Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Everything Game

What would you do if you began to realize you were playing a vast social/worldly game whose number one game rule was that the game wasn't a game at all?

The problem is how would you communicate this to the other game players? After all, wouldn't they be mystified or offended or even threatened if you suggested they were "lost in a game"?

Let's think of this as the "Everything Game", because it would be a game, so to speak, without boundaries. So long as you played the game, you would be defined by the game and you could never, never find any secret, hidden place within the game in which the game wasn't king.

Even if you tried to stop playing the game, that would just be a new variation of the game.

You could take drugs, go to Tibet, pray, meditate, be a scientist, whatever, whatever, but the Everything Game would always have the last laugh. Paying bills, getting into arguments, going to funerals, watching movies, fantasizing about the future, regretting the past, etc., etc. -- all Everything Game.

Now let's imagine that you woke up from this game, like waking up from a nightmare or a waking dream. You just "snapped out of it" and were living and breathing in a non game place or dimension.

In fact, what if the social/worldly game turned out to be "you"?

Then what?