Friday, July 27, 2007

We're still in denial about 9/11 and ongoing Bush/Republican Treason.

The evidence just keeps growing and growing that sociopathic Bush/Republicans didn't simply fall asleep at the wheel during 9/11 -- they were DRIVING THE BLOODY CAR.

So, when oh when are we going to come to terms with this ultimate treason?

And when oh when are we going to associate this treason with the money, money, money neocon lobby (certainly not lobbying for the United States of America)? Maybe we should ask Paul Wolfowitz since he has been welcomed back into the neocon fold after his illegal antics at the World Bank.

We still can't quite bring ourselves to see it and say it like it is. We are in the dead center of an historical and elaborately orchestrated corporate coup d'etat. These people have one goal: the extinction of the American Constitutional Republic. The problem is that this is so outside the pale of traditional American social patterns, that we keep trying to understand what's happening in political terms.

But this ISN'T politics! This is a fascist revolution! These people aren't just liars and greed vampires. They are also murderers and torturers and they are systematically killing the American soul. They are encouraging the formerly low profile American Dictatorship of the Rich to come out of their political closet and be the literal Kings and Queens of America. They are trying to regress our noble democratic institutions back into the Middle Ages. Might makes right and the end justifies any means are their battle cries -- just as they were for Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.

This is why "centrist" Democrats, like the DLC Hillary Clinton doll and Judas Joe Lieberman are 21st Century Nazi collaborators, As are all diaper dems and establishment politicos who are a part of the problem, not the solution.

Of course "problem" is too anemic a word to use here. America doesn't have a problem -- America is DYING. WE are losing EVERYTHING. Our civil rights, our retirements, our health care, our children's schools, our children's LIVES (in Bush/Cheney Oil Wars), and even our much loved Mother Nature. All down the rat hole. Listen, can you hear the sobbing of America? All the rest of the planet does and they keep wondering why we keep bending over and eating s___.

In short, they keep wondering why WE DON'T FIGHT BACK. My God, what else can these neo Nazis do to us? When they start sending vans down our neighborhood streets, broadcasting that we have to start wearing uniforms and marching to reptilian music, what will we do then? Anything? Nothing?

Of course, in essence, that's what they ALREADY ARE DOING, but it doesn't seem to interfere much with our escapist television sitcoms. Gee, that's what we have a Democratic Congress for, right? That's why we busted our butts getting these clowns elected.

Yes and no. Yes, progressive Democrats DO get to take credit for electing these 2004 congressional mice, but no, they aren't doing squat. There probably hasn't been such a collection of elected cowards in recorded western history. Our Democratic congress has turned out to be the bottom of the barrel, squeaking their way to some hell of betrayal and tragically dragging all of rest of us with them.

Look, it all comes down to the following:

(1.) Bush/Republican "terrorists" are killing our Constitutional Democracy, with the funding of the money, money, money neocon lobby (and play it again Sam, the neocon lobby is lobbying for who?).

(2.) Our elected Democratic Congress is an obscene joke. And they always will be an obscene joke since we have a ONE party system (the Democratic/Republican Party) which are the "brown shirts" of America's Dictatorship of the Rich.

It's 100% up to us to save the Earth, our children's lives, and our birthright Constitutional Republic. How? Yes, how indeed, but at least we know what DOESN'T work, i.e., business as usual politics. No, it's hardball time and no mistake. Hey, would we hesitate to play hardball if some human filth broke into our homes and began killing our children and stealing everything in sight? But, isn't that EXACTLY what is happening to us as we speak? It's life and death that we start taking non-political, hardball options seriously.

In a sports (or life) contest when you discover that your opponent is playing dirty and breaking all the rules, you better by God rise to the occasion and take care of business. The alternative is dying face down in the mud.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Senator Holy Joe Lieberman

Let's see. It's getting harder and harder to keep track of Judas Joe's bizarro antics these days.

(1.) It's common knowledge that he's betrayed the Democratic Party over and over again, even threatening to come out of the Republican closet. Hmmm, maybe he's waiting for another kiss from Georgie Porgie!

(2.) One wonders if he even knows where the state of Connecticut is anymore, since his "focus" is certainly profoundly elsewhere. Specifically, like our shooting-friends-in-the-face vice president (as in president of vice?), he big time wants to get his preemptive invasion of Iran show on the road!

(3.) OK, now let's get serious. True or False? It's become simply impossible to know what COUNTRY Judas Joe is now representing, since most Americans know in their heart of hearts (and we really do!) that Lieberman's first loyalties are peculiarly elsewhere. Come on, is this guy really representing the United States of America or the state of Israel?

Ironically, this has absolutely nothing to do with the state of Israel per se, since Israel is a complex country with a rich variety of internal political views (including a progressive Labor Party). No, the issue is how this American politician (that's spelled A-M-E-R-I-C-A, Joe) is weighing his priorities, and IF he has prioritized the national security of our ally over the national security of the United States of America, than ally or no ally, we should kick the bum out!

The Israelis could probably care less anyway since Judas Joe seems to have degenerated into a smirking contest with (former Yale cheerleader) prez Bush and John McCain III (that's one “I” too many).

Odd how these 3 stooges of smirk seemed determined to start World War III.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The core abomination of the human condition is still the abyss between the "haves" and the "have nots"

The have and have not distinction is the supremely repressed truth of human existence.

It's what Good and Evil is all about. It's instructive to remember that the only time Jesus Christ lost his cool was when whipped the money changers out of the "temple".

It's also instructive to remember that the compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE addressed the have and have not obscenity. Yes, Jesus touched many spiritual bases, but he HAMMERED the vampire rich over and over again.

So why was he doing this? In what cultural/religious context did Jesus witness the pig rich (always 1% or less) grind vulnerable and suffering humanity under their heels?

Jesus' heart went out to the poor in spirit (and pocket), and can there be any real doubt that he was crucified not for tinker toy theological reasons (who gives as rat's ass about geezer theology?), but because he got too close to the greed power structure of that time and culture?

The Romans didn't want to be bothered. Jesus was crucified by RICH PEOPLE because he was genuinely threatening their B.S. rationalizations for vampire greed.

In life it’s always wise to follow the money. For example, which current Washington lobby is the money, money, money lobby? No question, it's the neocon cabal (to which Paul Wolfowitz has just returned -- why are we not surprised?) which tries to buy off everyone and generally succeeds. Indeed, it has basically bought and paid for our Defense and State Departments. This money, money, money lobby is the dog relative to the foreign policy of the United States of America has been reduced to a pitifully obedient tail.

Same thing for other countries. Which country or countries are historically associated with money, money, money? Follow the money indeed. It sure doesn't take you to Africa, does it? It also doesn't take you to the no longer silent majority of middle and lower class American citizens who are paying for the Bush Oil Wars with family-destroying taxes and our children’s lives. It’s finally obvious to barnyard animals that the United States of American is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich.

Perhaps an alternative way to say this is which country or countries BENEFITED from 9/11? We all know the Repiglican Party benefited from 9/11, but what nation benefited from 9/11? Samo for who would benefit from invading Iran, most probably. And for that matter, who benefited from the probable assassination of honorable Senator Paul Wellstone and sending anthrax only to high profile Democrats?

Said still another way, the have and have not conflict is the ESSENCE conflict between Good and Evil.

This is all so simple. The Greek God like "haves", as Jesus saw so clearly, are incarnate evil! And so is any community or country whose God is money, since not all cultures obsess about money and try to integrate it into their infinitely hypocritical national religions.

Relative to this Heart of Darkness, nearly everything that passes for religion or politics is a smoke screen dreamed up by Greek God like elites to hide from view this planetary country club of multi millionaires and multi billionaires who are the literal God's of planet Earth.

Yes, there's also the sitcom of our ONE party system (i.e., the Democratic/Republican Party), and the religious fanaticism drivel that ALL Middle Eastern religions use to justify murder in the name of God.

Symptoms, side shows, static, smoke & mirrors . . .

Behind it all is the abomination: the have and have not abyss.

What to do, what to do? Are the elites simply hard wired into the human condition, like “death and taxes”? No, just because our ancestors resigned themselves to literal slavery since the beginning of recorded history, doesn’t mean we have to spend the rest of our lives bending over.

At least these last seven years have shown us with absolute certainty that neither politics nor religion will EVER help us, since they are part of the problem, not the solution.

More than anything else we have to soul challenge the psychotically evil rationalization that the have and have not abyss is in some way “acceptable”, since without such world wide acceptance, this Heart of Darkness evil would simply fall of its own weight.

Also, as long as we continue to buy into crap like “Divine Right” or “Manifest Destiny” (or neocon lies about 9/11 and preemptive Oil Wars!), we too are more part of the problem than the solution.

And the solution?

Hard ball. What else?

Or in the words of the eloquent and passionate environmentalist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, “See you on the barricades” (7/10/07)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Politics without spirituality is trying to wipe off blood with blood

It's time to put to bed once and for all the foolishness of discounting spirituality in the name of political activism.

Political activism has its place. Yes, the petitions help (we hope!) and so do demonstrations and getting out the vote. 2006 was a "failure" not in the sense of explaining away the heroic efforts to support liberal/progressive candidates, but only in the sense that nearly all of the allegedly liberal/progressive candidates turned out to be closet Republicans. In short, 2006 proved beyond of shadow of a doubt that we have a ONE party system, i.e., the Democratic/Republican Party. Diaper dems and Nazi pugs are two sides of the same coin and political activism turned out to be much ado about nothing.

In spiritually, this can be related to the ultimate mystery of liberation. In Buddhism the 2nd of the 4 Noble Truths is Trishna or "craving" and desire and a Reader's Digest understanding of this mystery is that liberation (or nirvana) is the ending of craving and desire. Ergo, we desire not to desire.

Doesn't work.

Said differently, the blind siding truth is that human misery is not a nightmare from which the dreamer finally "awakes" (Enlightenment), but that the dreamer IS ITSELF the nightmare. We are not what wakes up from the nightmare, "we" are what's being waked up from by that which is more real than our driver's license self-image. The "thinking about point of view" is not what finally thinks it all though. The thinking about point of view (i.e., ego/personality) is a flame which is blown out and what's left is that which was never not there in the first place.

Nothing is obtained because there isn't any obtainer.

Back to politics. Trying to change the political world is typically merely a variation OF the political world. It's like trying to fall asleep. Trying to fall asleep (as some of you many have nervously found out) never "causes" falling asleep. Trying to fall asleep is simply an odd way of staying awake. And forget trying to stop the trying, since that will lead you even deeper into an entrapping vicious circle.

CAN the trying stop? Yes, but not by you. Once again "you" are not the problem solver but the problem itself.

So where does this leave us? It probably leaves us in misery until and if there is the realization that there isn't any "we".

Admittedly, connecting all this with "political" vicious circles is not obvious, but it exists for all that. Some truths do not come cheap since they necessitate a quantum jump away from consensus reality (the orient's "maya").

In consensus reality, liberation is "achievable" and political problems can be "solved", but this presupposes achievers and solvers and precludes dimensions infinitely more vast that these delusional identities.

It's more than semantics to say that political activism works great so long as it's not the production of "political activists".

Spirituality is not out there in the metaphysical boonies. It's the soul of everything and egocentric political activism (ironically and tragically) is the ultimate fail safe of political evil.

And speaking of evil, let's remember that "rich people" (to say it simplistically) were the abomination of evil for Jesus Christ. Indeed, that's probably why he got crucified. Not for BORing theological reasons, but because he got too close to the greed power structure of that culture when he whipped the money changers out of the "temple".

In any event, Jesus saw the Earth's Greek God like elites as the incarnate devils of human existence. Remember his preaching that it's harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle? Jesus ABHORRED the elites and most of his sermons were about the poor in spirit (and pocket) and the limitless cruelty of the pig, pig rich (are you listening Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch, sexist Saudi princes, the Bush Royal Family, and multi billionaires of BOTH political parties)?

The supreme social truth of our species is that the ultimate killing floor of human existence is a planetary country club of astronomically rich vampires of greed! That probably should be said about fifteen times. Forget politics and institutional religions as they are now and always have been merely bought and paid for monkey servants of the Earth's Greek God like elites.

Hence transcendental spirituality is really the only game in town, since (and this is where Marx dropped he ball) political revolutions are typically bought off and/or quickly morph into just a new variation of the same evil theme. This may be a source some debate, but history has shown us that political revolutions generally turn out to much ado about nothing.

Indeed, even our own courageous revolution gradually (inevitably?) led us to contemporary America -- which a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich.

But what about transcendental spirituality? Is it merely abstract and academic? Is it talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

No, it is beyond even walking the walk, since it is an "altered state" of human consciousness from which the consensus games rules of ego/personality identity and the social structures that NECESSARILY GO WITH those identities dissolve.

The essence of evil on this planet are greed vampire elites and the essence of a greed vampire is limitless egocentricity. Hence, if wisdom cuts off the identity head of the snake, the body of Greek God Civilization (or the lack of it) dies as well.

Wisdom "acts". Hence the missing revolution is not social/political, but spiritual/psychological.

Delusion is the true God of planet Earth . . . but it can be transcended.


Ps: Science can be another wonderful mode of transcendence if we really “take in” such reality/facts as the dinosaurs REALLY DID rule this planet for millions (yes, millions) of years and/or Mars is “actually out there” and there’s no arrowheads or paperclips under that red sand (and it doesn’t call itself “Mars”) and/or the quantum soup is turning out to be an n-dimensional Alice in Wonderland (where things are too boggling to be scary). Even taking it in there’s some specific, simultaneous sperm whales now swimming in the North Atlantic that are not thinking about us and never will be thinking about us and who are JUST AS REAL as we are, gives us pause. Plus, “thinking” is probably not a concept that has anything to do with their reality anyway.

And speaking of thinking, please note that you never think about what you think about before you think about it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Voice crying in the wilderness . . .

The one (and only) good thing to come from the Bush/Republican/DLC horror show of the last 7 years is that everyone on the planet now knows America is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich.

Some things in life are so ultimate and terrifying they are not admitted into human consciousness. Death is probably the number one reality which each of us is pretending will happen only to the other guy.

But the funny thing about denial is that you have to know what to deny. Denial of death, for example, doesn't "save us" from death; it's much more subtle than that. It's really a kind of double pretending. First we pretend we're not going to die, and then we pretend we're not pretending that we're not going to die.

Indeed, death for Freud was the "reality principle", i.e., not to come to terms with death is not to come to terms with reality itself. However, the heart of this writer feels that death is not the number one repression of our species.

No, our NUMBER ONE repression is the unimaginable agony and sorrow of the human condition. I think (please indulge the first person pronoun -- it's just a semantic convenience) if we opened our hearts to the suffering in, say Africa, our spirits would be burned to a cinder. God in heaven, those diseased and starving children and the monstrous scourge of aids (for openers) is a tsunami of misery that would break the heart of a God.

And beyond Africa is the Middle East and the loathsome clash of religious fanatics. May I say just as bit more? I don't want to short circuit this communication before it gets started, but there's also America's homeless (so greatly increased during the last 7 years) and untreated American patients who no longer have heath insurance, all thanks to the heartless greed of Bush/Republicans.

Also, the obscene rape of Mother Nature by Texas energy companies and the mortal sin abandonment of New Orleans.

Oh, the list is endless. It is literally endless. And it's a variation of suffering (human and otherwise) that is beyond anything we can cope with.

Like many of you, this author is quasi religious (may I put it like that?), but I think if we need a God for anything it's to protect us from opening our hearts too widely to the bottomless pain and sorrow of our human brothers and sisters. Some of us can endure an afternoon in a cancer ward for children, or being around broken middle and lower class families who have taken up the tax burden for the pig, pig rich and who are now supporting (with taxes and their children's lives) the Satanic Oil Wars of the Bush/Republican Administration, but such moral, spiritual heroes are few and far between.

We have learned during these last 7 years that politics is part of the problem. We will get no help from our ONE party system, i.e., the Democratic/Republican Party.

We have also learned that institutionalized religion is the bought and paid for lackey of Greek God like elites. This isn't only apparent in duh-brained religious cults like Armageddon twits who actually think the Earth is going to go boom in the next week or two, it's equally true for infinitely self righteous Zionists, the "invisible" Catholic Church (which never takes a moral stand about ANYTHING), and the Muslim "holy warriors", that ultimate contradiction in terms. A plague on all these murder in the name of God houses.

But the repression, the core, core repression of the human race which even surpasses our terror of death is what?

Oh how easy to talk about this infinitely self evident (and hence so easily repressed) truth. The core repression of the human condition is the infinite injustice between the "haves" and the "have nets".

Old fashioned language or not, this is the very heart and soul of human existence. The pig, pig rich are the literal devils of human existence and for every Paris Hilton, there are (and necessarily are!) thousands of compensating starving and dying children. This 1% (or less) of the human race is the nadir, the essence, the killing floor of civilization.

If this discrepancy between a worldly country club of individuals who spend more money on their clothes in an hour than most of us spend on our children's health in a lifetime did not exist, EVERYONE on planet Earth would have more than enough wealth to lead totally health-protected, limitlessly educated, nature nourishing, and spiritually liberated lives.

This is the horror of it. There's FAR more wealth than the human race needs to make the Earth a veritable Garden of Eden with a Camelot central agency to deal with the vast pragmatic of social existence. The Holy Grail is HERE; we don't have to find it, we just have to rip it away from Exxon, the Bush/Saudi Royal Family, Rupert Murdoch filth machines, and vampire Texas energy corporations.

Enough already with "compensatory spirituality", i.e., making the best of a bad situation. How about AGGRESSIVE spirituality! How about taking back our God given and Constitutional birthright from these bloated Greek God elites ANY WAY WE CAN?

Remember, institutional religion and political games are meaningless smoke screens invented by the Greek God elites to delude the other 99% of the human race that we have to be either be low class commode cleaners (Democrats) or high class commode cleaners (Republicans), but in the Heart of Darkness center of EVERYTHING live astronomically rich PARASITES who pull the strings of nearly everything which has happened to your life, or which is happening in your life, or will happen to your life -- and the lives of your children.

Thus, this is the core repression of the human race. It’s not even death. It's not "acknowledging" and DEALING WITH the incarnate evil of have and have not injustice.

The time has come to quantum jump away from the obedient monkeys of institutionalized religion and one party political systems (all countries basically have one party systems) into new and effective ways of tearing the wealth away from vampire elites. But we will NEVER do this so long as we rationalize away the infinite injustice and unfairness of multi millionaires and multi billionaires.

Lastly, we should stop forgetting that the number one thing Jesus Christ preached to the world is exactly what this piece is humbly trying to say. Who did his heart go out to? Sexist Saudi “princes”, blood sucking CEO's, the GOP (Greed on Parade). No, it was the poor in spirit and pocket! Jesus MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE passionately condemned the injustice of the have and have not anguish.

So why don't religious cult fanatics ever talk about what made Jesus weep? He weeps for the horrors inflicted upon the defenseless middle and lower classes. And much more, he weeps for the millions of people literally dying like dogs of starvation and disease all over our bleeding planet BECAUSE OF Greek God elites.

Behind the sound of fury signifying nothing are gargantuanly rich human pigs. As it was in the beginning, is now, and SHOULD NOT be in the future.

The choice is ours. It always has been. It's time moral rage. It’s time to find NON religious, NON political ways to scourge the Earth of the “Vampires of Have”.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Let's examine why the pugs totally dropped the Internet ball

While the pugs were busy buying up the souls of the Judas media, the Internet stayed well beyond their reach. They tried, of course, to stifle the net, and they even tried when their tide was in, but they failed abjectly. Thus, this brand new brain and consciousness of the human species is alive and well as we speak.

The Internet has turned out the be the trump card of ethical/rational civilization. It is increasingly the cutting edge of human culture and a planet-sized garden for liberal/progressive values.

So why did the pugs not see this?

Probably, it's partly an IQ thing. Of course, extrapolating from George Bush is like extrapolating from a wet book, but it is correct to see him as at least a symptom if not a cause of the neocon/Nazi (odd combo, don’t you think?) juggernaut.

Fascism, by definition, is addiction to the status quo, and the net flies through status quos like a hot knife through butter.

The Bush/Republicans (and closet Democratic/Republicans, i.e., roughly 95% of the Democratic Party) have neither the subtlety nor the skills to rise to the challenge of the net. But more importantly, since the net is a glorified town hall meeting, these fascist types were unconcerned since they believed (and still believe!) that the traditional media is social communication at its best. In other words, straight Gobbles propaganda tactics.

However, MILLIONS of Americans have abandoned the traditional media for the same reason they have abandoned the establishment Democratic Party; hence, the assumption (by the pugs and DLC dems) that ONLY the corporate media can be the eyes and ears of the electorate on the world is now absurdly laughable.

Who needs it: We've got the Internet.

Democracy (REAL democracy, not dem/pug democracy) and the net are different variations of the same theme. For you those of you who think a prayer of gratitude is appropriate, we will pause for a prayer . . .

Also, it isn't merely wishful thinking to think that if the net can save us from the Democratic/Republican Party, it can do the same for 80 IQ religious nut cases, e.g., Armageddon types who think the world is going to go boom in a week or two, which would be comic relief if there weren't so bloody many of them -- these perennial termites of civilization.

The point is communication is knowledge and knowledge is power, and the net is expanding into modes of communication which will soon make newspapers and television museum piece irrelevancies.

Said differently, imagine what the world would like right now WITHOUT the net. God forbid, 95% of the traditional media would be like Fox Snooze and "Clear Channel". In short, Murdoch vomit. Hey, if that's basically all we had to read and see, imagine how deep in the pit of despair we would all be, much less our cowardly fence sitting neighbors. It would be like time warping back into Nazi Germany prior to and during WW2.

Happily, this is merely a horrific fantasy, since we DO have the net and it may well save us not only from the dempug party and duh-brained religious fanatics, but perhaps the interactive chemistries released from the networking of literally billions of people may accomplish what history has forever denied the human race, i.e., liberation from the Earth's Greek God like elites, e.g., Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch, the Bush/Saudi Royal family, etc.

The history of humanity is the history of the 1% (or less) vampire rich draining the blood of Mother Nature and all the rest of the human race. Will the Internet lead to our salvation from these infinitely self centered multi millionaire and multi billionaire greed machines? Please remember, that for every Paris Hilton, there’s thousands (tens of thousands?) of children living in misery and/or literal starvation.

Once thing is certain. The Greek Gods are a luxury our planet can no longer afford and the more this unconditional truth is networked to the human species at large, is the more billions of us will be empowered to know that we CAN and MUST take our planet back. How? That remains to be seen, but this pig rich cancer at the center of human existence has got to go and we have very little time left in which to remove it.

Ironically, there is one thing and one thing only which will keep us from claiming our God given and Constitutional birthright. And that is to bleat like sheep and agree that our very bones, tissues, and children are the legal property of people who spend more money on their clothes in an hour than most of us do on our children’s health in a lifetime.

This have and have not infinity of injustice has to stop. A species that collectively permits such injustice will inevitably become extinct. Evolution will select it out. It’s democracy or death for us all.