Friday, January 11, 2008

New Hampshire should be all the Paul Revere we need!

(1.) The Republicans are already criminally trashing elections.

(2.) The pugs want the DLC Hillary Clinton robot to be the dem presidential candidate (why not, since she's a biological clone of George W. Bush!). Plus both the Clinton's are wanabee elites. Once upon a time Bill was not so bad, but of late he sure spent a lot of time sucking up to Daddy Bush.

In any case, it's already here: wall to wall election fraud, and New Hampshire is a seabird of the coming tsunami of neocon/Republican 2008 stolen elections -- state, congressional, and presidential.

If there was ever a time to mount the barricades, this is it. WE CANNOT LET THE ELITE/FASCISTS STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION.

So, how to we stop it?

We stop it by making it the number one people power policy of the American people.

It's hard to prioritize the cancers now metastasizing in our country. 9/11 is when America treasonously lost its soul. Afghanistan, Iraq (and next Iran?) are Bush/neocon money cow oil wars in which we trade American blood for Middle Eastern oil. Mother Nature is being raped and murdered by Texas energy corporations -- whose profits have increased SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT during the last few years. All of the above are certainly candidates for priority one.

But, everything is moot if we allow the elite/fascists to manipulate the primaries and steal the 2008 elections.. So logistically, first thing things is to take the message from New Hampshire and politically or apolitically DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to guarantee that 2008 will be the first fair election in eight years.

In a way, we should be grateful for New Hampshire, since it threw ice water in our face to remind us that our work is desperately cut out for us! Hillary Clinton didn't win in those dem primaries and even barnyard animals know it. She was hacker conjured into a phony lead became she's the number one Democratic/Republican. She's their "insurance". She's probably the most corporate/neocon Democrat in Washington and we're going to elect this elite puppet for President?

In your dreams!

It's also adding insult to injury that the pugs are now manipulating OUR candidates. Jeez, next they'll be legislating that dems can marry only pug spouses, or they all should be wearing James Carville masks to work (the press would ignore it and talk about Paris Hilton’s thousand dollar fingernails).

The bottom line is that NOTHING takes precedence over dealing with Republican one-party-election-black-boxes and the army of thieving hackers the pugs have now working for them day and night.

Just think of what is at stake here. In addition to our massacred Constitutional Republic, the very biosphere of the EARTH is dying. It's hard to find words for this. EVERYTHING will be lost, not only for America, but for the entire world, if we allow (yes "allow"!) another stolen election. Nazi corpses will rise out of their graves and dance a Democracy death dance.

This is it, folks, we'll never have another chance!

Our backs are against the wall. No more "Mr. nice guy" establishment politics. It's past time for the candy ass political envelope or even pushing the envelope. It's time for the rubber to hit the road. It's time for apolitical hard ball. It's time for NOT going down for the third time. And it's time to face the fact that we have a ONE PARTY dem/pug system that cleans the commodes of the elites, so EVERYTHING NOW DEPENDS ON THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

Chamberlain sold the soul of Europe to the Nazis, just as the 2006 "Democratic" (what a laugh!) Congress is selling the soul of America to the neo Nazis.

We are headed straight for a Dictatorship of the Rich police state in 2008 if the allow this elite/fascist filth to make another total mockery of our democratic election process.

Europe is holding its breath. The WORLD is holding its breath. It's planetary common knowledge that the pugs "should be" history. They have no credibility, they're killing the planet, they're hated by every country on the Earth, they've bankrupted our country, and they're responsible for the death of literally millions of innocent human beings.

BUT, a tiny handful of them (maybe a few thousand?) still have America and civilization by the throat because they've put in place a nearly foolproof way of stealing elections. Forget about the great majority of American citizens and voters WHO WANT THEM OUT. Unless we do something drastic and immediately, these high school hackable election machines and multiple elite/fascist strategies to corrupt the ENTIRE ELECTION PROCESS will snatch (again!) the 2008 elections from under our nose.

Constitutional Democracy, freedom, and voting are now absolutely, meaningless unless we "intervene" and rip to shreds this nation wide and treasonous voting machine scam to subvert the rags that are left of our Democratic Republic.

Are we really going to let few thousand corporate election machines and their associated Progressivism deleting fanatics spit in the face of the will of the majority of the American people?

We have very little time left and this is DEFINITELY not the time for nicey nice.

Again, the bottom line is that we do whatever it is necessary to do to have free and fair elections and IF the Bush/neocns think they're going to get a criminal free ride again, they're going to end up confronting the concentrated and collective rage of the REAL United States of America!