOT LET THE ELITE/FASCISTS STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION.

So, how to we stop it?

We stop it by making it the number one people power policy of the American people.

It's hard to prioritize the cancers now metastasizing in our country. 9/11 is when America treasonously lost its soul. Afghanistan, Iraq (and next Iran?) are Bush/neocon money cow oil wars in which we trade American blood for Middle Eastern oil. Mother Nature is being raped and murdered by Texas energy corporations -- whose profits have increased SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT during the last few years. All of the above are certainly candidates for priority one.

But, everything is moot if we allow the elite/fascists to manipulate the primaries and steal the 2008 elections.. So logistically, first thing things is to take the message from New Hampshire and politically or apolitically DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to guarantee that 2008 will be the first fair election in eight years.

In a way, we should be grateful for New Hampshire, since it threw ice water in our face to remind us that our work is desperately cut out for us! Hillary Clinton didn't win in those dem primaries and even barnyard animals know it. She was hacker conjured into a phony lead became she's the number one Democratic/Republican. She's their "insurance". She's probably the most corporate/neocon Democrat in Washington and we're going to elect this elite puppet for President?

In your dreams!

It's also adding insult to injury that the pugs are now manipulating OUR candidates. Jeez, next they'll be legislating that dems can marry only pug spouses, or they all should be wearing James Carville masks to work (the press would ignore it and talk about Paris Hilton’s thousand dollar fingernails).

The bottom line is that NOTHING takes precedence over dealing with Republican one-party-election-black-boxes and the army of thieving hackers the pugs have now working for them day and night.

Just think of what is at stake here. In addition to our massacred Constitutional Republic, the very biosphere of the EARTH is dying. It's hard to find words for this. EVERYTHING will be lost, not only for America, but for the entire world, if we allow (yes "allow"!) another stolen election. Nazi corpses will rise out of their graves and dance a Democracy death dance.

This is it, folks, we'll never have another chance!

Our backs are against the wall. No more "Mr. nice guy" establishment politics. It's past time for the candy ass political envelope or even pushing the envelope. It's time for the rubber to hit the road. It's time for apolitical hard ball. It's time for NOT going down for the third time. And it's time to face the fact that we have a ONE PARTY dem/pug system that cleans the commodes of the elites, so EVERYTHING NOW DEPENDS ON THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

Chamberlain sold the soul of Europe to the Nazis, just as the 2006 "Democratic" (what a laugh!) Congress is selling the soul of America to the neo Nazis.

We are headed straight for a Dictatorship of the Rich police state in 2008 if the allow this elite/fascist filth to make another total mockery of our democratic election process.

Europe is holding its breath. The WORLD is holding its breath. It's planetary common knowledge that the pugs "should be" history. They have no credibility, they're killing the planet, they're hated by every country on the Earth, they've bankrupted our country, and they're responsible for the death of literally millions of innocent human beings.

BUT, a tiny handful of them (maybe a few thousand?) still have America and civilization by the throat because they've put in place a nearly foolproof way of stealing elections. Forget about the great majority of American citizens and voters WHO WANT THEM OUT. Unless we do something drastic and immediately, these high school hackable election machines and multiple elite/fascist strategies to corrupt the ENTIRE ELECTION PROCESS will snatch (again!) the 2008 elections from under our nose.

Constitutional Democracy, freedom, and voting are now absolutely, meaningless unless we "intervene" and rip to shreds this nation wide and treasonous voting machine scam to subvert the rags that are left of our Democratic Republic.

Are we really going to let few thousand corporate election machines and their associated Progressivism deleting fanatics spit in the face of the will of the majority of the American people?

We have very little time left and this is DEFINITELY not the time for nicey nice.

Again, the bottom line is that we do whatever it is necessary to do to have free and fair elections and IF the Bush/neocns think they're going to get a criminal free ride again, they're going to end up confronting the concentrated and collective rage of the REAL United States of America!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The human race is its own punishment

OK, enough already -- enough, enough, enough!

Aren't we all getting sick to death with "blaming" A, B, or C for the disgusting human condition?

Yes, the elites are pigs, and yes the 2006 Democratic Congress are pigs, and yes the Repiglicans are pigs, but behind all this deafening oinking is the pathetic human species.

Nothing makes this clearer than the unforgivable fact that MOST of the human race doesn't give a rat's ass about ANYTHING.

These are the "enablers", the TV watchers, the illiterate cynics -- the slobs of humanity. Because WERE IT NOT FOR ENABLERS, basically all that's wrong and evil about our dying country and planet could be changed in one election. In fact, it could all be changed INDEPENDENTLY of politics.

So the bottom line is that what can you expect from a species made up mostly of psychopaths (e.g., religious fundamentalists) and decaying brains (either by birth or lack of use). God (or god) knows the greed heads are greeding and the vampire elites are gorged with the blood/oil of the planet and the stolen labor of millions, but why is this happening?

Is it happening because "nice people" are overwhelmed by greed vampires, fascist thugs, and religious fanatics?

Yes and no. Superficially yes, but fundamentally no.

It's happening because the human species is ALLOWING it to happen. We are less being victimized, than we are reaping the fruits of choosing to be a marginally brain dead, criminally slothful, and radically dysfunctional species. On a scale of one to ten in the cosmic scheme of things, we are probably a two. That's why extraterrestrial visits are rare (if ever) events on this planet. The word is probably out that the most "advanced" life from on this planet spends all its time self pityingly complaining about things they could change in a week.

But change means WORK. And change means INTELLIGENCE. And change means RISK. Enough said?

So, the tragedy of planet Earth is that we have a "default civilization". Default in the sense that like bacteria and a wound, the "wicked people" simply take advantage of a world (wound?) handed to them on a silver platter by enabling Homo sapien hosts.

Politics is as meaningless as corporate "mission statements" -- talk about being put into a coma.

WE are the problem and only WE can be the solution. The buck stops with the human species, but the extraterrestrial Las Vegas say the odds ain't good.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps: Here’s a sample of the puke that actually works on Homo sapiens.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels, German Minister of Propaganda for Hitler’s 3rd Reich