Saturday, February 7, 2009

Politics and revolution merely "perpetuate" the Beast. We need a dimensionally new mechanism for social transformation.

Please take this piece very seriously, since it's at least pointing the way to what may very well be the only hope for Civilization and the continued existence of our species.

The first premise is that politics is not just more part of the problem than the solution; POLITICS IS THE PROBLEM. Specifically, politics is a game invented by and for the elites (aka, the "Have's") to maintain the status quo. Remember, the essence of fascism is "status quo-ism". This is so obvious. Why would the elites (or secret organizations like the "Illuminati", ugh.) want to change? Their philosophy is if it's not broke, don't fix it and since this less than one percent of humanity is living like Greek Gods, why would they want to change anything?

Want proof? Look at the 2006 Congress of dem traitors. They did everything but run Bush's bath water and genuflect in front of the White House, even though we busted our butts (and wallets!) to elect them. Never in American history has it been so obvious that we have a ONE party system which is a small army of puppets of America's Dictatorship of the Rich. Bill Clinton (a "Democrat"?) spends so much time licking the boots of the elites that he must have a permanently black tongue. However, the point really isn't Bill Clinton per se as that he's a treacherously representative sample of virtually ALL American governmental politicians. His DLC machine, for example, pukes out nothing but very far right dem politicians (e.g., the 2006 Congress).

So, is Obama going to be significantly different? Time will tell, but the jury is certainly still out and even if he does much of what he promised (and so far he hasn't), it will still be at best treating symptoms of what is almost certainly the literal beginning of the end of human existence.

The Bush eight horror show years basically broke the back of planetary Civilization. We must acknowledge that humanity is in flames; it's going down for the third time, genocide is EVERYWHERE, and the life and death ecosystems of the Earth may already have passed the point of no return.

But much MORE importantly, we must acknowledge that the Bush years were merely a writ large version of what astronomically rich pigs have been doing to suffering humanity for thousands of years.

Some people refer to the vampire elites as the "elephant in the living room" that no one acknowledges. Well said, but may I suggest a different image. This gaggle of multi millionaires and multi billionaire who rule our planet ABSOLUTELY (e.g., the Rockefeller's, the Rothschild’s, the Murdoch's, the Bush's, etc., etc.) should be called "The Beast" (in the Biblical sense, or otherwise).

And make no mistake, the Beast has been with us for centuries, even though we never saw it so clearly as we did during the planet wide genocide, sociopathic religious fanaticism (e.g., kill of Muslim for Christ), and Texas Energy Corporation gang banging of Mother Nature of the fascist/elite Bush Administration.

The thing about evil is that it functions best in a "Heart of Darkness", but dufus George (much to the grave concern of the Beast), was so infinitely greedy and stupid that he TOTALLY revealed the Beast to the world. Some of us already knew about the Beast, but for millions of Americans (and humans all over the Earth), this was the first time they got a good look at the Beast.

Which means what? It means planet-wide genocide. It means not only breaking the back of the American economy (perhaps permanently!), but also the rippling effect of breaking the backs of economies of most other countries. It means trying to convince the planet that the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel (so well represented by the AIPAC and the neocon cabal), speaks for the entire Jewish Community and the entire State of Israel -- which is as nonsensical as thinking our own lunatic right wing fringe speaks for the entire United States of America. However, most catastrophic of all, it means watching the Greek God like elites push the entire human race over the waterfall of extinction, e.g., note that ONLY the Beast is obsessed with not only continuing, but INCREASING our use of suicidal fossil fuels.

Lastly, it should be noted that the ULTIMATE EVIL of the planet (the Beast at its worst!) is that marriage in hell between nauseatingly righteous religious fanatics and astronomically rich elites. This is the bottom of the putrid outhouse and we all know exactly who they are.

OK, this brings us to the REAL message of this piece, because the above litany of elite/"Have's"/Illuminati slime is fairly well known.

Now, may we get very, very serious? The human community has had (and still has) basically only two options to deal with social chaos and evil: politics and revolution. Everything else is sideshow stuff. We deal with the Beast with our "elected representatives" or (failing that) some of us start thinking about revolution.

But "politics" is the ultimate scam of human history. It's the bone the Beast throws to the human race to delude us we have even a minute voice in social existence. But this is beyond b.s.! Relative to the objective truth that the Beast has nearly ALL the wealth and ALL of power on the Earth, "politics" is like a fart in a hurricane.

Godspeed to Obama, etc., but how many more centuries is it going to take before humanity gets the message that 95% of politics is simply running in place. It's a bloody squirrel cage about 6 BILLION human beings are now puffing and gasping in, while the Beast continues genocidal assassinations (e.g., Africa and aids, New Orleans, etc.), the rape and murder of Mother Nature (i.e., our one and only planet Earth), stealing the labor and retirements of the peasant-like "working class", buying the disgusting souls the American Congress (with noble & courageous exceptions who prove the rule), and draining and killing multiple ecosystems of the Earth just like a cancer drains and kill our bodies.

OK, let's keep track of this:

(1.) The Beast is real and is the God of the Earth

(2.) "Politics" is a game invented by and for the Beast to lock in the fascist status quo.

(3.) This leaves "Revolution", but history has shown us that these blood baths almost always end up making everything worse.

Maybe we should add the consequence of meaningless politics and revolution is what tragically now defines human existence: hopeless passivity and despair. How could it be otherwise? One theory of schizophrenia is that is comes from being trapped in "double binds: that is to say, you're dammed if you do and you're damned if you don't. That's us. Both politics and revolution are like eating ground glass, but if we don't at least pretend we're doing "something", we'll spend our entire lives (and the lives of our descendants) hearing the roar and laughter of the Beast -- which ALWAYS has the last laugh.

If all of the above were a kind of syllogism, the inevitable conclusion would be we need what ancient thinkers called a "tertium quid", which meant a "third thing". Or in the spirit of Monty Python: "And now for something completely different".

In short, to HELL with politics and to HELL with revolution. We need to quantum jump to a radically new mechanism of social change.

Now this is a dangerous place, because the temptation will be to intellectualize all this away. But if we do that, it will be like not being creative enough to get off the tracks in front of an approaching train. This is NOT the time to be resigned or argumentative. This is the time to be OPEN TO THE NEW.

OK, time for honestly. The PRIMARY function of this piece is try to convince the world (yes, the world!) that the human race is doomed to the degree we think politics OR revolution in any significant way "deals with the Beast". These are the core, twin illusions of social existence, because all either of them do is to "perpetuate" the Beast, and to paraphrase the words of ancient and wise Zen Master, “This is wiping off blood with blood.”

And even when politics marginally works (as it "may" be doing with Obama), it's still a game of the elites, since at the end of the next four years, it will be obvious that nothing has FUNDAMENTALLY changed in human Civilization. Not to overwork the analogy, but politics "at its' best" (about as rare as a unicorn) is still only putting band aids on terminal degenerative diseases.

This is what the mystic J. Krishnamurti called, "decorating your cage." So back to what to do, what to do? Hopefully a critical mass of human beings is getting very, very clear what NOT to do, i.e., politics or revolution, and if so, that's the biggest spiritual, intellectual, and existential step EVER taken in human social history.

If you're drowning, knowing you should NOT strangle the neck of the hero (or heroine) who is trying to save you, is salvation for both of you.

Perhaps it will help to see this dynamic of "now for something completely different" in a different context.

In the history of science and mathematics there are certain historical moments which stand out as beacons of genius. At the end of the 19th Century, much of physics was in a mess. We had laws about energy and very different laws about matter and it seemed like the twain would never meet. We also had contradictions galore about the "addition of velocities" and metaphysical assumptions about time and space. Probably most of all, we were basically stopped dead in our tracks about a post Faraday/Maxwell understanding of light. In short, a maddening mess.

And then in the very early 20th Century: Albert Einstein! Suddenly, almost miraculously, things began to make sense. However, the price was high since we had to sacrifice the pseudo absolutes of time and space (rather a time/space continuum -- which "bent" with mass). The speed of light rocketed to a place of honor, relative to which, yes, things were "relative". Long story, but the image that fits is that Einstein quantum jumped out of the common sense physical understanding box of the 19th Century. And he did it again a few years later with "General Relativity".

String theory, with its boggling multiple dimensions, may now be teetering on the edge of a similar quantum jump. Time will tell. But the key point is that the change from pre to post Einstein was RADICAL. It wasn't just reshuffling the deck; it was kicking over the card table and leaving the room.

Many scientists passionately feel "Darwin's Origin of the Species" was perhaps an even greater quantum jump. Indeed, we went from a jumble of absurdly superstitious oversimplifications, to an awesome (and evidence supported!) vision of not only life ON Earth, but also the life OF the Earth. It opened thousands of doors and answered thousands of questions and it still is arguably the bedrock paradigm of Earth existence. Once again the card table was kicked over and science left the room . . . for truth.

May we look at another example from the arts. Musicologists sometimes play the game of classifying different musical periods, from the Renaissance, to Baroque, to Classical, to Romantic, and to Modern. Everyone knows these classifications overlap and are somewhat arbitrary, but if we use them, then we should look at Beethoven, because Beethoven basically single-handedly evolved classical music from classical forms (as he was taught -- and well taught) to romantic forms. By the time you get to his 9th Symphony and the sublime Ode to Joy, the world of Romantic musical forms was heaven bound.

In conclusion, a less dramatic "revolution" in mathematics took place in the 17th Century when Rene Descartes and Pierre de Fermat (as in "Fermat's Last Theorem -- now recently proved), created coordinate geometry with the famous orthogonal axes and quadrants (or octants). The genius of this construction is that it interfaces geometry with algebra, which was infinitely liberating to mathematics, since suddenly mathematics was no longer tethered to three dimensions. So called n-space is a coordinate system with MORE than three dimensions (which goes with equations with more than 3 variables) which, of course, is impossible to visualize in your mind -- even though Einstein used a 4 dimensional system, where the 4th variable was time. However, after the coordinate system discovery (creation?), algebra could go limitlessly into n-space with, say 7 variables and 7 equations (a square matrix), or 12 variables with 10 dimensions. Also the equations didn't have to be "linear" e.g., a straight line or rectilinear constructions, and this opened up nonlinear n by m systems which only the most advanced computer programs can solve).

The point, again, is that this was a quantum jump change into "newness" and bye, bye traditional card table.

Perhaps these above supremely interesting examples of human quantum jumps (in physics, math, and music -- of course, there's many more), sharpens the focus of where human social evolution has taken us, since Einstein didn't "give up" when he found himself trapped in the common sense box of dead end physics, and neither should we.

However, it can't be said strongly enough that all the above examples didn't involve "compromise" or "adjustments" of their various status quos. In every case, what happened is that human intelligence, courage, and determination rose to the challenge of RADICAL CHANGE and to repeat the analogy, radical change is never "reshuffling the deck"; it's kicking over the card table and leaving the room. Or said differently, it quantum jumps out of the traditional common sense box into what in effect is a different dimension. Indeed, that's an excellent way to say it: what we're talking about is "dimensional change", and dimensional change is about 17 light years beyond Washington's game of marbles -- EVEN AT ITS BEST.

From an evolutionary perspective, it can be argued that our species is now at a social/biological "cusp", and if we don't quantum jump into dimensional change IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, the Beast will not only inevitably destroy human Civilization, but will also destroy countless species (including, of course, us!).

Billionaire religious fanatics IN ALL COUNTRIES are the ultimate challenge of humanity, combined with the lunatic right wing fringe IN ALL COUNTRIES, which are the fascist "police force" of our mutilated planet's Dictatorships of the Rich (oligarchies).

This is the face of the Beast: astronomically rich parasites and/or murder in the name of God religious fanatics. And do we know who and where they are? You bloody well KNOW we know who and where they are! We know EXACTLY who and where they are.

So, our challenge is clear. We know our enemy (the Beast) and we know what "perpetuates" the Beast, i.e., politics and revolution.

Thus, the quantum jump is before us. Dimensional change not only "awaits", but reality is screaming at us to take 100% responsibility for creating A NEW MECHANISM FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.

If Einstein, Darwin, Descartes/Fermat, and Beethoven (etc., etc.) could do it, so can we!

I know this is being redundant, but if enough humans don't put it together that politics and revolution are crap, we will NEVER radically "deal with" the Beast, and NOT dealing with the Beast is species suicide. More specifically NOT dealing with the lunatic right wing fringe of ALL countries is species suicide, NOT dealing with sociopath religious fanatics is species suicide, and NOT dealing with astronomically rich pigs from hell (are you listening Rockefeller Sr?) is species suicide.


For now, here are some sketchy suggestions as to where to start.

First, this new mechanism of social change is going to have to be "humanity created". This isn't the time for counterproductive individualistic egotism and secrecy. This is a time for working together to the max. This means this NEW MECHANISM OF SOCIAL CHANGE isn't going to come from this author, no matter what my good intentions. I certainly promise I will keep pondering this, but mostly this piece is an SOS to my fellow Earthling brothers and sisters that it's now a life and death necessity that human beings quantum jump into the new. A good word to use here, is that its time for transcendence, because ONLY if we transcend both politics and revolution can we conquer the Beast.

Another glimpse of the "mechanism" is that it must be international. The Beast isn't just an American cancer, it's the ultimate cancer of human existence, and that means we must find ways to "globalize" this new mechanism of social change (translation: conquer the Beast).

Also surly it's self evident that only the Internet will make this possible. Indeed, the historical "timing" of events is extraordinary. The Beast is now destroying Civilization and the environmental necessities of human existence at a catastrophic rate. Indeed, this destruction is increasing exponentially (which is very, VERY bad). In short we've come to the end of the string and OUR TIME HAS RUN OUT. We can't procrastinate destroying the Beast even for four more years. And that's why even atheists must wonder about a beneficent God, since at EXACTLY the time we need what may well be the key ingredient of this new mechanism of social change, we have the INTERNET. Relatedly, we also have the going ballistic of wildly unpredictable and awesomely powerful electronic technologies -- all of which we can cleverly use to help us to destroy the Beast.

Note, the word is "destroy". There's no room for compromise or back room deals here. This new mechanism of social change must DESTROY the Beast. To call it a "nonviolent revolution" is a little pat, but that's basically what is would be, i.e., radical change without radical violence. That would be a good battle cry.

Notice how unbelievably powerful is the conditioned psychological pull against what is being suggested here. May I put into words examples of such "negativity"?

(1.) No, this is too idealistic. Sounds good on paper, but it simply can't be done.

(2.) Hell, we don't need what you're talking about since politics will still solve all of our problems.

(3.) Well, elites "earned" their fortunes (Paris Hilton?) so they deserve to be masters of the Earth. Read a little Ann Rand.

(4.) This sounds like "work" to me and I'm not going to miss out on my favorite TV sitcoms.

(5.) The "international thing" turns me off. I don't want to unite with the "workers of the world". Sounds like communism to me.

(6.) Well, the evidence is pretty conclusive that the Beast is already constructing "detention camps" all over the country, so these people are limitlessly crazy and violent. Even if we could get something going, it would be too dangerous.

How easy it is to articulate the rationalizations of fear and sloth.

A few last thoughts. Notice how even words like "petitions" (a seemingly apolitical activity) are actually TOTALLY political. Hey, who are we petitioning, if not the monkey DLC=RNC traitors? Plus, please note that the very concept of a petition also reinforces our role of being "one down".

The thing about politics is that it answers only to money and power, and that means the Beast. Hence, Washington is all about expressing the will of the Beast. However, the goal of this social "tertium quid" would be to CHANGE the "power center of gravity" from the Beast to the "will of the people", and then politicians (who we would still keep for pragmatic reasons) would be what they were designed to be, i.e., public SERVANTS -- not "tentacles" of the Beast.

Remember the Beast has basically three faces: astronomically rich parasites, mentally ill religious fanatics, and the lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth.

Here’s one last proof that we need a radically new mechanism for social change. If politics and/or revolutions were worth a s___, why is the Beast still the God of the Earth?

Samo, samo is death and extinction. Wiping off blood with blood and decorating our cage is death and extinction.

Only if we quantum jump to a radically new mode of social change can we destroy the Beast and save Civilization and the human species -- and my guess is that we have at most 3 or 4 years to do it, since both Civilization and the human species are now in intensive care.



Solidarity, W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Addendum: More pieces of a dimensionally new mechanism for social change:

9/11, 9/11, and 9/11! The truth of 9/11 will set America free. However, perhaps we are finally at the point that we need less “convincing” (since MILLIONS of Americans are totally convinced 9/11 was a traitorous inside job), than it’s time to start creating the necessary social structures and processes which will ferret out these monsters. We know Obama will never come within light years of this infamy, so it’s “power of the people” or nothing.

The evidence of systemic genocide by the Beast (including in America) can be found on many sites on the net. If this realistic possibility turns into a highly rational probability, this too would destroy the Beast.

The totally documented attempt of a 3rd Reich coup d’etat by Prescott Bush (G.W’s grandfather) in the 1930’s should NEVER be forgotten, especially when added to the mounting documentation that Daddy Bush played an exceedingly odd role in the assassination of JFK. Smoke doesn’t always indicate fire, but considering the how momentous is the “unfinished business” of JFK’s assassination, this should also be researched to the limit. As should the assassinations of Bobby Kenney and Dr. Martin Luther King.

The following quote also should be taken to heart:

"(The Great Depression resulting from the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence....The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all." Louis McFadden (1876-1936) US Congressman (R-PA) (1915-1935), Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee -- who was poisoned in 1936.

Naturally, this has immediate implications to our present Beast-broken economy.

All of the above addenda should be approached internationally (e.g., how “international” was the 9/11 inside job?) and with the full international networking capabilities of the net. We aren’t alone with the Beast. The entire PLANET wants to destroy the Beast and by now I hope it’s self evident that the alternative to politics and revolution is not an impotent limbo. Rather, perhaps more than anything else it’s an international commitment to finish America’s (and mankinds) most loathsome unfinished business.

Evidence-based Knowledge IS power and internationally networked factual, scientific, and empirical information (our “silver bullet”) will almost certainly destroy the Beast. This may be an exaggeration of sorts, but all we need are our pc’s, since in a VERY REAL SENSE the international community is going to be prosecutor, jury, and judge.