Thursday, January 29, 2009

An avalanche of documentation that 9/11 was an “inside job” tip of an iceberg of monstrous, historical evil.

First, please check out the following recently submitted and excellent piece on Op-Ed News:

Second, check out this link to a former editor of Forbes, named Benjamin Fulford (a name we'll all undoubtedly be hearing much more from in the future).

If these links aren’t live on your system, please copy the addresses. If the Fulford address is significantly blocked as well, do a search on Benjamin Fulford (pieces, streaming videos, etc.).

Obama is playing with marbles if even a tenth of the above massively documented material is correct. Godspeed to his efforts, but if the ruling class of our country is not just business as usual corrupt, but pathologically and genocidally evil (as the above historical documentation effectively proves), then it’s time for the American consciousness to snap out of our Rip van Winkle coma and quantum jump to realistically acknowledge forces that infinitely transcend the sitcom game of politics.

Part (and only part) of what this material is forcing us to confront is the obvious and ominous truth that America is really a relatively small player in the vast human community of the Earth and we are getting VERY threatening signals from the Orient in particular that that they are SICK TO DEATH of the war mongering United States of America.

China, for example, is getting fed up with keeping the economy afloat of a country that, to paraphrase Keith Olbermann is now seen by humanity as “the worst country in the world” -- and unfortunately they’re talking about us (and our equally war mongering minion dependents).

So why are we like this and why are we so hated? Is it the American people? Have we suddenly mutated into illiterate barbarians? Fortunately, from the perspective of the above avalanche of facts, this is not how the Orient in particular sees us. Their anger is balanced with intelligence and they VERY CLEARLY understand that the going ballistic Have and Have Not horror in America is not only reducing America’s working class to cattle (or corpses), but is rapidly and devastatingly rippling out to trash the economies of ALL countries and irreversibly destroying the life and death ecosystems of the entire human race.

OK, now let’s think about this. The national/international elites (sometimes called the “Illuminati” – do a search on that one as well), are having their way with EVERYTHING (especially in America!), but this gaggle of multi millionaires and multi billionaires are perfectly described as metastasized cancers or vampires (take your pick) since either image captures the sense of miniscule (remember the elites are less than one percent of the human race) but horrifically toxic sub systems which are VERY rapidly killing their “host” – where host means both human civilization and the our increasingly decimated human environment.

So, this all means what? Apparently from the perspective of the rest of the planet, it means the Greek God like paradise of American elites (or Illuminati) is on the verge of being internationally “dealt with” financially and, if necessary, violently. Hell, the Chinese alone could bring us to our knees in a heartbeat if they called in all their loans . . . but calling in loans in the least of it.

The bottom line is very, very simple. The rest of the planet is coming to the end of their patience with war mongering countries, whether the wars are money cow oil wars for American elites, or murder in the name off God wars of sociopathic, religious fanatics.

Said differently, it seems most of the planet really wants peace. Unfortunately, Europe seems to be on the fence about all this, but not the Orient. And speaking of Europe, the Orient is also coming to the end of their patience about the UN. After all, they have most of the population AND MONEY of the planet, and yet they still are barely represented in this pseudo international organization.

Again, this is all so simple and plausible. How could it be otherwise? Does it really make sense that the VAST MAJORITY of the planet is just going to passively enable American elites to keep living like Greek Gods? Does it make any sense that the vast majority of the planet is going to passively allow American elites to extend their infinite greed into the economic destruction of basically all other countries? And most of all, does it really make any sense the vast majority of the planet is going to watch TV sitcoms while American elites (think Rockefeller, Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch etc.) literally DESTROY THE HUMAN ENVIRONMENT?

Bottom line, anyone who thinks the Orient in particular is gong to “enable” American elites to keep living like war mongering Greek Gods at the cost their own national economies and their very lives needs to see a psychiatrist.

In AAA, when things get bad enough, someone does an “intervention” and if the link material is mostly true, then we are on the verge of being “intervened on”. Appropriately, the ones who should worry the most about this are the elites/Illuminati, since if a monster is running amok and trashing human existence, the implied strategy is to cut off its head.

The elites may be able to “have their will” with us, but the time may be close when they are going to discover that they are not Greek Gods after all, but vulnerable, mortal human beings along with all the rest of human race.

An implied hopeful postscript is that IF the elites and war mongerers of all stripes (religious fanatics as well as greed vampires) realize how large is the Sword of Damocles that is hanging over their heads as we speak, they may come to their senses and realize that it is win/win for us all when human existence has a religiously unfanatical and financially level playing field.

The alternative may well be an enraged and imminent tsunami of “corrective planetary feedback”.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

When are we going to stop being the United States of the AIPAC?

First, let's get some things straight. The AIPAC doesn't lobby (i.e., "dictate") for the State of Israel; they lobby ONLY for the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel. Said differently, they lobby for a gaggle of extremist, billionaire religious fanatics.

Israel's Labor Party, for example, is certainly not “represented” by the AIPAC, nor are internet sites like J Street (among MANY others!) who passionately speak for that large and honorable part of the Jewish Community (in and out of Israel) who want to end the bloodshed with diplomacy and compromise – not the rationalized genocide of the AIPAC.

This matter would be basically insoluble if the war mongering AIPAC was the true and complete voice of Israel, but the good news is that they aren’t. Indeed, this incredibly costly smoke-screen illusion is their ultimate power -- not their blood money bribes of nearly our entire government or murder in the name of God “justifications”.

If and when Americans finally take it in that a relatively small number of VERY rich and VERY right wing Israeli's are controlling the entire Middle East through their bought and paid for control of America's foreign policy, we should feel an indescribable shame that we have allowed our country to be reduced to an obedient pit bull of a relative handful of elite/fundamentalists from ANOTHER COUNTRY!

Surely, once a critical mass of patriotic Americans finally wakes up and sees the "neocon cabal" for what they were (and still are), we will tell them to take their blood money bribes and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

My God, do we still even know how to spell words like morality and rationality (obviously, our mouse-souled congress doesn't!), at the same time we allow ourselves to be bought body and soul by these ultra right wing fanatics?

Also, we should also NEVER forget that the State of Israel DIDN'T EVEN EXIST before Palestine was "internationally raped" by paper decrees in 1948 (a carry over of the infinitely arrogant and genocidal “British Empire”) which told them their country was no longer their country, but a host, merely, for (surprise! surprise) “another country”.

However, they keep being punished for remembering that fact – although you can be certain that even after a thousand years they will never forget it.

The extra layer of this tragic and unending blood bath is that not only does the American Congress bend over on cue for the AIPAC, but this lobby continues to successfully propagandize the B.S. that they are lobbying for the entire State of Israel and the entire Jewish Community.

However, they are merely lobbying for THEIR OWN AGENDAS, just like the KKK or skin head fascists would be lobbying for their agendas if they had brainwashed the planet that they are "America's voice". America's voice, hell! They're just a bunch of immoral barbarians who represent only a miniscule percentage of Americans -- and exactly the same thing is true for the AIPAC

Our end of this is to realize that our (DLC = RNC) "government" has mostly sold their souls to the AIPAC, so dealing with this Heart of Darkness is going to have to come from apolitical, activist, patriotic Americans.

And oh yes, please don't be taken in by the everlastingly recycled rationalization that unless we let them TOTALLY dictate America's foreign policy, Israel will be pushed into the sea (their favorite image, for some reason). "Pushed into the sea?" I think not since they have intimidated our government to load them up with several times over more atomic weaponry than the entire Islamic world combined!

Self evidently, Israel should be vigilantly self protective about a nuclear attack, but how realistically probable is such an event, since half the planet would be decimated in mater of hours if any country was insane enough to attempt it -- thanks to the mountainous stockpiles of “made in America” atomic nukes, etc.

Hence, it’s imperative to see that's not the only issue and never has been. The “other” issue was put into words by someone who objected to a much milder submission of mine that (God forbid!) suggested some real world "diplomacy" instead of this endless, lose/lose carnage.

His response (you better sit down for this) was that if the Palestinians really wanted diplomacy, why doesn't another Arab country just take them all into their country? Duh!

So even though before 1948, Palestine was 100% PALESTINE, this self righteous (and haven’t you noticed that all AIPAC “justifications” are always nauseatingly self righteous?) psycho was saying they should all “just leave” so the country can be totally Israel.

Well, did the other shoe just drop and is THIS is secret agenda of the AIPAC?

Of course, none of this justifies murder in "either direction" (which is what makes it lose/lose for the pitiful political pawns of both groups), but it would be criminally naive to discount a TOTAL take over agenda of Palestine by extremist right wing Israeli's.

God willing, once Bush's "kill a Muslim for Christ" insanity no longer gives a green light to the AIPAC, Obama will supply a negotiated level playing field and this tragic horror show will finally come to some kind peaceful and even win/win resolution.

And THEN we'll kick the AIPAC out of America’s foreign policy decisions once and for all! Gee, wouldn't it be nice if AMERICAN'S determined their OWN foreign policy -- not a fraternity of billionaire religious fanatics from another country?

How ashamed our genius constitutional forefathers must be of us, since they constructed fire wall after fire wall to keep inviolate the Church and State separation, and here we are caving into exactly what they tried to protect us from -- except it's even worse since our government of elite dem/pug puppets (with courageous exceptions who prove the rule) keeps sucking up to an acronym from another country! Time to kick the bums out. Time to be AMERICANS again.

And time to give our very, very best shot to pouring oil on these infinitely troubled waters. My God, too much death, too much greed, too much mutual massacre . . . and too many dead and dying children.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Did national/international elites engineer 9/11?

Square one is to get it straight one and for all that "politics" isn't just more part of the problem than the solution. Politics IS the problem since it is now totally a dem/pug puppet game to protect and perpetuate America's Dictatorship of the Rich (aka, the elites, aka, the “Have’s”).

Want proof? Just look at the elite sucking up behavior of the 2006 Congress of DLC right wing dem traitors. This "Democratic" (what a laugh!) congress obeyed Bush's slightest whim even when his poll number were in the toilet.

Politics has been lovingly and elaborately constructed by the elites to give the peons, peasants, and slaves (now called the working class) the illusion that the will the people is manifested through their "elected representatives".

Remember, our founding father’s battle cry of "no taxation without representation" exactly addressed this issue. However, since DLC = RNC, and most dems are closet pugs, WE HAVE NO representation.

Obama, may or may not be a minor (at best) solution to this, but his appointments to date reek of elitism.

So, short of a literal revolution (which historically usually makes everything worse), what realistic options do Americans have, since politics, to borrow a turn of phrase from an ancient Zen Master, "is like washing off blood with blood".

So if politics IS the problem and if revolution isn't an acceptable alternative for most Americans, then how can we save our dying country and the life and death ecosystems of human existence?

Ironically, the most catastrophic event since the Civil War may be our only hope. And that event, of course, is 9/11.

Pretty much it comes down to are American's going to put up or shut up about 9/11?

Let's say this as objectively as we can. Do we KNOW 9/11 was an "inside job"? Well, clearly that depends on who you talk to and what evidence you're looking at, but we CAN say:

(1.) Millions of Americans already passionately believe it WAS an inside job. There are countless internet sites burgeoning with scientific evidence, on the spot observations, photographs and videos, etc., etc., that overwhelming indicate 9/11 didn't happen according to the Bush/fascist/Republican/neocon spin. Perhaps the most damming evidence are the videos that clearly show the two buildings imploded from WITHIN, and thus didn't crash and burn due to the impact of one relatively small plane (indeed, a “very” small plane compared to the mountainous towers). In short, they believe the atrocity was engineered by fascist puppets of the elites -- with probable international help.

(2.) There are ALSO millions of Americans who, whatever their reasons, think 9/11 was "probably" an inside job. For them, the jury is still out, but it wouldn't take many more facts and pictures to convince them 9/11 was an infinite treason.

(3.) And of course there are still many Americans who neither care nor believe 9/11 was an elite-generated inside job.

So back to the theme of this piece:

(1.) "Politics" is the will of the elites, not the will of the American people.

(2.) Yes, "revolution" has been a frequent medicine for political system/prisons which enslave the working class, but most Americans (as yet) are not willing to go there.

(3.) Hence, we need a solution which is neither political nor revolutionary and IF the truth of 9/11 is that it was an inside job engineered by national/international elites (who else?), than that monstrous truth will be the paradoxical salvation of America.

Just imagine it. Imagine the evidence becomes so conclusive (and for millions of Americans it already IS conclusive!), that as a nation we reach a critical mass of citizens who are deeply convinced that President Puppet Bush (and his puppets in tern) were actually responsible for the 9/11 horror, and that this horror was done merely for "political reasons", i.e., to save the Bush Administration from being flushed out of existence due his pre 9/11 damningly low poll numbers.

Notice, what we're talking about now has nothing to do with politics (forget Obama, etc.) or "revolutions". We're simply talking about a factually conceivable proof of an historical event.

It’s really impossible to take it in that if and when enough Americas DO believe 9/11 was the greatest treason in American history, the consequences of that belief will rock Jupiter.

Forget the elite dem/pug political system/prison. It will be totally disintegrated. It will have ceased to exist, along with the "Republican Party".

But most importantly of all will be what will happen if enough Americans discover that national/international elites were ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11? And relatedly, any international connection to 9/11 will also be disintegrated.

Talk about starting with a clean slate!

Alas, to the degree we successfully go down this road it will have be IN SPITE OF our elite puppet government which will do everything imaginable to stop our progress into finding and proclaiming the truth of 9/11.

So, how do we "coordinate" and fund such a massive research effort? Well, of course we do it ourselves, but unlike the peons, peasants, and slaves of yore, THIS TIME we have the internet and we know how to use it.

This piece, for example, is just a tiny step in the direction of the objective, historical truth of 9/11.

Indeed, the objective, historical truth of 9/11 is still our ultimately unplayed card. But if we keep pulling at these threads, revealing and discovering more and more, the elaborately elite-constructed veil will unravel and IF the "inside job" scenario turns out to be substantively verified, than God help the elites. And God help the Republican Party. And God help any nation who helped to engineer 9/11. And God help George W. Bush whose persona and memory will be patriotically defecated on for centuries as America’s archetypal traitor of the 3rd millennia.