Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi spent their 30 pieces of silver?

There's a about a quark of grit in these two losers. ONE quark -- between them.

They symbolize to perfection our toxic Democratic Party. If you confronted either of them about the moral horror show that is the "Democratic Congress”, they would blubber their lips and run like hell. In fact we should rename the Democratic Party the "Blubber your lips and run like hell" Party.

These people are beyond cowards. They are traitors, pure and simple. They wouldn't cross the room to help a dying child. Look at their track record of voting FOR Bush's sadistic, anti child legislation.

But wait a minute, wait a minute. These two aren't just supposed to be Democrats; they're supposed to be congressional "leaders". So why are they doing everything in their power (and they really are!) to turn America into a fascist dictatorship.

How did these spiritual zeroes worm their way to "the top"? There are lots of answers to these questions, of course, and they have to do with groveling deals and political soul selling, but all that stuff misses the REAL question.

The real question should be put to these two people directly.

Hey, Nancy & Harry, why are you detestably betraying America? You're in a position of ENORMOUS power and influence, but you spend all your time in the bathroom hiding from patriotic Americans.

Remember, "patriotism"? Why aren't you patriots? We made it possible for you to have those positions of leadership at great sacrifice and expense, and yet you do nothing but spit on the American Constitution. You aren't even Republican light. You are Republican all the way down to your Judas Joe Lieberman souls.

Sure, you talk the "democratic" talk, but you are textbook examples of people who talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

Do you know there are millions of us out here who are still in shock about your betrayal? Hey, we thought you were the good guys, that's why we put you there. And make no mistake, WE put you there, you didn't put yourselves there. Your "leadership" was a gift given to you by progressive Americans.

And, please, please, no b.s. rationalizations. No crap about "how hard you're trying" or whining about how Bush/Republicans are just too smart and strong for you. And most of all, no bragging about how you passed a few candyass bills, while running in terror from the tsunami reality that our country and planet are literally dying.

Maybe we should say that again since do you even realize that our country and planet are dying? Does that EVER get though to you, or you too busy counting your 30 pieces of silver?

In fact, why don't you go all the way and be anchors on Fox Snooze? Just think how much fun you could have getting drunk with the other retarded fascists Rupert Murdoch keeps on his key chain while laughing at the multi millions of sucker patriots out here who love America more than elite political games.

Better yet, why don't both of you go straight to hell?

The Iraq War is a Money Cow for War Mongering Elites

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be? Century after century war mongering elites engineer wars, perpetuate wars, and wind down wars only when they cease to be cost effective.

Iraq and Afghanistan (don't forget Afghanistan!) are still cost effective and the ONLY factor on which hangs the "preemptive" invasion of Iran is the degree to which it can be munificent cash cow number three. This decision is now being made by the Bush Democratic Congress. War Cash Cows have lots of teats, and we now know there's just as many suckling "Democrats" as there are suckling Republicans. Politics is now and always has been civilization's institutionalized hog trough.

It's finally common knowledge to barnyard animals that our country is a Dictatorship of the Rich, but it's a little harder to tease out that most of the wealth of the elites comes generational and wildly successful war mongering. Daddy Warbucks indeed!

It's like picking up money off the floor, as a friend broker of mine once put it. First, invent a threatening international enemy. Then engineer some "evidence" (9/11 comes to mind) that it's time to return to a wartime economy. Then listen to Cheney/Halliburton type cash registers ding and ding and ding and ding. Hey, a little death here and there (it's now estimated that over a million Iraqis have died during the Bush Oil Wars), is good for business. Hell, they don't belong to the Christian Right, so who gives a rat's derriere?

Yeah, we have a few American casualties too, but business and business. You can't have a War Money Cow if you don't have a war, and war feeds on death. George W. Bush is almost certainly responsible for the deaths of more human beings (including children and American cannon fodder soldiers) than any human being on the planet Earth. Just think about that! The NUMBER ONE KILLER . . . and now his greed vampires are prattling about Iran and nukes.

So, there's new jive and lies and fascist propaganda about why have to kill a few MORE million human beings. But there's also the self evident War Money Cow truth. It's like peeling on onion. On the surface are meaningless, one party system political games. Go a little deeper and you start getting into dipstick religious fanaticism, but in the dead center of this Heart of Darkness are the War Money Cows.

And no War Money Cows, no elites. The War Money Cows are the true gods of human existence. The trouble is, they only feed on death and blood and anguish and horror. But my or oh, how they dance for the neocon cabal and Bush/Saudi Royal Families.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?

Goodness (vs.) the Antichrist George W. Bush and his army of evil

The logistics and details of political commitment can be overwhelming. There’s so much to keep track of, so many strategies, so much to subscribe to, sign petitions for, and demonstrations to participate in, because political activism on the grandest possible scale is our only hope.

And yet, and yet . . .

What about prayer? What about God? What about that sacred flame of spirituality which is the essence of your life? It should be self evident that even a so called atheist can be grounded in love, responsibility, and yes even divine like glimpses; just as neurotic religious cults can be sewers of hatred and fear of life, e.g., the Baptist Big Bang Armageddon.

Spirituality is all. Forget the institutional religions. As it was in the beginning, is now, and always shall be, spirituality is all. For some of us, religion and spirituality are one in the same. For some of us, religion is what you outgrow to get to spirituality. For some of us, God is the essence of spirituality. For some of us, the "God" word is a distraction from spirituality.

But in the face of the horrific evil which is savagely killing our country (and ultimately the planet), shouldn't we realize that political activism is not enough. Indeed it can be argued that it has NEVER been enough.

If there's ever been a time in our lives when we needed to touch ALL the bases, God and spirituality included, that time is now!

My dear American brothers and sisters, our beloved country is being murdered as we speak by Bush/Republican fascists. Its precious blood is being greedily drained by America's vampire elites (probably less than one percent of our population). It is also being by default murdered by "establishment politics" (i.e., our ONE party dem/pug political system). The "Democrats" have utterly betrayed us. Said religiously, Nancy Pelosi and Judas Joe Lieberman have betrayed God. One wonders where Nancy Peolsi has spent her 30 pieces of silver. Judas Joe Lieberman seems to be doing his best to get another kiss from the loathsome Bush Antichrist.

But should we really be using words like this? Should we be referring to George W. Bush and the Antichrist? God in heaven, if a man is responsible for killing OVER A MILLION AND A HALF PEOPLE just to improve the bottom line of Texas energy corporations (and his own personal fortune!); surely such a man deserves to be called an Antichrist!

Compare this filth to Jesus. Compare this filth to Mohammed. Compare this filth to the Hebrew Prophets. Compare this filth to Buddha. Compare this filth to GOODNESS, COMPASSION, & LOVE.

George W. Bush is Evil incarnate -- just as, for many of us, Jesus is God incarnate.

So what to do, what to do, what to do? Again (please forgive the repetition), political activism to the max. No question. We've got to get off our duffs and "make it happen".

But there's also a "war of "principalities" going on here. The perennial war between Good and Evil. And in America at least, Evil is winning by a country mile.

Alas, the churches in general have also betrayed us. Don't hear many peeps from the Catholic Church these days, do you? No, the Catholic Church (and basically all of the institutional religions of Christianity) have raised to a science the strategy of see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil. So far as the Christian churches are concerned, George W. Bush is throwing a Texas picnic. Pope who? You mean that guy who has such a convoluted fascist past and talks about theological pap?

This betrayal is just as loathsome as the betrayal of the Democratic Party.

So, it's us or nothing, right? Politics is now and always has been part of the problem. Religion is all that luke warm crap Jesus said he would spit out of his mouth.

So, goodbye establishment politics and hello aggressive political/apolitical activism.

And goodbye establishment religion and hello . . .

Hello what? Well, that's between you and your soul. That's between you and your God, but it's a lead pipe certainty that now is the time for (let's call it) "spiritual activism".

Why don't we have demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of praying Americans? Do we need help? Do cows give milk? God YES we need help and saying YES to God may BE our help.

But it doesn't have to be all that "religious". The main thing is to turn to our souls and reach out to the core spirituality in our lives.

Maybe that's exactly what we haven't done yet. Political and/or apolitical activism is life and death necessary, but maybe spiritual activism is just as necessary. Forget the churches. They are now and nearly always have been meaningless. Like politics, most of the time the god they worship is money.

I'm groping here, my friends. I'm not preaching or giving solutions. I'm just listening to my own life spirituality and it’s telling me that in the face of the Bush antichrist and our betrayal by establishment politics and religion, it's time to think about things like prayer and God.

What would be so terrible if millions of us got down on our knees and prayed for our dying country? Are we too proud? Do we think that's superstitious and silly? Well, evil isn't "silly" and it's now in every breath we take in this county.

Indeed, we have become the country of evil which all the rest of the world increasingly fears. Evil is HERE and it's REAL and its incarnation is George W. Bush, so let's fight him with spirituality, with prayer, with mediation, and with candlelight vigils.

Very often in life people turn to their souls, the spirituality of life, or God (if that works for you), only because they've run out of other options. They open to the sublime because their life is going down for the 3rd time and they cry out to the infinite for help.

Well, our beloved America is going down for the 3rd time. The vampire rich, the fascist Republicans, and the evil army of the Bush Antichrist are raping, murdering, and destroying our birthright Constitutional Republic.

Praying to Christ, chanting to Buddha, whatever, whatever, but who knows what grace may be waiting to rain on our bleeding and mutilated country if only we reach out in faith and love.

We CANNOT allow our souls to be murdered by the Bush Antichrist and his army of evil! We must reach out and reach out to spiritual healing and mystery for help.

Pop Quiz

(1.) True or false: America is a Dictatorship of the Rich.

(2.) True or false: The before, during, and after policies of the Bush Administration calculatedly murdered New Orleans.

(3.) True or false: The Iraq War has made the Bush and Cheney families countless millions of dollars.

(4.) True or false: 9/11 limitlessly BENEFITED the Republican Party.

(5.) 9/11 limitlessly BENEFITED what Middle Eastern country?

(6.) Nuking Iran would limitlessly BENEFIT what Middle Eastern country?

(7.) True or false: Our president of a true believer in a religious cult that thinks the Earth (or solar system, or local group -- who knows?) is going to go "boom" any day now. Duh.

(8.) True or false: Our forefathers set up fail safe after fail safe to keep our Constitutional Republic from degenerating into a theocracy (a dictatorship of nutcase religious fanatics).

(9.) True or false: Texas energy corporations are raping and murdering Mother Nature.

(10.) True or false: Global warming, ozone holes, polluted oceans, etc., etc. are REAL and if and when the Earth passes a few more "tipping points", its game over for the human race. Forever.

(11.) True or false: Establishment politics (i.e., America's dem/pug ONE party political system) is a game invented by the America’s vampire elites (the 1% or less) to delude all the rest of us into thinking we have some (any!) input into our government's national and international policies.

(12.) True or false: The neocon cabal was in total control during 9/11 and the neocon lobby has NEVER lobbied for the well being and national security of the United States of America. Hmmm.

(13.) True or false: We now have SEVERAL viable alternative energy alternatives to suicidal fossil fuels, but the Iraq War (and Iran War to come?) is still all about oil.

(14.) True or false: Jesus said we should judge them by their fruits, and the fruits of the elite Bush Family are poisoning America’s soul.

(15.) True or false: Prescott Bush (Bush's grandfather) really DID try to engineer a fascist coup d'etat in America during the 30's in association with the German 3rd Reich

The Death of the Democratic and Republican Parties

NEITHER party will survive the now totally successful Bush/fascist coup d'etat.

The Democratic base is now predominantly liberal/progressive, but the "Democratic Party" is a DLC beltway nightmare. People like the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll are quite literally HATED by most of what used to be called Democrats. At great expense, effort, and sacrifice, progressives elected a 2006 Democratic Congress, but cowards and traitors like Nancy Peloci and Harry Reid converted this passionately hard won advantage into toilets down which they eagerly flush the slightest trace of liberal values and policies.

The "lunatic fringe" of the Republican Party has castrated the loyal opposition to what were formerly mainstream Democrats. The creative polarity between these two parties has ceased to exist. "Radicals" (that dirty word Republicans used to call Democrats) have eaten the Republican Party alive, with pathological religious fanatics babbling about Armageddon (the Baptist Big Bang) and vampire Texas energy companies raping Mother Nature to the verge of extinction. Said differently, it has been wisely pointed out that we rescued Europe from fascism twice, but now the fascists are HERE and no one is going to rescue us.

Other variables must include the neocon cabal which has direct associations with similarly lunatic fringe right wing Israelis. Hence, via this cabal, our national policy has been reduced to the tail wagged by the dog of another country. Indeed, this cabal is now virtually a 3rd Party in American Politics. The irony that a successful American 3rd Party is not based in America is infinite. At the very least, it utterly dominates what used to be the Republican Party, contributing to the inevitable death of the "American" Republican Party.

What happened to the Democratic Party is still something of a mystery. It has been obvious for years that the Democratic "Leadership" Council is a lapdog of America's Dictatorship of the Rich, but even with their limitless funding, the TOTAL disconnect between the DLC and the great majority of passionate progressives is a wonder to behold. And here again, the dog is wagging the tail, since DLC Democrats (a contradiction in terms) have tons of money, but relatively few members. A nearly exact comparison between the DLC and most Americans is that of the fascist collaborators in France during WW2.

It will take the highest quality poet combined with the highest quality historian to do justice to the boggling fact that the Neocon "Third Party" is all of a piece with the American 4th Reich -- a direct, and perhaps inevitable, extension of Germany's WW2 3rd Reich. Perhaps we should call our would be fascist masters the Neocon Reich.

It's interesting to speculate that since the neocon cabal has killed the Republican Party and the DLC has killed the Democratic Party, and since "establishment politics" is the modus operandi by which America's elites (1% or less) manipulate all the rest of us, one wonders what will happen now that establishment politics will no longer be a millstone around our necks.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Political Polls. Seabirds of Revolution?

Political polls are rife and they unequivocally indicate that a substantial majority of American citizens are deeply opposed to nearly ALL the policies of the Bush/Republican (alias, Bush/Democrat) administration.

Interestingly, the polls consistently demonstrate that the conflict is less between Republicans and Democrats (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber), than between Americans and our one party dem/pug political establishment.

But a country in which the proven majority is dominated by a coterie of unconstitutional criminals is, by definition, a totalitarian dictatorship. Hence, the polls are putting the emPHAsis on the right sylLAHble (as an only debate coach of mine used to put it), i.e., the core conflict is not between the Democratic Congress and George W. Bush, because the Democratic Congress effectively IS George W. Bush.

Rather, the core conflict is something we have rarely seen in American history. It is quite literally a life and death conflict between our pseudo representative's and the Constitutional Republic honored by the vast majority of the American people. Corporate propaganda notwithstanding, Washington's treasonous political puppets of America's Dictatorship of the Rich are on a different planet from grass roots Americans

So, the tipping point is now. Either Americans will yawn their way ever deeper into this fascist, neocon dictatorship or they will walk the walk, not just talk the talk, where walking the walk means some kind of VERY organized and VERY aggressive political and/or apolitical activism.

Said differently, we have run out of options. The "Democratic" Party and our national media have sold their souls to corporate fascism and the treacherous neocon lobby (which has NEVER lobbied for the national security and well being of the United States of America).

So, rigged elections, a ONE party political system, a Judas media, nutcase Armageddon "Big Bang" religious fanatics, and the profoundly un-American neocon cabal, doesn't leave us much wiggle room, doesn't it? Especially since "we" are around 75% of the country according to all the polls.

An analogy which works here is that America is now like a physical system in which homeostasis is no longer possible, hence some kind of radical change is inevitable. Too many wires have been crossed. Too many wheels have come off. Too many fail safe parameters for the status quo have been arrogantly ignored.

The greed of the elites and the pathology of religious fanatics has gone ballistic. The "political game" is that the majority of Americans have political representatives who represent and arbitrate their interests and values, but now we know this game is insultingly meaningless, hence apolitical forces have been passionately loosened.

The thing is, when homeostasis goes, all bets are off on what happens to the system. And when the homeostasis of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY is lost, anything is possible! Pandora's Box is now wide open.