Sunday, February 15, 2009

Justice & Accountability MUST come before "bipartisanship"! This is Politics 101, and Obama is getting an F.

All this “bipartisan” senselessness is like eating ground glass. More specifically, Obama is forcing the American PEOPLE to eat ground glass (exactly like we've been doing for the last eight years).

Look, this is samo, samo 2006 Congress of ONE party dem/pug traitors. My God, if your community or government has been taken over by organized crime, do you honestly think it will do any good to trade jokes and invite them home to dinner? Hey, all they'll do is steal your cars and rape your daughters. You NEVER get nicey nice with moral filth without getting burned even more than you were before.

Sometimes when you're breaking in a horse (i.e., the Republican Party), you can't use sugar cubes; you must use, or at least show, "the whip".

In short, Republicans MUST be whipped into shape. My God, have we already forgotten that Republicans (and treasonous DLC dems), are the "Police Force" of The Beast?

The only good thing about the last eight years is that Bush let the Beast get so far out of its Heart of Darkness that millions (billions?) of people all over the planet finally got to see it "in the daylight". And the Beast is what: (1.) mentally ill religious fanatics, (2.) the lunatic right wing fringe of every country on the Earth, and (3.) most of all, that astronomically rich, less than one percent of humanity who has basically ALL the wealth and power of our mortally wounded Civilization and planet (wounded, of course, by The Beast).

So why does Obama keep kissing up to the rabid dog Republicans (and closet DLC dem Republicans) of the Beast?

Bipartisanship presupposes a BARE MINIMUM of mutual values and policies, but the people Obama is inviting home to diner are the same people who were (and are!) responsible for breaking the back of the American economy. It's even common knowledge by now that Obama's VERY APPOINTEES are precisely those kiss of death Clinton people who set up the financial systems and dynamics which made the financial rape of America possible in the first place.

So, this is "change"? This is walking the walk of Obama's talking the talk campaign promises? THIS IS NOTHING. This allowing EVERYONE, e.g., CEO's, Bank Presidents, elite fascists, and the thousands of "tentacles" of The Beast to simply continue business as usual -- which means robbing the American middle and lower classes blind! Definition of “lower class": the homeless and virtual walking dead of America!

Grated, Obama is doing "something" and Godspeed to his marginal efforts, but it's all a brainless exercise in futility so long as his projects are dependent on retarded, counterproductive "reaching across the congressional aisles”.

Hey, Obama, there's nothing on the other side of those aisles but claws.

Here's a different way to say this. Bipartisanship with WHO? See, that's the question and it’s easy to answer. He's trying to get into political bed with the SAME PEOPLE who broke the back of not only the American economy, but due the "rippling effect", have also broken the financial backs of several other nations (and boy, they ain’t happy about it).

He's trying to get in bed with the SAME people who raped Mother Nature to the point of very possibly (probably?) pushing the human species over the waterfall of extinction!

In, short he's being nicey, nice to the psycho fiends who were (AND STILL ARE) killing human Civilization and the life and death ecosystems of human existence!

My God, does this guy have a brain or what? If you saw some people stealing your home and violating your wife and children, would you walk up to them, shake their hands and, and say "Oh well, the past is the past. Let’s go get a beer together. After all, what counts is that we should now be bipartisan. Right?"

What's the end of this story? Easy, the ONE party dem/pug rabid dogs of the Beast would look at each other and laugh, and say, "Jeez what fool. What a jackass." And then they would KILL you and all your family, just like they’re committing massive genocide all over the Earth – including the Orient.

Who cares about Obama's "good intentions"? YOU DON'T MAKE DEALS WITH THE DEVIL. YOU DON'T MAKE DEALS WITH THE BEAST.

It's not that bipartisanship doesn't have value. It's just that it must come AFTER justice and accountability and if Obama actually believes he can cut deals with The Beast, his moronic idealism isn’t worth spit.

One last thing. If Obama and his DLC appointments don't deal with The Beast, one way or another the Earth will. Evolution (which generally selects out biological poisons) and/or the planetary POWER OF THE PEOPLE will -- and either way, it won't be pretty.

So political types keep playing political marbles to your hearts content, but there's an exploding, laser-focused. apolitical hurricane of adult, planet-wide rage that has only one goal: DESTROY THE BEAST. So, mentally ill religious fanatics, right wing lunatic fringers of every country on the Earth, and the less than one percent of the human race who has 99% of the power and money, stand down or else.

In fact, here's a tip. Don't think you're safe just because the political game invented by and for the elites will never touch you, because human/biological/social history has finally reached critical mass, and you can run, but you can't hide.

Indeed, "politics" is being transcended as we speak, and what is steadily taking its place is going to be your worst nightmare. And you can take that to your “banks”.

So President Obama, in the name of God, WAKE UP! Bipartisanship with the Beast is the literal suicide not only of what’s left of our Constitutional Republic, but of very Civilization itself and our mortally threatened human species.