Monday, July 2, 2007

Let's examine why the pugs totally dropped the Internet ball

While the pugs were busy buying up the souls of the Judas media, the Internet stayed well beyond their reach. They tried, of course, to stifle the net, and they even tried when their tide was in, but they failed abjectly. Thus, this brand new brain and consciousness of the human species is alive and well as we speak.

The Internet has turned out the be the trump card of ethical/rational civilization. It is increasingly the cutting edge of human culture and a planet-sized garden for liberal/progressive values.

So why did the pugs not see this?

Probably, it's partly an IQ thing. Of course, extrapolating from George Bush is like extrapolating from a wet book, but it is correct to see him as at least a symptom if not a cause of the neocon/Nazi (odd combo, don’t you think?) juggernaut.

Fascism, by definition, is addiction to the status quo, and the net flies through status quos like a hot knife through butter.

The Bush/Republicans (and closet Democratic/Republicans, i.e., roughly 95% of the Democratic Party) have neither the subtlety nor the skills to rise to the challenge of the net. But more importantly, since the net is a glorified town hall meeting, these fascist types were unconcerned since they believed (and still believe!) that the traditional media is social communication at its best. In other words, straight Gobbles propaganda tactics.

However, MILLIONS of Americans have abandoned the traditional media for the same reason they have abandoned the establishment Democratic Party; hence, the assumption (by the pugs and DLC dems) that ONLY the corporate media can be the eyes and ears of the electorate on the world is now absurdly laughable.

Who needs it: We've got the Internet.

Democracy (REAL democracy, not dem/pug democracy) and the net are different variations of the same theme. For you those of you who think a prayer of gratitude is appropriate, we will pause for a prayer . . .

Also, it isn't merely wishful thinking to think that if the net can save us from the Democratic/Republican Party, it can do the same for 80 IQ religious nut cases, e.g., Armageddon types who think the world is going to go boom in a week or two, which would be comic relief if there weren't so bloody many of them -- these perennial termites of civilization.

The point is communication is knowledge and knowledge is power, and the net is expanding into modes of communication which will soon make newspapers and television museum piece irrelevancies.

Said differently, imagine what the world would like right now WITHOUT the net. God forbid, 95% of the traditional media would be like Fox Snooze and "Clear Channel". In short, Murdoch vomit. Hey, if that's basically all we had to read and see, imagine how deep in the pit of despair we would all be, much less our cowardly fence sitting neighbors. It would be like time warping back into Nazi Germany prior to and during WW2.

Happily, this is merely a horrific fantasy, since we DO have the net and it may well save us not only from the dempug party and duh-brained religious fanatics, but perhaps the interactive chemistries released from the networking of literally billions of people may accomplish what history has forever denied the human race, i.e., liberation from the Earth's Greek God like elites, e.g., Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch, the Bush/Saudi Royal family, etc.

The history of humanity is the history of the 1% (or less) vampire rich draining the blood of Mother Nature and all the rest of the human race. Will the Internet lead to our salvation from these infinitely self centered multi millionaire and multi billionaire greed machines? Please remember, that for every Paris Hilton, there’s thousands (tens of thousands?) of children living in misery and/or literal starvation.

Once thing is certain. The Greek Gods are a luxury our planet can no longer afford and the more this unconditional truth is networked to the human species at large, is the more billions of us will be empowered to know that we CAN and MUST take our planet back. How? That remains to be seen, but this pig rich cancer at the center of human existence has got to go and we have very little time left in which to remove it.

Ironically, there is one thing and one thing only which will keep us from claiming our God given and Constitutional birthright. And that is to bleat like sheep and agree that our very bones, tissues, and children are the legal property of people who spend more money on their clothes in an hour than most of us do on our children’s health in a lifetime.

This have and have not infinity of injustice has to stop. A species that collectively permits such injustice will inevitably become extinct. Evolution will select it out. It’s democracy or death for us all.