Sunday, August 31, 2008

Will McCain's obsession with sex bring him down?

McCain is "at that age" -- you know, male menopause. Let's let the Alzheimer’s slide for the moment and talk about John McCain's obsession with sex.

For a long time, you may have noticed that in EVERY McCain interview or public discussion, this guy manages to slip in some sniggering reference to sex. Sometimes, it's even his "wife", sometimes it's less marital, but there's always one or two moments (senior moments?) when John gets a little lewd.

And now the Sarah Palin VP choice. Well, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'm willing to sell cheap to anyone who doesn't sense that there's some serious funny business going on here. The sex variable with Palin is up there in lights, and self evidently it's a variable that ol' John is convolutedly tangled up in.

This doesn't have to mean an affair (although, anything's possible with McCain and sex), but it does mean McCain is consciously using sex as a political weapon.

Now I'm just one American, talking over the electronic fence with my neighbors, but I have a gut feeling (which I usually don't put into words) that all this "sex business", one way or another, is going to blow up in McCain's senior face.

Hey, we're fighting for the life of our country here, so this is not the time for "tact". Hence, to say it straight out, it increasing looks like McCain is in the grip of male menopause and is desperately trying to pretend otherwise.

If you don't like those words, use what works for you, but the heart of the matter is that McCain sees impotency on the horizon (hey, that's just life, that's age) and is apparently determined to publicly and/or privately act like "Mr. Macho" for as long as he can get away with it.

Here's a gentle prediction. Sometime between now and November some kind of "sex scandal" is going to explode in the McCain camp. No one who snickers about sex as much as McCain is going to be satisfied with merely "talking the talk". No, the probability is that he's "walking the walk" and maybe even walking the walk with (how shall we say it?) more than one "companion".

Palin, of course, is improbable (albeit possible), but at the very least she's someone McCain can now ogle at in his leisure and send the message to the world that he has an attractive woman who is abjectly "dependent" on him. Plus, if he's elected, he'll be able to play that macho game for at least four more years . . . and who knows what might happen in the meantime?

However, a more likely scenario is that some woman is going to speak out about how she was abandoned and cast off by McCain. We shouldn't forget that however corporate is the media, they just can't control themselves when it comes to a steamy political sex scandal (assuming McCain isn't steam-less). No, pug, dem, or independent, they're all fair game for a media scandal and IF McCain's compensatory and symbolic Mr. Macho acting out goes public, he will be skewered by the press just as much as any Democrat.

There's really aren't many activism conclusions to be drawn from this, since it all mostly comes down to waiting until MaCain is caught with his public pants down.

However, the more McCain keeps doing his sniggering sex thing during interviews, debates, etc., is the more realistically probable it is that that he will end up sacrificing his shot at the presidency to the God of Eros. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a man in male menopause threw his life away to play the macho fool.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps: Look very carefully at the interactions among: (1.) McCain, (2.) his (current) wife, Cindy, and (3) Sarah Palin when they're all on stage together -- and draw your own conclusions.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

America's REAL 2 party system: Progressives vs. (dem/pug) Elites

These last four years should have taught us once and for all that the two party system in America is NOT between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and elites. The 2004 congress, elected primarily by progressives, turned out to be nothing by closet Republicans, i.e., politicians who cared NOTHING for the will of the American people (they certainly gave the finger to all the polls), and all of whom, dems and pugs alike, pigged out at the same hog trough and have their heads up America's vampire elites where the sun doesn't shine.

They also were puppets of the treasonous alliance between American neocons and the Israeli extremist right wing. And "treason" is the word because this un American alliance has been dictating American foreign policy for the last eight years (really, much longer), and for alleged Americans to be participating in the ransom of American national and international policy is literal treason. Hey, AMERICANS are supposed to be determining America's policies and values, not a marriage between American neocons (i.e., Bush's "advisors") and nut case, billionaire, religious fanatics of another country!

But where has the 2004 "Democratic" congress been in all this for the last four years. Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most influential "moles" the elites have planted in this dem/pug one party congress, and hence, no impeachments, no 9/11 investigations, and not even verbal confrontation with the Bush/fascist Dictatorship of the Rich castration of our noble Democratic Republic.

Make no mistake, our Democracy is mutilated beyond recognition, and the 2004 dem/pug congress (including, lest we forget, the elite sucking up voting record of Joe Biden), has been profoundly more part of the problem than the solution.

And while we're at it, let's talk about good ol Joe. We shouldn't forget that THE VERY FIRST DAY he was VP, he was making sarcastic and critical remarks about American progressives (the people who got Obama through the primaries in the first place!) and was actually singing the praises of Republicans and the vampire rich.

Well, at least we don't have to waste any more time on Biden, since he's practically taken out pages in the New York Times advertising his contempt for progressive Americans and how he admires the "patriotism" of pig, pig rich people.

Well, Joe, guess what? Progressives DON'T like to suck up to the vampire elites. Indeed progressives think the vampire elites are the core cancer of our country. Ever hear the phrase "will of the people", Joe? Here's another one. Do the words "working class" mean ANYTHING to you? How about the middle and lower classes? Ring a bell? Anything? Or are you too busy licking the boots of the "upper class", i.e., licking the boots those multi millionaires and billionaires who make up only around 1% of our population, but who control absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in America.

And here's another little item, Joe. Just as the 9/11 evidence has become mountainous that it was an "inside job" (i.e., actively engineered by Bush/fascists and their Middle Eastern friends), so the evidence is also becoming mountainous that the elites are very actively "weaning" the working class human cattle of America.

Now there's a word for this and its called genocide (you know, like what European whites have done and are still doing to black Africans), except now we're talking about a blizzard of policies and actions which have taken away America's protection and plans for the physical health and well being of ourselves and our children

Poisonous meat is now everywhere (no protections any more), and our plants and animals in general are so full of totally unnecessary pesticides and additives that they virtually glow in the dark. And don’t forget “pharmaceuticals” that aren’t pharmaceuticals. Do research into this if you dare, because what you will find is horrifying. What you will find is that our food, water, and skies are being systematically, toxically polluted. But why? Duh, because there's too many of us around for the peace of mind of the elites.

Sure, they need us to clean their commodes, pay all the taxes, and send our children to be turned into cannon fodder (and then corpses) for Bush/Cheney/dem/pug money cow oil wars (which they will keep starting -- Iran clearly is next), but we shouldn't forget that "too many" human cattle (that's us!) might be a danger to the elites and many of the ecosystems of our planet are rapidly dying because of too many working class cattle. Solution? It's already happening. Probable example of this genocide? New Orleans, since it's obvious to barnyard animals New Orleans was deliberately murdered by Bush and company. Can't have too many blacks and progressives, can we? And all those "homosexuals"! Assassinating New Orleans was killing several unwanted birds with one stone for the anti Christ (hey, the shoe fits!) of George W. Bush.

Well, there's no point in going on much more, since most of us already have a pretty good sense of these horrors.

However, probably most of us HAVEN'T taken it in the Democratic and Republican Parties are Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumber. Samo, samo and they both 100% belong to greed vampire elites -- the folks who Joe Biden thinks are so patriotic!

OK, bottom line. We actually DO have a two party system, but it certainly isn't between Republicans and Democrats, but between progressives and (dem/pug) elites.

Thus, it's a mistake to call the Progressive Party a 3rd Party. This is subtle propaganda of the elites who keep trying to brainwash us into taking seriously the alleged distinction between Republicans and Democrats. But God in heaven, did you see ANY difference between pugs and dems in the 2004 Congress? No, dems = pugs and pugs = dems.

There's a center of gravity shift when you see, once and for all, and all the way through, the pseudo two party system of dems and pugs. What we life and death need now is to be radically in touch with the reality that our two party system is between progressives and elites, not alleged Republicans and alleged Democrats.

The more we realize our ONLY defense against the elites is some kind of Progressive Party (i.e., a political party that expresses the authentic "will of the people" -- isn't that a wonderful phrase?), is the less we will stop wasting our time, energy, and money playing the pseudo dem/pug two party game.

Conversely, the more we think people like Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi (and hundreds of other meaningless "Democrats") are actually going to do anything real and substantive about the tragedy the used to be the United States of America, is the more we take our focus, inspiration, and (most of all!) our realism away from the only hope of America, which is a vital Progressive Party.

In a nutshell it all comes down to the brutal truth that the dem/pug one party system will forever express the will of fascist elites, whereas progressive values and policies are passionately grounded in the will of the American people.

This isn’t a political conversation. This is a going down for the third time conversation. This is a coming out of diaper denial conversation. This is a be part of the solution, not the problem conversation.

Isn’t it time for us to stop mooing?

Organized crime is America's (secret) 3rd Political Party

Boy, these people are slick. Payoffs, threats, and assassinations (?), but nobody ever talks about the "criminalization" (sorry, had to make up a word) of American politics.

Once upon a time, our country was only marginally contaminated by the virus of organized crime (hard to imagine, isn't it?), but that was before J. Edgar Hoover opened the floodgates of organized crime to prey on defenseless Americans. And ever since, organized crime has effectively been the REAL 3rd party in American politics.

If you're interested, there are scores of internet sites that examine how Hoover sold his soul to organized crime. Why? Well, it's probably better to read the sites since the story is long and convoluted, but basically it had to do with deals this piece of scum made with major crime figures to, let's just say, keep certain behaviors of his personal life from going public. Of course, when you make deals with the devil, you have the pay the price, and the price Hoover made was to turn the other way to allow the Mafia (etc.) to rape America.

Anyway, thanks to J. Edgar Hoover (it helps to wash out your mouth every time you say that name); American politics has been utterly contaminated with textbook criminals.

Granted, fascist elites are criminals too, but not really in the organized crime sense. Their strategy is to steal elections and buy the souls of Congressional Democrats and Republicans (and they come cheap!). They probably bought Nancy Pelosi at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, Joe Biden, with his trashing of progressives and singing the praises of vampire rich Republicans may have been a twofer with Nancy.

But crime per se is a whole different thing. When your car is stolen, you don't think about Republicans (or maybe you do?). When robbed at gun point, this isn't part of an international political strategy (like elite fascism); it's just that the "world of crime" has penetrated your life.

Another way to say this is Organized Crime really doesn't give a rat's derriere about political values and policies, except insofar as they complicate the agendas of criminals. They have ZERO concern with our Constitutional Republic or patriotism or social morality, but they do clog the infrastructure of nearly all levels of our government.

If the vampire rich live like Greek Gods, criminals in government live like toxic mold. They're there, skimming off billions and billions (probably trillions) of our hard earned wealth, but people are either unaware of this fact or terrified to confront it.

Now it would take the IQ of a grasshopper, not to intuit that there is a marriage made in hell between organized crime and elite fascists. A horrific case in point is the billions and billions of dollars that are

skimmed off as graft in the Bush/Cheney money cow oil war in Iraq. Investigative reporter after investigative reporter (yes, there are still a few left) have been beating the gong that most of this money is simply unaccounted for.

Billions and BILLIONS of dollars are, what (?), simply "mislaid"? This bankrupting of America is equally criminal and political. Here, the fragile distinction between organized crime and Bush/fascism is nonexistent.

The point being, just as 9/11 didn't come from Bush/neocon ineptitude, but from the secret engineering of Bush/neocons (with a little from their Middle Eastern friends), the same is true for these missing billions and billions of dollars. Here again, "ineptitude" is not the word. The word is treason (exactly like 9/11!); a criminal betrayal of our country. In short (as is so often the case): treason = crime, and crime = treason.

It must also be repeated that the nearly limitless power of America's (secret) 3rd Political Party is the direct result of America's Greek God like elites, because NOTHING significant happens in America unless it is decided and approved by the pig, pig rich.

IF America ever evolves a genuine Progressive Party (which, by definition, expresses the will of the people, not the will of the elites), all these treasonous crimes will categorically end. Specifically the "toxic mold" of organized crime in the infrastructure of our government will be uncompromisingly dealt with by a NON elite-controlled judicial system -- as will the infinite treason of 9/11, anthrax in the mail for only high profile Democrats, the probable assassination of Senator Wellstone, Presidential State of the Union lies, no taxes for American multi millionaires and billionaires, the rape and murder of Mother Nature by Texas energy corporations, etc., etc., etc.

Tragically, the pseudo two party system of Democrats and Republicans is in fact a ONE party dem/pug system for America’s elites -- as was demonstrated with such painful certainty by the 2004 dem/pug congress. Hence, only a Progressive Party can undo the catastrophic and treasonous betrayal of America to Organized Crime by J. Edger Hoover.

Viva America!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

No human being in their right mind would want no brain McCain for president. Dear God, he's walking WW3. If elected, in a few months he will have started 2 or 3 wars in the Middle East and THEN here comes China and Russia declaring war on us. Only a clone of Nancy Pelosi would think China and Russia would just sit on their hands while the American neocons and their extremist Israeli right wing compatriots steal what's left of the entire Middle East (hint: oil, oil, and more oil).

But the killer is look at the alternative.

Obama isn't just 2 faced; he's 3, 4, or 5 faced. What happened with Obama is EXACTLY the same thing that happened with the 2004 dem congress.

PROGRESSIVES got the congress back in 2004, but then we discovered we had elected closet Republicans. This was the LEAST Democratic (if that word still means anything) congress in the history of our country. (Betrayal incarnate) = (the 2004 dem congress). Why? Who knows? Probably a combination of cowardice and greed. Certainly the Washington hog trough had AT LEAST as many Democrats as Republicans, plus we elected what turned out to be a veritable toilet of Democratic cowards. Indeed, the 2004 dem congress gave a new meaning to moral, existential cowardice. Cowards and greed pigs. That's our wonderful dem/pug congress (are you listening Nancy and Harry?)

So play it again, Sam. Obama's success in the primaries was chiefly due to PROGRESSIVES. His speeches were nearly all grounded in progressive values and policies and that turned out to be WHAT THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS WANTED.

But on the very first day Biden was VP, he was already taking shots at liberals and complementing the elites and Republicans. Also, Biden is probably even MORE nuts than McCain when it comes to Iraq. He wants to partition that country into three separate parts. Whenever this kind of arrogant lunacy is heard by the Iraqis, they get very, very unified and furious. In short, it's hard to imagine a better way to flip a match into all that political/nationalistic gasoline.

And while we're at it, didn't something like that already happen a few decades ago in the Middle East, but this time it was English arrogance, not American arrogance, that presumed to play the God-like game: Let's Invent a New Country! -- a game peculiarly favored by the Caucasian West.

Ok, let's get down and dirty and talk about where we are.

More and more Americans have now totally realized that America does not have a two party system. Believe it, MILLIONS of Americans now realize this -- especially liberal/progressive Americans.

No, we have a ONE PARTY SYSTEM totally under the control of America's fascist elites. This 1% or so of astronomically rich Americans keeps trying to brainwash all of rest of us into thinking we have a traditional two party system, but it's b.s. to the skies.

And yet, "implicitly" we DO have a two party system. It's just not quite functional yet, but this election may be the final catalyst of its birth.

So, forget all that dem/pug trash. That's Nancy Pelosi, that's the 2004 dem/pug congress. Also, post 2008 presidential primaries, its Barack Obama and Joe Biden, i.e., the dem presidential and vice presidential clones of the 2004 dem congress.

Hence, the two party system is REAL, but it's between progressives and the collective dem/pug crowd.

In other words, it's Obama's "base", the folks who ACTUALLY got him into the primaries and who ACTUALLY elected the 2004 dem congress and who Biden is already publicly trashing.

Well, trash away Joe, you and the alleged dem congress are going to end up cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Why? Because the progressives of America are FINALLY coming together as an independent party. God in heaven, why should we keep electing these dem/pug puppets of American elites. Even Bill Clinton exploited the progressives during his campaign and then discounted them the instant he got elected.

Really, it comes down to a total war between the American elites (who have abject control over Democrats and Republicans alike), and American progressives and liberals.

So, it's really the elites, but if we have to give that party a name, it’s the Democratic/Republican Party, since they all snort at the same hog trough and obediently suck their thumbs just like James Carville, VERSUS American liberal and progressives -- say, the "Progressive Party".

No illusions here. This is a "work in progress", but the so called Democratic "base" is steadily evolving into the only REAL alternative political party to the elite dem/pug puppets.

Before this evolution is discounted as not having enough political muscle to compete with Democrats or Republicans, two things must be kept firmly in mind:

(1.) The Democrat/Republican distinction is now totally meaningless. This is ONE party of greed heads and cowards, e.g., the 2004 dem/pug congress.

(2.) Liberals and Progressives don't have to be anyone's "base", since WE elected the 2004 congress and WE got Obama through the primaries. So buzz of with all this no political power crap. The actual/factual truth is that PROGRESSIVES ARE NOW THE GREATEST POLITICAL FORCE in America. So we don't have to suck up to or "obey" anyone!

All we have to do is "wake up" and realize it's time to radically cut ourselves loose from the Democratic/Republican Party. Hey, they can (and will) grovel for the elites forever, but we can (and will) fight the good fight for morality, rationality, and our Constitutional Republic.

And guess what, these are elections we will WIN because these are the same values and policies most Americans are praying and voting for, but the elite political machine keeps stealing the elections with the pseudo two party system.

The elites have devised many ways to STAY elites and the pseudo two party system is at the heart of it all because it gives Americans the illusion that they have some (any) influence in the deportment and policies their own country.

However, the Progressive Party will offer Americans reality -- not illusion. Just imagine it. A Democracy ACTUALLY grounded in the will of the people.

Basically we have three options. An ongoing one party system which is totally controlled by the elites. Said differently, a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State.

The second option is a dynamic Progressive Party which would belong to AMERICANS, not the elites.

The third option is, let's just say, the "hardball" option. It's the possibility (probability?) that if and when the infinitely understandable hatred of the elites (and this includes the one dem/pug political party of the elites) finally erupts in America, the enormity of the acted out rage will almost certainly be incalculable.

Consider what factors into this. The agony of parents watching their children being used as cannon fodder for elite oil wars, the steady destruction of the American family by backbreaking taxes and dismantled health and retirement programs, and, probably most of all, the mountainous (and still growing) evidence that 9/11 was an "inside job".

Let's say this as plainly as possible 9/11 wasn't just a screw up of the Bush Republicans (and friends), rather it was satanically engineered to get Bush out of the political toilet and to justify State of the Union Address lies about WMD's in order to start money cow oil wars to obtain billions and billions of graft money. And if this turns out to be the case, the loathsome betrayal of America by Bush/Republicans (and friends) is so far beyond words, only God can see what will happen when this infinite treason is unmasked.

I vote for the second option.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ADDENDUM: America is on a road to radical change. The Progressive Party (the true will of the people) is coming into existence to challenge the one party system of dem/pug boot lickers of the elites.

However, this is still in the realm of politics and if the decades (really centuries) of stifled rage about the vampire elites comes to a head and is "acted out", we will see a social cataclysm to compare to the Civil War. Indeed, it may BE a Civil War.

The elites have desperately tried to brainwash Americans into a fairy tale view of our country. However, they have failed and we are increasingly seeing things like they are: America is a Dictatorship of the Rich on the way to be a total fascist police state. The American neocons are all of a piece with the extremist Israeli right wing and together they have been wagging the tail of American foreign policy for the last eight years. Politics is the game/corral they keep the human cattle in (i.e., "us") and these literal monsters are KILLING OUR KIDS for oil money and they are raping and murdering Mother Nature.

So, bye, bye political fairly tales, and hello truth, truth, and nothing but truth.

One way or another, all this is going to change in the very near future. Sit quietly and you can feel the earthquake energy, the oceanic moral outrage, and the ferocious and desperate howl of humanity to stop the elites and right wing crazies from dragging our species to certain extinction.

And Barack who?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden makes it A, B,C simple: there’s not going to be any "lesser of the evils"

In a recent interview, Biden opined, "Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks, but we don't talk that way."

He also criticized the left wing of his party for "demonizing" the rich and Republicans.

Wait, wait, wait!

This man is a Democrat and he's comparing the financially murdered middle and lower classes to vampire rich elites?

Yeah, I just bet if you're a multi millionaire or billionaire you have VERY positive things to say about the country that's letting you get away with moral, financial murder. And you know what (are you listening, Joe), I bet New Orleans is filled with folks who feel abandoned and betrayed by the American Dictatorship of the Rich.

Who IS this guy? Jesus, have a little finesse, Joe? Don't be so pathetically obvious. On your first day of being a VP, you let the world see that you have your head TOTALLY up the you know what of the fascist elites?

Wow, what a beginning. We get to choose between no brain McCain and two (three, four?) faced Barack Obama. The very people Biden was dumping on (the patriotic and vital "left wing" of his party) are the same people who got Obama through the primaries in the first place.

So, let's pause a moment to see if that fact sinks into the Biden brain. Oops, forget that the Biden head is out of commission. Oh well, we'll probably just have to get used to that.

In due course, we now know he'll have many more negative things to say about progressives and how billionaires should be canonized for kindness, so let's just say that in this presidential horse race the convention showed us we don't even HAVE a bloody horse.

All we need now is the last clown. The 3 stooges of Biden, Obama, and McCain need a one more stooge, i.e., McCain's VP.

But in the meantime, Joe's probably set the tone for the next few months:

(1.) anti progressive slurs from the presidential dem candidates

(2.) elite sucking up from the presidential dem candidates

(3.) ZERO confrontation of any life and death political, environmental, and moral issues from the presidential dem candidates

Think of it like this. Basically, we're going to be playing a kind of game, and it's called see if you can find ANYTHING substantively or significantly different in the speeches of these 4 stooges.

Here's a suggestion. Don't waste your time trying to find pro progressive remarks or anti vampire rich elite remarks, since for all four of them, progressives will be the "enemy" (as always!) and the billionaire elites will be the Gods and Goddesses (as always!) of this enslaved, Have and Have Not planet.

And Biden, please don't be so grovelingly obvious in the future. At least "act like" you're an ethical, rational adult. Not to worry. You’ve got lots of company. For much (most?) of the human race, money is far more craved than morality or rationality anyway.

Is Obama the final nail in the coffin of our pseudo two party system?

You know, what is happening now isn’t all bad. Sometimes things have to get unbelievably terrible before people wake up. In AA, this is called “hitting bottom’ – and the good news about hitting bottom is that’s where all the bounce is.

Nearly everything Obama has done since the primaries isn’t only non progressive, it isn't even centrist. He spends most of his time sucking up the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, corporate Texas energy vampires, etc, etc. There's really no point is listing all the stuff, since he's basically doing EXACTLY the same things our dem/pug congress has been doing.

So now, I guess we can talk about the dem/pug/Obama convention. One party of hog troughers. God, people will be able to hear the squeals of greed on the other side of the planet when Obama makes it clear all that "liberal/progressive" stuff in the primaries was crapola.

Probably the high point of the convention is when Judas Joe Lieberman gives him a big sloppy kiss.

So, what's the story?

(1.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich.

(2.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we have a one party political system.

(3.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that our one party system is abjectly under the control of 1% of the country, i.e., the vampire rich.

(4.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY the our Democratic Republic (what a laugh!) is rapidly turning into a Police State.

(5.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we are up to our eyebrows in a Class War -- and guess who the suckers are who pay all the taxes (hey, no taxes for yachts in California!) and sacrifice their children as cannon fodder for vampire rich oil wars. Yes, you guessed it. They all belong what's left of the middle and lower classes.

(6.) Millions of Americans profoundly believe 9/11 was an "inside job". Let's spell that out. 9/11 wasn't the mere result of Bush Administration ineptitude; it was the direct result of Bush Administration engineering. In other words, 9/11 happened BECAUSE OF the neocon/Bush administration. They made it happen to justify the preemptive invasion of Iraq, and to tax out of existence the cattle class (that’s us), but most of all to turn Iraq into a "money cow" oil war for billions and billions of graft money -- and on and on. But the main thing to bear in mind is that 9/11 was ENGINEERED by the Bush/neocons.

(7.) Speaking of the neocons, millions of Americans have finally got it that Bush's neocon "advisors" are all of a piece of the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel: meaning for the last eight years (actually more) our foreign policy has been a tail wagged by the dog of American/Israeli right wing crazies. Sure would be nice if American foreign policy was determined only by Americans, wouldn't it?

Of course, this list could go on an on.

So, do we have a moral here? Indeed we do. Millions and millions of Americans would agree with most of the above. There might be a debate here or there about this or that, but the big picture is that we are living in Dictatorship of the Rich that is willing to do ANYTHING (e.g., treasonously engineer 9/11 and lie about Iraq even in presidential addresses) to keep a relative handful of multi millionaire and billionaire international elites unimaginably rich (and still getting richer).

And of course there's a marriage in hell between the international elites and right wing sociopaths of the two countries in question. Indeed, these sociopaths fuel the Police State master plan of the elites.

Simple: Dictatorship of the Rich with an evolving Police State. That's what's really out there.

Now let's see if Obama will address ANY of this at the convention.

He should, you know, since we're talking about the total and very rapid extinction of our human freedoms and Constitutional Democracy.

But, this American thinks "hitting bottom" includes seeing our dem/pug/Obama one party system for exactly what it is, i.e., a 6,000 year old strategy to keep the elites living like Greek Gods and all the rest of us living like cattle.

Oh by the way, let's not forget that elites are totally willing to indulge in genocide. Look at what white Europeans have done to black Africans. And for that matter, on a smaller scale, look at Bush's assassination of New Orleans. Gotta keep that black population down.

And lastly, look at what the dem/pug/Bush/neocons have done to our life and death health protections and plans. All those chemicals in our food and water are steadily killing us you know. Is that just fate or chance, or are the elites "weaning the cattle". They need us (who else will clean their commodes), but they don't want "too many" of us.

Probably nothing would be more horrifying for Americans than a massive examination of how hundreds of things are now being allowed and encouraged in our country in order to gradually kill off millions of us. No inspection of poisonous meat, unnecessary pesticides, avoidable pollutants in our water supplies, even verifiable hanky panky in our pharmaceuticals ("medicine" that ain't medicine). Hey, too many cattle just can't be allowed -- especially as the bad karma of raping Mother Nature starts kicking in more and more.

Now many Americans realize some, most, or all of these things (again, debate about details doesn't change the monstrously evil big picture). And make no mistake, we are talking about monsters. Unfortunately our country is now under to total control of literal monsters.

They certainly control the political game.

And they certainly seem to be controlling Barack Obama.

And oh yes, the bounce. Let's not forget the bounce. We are clearly hitting bottom, so let's talk about the bounce.

The bounce, such as it is, will come from one thing only! It will come from being in touch with reality. It all comes down to how many Americans are willing to puke out the fantasy version of America. You know, that America the elites have brainwashed us into thinking is real.

But IT'S NOT REAL. What's real is the Dictatorship of the Rich. What's real is the oncoming Police State. What's real is that 1% of the human race (including in America) owns and has control of virtually everything on the planet What's real is that, compared to the Greek God like elites, all the rest of us are living like human cattle.

No one knows what percentage in-touch-with reality-Americans will catalyze a social cataclysm, but when that critical mass is reached, the “bounce” will happen and Americans will start DOING WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO DO to resurrect our Constitutional Republic. We shouldn’t kid ourselves about this. If and when that critical mass of “enlightened” American is reached, all bets are off on everything. Radical change will happen, no matter what the cost! Most of all, the elites will be “dealt with”, since they are the core cancers of planet Earth. The Have and Have Not horror will be challenged ultimately and permanently.

Case in point: When the full truth that the 9/11 atrocity was actively engineered by the Bush Administration (and friends), only God can predict what will happen . . .

And Barack who?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Obama ever going to stop giving the finger to progressives?

Are we trapped in some kind of terrible fairly tale in which an evil witch has metamorphed Obama in a squeaking mouse?

Because, that's all the EVER does these days (when he's not on vacation), he squeaks. No fire, no liberal passion, no "standing up and being counted" -- just squeaks.

Also, he "reacts" to McCain. What does he do when McCain is not asserting himself? Couch potato television? Who knows, but what we DO know is that he won't even squeak unless McCain gives him something to react to.

Suddenly he's turned into a McCain reaction machine. Not an Obama ACTOR, but just a McCain REACTOR. And when he does react he squeaks out something that sounds like a page from an academic paper that mesmerizes everyone into a coma.

What happened to his funkiness? Where's the passion? Where's the down and dirty political street fighting? And most of all, where's the moral outrage. Jesus, he's turned into Nancy Pelosi in slacks.

And naturally, the polls are going straight to hell. He had incredible (mostly progressive) momentum at the beginning of this presidential campaign, but he's pooped it all away in, what (?), one month. A Zogby/Reuters poll, 8/20, has him down five point from McCain. Not ever f_____ even, but DOWN, and down BIG!

Oh, God, God, God, not ANOTHER ONE! Not another democrat (no upper case for this party) who snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Tell me it ain't so.

And yet, there could be some constructive conclusions from the polls and from the general disgust of even centrist voters for Obama's reactive squeaks.

This is feedback. This is making diamond clear the difference between the progressive talking Obama, the activist, and the champion of change (vs.) the DLC/Carvilleized Obama, the Nancy Pelosi in slacks Obama, and the squeaking mouse dem/republican.

Someone once said people much prefer to vote to for Republicans than Democrats who act like Republicans, such as the "reborn" Obama, the status quo supporter Obama, and the Obama who has totally turned his back on his dynamic, progressive base.

This guy has turned into a mugwump. Mug on the right of center side and very little wump on the other side. What he's trying to do is make everyone happy. He's changed into archetypal democrat who has no moral or rational stand about ANYTHING, and we all know what happens to archetypal democrats, don't we? They turn into Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Even worse, they turn into Joe Lieberman.

Obama talks like the primaries never even happened. For awhile, it was OK because you could write off his squeaking as possibly the political chess game you have to play to get support from the center.

But he's gone far, FAR beyond that. He's turned into a clone of the dem/republican congress. He's turned into a clone of those unforgivable traitors to the constitutional and moral soul of America. Plus, it's like he's lost all his nerve. He doesn't speak out strongly about ANYTHING. No, just those catatonic "lectures" that are the answer to Republican prayers.

"Change", the guy probably can't even spell the word anymore. Was he in some kind of trance during the primaries or is he in some kind of trance now?

OK, back to the good part of this. If what's happening now doesn't convince him that he should fire all his mousey, dem/pug "advisors", nothing will.

What should he start doing IMMEDIATELY. He should go back to progressive policies and the passion for change. Change, change, change -- that's what he should be talking about, not all these gutless, immoral "compromises" with the devil. Leave that to the dem/put congress and the "leaders" of the house and senate. They've been doing NOTHING BUT THAT for the last 4 years, so to hell with them all.

It's almost if the guy is drugged. Is someone putting downers in his breakfast food? Is he really the twin brother of the "other" Obama, you know, the one in the primaries, the one who was morally outraged by the Bush administration and who promised to change basically EVERYTHING, the one for whom words like liberal and progressive were the beating heart of America.

This man has simply got to snap out of it. No more droning lectures instead of down and dirty moral outrage. No more mere reacting to McCain. This is the time for action, not reaction! No more compromises with the Devil. No more COOPERATING with the rape of Mother Nature. No more COOPERATING with the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing. No more COOPERATING with corporate Texas energy vampires. No more COOPERATING with committees who pretend 9/11 wasn’t an inside job and high profile Democrats never received anthrax in the mail. And is he ever going to say ANYTHING about the Bush assassination of New Orleans?

It's time to draw lines in the sand. It's time for him to not only act like a man, but act like a presidential man. It's time to gloriously gamble that morality and rationality truly will keep our ship of state afloat much more than treasonous DLC back room deals with the Bush/Republican devils.

My God, Barack, why do you think you are where you are? Divine Right? Your "looks"? Fate?

Wake up buddy. You are where you are ONLY because that's where progressive Americans put you, and believe me, you need them much more than they need you.

If you turn out to be just another dem/pug clone, we'll deal with that. We'll keep the faith and eventually we'll find a REAL rational/moral American who will NOT betray his base, the American Constitution, and the planet Earth -- as you certainly seem to be doing.

Hey, Barack. Read the polls. Look where your dance with the devil advisors have taken you. Better get used to hurricanes of contempt if you turn out to be after all just another betrayer of the American progressive soul.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps Message from patriotic Americans: In the name of God, Barack Obama, SNAP OUT OF IT!