Saturday, December 23, 2006


It's already obvious that Carville/Clinton/Liebermann centrists are giving away the Constitutional farm.

Gee, who's talking about impeachment these days, or getting out of Iraq QUICKLY? Certainly not the Democratic heads of the House or Senate. Hey, Nancy P., remember Iraq? And remember all that jive progressive talk you did before we (i.e., the progressives) handed you the house?

So, what's the deal? Two steps forward and three steps backward?

And how many more lectures do we have to hear about how political "realism" equals bipartisanship centrism? Hey, that's just samo, samo talk from American elites, i.e., those dem multimillionaires and billionaires who belong to exactly the same country clubs as pug multimillionaires and billionaires.

So, here's the deal. The Little Red Hen of progressives and "populists" won the 2006 midterms, but the dem lackeys of the American pig rich are trying to steal all the bread we baked.

So, did 2006 really happen or not? Did we or did we not play the game by the rules and did we or did we know kick out quantities of Bush/Republican fascists? Of course the answer is yes to both, but we underestimated the God-like power of America’s mega rich.

And while we're at it, who's still talking about the Israeli/Palestinian metastasized cancer these days? Jimmy Carter wrote a book about it. Perhaps our quintessential elder statesman didn't walk that razor's edge entirely successfully, but AT LEAST he reminded us that both Palestinians and Israeli's are still living in horror. All the statistics are now showing that, if anything, that mutual cancer is WORSE, not better.

The point is, the Middle East is a collective toilet of religious fanaticism and human misery, but centrists will enable those conflicts (i.e., wars) to continue indefinitely, because a centrist by definition is a "non boat rocker". But since our ship of state continues to rapidly sink, it's now or never time for MAJOR boat rocking.

OK, the big picture is now very clearly in focus. The pig, pig rich (of BOTH parties) are all of a piece with centrists (of BOTH parties). Said differently, centrism is fascism light, since the name of their game is to protect the reality/world of America's astronomically rich (say, the top 2 percent). In other words they are the political court jesters of American Royalty.

Yes, 2006 moved Democracy and the planet away from the certain death Bush/Republican waterfall, but 98% of the country is still being bled dry by vampire elites (e.g., the Bush Royal Family -- alias the Saudi Royal Family).

And who are the political "intermediaries" between the increasingly astronomical upper class of America and the increasingly victimized middle and lower classes. You guessed it! The "bipartisan centrists".

This scheme of things is like a perpetual motion machine. The 2% pig rich will continue to make fools out of the 98% via their centrist political stooges, until and if we work out how to break their machine.

Is this impossible? Certainly not. We can boycott (our chief unplayed trump card!), we can elect even more liberal candidates next time (2008 comes to mind!), and we can continue to keep having our "town hall" meetings on rational and moral internet sites.

We have truth, science, and integrity on our side. And we are, after all, the huge majority of American citizens and voters. It's time for us all to become activists for America and the Earth.

The alternative is not only what was there before 2006 -- but what is STILL there in the form of elite-sucking-up dem centrists.