Saturday, August 9, 2008

On many allegedly liberal sites we can't criticize Lieberman and now on others we can't criticize the Clintons!

Lieberman is obvious. After all he's a clone of Israeli Likud Party types who are all of a piece of the neocon cabal which answers ONLY to the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, and which has been wagging American foreign policy like a tail for the last eight plus years. Sure would be nice if America belonged to Americans, wouldn't it?

And now, taboo number two. WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT THE CLINTONS. Dear God, how far does the power the DLC/Clinton's reach? They (and the Lieberman lovers) are doing what we thought could never be done. They are controlling the internet.

Try it out. Send a critical piece to most of the major "liberal" sites and if you go after Lieberman, you probably will get an astoundingly obscene personal email from the "editor" about what a pig you are to DARE to criticize Lieberman's association with the Israeli extremist right wing. Believe me, it's happened to me. I won't directly name the site, but the response was pure hate, totally personal, and from the chief editor of the site. Let's see, the site was about smiling monkeys -- something like that.

And the Clintons apparently still "own" many (most?) pseudo liberal sites. If you say something negative about the Clinton egomaniacs (who STILL haven't endorsed Obama!), they'll put a block on your piece. Or more generally, they'll write an elaborate rationalization about why we should have never have town meetings among ourselves about how that cancerous block in the "Democratic Party" is dramatically helping to elect John McCain. And since John McCain equals WW3 and will start several Middle Eastern wars in the first few month of his presidency (which will lead to China and Russia declaring war on us), that seems to be an infinitely masochistic strategy.

May I suggest you listen very carefully to the talk good 'ol Bill is supposed to give at Obama's convention. And you tell me if EVEN THEN he gives Barrack Obama an unqualified endorsement. No, you wait and see, he'll keep slipping in references to 2012 and Hillary and water down as much as possible any endorsement of Obama in 2008. The Clinton's have fallen off some kind of moral cliff, and are still a suicidal part of the problem, not the solution.

Op-Ed News is a wonderful exception, allowing whatever respectful dialogue is central to where we are now as a nation. Disagreements may abound, but isn't that the nature of internet town hall meetings? None of us expect across the board agreement with what we write, but we do expect NOT TO BE CENSORED for writing material that supports Barack Obama and is outraged by the absolute control the Israeli right wing extremists have over "American" (what a laugh!) foreign policy.

Guess what? We DO get to talk about these tragedies and moral/political atrocities. Why? Because we are Americans and we not only should be "allowed" such observations, but we are morally/intellectually OBLIGATED to shine the spotlight on people like the Clintons (who keep trashing Obama) and Joe Lieberman (who keeps trashing America).

So these decidedly UN-liberal sites can stick their political and nationalistic prejudices where the sun doesn't shine. This is still the United States of America and we are self destructive fools if we let these "editors" muzzle the views of passionately, patriotic American citizens.