Sunday, December 31, 2006

Green Blood

the trees explode silently


from sidewalks which undergird our unjournyings

like submissive poodles fat women wear at length.

exhaust perfumed and feeble leaved

they worship the darkness above our gummy paths

and dream of sidewalk less, arbor nirvanas

or facing Olympian storms without intermediaries.

the calling river sinews through buildings

not made by elephants or lived in by angels

and hurries to where not all of it can ever be at the same time

while a dead spirited teenager

hoping for lifetime elusive vindication

answers by crumbling into lung filled oblivion.

the crashing of thunder during Saturday afternoon baseball games

fries other fish

and yesterday's urgencies sing no songs for this tumbling journeyer

into the swirling substance of sorrowlessness.

a child at last.

these cities of man blink at the universe

with Edison eyes

and are rained on from sky heights of unconstructed electricity’s

which illuminate and frighten the animals below.

Opus 66

a yellow wooden pencil
tube like
and pointed at one end
rubbery and red at the other
is surprisingly hexagonal.

the black lead peeks out uncertainly
waiting to serve some purpose
unknown to its imprisoned
eraser head.

the marriage between the eraser
and the pipe of lead
within the trunk of wood
is discreetly hidden
by a thin metal crown.

this pencil has already lost it's virginity
leaving thin marks intelligible to something

it's larger than an ant,
and smaller than an elephant,
but then so are a great many things.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Achilles' heel of American corporate fascism is BOYCOTTS, BOYCOTTS, & MORE BOYCOTTS

OK, we did the political thing. Progressives and liberals got the Congress back in 2006 and kudos’ to us!

But three desperately important (and related) things we also learned during these six horror show Bush/Republican years are:

(l.) Politics ain't enough! Indeed, wishful thinking notwithstanding, politics is now more part of the problem than the solution to our dying Constitutional Republic.

(2.) We've also realized with absolute certainty that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich. Time to stop all the lies, games, and propaganda crap. FACT: less of 2% of our country is making fools and servants out of all of the rest of us. However, Bush allowed the vampire rich to come too far out into the daylight, and now we can see blood on the lips of these astronomically rich elites, e.g., the Bush (alias Saudi) Royal Family.

(3.) The 3rd and logistically critical political realization is that America's dem centrists (e.g., the DLC, Carville/Clintons, Joe Lieberman, etc.) are mere lackeys of the pig, pig rich. In other words, the "centrists" (what a laugh!) constantly suck up to their multimillionaire and billionaire masters. To say it straight out, these collaborators with the vampire rich are the mortal enemies of the middle and lower classes. Hey, that's us, you know -- the 98 plus percent.

So, what to do, what to do?

One thing is to see dem centrists for what they are, i.e., revolting court jesters of the pig, pig rich.

Another thing is put on our thinking caps and find NON POLITICAL ways to save our country. Yes, the 2006 midterms went pretty well, so we do have a few political hand holds for a change, but that's not going to be nearly enough since the vampire rich are going to massively counter attack between now and 2008.

As we all know, they control the Judas media, so forget these pseudo "journalists". Fox Snooze, "Clear" Channel, etc. Barf bags aren't the solution anymore.

We need to build on our fragile political gains and to borrow a comic phrase: AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

You know, we really do have a secret weapon (with a money back guarantee) which will absolutely bring down corporate fascism. We really do, but it will take colossal internet networking to make it work.

It's boycotts, my friends, boycotts, boycotts, and so help me God, still more boycotts. What's the soft underbelly of the Bush/Cheney energy companies? You know, the companies whose profits have gone up SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT. Frankly, I don't know anyone in the middle or lower classes (the 98 plus percent again) whose income has gone up several hundred percent. Do you?

Anyway, the exquisite irony is that these vampires need us! Clear Channel would tank if we got key advertisers to stop their accounts. And why would they do that? Because we had a nation wide network of American citizens who stopped using the products of anyone who advertised on Clear Channel (or Fox Snooze).

Yes, it would be gigantic mess to get this off the ground. Granted, it would be a virtual political moon shot. Very, very delicate and complicated at the beginning, but if enough of us keep hammering at this theme, and FOLLOWING THROUGH with the network agreed upon boycotts, I think the extent of the healing of America would be quasi miraculous.

We can bring this vampire oligarchy to its knees with a one/two punch of continued political gains AND a national, internet procedure for systematic boycotts.

Hey, my friends, I'm groping here, but I KNOW this would work, and I think most of you do too. The thing now is not to let this logistic flame go out. Some of you computer pros (who can certainly run circles around me), what do you think? If it was ever life and death time to collectively brainstorm about our beloved country, this may be it!

We can boycott these evil pigs at the same time we continue our political activism (e.g., politically work to tax the living shit out of them), and then maybe, for the first time, the American Dream will be a reality.

Thanks for listening to my SOS. To end on a terrible cliché, "If there's a will, there's a way".

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 Happy Thoughts for 2007!

(1.) We won the 2006 midterms! Let's say that again. We won the 2006 midterms!

(2.) The Internet is blossoming with liberal/progressive sites in which we now hold virtual Town Hall meetings. Plus, we no longer need the Judas media, since these sites keep millions of liberal/progressives instantaneously informed and interconnected.

(3.) A kind of "awakening" is that dem centrists are finally seen by most of us to be part of the problem, not the solution. The DLC has trained the court jesters of the pig, pig rich (of BOTH parties) long enough. Now we see them for what they are, i.e., traitors to the middle and lower classes. Are you listening, Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman?

(4.) The midterms also gave us committees with the constitutional and legal power to dig into the TRUTH of these last six, monstrous Bush/Republican years. For example, why did George Bush darkly “allow” 9/11 happen in the first place? And whatever happened to that original coterie of “advisors” lead by Paul Wolfowitz (remember Mr. Smug?) who buried America’s foreign policy in these quicksand wars? It's also reassuring to remember that these committees are headed by some our most honorable and courageous Democratic representatives.

(5.) Another "awakening" is that Bush/Republican greed went SO FAR beyond what was formerly accepted (and hidden), that Americans (of both parties) are finally beginning to realize that America is a Dictatorship of the Rich. The Bush (or is it Saudi?) Royal Family is simply one of the 2% vampires of greed who literally "own" our country. So long as this truth was hidden (remember, vampires need to live in the dark!), they could drain the blood of America unnoticed, BUT the 98% is starting to genuinely realize that the 2% pig, pig rich are making fools and servants of all the rest of us (the 98%).

(6.) NO ONE ON THE PLANET EARTH TAKES GEORGE W. BUSH SERIOUSLY ANYMORE. Not even his family. And certainly not his political party which sees him as a stinking, living millstone around their neck. He may walk around and practice his smirk, but he doesn't fool barnyard animals anymore. We're getting a taste of how history is going to classify this man, i.e., as a brain dead, war mongering religious fanatic whose true God is money and oil -- in other words, dirty money.

(7.) Karl Rove is becoming a nonentity. Remember him, the "genius" (woo! woo!) of the pugs. Not too much press about Karl these days, is there? I guess he flunked out in 2006.

(8.) And of course not to forget Dick Cheneyburton (often confused with a dyspeptic walrus). Alas, he's still out there, dreaming up his own special horrors for planet Earth, but he too has lost all semblance of national respect. After shooting his buddy in the face and then blaming HIM for standing in the way (!), most people now think of the VP as a fat, aging psycho.

(9.) And it breaks your heart, but even Jeb Bush said the other day he doesn't have any political future. Maybe he would have had a better chance if Florida hadn't had all those rigged elections under his watch. What goes around comes around?

(10.) Lastly, Al Gore still keeps hinting he may run in 2008 after all. What could be more historically perfect and just? Full circling back to the scene of the crime which happened BEFORE 9/11.

(11.) And I know this is # 11, but Peace on Earth to all men and women of good will, i.e., still most of the human race.

Monday, December 25, 2006

If this isn't a Class War, then what the bloody hell is it?

Family systems folks in psychology used to talk about "the elephant in the living room" and the elephant was, variously, an abusive husband, a drug addicted wife (cigarettes, maybe?), a sleeping around spouse, etc., etc.

In any case, it was an exceptionally clever and subtle idea because it reminded us that monster sized problems can be collectively swept under the rug. They even had a name for the key-under-the-rug-sweepers, namely "enablers".

What was so powerful and healing about this analysis was that it made challengingly clear that dealing with the elephant without dealing with the elephant's enablers WAS JUST MORE ENABLING.

Sound familiar?

So, what's the elephant in our nation's living room? The answer to that question is exactly the same as the answer to what is what is the United States of America most in denial about?

The answer, alas, is that we are living in a Dictatorship of the Rich (fancy name: oligarchy). Said differently, America IS a Dictatorship of the Rich. Period.

Not to see this is not to see the sun.

Recent studies have shown that around 2% of the planet controls most of the wealth. So if it's any consolation, dictatorships of the rich are the rule and not the exception.

So here we are, the non 2%, the so called middle and lower classes, cleaning out the commodes of the Bush (alias, Saudi) Royal Families.

A Dictatorship of the Rich is an exact continuation the brutish Middle Ages with their Greek God like Royalty and the necessary serfs, peons, suckers, and slaves -- someone has to clean out the commodes.

OK, now let's talk about enabling. Why do we (i.e., the 98%) keep putting up with this handful of multimillionaires and billionaires? Or, to stick with our metaphor, why do we keep enabling these American Greek Gods?

Before proceeding, we should acknowledge that when it comes to American Greek Gods, there's just as many Democratic/Kennedy Royal Families as there are Republican/Murdoch Royal Families. Not to see this heartbreaking "bipartisan" fact is also not to see the sun.

Enabling is the little tap dance that distracts the family (or country) away from the elephant. That tap dance in America is called centrist politics. Think about enablers like Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton. That's centrist politics, these greased pigs of the Democratic Party who are the absolute and mortal enemies of ethical idealism and scientific rationality, i.e., those values and policies which were RESPONSIBLE FOR the midterm victories of 2006.

The wife with an abusive husband keeps the game going by pretending she really has some input into their "marriage". He, of course, bends over backward to perpetuate this illusion, but the reality is agonizingly otherwise. In spite of these pitiful rituals, he does WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS TO DO, WHENEVER THE HELL WE WANTS TO DO IT.

That's us. We're the enabling wife and Bush/Republicans and Greek God-like elites are doing WHATEVER THE HELL THE WANT TO DO, WHENEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO DO IT.

But what about politics, law, and the constitution? Isn't that supposed to protect us (remember, the 98%) from the vampire rich 2%.

Ideally, of course, yes, but perhaps the primary and secret function of politics is to perpetuate the illusion that we have genuine, citizen input into the social and financial dynamics of our county.

But do we? The DLC dem centrists are already doing their best to dilute and nullify all the progressive gains of 2006. It's like an abusive husband convincing (money talks!) some scum bag therapist to tell the wife that she should "compromise more".

Well, if the abusive husband represents the pig, pig rich and the scum bag therapist represents the dem centrists, then the beat up wife (or spouse of either gender) is US!

So how do we break this abuse machine? How do we resurrect the American Dream?

Back to reality, right? Well, no magic formulas, but surely first things first is to SEE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE. And that means coming out of denial about thinking of our country as a Democratic Republic.

In our dreams! Our country is light years away from being a Democratic Republic. Out country is a Dictatorship of the Rich and we should find non political strategies (e.g., national boycotts, demonstrations, etc.) to dramatically share our nation's vast wealth.

Of course, the giving-away-the-farm centrists would call this socialism, but doesn't Jesus Justice say it just as well?

In any event, AT LEAST we should be like an abused wife who when talking with a friend, suddenly glimpses that her husband (American elites) is a total monster.

It also helps to see that Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton types are just doors to the commodes.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

If Bush Jr. is Scrooge, the Bush Sr. should be Jacob Marley

Bush Sr.: Son, I have finally understood that rampant greed is a sin.

Bush Jr.: But I listen to a higher father who says greed is a virtue.

Bush Sr.: No, no, no! My lifetime has shown me that limitless avarice necessitates lying to the American people, which is contemptible and unpatriotic.

Bush Jr.: But my higher father says the end justifies ANY means.

Bush Sr.: And just what is your end in Iraq?

Bush Jr.: Iraq (and I can't understand why you don't already know this) is my Christian Crusade to kill off the Muslims . . . and appropriate their godless oil in the process.

Bush Sr.: But what about Iraqi children.

Bush Jr.: "Collateral damage". Yawn.

Bush Sr.: But what about all our young soldiers who are being massacred at ever greater rates.

Bush Jr.: You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. Yawn.

Bush Sr.: Tell me son, just between you and me, you don't REALLY believe in all that Armageddon crap, do you? You know, the Baptist Big Bang.

Bush Jr.: Get thee behind me Satan!

Bush Sr.: Hmmm. Son, how many fingers am I holding up?

Bush Jr.: Uh . . .

Bush Sr.: Well, let me try a different tack. You know your clerk Bob Cratchit is virtually your slave. Doesn't that bother you?

Bush Jr.: Is that his name? I just thought he was a subhuman centrist, and who better to clean out a multimillionaire’s commode?

Bush Sr.: I now doubt this will go very far, but did you know he has a crippled child, Tiny Tim, who is almost certainly going to die fairly quickly if he doesn't receive some medical help -- maybe from embryonic stem cell research?

Bush Jr.: Tiny Tim, huh? Is he a Palestinian?

Bush Sr.: No, he's just a suffering little boy without political connections.

Bush Jr.: Sounds like a Palestinian to me.

Bush Sr.: Sigh! Georgie Porgie, I was going to send 3 spirits to see you tonight. I thought they might help you to avoid the abyss, but now I realize that it would be an absurd waste of their time.

Bush Jr.: Are they white?

Bush Sr.: Oh my goodness . . . goodnight, Georgie Porgie. And good luck America!

Bush Jr.: Jeez, creeping Alzheimer’s'.

Tiny Tim: God bless us all every one.

God: . . . get serious.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


It's already obvious that Carville/Clinton/Liebermann centrists are giving away the Constitutional farm.

Gee, who's talking about impeachment these days, or getting out of Iraq QUICKLY? Certainly not the Democratic heads of the House or Senate. Hey, Nancy P., remember Iraq? And remember all that jive progressive talk you did before we (i.e., the progressives) handed you the house?

So, what's the deal? Two steps forward and three steps backward?

And how many more lectures do we have to hear about how political "realism" equals bipartisanship centrism? Hey, that's just samo, samo talk from American elites, i.e., those dem multimillionaires and billionaires who belong to exactly the same country clubs as pug multimillionaires and billionaires.

So, here's the deal. The Little Red Hen of progressives and "populists" won the 2006 midterms, but the dem lackeys of the American pig rich are trying to steal all the bread we baked.

So, did 2006 really happen or not? Did we or did we not play the game by the rules and did we or did we know kick out quantities of Bush/Republican fascists? Of course the answer is yes to both, but we underestimated the God-like power of America’s mega rich.

And while we're at it, who's still talking about the Israeli/Palestinian metastasized cancer these days? Jimmy Carter wrote a book about it. Perhaps our quintessential elder statesman didn't walk that razor's edge entirely successfully, but AT LEAST he reminded us that both Palestinians and Israeli's are still living in horror. All the statistics are now showing that, if anything, that mutual cancer is WORSE, not better.

The point is, the Middle East is a collective toilet of religious fanaticism and human misery, but centrists will enable those conflicts (i.e., wars) to continue indefinitely, because a centrist by definition is a "non boat rocker". But since our ship of state continues to rapidly sink, it's now or never time for MAJOR boat rocking.

OK, the big picture is now very clearly in focus. The pig, pig rich (of BOTH parties) are all of a piece with centrists (of BOTH parties). Said differently, centrism is fascism light, since the name of their game is to protect the reality/world of America's astronomically rich (say, the top 2 percent). In other words they are the political court jesters of American Royalty.

Yes, 2006 moved Democracy and the planet away from the certain death Bush/Republican waterfall, but 98% of the country is still being bled dry by vampire elites (e.g., the Bush Royal Family -- alias the Saudi Royal Family).

And who are the political "intermediaries" between the increasingly astronomical upper class of America and the increasingly victimized middle and lower classes. You guessed it! The "bipartisan centrists".

This scheme of things is like a perpetual motion machine. The 2% pig rich will continue to make fools out of the 98% via their centrist political stooges, until and if we work out how to break their machine.

Is this impossible? Certainly not. We can boycott (our chief unplayed trump card!), we can elect even more liberal candidates next time (2008 comes to mind!), and we can continue to keep having our "town hall" meetings on rational and moral internet sites.

We have truth, science, and integrity on our side. And we are, after all, the huge majority of American citizens and voters. It's time for us all to become activists for America and the Earth.

The alternative is not only what was there before 2006 -- but what is STILL there in the form of elite-sucking-up dem centrists.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Preaching to the Democratic Choir is America's Salvation

Hey, who else are we going to preach to? Republican fascists or Fundamentalist fanatics?

Yes, we're preaching to "ourselves", but that's OK, since it keeps us on point and mega motivated. And most critically of all, it keeps us in touch with each other.

I still vividly remember what it was like during those few months after 9/11. There was preaching alright, but it was from the scum bags who criminally allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place! Remember, it took us awhile to discover that Fox Snooze, "Clear" Channel, and the American media in general were now more part of the problem than the solution.

Then for the next two years (roughly) we were in a journalistic vacuum. But gradually, gradually the internet sites began to appear and we discovered we were not alone. And we FINALLY had reliable sources of news and information.

The 2006 midterms would NEVER have happened without our passionate interconnectedness.

We started off something like the French underground during WW2, but look at us now. Burgeoning progressive/liberal internet sites in which we have nonstop "Town Hall" meetings.

Do we always agree? Of course not. But this several million person mass of instant communication is something brand new on America's political scene. In a sense, we have replaced the traditional press (alias, the Judas press), and in that sense we have become an ENORMOUS political presence in the political dynamics of our country. We have become, as they say, a "force to be reckoned with". The pugs didn't see us coming, but they'll never NOT see us in the future. It's called being in their face and they better get resigned to it.

In a propaganda dominated country, elections are moot. What counts is pseudo news dissemination. Everything else is shooting fish in a barrel.

But America is NO LONGER a propaganda dominated country. Sure, the Judas press keeps licking the boots of their masters, but we now have alternative new sources and ways we can interconnect about what's really going on. And FROM this news/communication revolution came the 2006 midterms.

Information is POWER. Communication is POWER.

So our "preaching" to each other isn't just ventilating frustrations and meaningless jabber.

Rather, it's a realistic and pragmatic way of playing the American political game more successfully.

We are no longer on the outside looking in.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is our new razor's edge between Carville/Clinton centrists and perfectionistic progressives?

OK, on the one hand we've still got Naderesque ideologue types who trashed the year 2000 Presidential election. Ralph Nader was a zero in touch with reality politician and most of us will NEVER go down that counterproductive road again!

On the other hand, we have the gutless Clinton/Carville DLC (Democratic "Leadership" Council) which is now and always has been Republican light.

And a plague on both their houses!

If the 2006 midterms showed us anything, it's that most (voting) Democrats want something SIGNIFICANTLY LEFT OF CENTER. Does that mean we have to get Nadirized again? Certainly not, but it does mean DLC talk of "compromise" and "bipartisanship" with the Bush/Republican neo Nazis is an obscenity.

Yes, we have to be pragmatic, but we also don't have to be "told" we have to be pragmatic by marshmallow centrists. Hey, Howard Dean was pragmatic. Duh. That's how we won the midterms.

So where's the razor's edge in all this?

SIGNIFICANTLY LEFT OF CENTER, that's where it is! Our lives, country, and planet are now on the line and what we want are policies and politicians who are neither counterproductively "ideological" nor closet Republicans.

However, this really isn't complicated. Centrists didn't win the midterms nor did spaced out intellectualizers. WE won the midterms and we know who we are.

So listen up centrists and perfectionists, we are going to follow through with the muscular, moral progressive agenda we VOTED FOR.

This truly is life and death time for our planet and country and, guess what? We ain't gonna be talked out of our victory.

So Republicans, centrists, and election-give-away Nader types, buzz off. The REALISTIC progressive agenda is on a roll and it's going to stay that way!

Viva America.

Monday, December 18, 2006

the maP

He found it in an old book at a used book store near the wharf in a seriously weird neighborhood, with yuppies and bums, Mercedes and skateboards. All the stores had bars on the windows. He never went there at night.

The paper had yellowed considerably, but it was still intact, missing a corner, illegible on the creases, but readable enough when spread out between demitasse and croissant. Julie joked about "buried treasure" and "X marks the spot", but there was no clue about what it referred to or how to get there. Nevertheless, he knew in his bones it was a map of something important and he could almost hear it calling, "Here, kitty, kitty! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!"

Before he fell asleep that night some door seemed to open into his world with an odd breeze blowing through it. This feeling was vivid, but he soon discounted it and watched the lights move on the ceiling as the cars passed his house, wondering why he had never noticed those glimmerings before.

Then he thought about the map and almost got up to look at it, but plumped his pillow instead, took a deep breath and anticipated the morning. The night wasn't finished with him and he woke smelling perfume in the air, something out of the ordinary, but pleasantly so, queerly and pleasantly so.

Later he went to the bathroom, voiding the wine he drank that evening (more wine than he was accustomed to drink) while pondering his unsatisfactory sex life. Julie was talking about marriage, but she never seemed to climax and this worried him considerably. Should I commit to someone who apparently doesn't care for sex, he pondered? In other respects they were compatible enough, but the erotic chemistry just didn’t seem to be there, which was OK now, since relationships can change like the seasons, but what about post wedlock/deadlock, he wondered.

However, these concerns, so heavily relevant, vanished as he flushed the toilet and wondered, not for the first time, about the counter clockwise turning of the water in the commode, remembering it had something to do with the rotation of the earth in the northern hemisphere. "Christ," he thought while putting himself back into his thongs, "what a tangle life is, and what's the story about that goddamn MAP?" He bumped into the doorjamb on the way back to the bed and didn't compliment God for it.

Sleep absorbed away his worries, but dreams nibbled at his psyche, dissolving momentum regularities, these dreams of the night, the dreams, the dreams, the dreams . . .

The alarum penetrated him like a spear, returning things to business as usual land. The map hadn't gone anyplace, so he picked it up, looking for hints of seabirds. Basically he hated his life, but didn't whine about it or dope away his frustrations. His life had become an ocean of cold oatmeal in which he was going down for the third time, so far from being annoyed with this cryptic paper visitor, he welcomed it like a starving tiger smelling fresh meat.

Something rustled in the other room, the kitchen probably, and he cocked his ear to locate the sound, but suddenly found himself on seashore at night, alone with the stars and the wind. He blinked, and was back with the map, which had become thicker and so dense with mass it was too heavy to hold, so he dropped it on the rug. "What the hell," he started to say, but then began to whistle Beethoven's Ode to Joy from the 9th symphony, he didn't know why. Anyway, he forgot the map and went to work with his pants unzipped, but whistling and happy.

"Uh, better check your crotch," tittered Julie as they met on the elevator on their way to work at the advertising company. "So what?", he said, protective of his manhood, but then caught his shirt in the zipper and had to walk to his office holding a folder in front of his pants with Julie smirking beside him.

"Well, TELL me, did you figure it out? Where and what's the treasure?" Julie waited until his office door was closed before asking her questions. "Jesus, I forget the goddamn thing," he replied, surprised at his spacing out, since he had planned to spend the morning surreptitiously examining the map.

The advertising business tumbles in skies of indifference, advertising nothing to nothing. And yet this story keeps emerging from the belly of an invisible spider, capturing mind flies.

That evening, they went to his apartment, anticipating food, sex, and the map, but the map had evolved in the meantime. When they opened the door the world wasn't there, something else was there . . . just like something else is here, but it never stands still long enough to end up thought's butterfly collection.

But wait, the story's not dead, stories are hard to kill, in fact they're almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill, these stories we whistle in the dark together, these stories dreams leave.

Julie examines the map, putting on the proof reading half glasses she uses at work. "You know, this has got to be a map of SOMETHING. I mean, that's what maps do, right, tell us how to get around in dark continents, how to find pots of gold, you know, and all that good stuff." He agreed and was surprised at their agreement, since they generally didn't agree about much of anything, but here, at least, they seemed to be of 'one mind' -- odd turn of phrase, he thought. "Well, enough of this prevaricating," he said, "let's kicks some ass!"

This shocked Julie a little, since he usually didn't talk like that, plus they really hadn't been prevaricating anyway, it's more like they were confused and disorientated. She didn't say anything, though, but folded the map and began to strip in front of him, slowly. And then they made love . . . oh, how they made love.

After love making everything was different. They looked at each other differently and their bodies seemed to glow in the dark. They were happy and happy together. Julie picked up the map and kissed it. "Why'd you do that," he laughed. "Beats me," she said, "I just felt like it." Then they made love again, surrendering to abandon, forsaking preconceptions, dying to time.

Story black holes emit what can never be found. Language is a fart of intelligence -- sweeter breezes blow. The map is whispering to us all. The advertising company can be left. Everything can be left, WE can be left.

When he took Julie home that night they looked at each other frequently. They didn't talk much, but held hands like the lovers they had finally become.

The next day the world balloon reinflated and Julie sucked her pencil, coining phrases for a new church account promoting drive up marriages. They both laughed at that and he suggested they set up a divorce vending machine across the street. They laughed a lot these days.

On the other side of the planet, a tsunami drowned over 300 people in one night, nevertheless Julie's car started the next morning and all the stop lights functioned on her way to work. When she learned about those tumbling, terrified, soon to be corpses she sighed with compassion.

A young man who drowned in the tsunami had made arrangements to come to the United States to enter a Buddhist temple in San Francisco. He had his ticket and was going to contact his family when he arrived, but the ocean intervened. As for the airline, his empty seat was a statistic, an unexpected bonus for the woman sitting next to it, ideal for carry on luggage and lap tops.

During much of the flight, the surface of the ocean was midway between the plane and the bottom of an ocean teeming with life forms indifferent to Wall Street, clock time, and synagogues.

Drowning is off the map -- but so is living when we're not in it. Mind trains have tracks only when we're on them. The problem is no one believes there aren't any maps, but that's ok too, since that's part of a map which isn't. Why throw life jackets to what's not in the water?

"Oh, can't you tell me anything," he entreats the map. The map exists. Julie lies intertwined with him that night and he sobs in their embrace. He says, "I know you've learned things from the map I haven't, my love, but I'm so afraid, I don't want to drown, I want to keep going on with things, I want to LIVE."

"Sweetheart," she whispers, "there's nothing to worry about, you've got to believe that. We're together, we've got the map, but you're mistaken if you think I've obtained some transcendental candy. That's just what I DON'T have. That's why I'm so happy."