Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Obama ever going to stop giving the finger to progressives?

Are we trapped in some kind of terrible fairly tale in which an evil witch has metamorphed Obama in a squeaking mouse?

Because, that's all the EVER does these days (when he's not on vacation), he squeaks. No fire, no liberal passion, no "standing up and being counted" -- just squeaks.

Also, he "reacts" to McCain. What does he do when McCain is not asserting himself? Couch potato television? Who knows, but what we DO know is that he won't even squeak unless McCain gives him something to react to.

Suddenly he's turned into a McCain reaction machine. Not an Obama ACTOR, but just a McCain REACTOR. And when he does react he squeaks out something that sounds like a page from an academic paper that mesmerizes everyone into a coma.

What happened to his funkiness? Where's the passion? Where's the down and dirty political street fighting? And most of all, where's the moral outrage. Jesus, he's turned into Nancy Pelosi in slacks.

And naturally, the polls are going straight to hell. He had incredible (mostly progressive) momentum at the beginning of this presidential campaign, but he's pooped it all away in, what (?), one month. A Zogby/Reuters poll, 8/20, has him down five point from McCain. Not ever f_____ even, but DOWN, and down BIG!

Oh, God, God, God, not ANOTHER ONE! Not another democrat (no upper case for this party) who snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. Tell me it ain't so.

And yet, there could be some constructive conclusions from the polls and from the general disgust of even centrist voters for Obama's reactive squeaks.

This is feedback. This is making diamond clear the difference between the progressive talking Obama, the activist, and the champion of change (vs.) the DLC/Carvilleized Obama, the Nancy Pelosi in slacks Obama, and the squeaking mouse dem/republican.

Someone once said people much prefer to vote to for Republicans than Democrats who act like Republicans, such as the "reborn" Obama, the status quo supporter Obama, and the Obama who has totally turned his back on his dynamic, progressive base.

This guy has turned into a mugwump. Mug on the right of center side and very little wump on the other side. What he's trying to do is make everyone happy. He's changed into archetypal democrat who has no moral or rational stand about ANYTHING, and we all know what happens to archetypal democrats, don't we? They turn into Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Even worse, they turn into Joe Lieberman.

Obama talks like the primaries never even happened. For awhile, it was OK because you could write off his squeaking as possibly the political chess game you have to play to get support from the center.

But he's gone far, FAR beyond that. He's turned into a clone of the dem/republican congress. He's turned into a clone of those unforgivable traitors to the constitutional and moral soul of America. Plus, it's like he's lost all his nerve. He doesn't speak out strongly about ANYTHING. No, just those catatonic "lectures" that are the answer to Republican prayers.

"Change", the guy probably can't even spell the word anymore. Was he in some kind of trance during the primaries or is he in some kind of trance now?

OK, back to the good part of this. If what's happening now doesn't convince him that he should fire all his mousey, dem/pug "advisors", nothing will.

What should he start doing IMMEDIATELY. He should go back to progressive policies and the passion for change. Change, change, change -- that's what he should be talking about, not all these gutless, immoral "compromises" with the devil. Leave that to the dem/put congress and the "leaders" of the house and senate. They've been doing NOTHING BUT THAT for the last 4 years, so to hell with them all.

It's almost if the guy is drugged. Is someone putting downers in his breakfast food? Is he really the twin brother of the "other" Obama, you know, the one in the primaries, the one who was morally outraged by the Bush administration and who promised to change basically EVERYTHING, the one for whom words like liberal and progressive were the beating heart of America.

This man has simply got to snap out of it. No more droning lectures instead of down and dirty moral outrage. No more mere reacting to McCain. This is the time for action, not reaction! No more compromises with the Devil. No more COOPERATING with the rape of Mother Nature. No more COOPERATING with the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing. No more COOPERATING with corporate Texas energy vampires. No more COOPERATING with committees who pretend 9/11 wasn’t an inside job and high profile Democrats never received anthrax in the mail. And is he ever going to say ANYTHING about the Bush assassination of New Orleans?

It's time to draw lines in the sand. It's time for him to not only act like a man, but act like a presidential man. It's time to gloriously gamble that morality and rationality truly will keep our ship of state afloat much more than treasonous DLC back room deals with the Bush/Republican devils.

My God, Barack, why do you think you are where you are? Divine Right? Your "looks"? Fate?

Wake up buddy. You are where you are ONLY because that's where progressive Americans put you, and believe me, you need them much more than they need you.

If you turn out to be just another dem/pug clone, we'll deal with that. We'll keep the faith and eventually we'll find a REAL rational/moral American who will NOT betray his base, the American Constitution, and the planet Earth -- as you certainly seem to be doing.

Hey, Barack. Read the polls. Look where your dance with the devil advisors have taken you. Better get used to hurricanes of contempt if you turn out to be after all just another betrayer of the American progressive soul.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps Message from patriotic Americans: In the name of God, Barack Obama, SNAP OUT OF IT!