Sunday, August 24, 2008

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

No human being in their right mind would want no brain McCain for president. Dear God, he's walking WW3. If elected, in a few months he will have started 2 or 3 wars in the Middle East and THEN here comes China and Russia declaring war on us. Only a clone of Nancy Pelosi would think China and Russia would just sit on their hands while the American neocons and their extremist Israeli right wing compatriots steal what's left of the entire Middle East (hint: oil, oil, and more oil).

But the killer is look at the alternative.

Obama isn't just 2 faced; he's 3, 4, or 5 faced. What happened with Obama is EXACTLY the same thing that happened with the 2004 dem congress.

PROGRESSIVES got the congress back in 2004, but then we discovered we had elected closet Republicans. This was the LEAST Democratic (if that word still means anything) congress in the history of our country. (Betrayal incarnate) = (the 2004 dem congress). Why? Who knows? Probably a combination of cowardice and greed. Certainly the Washington hog trough had AT LEAST as many Democrats as Republicans, plus we elected what turned out to be a veritable toilet of Democratic cowards. Indeed, the 2004 dem congress gave a new meaning to moral, existential cowardice. Cowards and greed pigs. That's our wonderful dem/pug congress (are you listening Nancy and Harry?)

So play it again, Sam. Obama's success in the primaries was chiefly due to PROGRESSIVES. His speeches were nearly all grounded in progressive values and policies and that turned out to be WHAT THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS WANTED.

But on the very first day Biden was VP, he was already taking shots at liberals and complementing the elites and Republicans. Also, Biden is probably even MORE nuts than McCain when it comes to Iraq. He wants to partition that country into three separate parts. Whenever this kind of arrogant lunacy is heard by the Iraqis, they get very, very unified and furious. In short, it's hard to imagine a better way to flip a match into all that political/nationalistic gasoline.

And while we're at it, didn't something like that already happen a few decades ago in the Middle East, but this time it was English arrogance, not American arrogance, that presumed to play the God-like game: Let's Invent a New Country! -- a game peculiarly favored by the Caucasian West.

Ok, let's get down and dirty and talk about where we are.

More and more Americans have now totally realized that America does not have a two party system. Believe it, MILLIONS of Americans now realize this -- especially liberal/progressive Americans.

No, we have a ONE PARTY SYSTEM totally under the control of America's fascist elites. This 1% or so of astronomically rich Americans keeps trying to brainwash all of rest of us into thinking we have a traditional two party system, but it's b.s. to the skies.

And yet, "implicitly" we DO have a two party system. It's just not quite functional yet, but this election may be the final catalyst of its birth.

So, forget all that dem/pug trash. That's Nancy Pelosi, that's the 2004 dem/pug congress. Also, post 2008 presidential primaries, its Barack Obama and Joe Biden, i.e., the dem presidential and vice presidential clones of the 2004 dem congress.

Hence, the two party system is REAL, but it's between progressives and the collective dem/pug crowd.

In other words, it's Obama's "base", the folks who ACTUALLY got him into the primaries and who ACTUALLY elected the 2004 dem congress and who Biden is already publicly trashing.

Well, trash away Joe, you and the alleged dem congress are going to end up cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Why? Because the progressives of America are FINALLY coming together as an independent party. God in heaven, why should we keep electing these dem/pug puppets of American elites. Even Bill Clinton exploited the progressives during his campaign and then discounted them the instant he got elected.

Really, it comes down to a total war between the American elites (who have abject control over Democrats and Republicans alike), and American progressives and liberals.

So, it's really the elites, but if we have to give that party a name, it’s the Democratic/Republican Party, since they all snort at the same hog trough and obediently suck their thumbs just like James Carville, VERSUS American liberal and progressives -- say, the "Progressive Party".

No illusions here. This is a "work in progress", but the so called Democratic "base" is steadily evolving into the only REAL alternative political party to the elite dem/pug puppets.

Before this evolution is discounted as not having enough political muscle to compete with Democrats or Republicans, two things must be kept firmly in mind:

(1.) The Democrat/Republican distinction is now totally meaningless. This is ONE party of greed heads and cowards, e.g., the 2004 dem/pug congress.

(2.) Liberals and Progressives don't have to be anyone's "base", since WE elected the 2004 congress and WE got Obama through the primaries. So buzz of with all this no political power crap. The actual/factual truth is that PROGRESSIVES ARE NOW THE GREATEST POLITICAL FORCE in America. So we don't have to suck up to or "obey" anyone!

All we have to do is "wake up" and realize it's time to radically cut ourselves loose from the Democratic/Republican Party. Hey, they can (and will) grovel for the elites forever, but we can (and will) fight the good fight for morality, rationality, and our Constitutional Republic.

And guess what, these are elections we will WIN because these are the same values and policies most Americans are praying and voting for, but the elite political machine keeps stealing the elections with the pseudo two party system.

The elites have devised many ways to STAY elites and the pseudo two party system is at the heart of it all because it gives Americans the illusion that they have some (any) influence in the deportment and policies their own country.

However, the Progressive Party will offer Americans reality -- not illusion. Just imagine it. A Democracy ACTUALLY grounded in the will of the people.

Basically we have three options. An ongoing one party system which is totally controlled by the elites. Said differently, a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State.

The second option is a dynamic Progressive Party which would belong to AMERICANS, not the elites.

The third option is, let's just say, the "hardball" option. It's the possibility (probability?) that if and when the infinitely understandable hatred of the elites (and this includes the one dem/pug political party of the elites) finally erupts in America, the enormity of the acted out rage will almost certainly be incalculable.

Consider what factors into this. The agony of parents watching their children being used as cannon fodder for elite oil wars, the steady destruction of the American family by backbreaking taxes and dismantled health and retirement programs, and, probably most of all, the mountainous (and still growing) evidence that 9/11 was an "inside job".

Let's say this as plainly as possible 9/11 wasn't just a screw up of the Bush Republicans (and friends), rather it was satanically engineered to get Bush out of the political toilet and to justify State of the Union Address lies about WMD's in order to start money cow oil wars to obtain billions and billions of graft money. And if this turns out to be the case, the loathsome betrayal of America by Bush/Republicans (and friends) is so far beyond words, only God can see what will happen when this infinite treason is unmasked.

I vote for the second option.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ADDENDUM: America is on a road to radical change. The Progressive Party (the true will of the people) is coming into existence to challenge the one party system of dem/pug boot lickers of the elites.

However, this is still in the realm of politics and if the decades (really centuries) of stifled rage about the vampire elites comes to a head and is "acted out", we will see a social cataclysm to compare to the Civil War. Indeed, it may BE a Civil War.

The elites have desperately tried to brainwash Americans into a fairy tale view of our country. However, they have failed and we are increasingly seeing things like they are: America is a Dictatorship of the Rich on the way to be a total fascist police state. The American neocons are all of a piece with the extremist Israeli right wing and together they have been wagging the tail of American foreign policy for the last eight years. Politics is the game/corral they keep the human cattle in (i.e., "us") and these literal monsters are KILLING OUR KIDS for oil money and they are raping and murdering Mother Nature.

So, bye, bye political fairly tales, and hello truth, truth, and nothing but truth.

One way or another, all this is going to change in the very near future. Sit quietly and you can feel the earthquake energy, the oceanic moral outrage, and the ferocious and desperate howl of humanity to stop the elites and right wing crazies from dragging our species to certain extinction.

And Barack who?