Saturday, August 2, 2008

If liberals don’t give Obama total benefit of the doubt, we will "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" . . . again!!!

It's astounding how many perfectionist liberals are still threatening to reject Obama because of his recent centrist remarks -- and because he's not Hillary.


Obama well knows this and is doing what he must do. Plus, much of this is Republican hype, since Obama is still mostly saying centrist/liberal things, and centrist/liberal may not be perfectionist liberal, but its still 5 light years to the left of Bush.

Nadir (spelled with an "i") probably injured the United States of American more than any American who ever lived in the year 2000 Presidential “election”, so let's not repeat his insanity of committing political suicide in the name of politically meaningless (and in his case) egocentric talk.

The rubber is starting to hit the road and its Obama or the certain extinction of what's left our Democracy. McCain clearly doesn't have a full deck and every time you see him his face is literally red with hate and rage. I never thought I would think this, but McCain would almost certainly be five times worse than Bush. He is living for World War 3, and that would almost immediately turn nuclear, so please, please, please, KEEP SUPPORTING OBAMA.

The empirical evidence is also that McCain is ALREADY well on the way the senility and Alzheimer’s. Under different circumstances, this would be grounds for compassion, but this is the real world and the thought of a president in diapers, with 100% access to enough atomic weaponry to totally kill the planet is terrifying.

The thing about Obama is that he never seems to make a major mistake. Some may debate this, but remember Kerry's wrist slitting during the 2004 debate when he made those infinitely stupid remarks about Cheney's gay daughter. You could hear the groan across the nation.

And Gore had his criminally stupid moment during the "debate" with Bush when he walked up to Bush to (what?) "physically intimidate Bush with his size". It made Gore look like a total moron. That may well have been the tipping point of the debates (apart from the stolen election).

Well, Obama is still carrying on with articulate, presidential dignity and shows every sign of continuing to do so until he becomes our next president of the United States.

Yes, he has moved away from the prophet of change that worked so well for him in the primaries, but where he is now is NOT the primaries and all the political game rules are different.

Also, he still has plenty time to weave the change vision back into his speeches. I think you can take it to the bank that his speech at the conventions will be about virtually NOTHING BUT change.

So, let's give the guy a chance. He knew what he was doing in the primaries (which was an almost impossible victory) and here's one American who thinks he still knows EXACTLY what he's doing in his race with no brain McCain.

Plus, the odds makers in Las Vegas are still overwhelming for Obama and there's no political poll, good, bad, or otherwise, that is as reliable as these very hard core (remember, literally billions of dollars are at stake) odds makers.

So, God bless America and God bless President Obama. What we saw in the primaries is still the heart and soul of the man.