Thursday, January 29, 2009

An avalanche of documentation that 9/11 was an “inside job” tip of an iceberg of monstrous, historical evil.

First, please check out the following recently submitted and excellent piece on Op-Ed News:

Second, check out this link to a former editor of Forbes, named Benjamin Fulford (a name we'll all undoubtedly be hearing much more from in the future).

If these links aren’t live on your system, please copy the addresses. If the Fulford address is significantly blocked as well, do a search on Benjamin Fulford (pieces, streaming videos, etc.).

Obama is playing with marbles if even a tenth of the above massively documented material is correct. Godspeed to his efforts, but if the ruling class of our country is not just business as usual corrupt, but pathologically and genocidally evil (as the above historical documentation effectively proves), then it’s time for the American consciousness to snap out of our Rip van Winkle coma and quantum jump to realistically acknowledge forces that infinitely transcend the sitcom game of politics.

Part (and only part) of what this material is forcing us to confront is the obvious and ominous truth that America is really a relatively small player in the vast human community of the Earth and we are getting VERY threatening signals from the Orient in particular that that they are SICK TO DEATH of the war mongering United States of America.

China, for example, is getting fed up with keeping the economy afloat of a country that, to paraphrase Keith Olbermann is now seen by humanity as “the worst country in the world” -- and unfortunately they’re talking about us (and our equally war mongering minion dependents).

So why are we like this and why are we so hated? Is it the American people? Have we suddenly mutated into illiterate barbarians? Fortunately, from the perspective of the above avalanche of facts, this is not how the Orient in particular sees us. Their anger is balanced with intelligence and they VERY CLEARLY understand that the going ballistic Have and Have Not horror in America is not only reducing America’s working class to cattle (or corpses), but is rapidly and devastatingly rippling out to trash the economies of ALL countries and irreversibly destroying the life and death ecosystems of the entire human race.

OK, now let’s think about this. The national/international elites (sometimes called the “Illuminati” – do a search on that one as well), are having their way with EVERYTHING (especially in America!), but this gaggle of multi millionaires and multi billionaires are perfectly described as metastasized cancers or vampires (take your pick) since either image captures the sense of miniscule (remember the elites are less than one percent of the human race) but horrifically toxic sub systems which are VERY rapidly killing their “host” – where host means both human civilization and the our increasingly decimated human environment.

So, this all means what? Apparently from the perspective of the rest of the planet, it means the Greek God like paradise of American elites (or Illuminati) is on the verge of being internationally “dealt with” financially and, if necessary, violently. Hell, the Chinese alone could bring us to our knees in a heartbeat if they called in all their loans . . . but calling in loans in the least of it.

The bottom line is very, very simple. The rest of the planet is coming to the end of their patience with war mongering countries, whether the wars are money cow oil wars for American elites, or murder in the name off God wars of sociopathic, religious fanatics.

Said differently, it seems most of the planet really wants peace. Unfortunately, Europe seems to be on the fence about all this, but not the Orient. And speaking of Europe, the Orient is also coming to the end of their patience about the UN. After all, they have most of the population AND MONEY of the planet, and yet they still are barely represented in this pseudo international organization.

Again, this is all so simple and plausible. How could it be otherwise? Does it really make sense that the VAST MAJORITY of the planet is just going to passively enable American elites to keep living like Greek Gods? Does it make any sense that the vast majority of the planet is going to passively allow American elites to extend their infinite greed into the economic destruction of basically all other countries? And most of all, does it really make any sense the vast majority of the planet is going to watch TV sitcoms while American elites (think Rockefeller, Paris Hilton, Rupert Murdoch etc.) literally DESTROY THE HUMAN ENVIRONMENT?

Bottom line, anyone who thinks the Orient in particular is gong to “enable” American elites to keep living like war mongering Greek Gods at the cost their own national economies and their very lives needs to see a psychiatrist.

In AAA, when things get bad enough, someone does an “intervention” and if the link material is mostly true, then we are on the verge of being “intervened on”. Appropriately, the ones who should worry the most about this are the elites/Illuminati, since if a monster is running amok and trashing human existence, the implied strategy is to cut off its head.

The elites may be able to “have their will” with us, but the time may be close when they are going to discover that they are not Greek Gods after all, but vulnerable, mortal human beings along with all the rest of human race.

An implied hopeful postscript is that IF the elites and war mongerers of all stripes (religious fanatics as well as greed vampires) realize how large is the Sword of Damocles that is hanging over their heads as we speak, they may come to their senses and realize that it is win/win for us all when human existence has a religiously unfanatical and financially level playing field.

The alternative may well be an enraged and imminent tsunami of “corrective planetary feedback”.