Thursday, January 1, 2009

Did national/international elites engineer 9/11?

Square one is to get it straight one and for all that "politics" isn't just more part of the problem than the solution. Politics IS the problem since it is now totally a dem/pug puppet game to protect and perpetuate America's Dictatorship of the Rich (aka, the elites, aka, the “Have’s”).

Want proof? Just look at the elite sucking up behavior of the 2006 Congress of DLC right wing dem traitors. This "Democratic" (what a laugh!) congress obeyed Bush's slightest whim even when his poll number were in the toilet.

Politics has been lovingly and elaborately constructed by the elites to give the peons, peasants, and slaves (now called the working class) the illusion that the will the people is manifested through their "elected representatives".

Remember, our founding father’s battle cry of "no taxation without representation" exactly addressed this issue. However, since DLC = RNC, and most dems are closet pugs, WE HAVE NO representation.

Obama, may or may not be a minor (at best) solution to this, but his appointments to date reek of elitism.

So, short of a literal revolution (which historically usually makes everything worse), what realistic options do Americans have, since politics, to borrow a turn of phrase from an ancient Zen Master, "is like washing off blood with blood".

So if politics IS the problem and if revolution isn't an acceptable alternative for most Americans, then how can we save our dying country and the life and death ecosystems of human existence?

Ironically, the most catastrophic event since the Civil War may be our only hope. And that event, of course, is 9/11.

Pretty much it comes down to are American's going to put up or shut up about 9/11?

Let's say this as objectively as we can. Do we KNOW 9/11 was an "inside job"? Well, clearly that depends on who you talk to and what evidence you're looking at, but we CAN say:

(1.) Millions of Americans already passionately believe it WAS an inside job. There are countless internet sites burgeoning with scientific evidence, on the spot observations, photographs and videos, etc., etc., that overwhelming indicate 9/11 didn't happen according to the Bush/fascist/Republican/neocon spin. Perhaps the most damming evidence are the videos that clearly show the two buildings imploded from WITHIN, and thus didn't crash and burn due to the impact of one relatively small plane (indeed, a “very” small plane compared to the mountainous towers). In short, they believe the atrocity was engineered by fascist puppets of the elites -- with probable international help.

(2.) There are ALSO millions of Americans who, whatever their reasons, think 9/11 was "probably" an inside job. For them, the jury is still out, but it wouldn't take many more facts and pictures to convince them 9/11 was an infinite treason.

(3.) And of course there are still many Americans who neither care nor believe 9/11 was an elite-generated inside job.

So back to the theme of this piece:

(1.) "Politics" is the will of the elites, not the will of the American people.

(2.) Yes, "revolution" has been a frequent medicine for political system/prisons which enslave the working class, but most Americans (as yet) are not willing to go there.

(3.) Hence, we need a solution which is neither political nor revolutionary and IF the truth of 9/11 is that it was an inside job engineered by national/international elites (who else?), than that monstrous truth will be the paradoxical salvation of America.

Just imagine it. Imagine the evidence becomes so conclusive (and for millions of Americans it already IS conclusive!), that as a nation we reach a critical mass of citizens who are deeply convinced that President Puppet Bush (and his puppets in tern) were actually responsible for the 9/11 horror, and that this horror was done merely for "political reasons", i.e., to save the Bush Administration from being flushed out of existence due his pre 9/11 damningly low poll numbers.

Notice, what we're talking about now has nothing to do with politics (forget Obama, etc.) or "revolutions". We're simply talking about a factually conceivable proof of an historical event.

It’s really impossible to take it in that if and when enough Americas DO believe 9/11 was the greatest treason in American history, the consequences of that belief will rock Jupiter.

Forget the elite dem/pug political system/prison. It will be totally disintegrated. It will have ceased to exist, along with the "Republican Party".

But most importantly of all will be what will happen if enough Americans discover that national/international elites were ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11? And relatedly, any international connection to 9/11 will also be disintegrated.

Talk about starting with a clean slate!

Alas, to the degree we successfully go down this road it will have be IN SPITE OF our elite puppet government which will do everything imaginable to stop our progress into finding and proclaiming the truth of 9/11.

So, how do we "coordinate" and fund such a massive research effort? Well, of course we do it ourselves, but unlike the peons, peasants, and slaves of yore, THIS TIME we have the internet and we know how to use it.

This piece, for example, is just a tiny step in the direction of the objective, historical truth of 9/11.

Indeed, the objective, historical truth of 9/11 is still our ultimately unplayed card. But if we keep pulling at these threads, revealing and discovering more and more, the elaborately elite-constructed veil will unravel and IF the "inside job" scenario turns out to be substantively verified, than God help the elites. And God help the Republican Party. And God help any nation who helped to engineer 9/11. And God help George W. Bush whose persona and memory will be patriotically defecated on for centuries as America’s archetypal traitor of the 3rd millennia.