Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is John McCain a wannabe Smirking Chimp?

The Smirking Chimp is a well known progressive internet site which takes its name from the unnerving facial (and mental) similarities between G Duhbya Bush and less evolved simian life forms.

Amazingly, everything John McCain is saying and doing these days seems like he's determined to be Smirking Chimp # 2.

For example, he's now the most pro Iraqi War congress person in Washington, constantly arguing for MORE not less troops in Iraq!

He also continues to suck up to the Christian Fundamentalists, clearly hoping to have them as his power base in the 2008 Presidential Election.

These and numerous other policy sell outs have turned him into a veritable clone of George W. Bush.

And (God help us) he's got his own version of that kiss of death "smirk". Like Bush, he just can't seem to help himself when he makes smug and smirking political pronouncements.

Clearly, McCain is the Republican version of that archetypal politician who will say and do ANYTHING to get elected, since most of what he says now is the precise opposite of values and views associated with him just a few years ago.

He apparently has undergone metamorphosis after metamorphosis until he was transformed into wannabe Smirking Chimp # 2.

Well, according to all the current polls and the devastating rejection of the Bush would be coup d'etat in the 2006 midterm elections, he's going to have that monkey see, monkey do smirk wiped off his face big time in 2008.

So, smirk it up while you can, John, but you would do well to notice that Smirking Chimp # 1 looks pretty dour these days. Maybe it's because he's lost most of his groomers.