Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin would be the last nail in the coffin of the Republican murder of the Earth.

This SOS is sent to elephants, whales, eagles, polar bears, even dogs and cats.

And oh yes, it's also sent to humans -- that fatal species all other species regard as Earth terrorists.

However, it's not sent to Sarah Palin because she is a pathological religious fanatic who thinks the Earth is merely a Motel 6 she's just "passing through" on her way to comic book salvation or damnation.

Now please think about that. Imagine (God forbid) McCain is elected but he only lasts a year (if that long) and then abracadabra, Sarah Palin is PRESIDENT!

This systemic and ruthless killer of most of the Arctic’s extinction-threatened animals is suddenly the "steward" of Mother Nature?

This would be like handing your kids over to a rapist.

Look, all of us know in our heart of hearts that THE crisis of the human species is not economics (however important that is); it is our mortally threatened ONE AND ONLY PLANET.

We also know that these last eight years have brought countless species to extinction, gigantically widened the ozone holes, and astronomically increased global warming.

Oh, oh, Sarah doesn't think global warming has anything to do with human events. This is an example of the "Palin Solution" to the ecological, biological problem/realities of the Earth. Just ignore them!

Wow, this lady must have as hot line to "something" since she is in direct conflict with literally thousands of the best scientific minds on the planet.

However, may I be frank? Sometimes this writer has a little fun with a turn of phrase here or there, but what we're talking about now is the literal end of human existence (and I've totally run out of jokes).

Where our planet is now compared to where it was before President pinhead, is utter agony to contemplate. We have "slipped back” EVERYWHERE! Not just global warming and the ozone holes, but countless species' extinctions, the exponential growth of pollution of our rivers, skies, and even oceans, uninspected food, unregulated "medicines" from the giant pharmaceutical corporations (Africa & aides comes to mind), etc., etc., etc.

It's as if during the obscene and suicidal "Bush years", Mother Nature has been on a nonstop diet of ground glass.

Now magnify that by 100 and you have Sarah Palin. We can forgive her for her general stupidity, but we can NOT forgive her for her toxic and murderous relation with nature.

Good God, this woman won't "protect" the environment. One can even imagine that considering her "motelism", she could well find ways to HASTEN the death of the Earth. Is this so unthinkable? Not when you remember that her delusion is that "heaven awaits" and this miserable Earthly existence (i.e., reality) is at best a place you might want to visit, but you would never want to live there.

Now add to this pathology her blatant mental limitations. Pick a subject from science, any subject, then pick a representative question (medium difficult) and ask the polar bear killer the question. Remember, ANY question from ANY area of science. Well, the only data we have to go on (interviews, past and present, and public comments), suggest that it is probability one that she won't have the ghost of an answer to ANY question.

And this "Motel Earth" dingbat and apparent airhead is going to be the person we entrust MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN AMERICA (when she's president -- and she almost certainly will be very quickly), to deal with the infinitely complex survival dynamics of an entire planet?

God Good, it's going to take the collective efforts of the INTERNATIONAL scientific community to even barely hold our ground against the escalating "bad karma" of what the Bush/fascist/Republicans have done to Mother Nature.

Texas energy corporations alone have inflicted probably irreversible injuries to multiple critical ecosystems of the Earth. Raping Mother Nature for fossil fuels has devastating and permanent consequences.

So who do we need? We need a Florence Nightingale to bind the hundreds of thousands of wounds to Mother Nature. We need someone who resonates with the spiritual intuitions of American Indians who can teach us HOW to live in nature. God, how we need the wisdom of those who, after all, are the original Americans.

We need someone who can facilitate and be infinitely sensitive to the bogglingly subtle interdynamics of the scientific community (our ultimate salvation, if we can free them from the Republican prison).

But who's on tap . . . Sarah Palin.

An intellectual mouse who has no love for the Earth and who wouldn't understand ANYTHING the scientific community would attempt to teach her.

This is horror, what we're talking about now is horror.

Horror is watching the Earth die before our eyes and Sarah Palin will be the last nail in the coffin if she's president. A "happy" nail, probably, since she assumes she's bound for glory. I wonder if she thinks all those animals she has brutally murdered are also bound for glory. Come to think of it, I wonder if she thinks at all.

May I end this with a personal aside? Many years ago when I was in graduate school I thought it would expand my consciousness (and it did, albeit with much sadness) if I took a job for a summer on a closed mental ward.

I quickly leaned two things.

(1.) All the aides were at least as depressed as the patients.

(2.) I also learned that the two main topics of conversation were sex and God.

I will never forget those passionate "God conversations" on that closed mental ward. It left me with the awareness that psychosis and religious fanaticism are two sides of the same coin. Trust me, no one ever "beamed up" to glory from that pitiful ward. Indeed, very much to the contrary.

Are you listening, Sarah?

Out of the box there aren't any elites.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies."

Before this publication, the scientific community was "stuck" in a multitude of physical contradictions, most of which had to do with inertial motion (motion which is not slowing, speeding up, or turning) and the behavior and nature of light.

The problem with inertial systems is to determine if they are moving or stationary. Seemingly this isn't difficult because all you have to do is "look out the widow" (of a train, to take that as an example of an inertial system) and compare it to the stationary land outside the train.

But what if there isn't anything in the universe which is ABSOLUTELY stationary? Forget the Earth, the sun, and even the so called "fixed stars", etc., since it can be proved that nothing is absolutely stationary.

This is a taste of relativity since it implies inertial motion is relative. The distance between A and B may be changing, but neither can claim to be absolutely moving or absolutely stationary since neither can compare themselves to anything absolutely stationary.

Einstein extended this relativity to include electromagnetic behavior, e.g., light.

The point is that Einstein jumped out the 19 Century mind set, in which time and space were absolute (that word again) and showed that, to use his beautiful words, "Time and space are modes by which we think, and not conditions in which we live."

He also showed that the speed of light is constant and independent of the source or observer.

OK, so why are we talking about this? Good question and I hope a have a convincing answer.

What Einstein did in Special Relativity (General Relativity has to do with non inertial motion) was to "see through" (a root meaning of intelligence) the common sense 19th Century box into vaster truths. Newton's Mechanics, for example, is a special case of Einstein's relativity, but Newton's Mechanics is the physics of common sense.

In other words, Einstein jumped out of the box and I mean REALLY jumped out of the box, but this out of the box reality turned out to be a vastly more comprehensive reality, even though it wasn't the child of common sense, e.g., in common sense land no one EVER witnesses speeds that approach the speed of light.

So, here's the moral:

Arguably, the ultimate challenge of human civilization is to "transcend" the consensus social/political mind set of contemporary civilization. In other words, we have do what Einstein did, but not with physics. We have to do it with the hypnotic brainwashing of how we have been taught to live together as human beings.

Because in THIS common sense world, the Have and Have Not horror is business as usual. In THIS common sense world, elites just go with the territory of being alive and war is as common as a cold.

But such a world is wall to wall agony and only 1% of the human race gets to live like Greek Gods.

In such a world, people like Sarah Palin can imply that Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist in order to incite psychopaths in the audience to scream out, "Kill him, kill him"! In other words, to incite his assassination.

In such a world, a few thousand international elites (and is really is that few), CONTROL ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that happens in social/political human existence.

The point to all this is almost impossible to put into words. The world we live as social human beings is a brainwashed box. We do what we do because we equate this box with reality.

But this box is a consensus delusion. It's the product of millennia of programming, conditioning, and brainwashing.

And we can LEAVE IT, just as Einstein transcended his scientific box.

Because OUTSIDE this box, there are no elites and the Have and Have Not horror doesn't exist. All this human anguish, infinite injustice, war, and murder exist only "inside" our box.

Time to follow Einstein's example. He proved that cosmic dimensions are calling to the human race OUTSIDE the box.

Radical social change? You can't get there from here.

The human race is fundamentally, socially defective.

Politics is whistling in a dark that's not listening and institutionalized religion appeals only to two digit IQ's.

But our suffering is real and more than anything else it defines the human condition.

The essence of the problem is that we absolutely don't know how to live together in ways which are sane, rational, and kind. But even that's too simplistic, because the problem is even beyond our ability to "define" it. All we DO know is that since the beginning of recorded history, practically all of us have been living in chronic misery.

We may have some vague sense of what our lives could be like if we somehow solved the "social problem" (can we put it like that?). But the torturing heart of this is that we HAVE NO CLUE how to do it.

Sure, we have a list of crapolas like politics, religion, and sometimes even revolution, but alas, they are much ado about nothing. Indeed, if we are really honest (which we are maybe 0.01% of the time), we will acknowledge that these things always have been, are now, and always will be more part of the problem than the solution.

It's hard to imagine ANYONE on planet Earth who still thinks "politics" is going to radically socially change anything. Of course, that's exactly what most of us actually DO believe, so we keep (in the words of an ancient Chinese Zen master) "washing off blood with blood."

Indeed, the worst thing about all our pitiful attempts to solve the social problem is that all these attempts ARE THEMSELVES an expression OF the problem.

American politics, for example, is based on the irrational and virtually "mentally ill" assumption that we have a two party system. But, it is blatantly obvious (or should be) that behind our political "representatives" (like the 2004 Democratic Congress of traitors) are evil forces powerful beyond our dreams.

Indeed, here's an example of how what we're dealing with is simply off the chart. The forces of evil behind our pseudo two party system are called the elites, and the international elites make up much less than 1% of the human race, but they basically control EVERYTHING in our social/political lives, and have been doing so for around the last 6,000 years.

OK, now that's a statement of hard core social, historical fact. That is what is REALLY GOING ON and all the meaningless election jive is just the dancing of boot licking political puppets of the elites -- you know, a sort of "good cop" and "bad cop", or Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.

However, the worst part of this is that even such a direct perception of "the reality of politics" is itself relatively worthless. Yes, it's correct to say (1.) America does not have a two party system, and (2.) the American elites live like literal Greek Gods. And why not even throw in a (3.) that the evidence is now MOUNTAINOUS that 9/11 was an "inside job" engineered by the Bush fascists, with almost certainly a great deal of help from, let's just say, certain Middle Eastern friends.

OK, now what? Even if these statements are true, then what the bloodly hell do we do about it? Are we going to "vote the bums out"? But that's impossible, since the 2004 Congress proved that dems = pugs and pugs = dems. Back to good cop and bad cop. Back to the elite Greek Gods. And back to a 9/11 that's now buried deeper than Kennedy's assassination. And please note that BOTH of our presidential candidates are staying light years away from 9/11, which may well be the most evil and world changing event in human history.

So, here we are, living in an elite manufactured hell (and by the way, elites used to be called the aristocracy) and there's absolutely, absolutely nothing we can do about it.

How about a literal revolution? Isn't THAT radical social change? Well, history has shown us that things are usually worse after a revolution than they were before, so more futility.

Probably all this sounds very negative and some of you would prefer to sing a more positive song. Well sing away, but psst!, the elites aren't listening.

And yes this IS a very negative take on human existence, at least social human existence, because we are a profoundly dysfunctional species when it comes to things like society and civilization.

You know it's really not hard to imagine other advanced species in the universe who/that live in spiritual harmony and creativity. Indeed, probably their individual lives would be impoverished without the collective social matrix of their species.

Well, if there's a harmony quotient (call it the HQ, say, from 1 to 10) for advanced species, the universe may be teeming with 8's, 9's and even a few 10's. But on planet Earth -- probably at best a 2.

OK, let's see if we can end this with some vulnerable hope. Remember the second part of the title, "You can't get there from here."? Well, that sentence is a kind of trap UNLESS you jump out of the "here box".

Maybe you've heard the phrase, "begin where you are". Well, semantics aside, that may be exactly what we SHOULDN'T do, because where we are is not a place from which we can solve the social problem.

Where we are is a millennia old box of conditioning, programming, and brainwashing -- it's the "here". And this box is so arrogant it even presumes to tell us who we are. Think about that. Now if that isn't the absolute limit of brainwashed stupidity, what is? NOTHING can tell you who you are except yourself! This should be the most obvious truth of human existence, but in box land, all those authority machines sit on your head like "a crown of thorns". Hmmm.

Lots of threads here, I know, but the core intuition is that you can't get there from here, because our "here" is dysfunctional and defective. Our "living our life from place" is betraying us. We need a change of reality scenery. We need a dimensionally different here.

And how do we find it? We do basically the same thing Einstein did when he jumped out of the box of 19th century physics and saw the vaster dimensions of relativity.

But oh my goodness, isn't this a scary and crushing challenge? Maybe there ISN'T anything outside the box of our suffocatingly conditioned existence. Maybe some guy in a dress (why do religious types always like to wear "gowns"?) really does know who I am. And maybe all those years of conditioning are a hotline from God.

Yeah, and maybe it's more like some totally, impersonal machine/thing that’s gives you a pellet or game rule (i.e., law) every time you sell another piece of your soul.

One thing for this writer is now absolutely, absolutely certain. You can't get there from here.


ps Perhaps these three sublime intuitions will give us wings:

“Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.” – Albert Einstein

“It is truth that liberates and not the effort to be free” – Jiddu Krishnamurti (20th Century philosopher/mystic)

“Before Abraham was, I am.” – Jesus Christ.

We are not alone. Countless other fellow humans have left the box . . . and so can we.

Will Americans even ALLOW another (third!) stolen Presidential Election?

I don't think they will. I think it would bring us to the brink of out of the box hardball.

The theft would be so blatant; everyone on the planet would know it was another stolen Presidential Election.

Look, after eight years of Bush/elite greed and evangelical hatred, our planet is dying (certainly the human ecosystems are going, going, gone), our Constitutional Republic has virtually ceased to exist, the working class is being turned into peasants for less then one percent of the country (the vampire elites), our civil rights have been stolen, the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job (including, let's just say, certain Middle Eastern "friends") is now absolutely mountainous, our children are being used as cannon fodder for the elite money cow oil wars (with profits in the trillions!), and we now have a pug VP candidate, who if she becomes president, could even catalyze an international war.

Clearly, Palin's murderous anti-environment record would inevitably spill over to the rest of the planet, and, guess what?, the "rest of the planet" would not be amused. In short, if WE didn't rid ourselves of this psychopathic manikin, Russia and China (for openers) might do it for us. Hey, this is their planet too, and they aren't just going to sit back and watch Palin mutilate what's left of the human ecosystem (e.g., for fossil fuels, etc.). It's effectively an absolute certainty that if we don't take care of the Palin insanity, other countries will "intervene".

And the background of this Republican criminal theft is 9/11; but forget the pictures, the analysis of literally hundreds of scientists, the interviews of people who were there, etc., etc. All this can be found on sites now too numerous to mention and all pointing to the interpretation that 9/11 wasn't the result of Bush administration ineptitude, but rather that Bush and company ACTIVELY ENGINEERED this atrocity.

But the short cut way to see into the heart of 9/11 is to answer two simple questions:

(1.) What American political party immeasurably "benefited" from 9/11? Duh.

(2.) What Middle Eastern country immeasurably "benefited" from 9/11? Duh.

So, behind a third stolen Presidential Election looms the infinitely treasonous engineering of 9/11. It sure pulled Bush out of the political toilet, didn't it? And it sure justified hating ALL Middle Eastern Muslims, didn't it?

However, an event which may well be the most treasonous and world changing obscenity in human history has been buried even deeper than John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

But WE haven't forgotten the last two stolen Presidential Elections and the human race will keep 9/11 in its heart as perhaps the treasonous low point in human history. Who knows, maybe the name Bush will become a synonym in several languages for the ultimate incarnation of treasonous evil.

OK, bottom line time. These last eight years have been a literal horror. Our Democracy is nearly dead, our children's blood is being exchanged for oil to make billionaires, multi billionaires, the very Earth is being ravaged for the elites, and we're headed into at least a virulent recession if not depression.

And ALL this is the direct result of Bush/elite/fascist policies. For example, the economy would be healed overnight if the Iraq War (whose ONLY function is to make trillions for the elites!) was stopped, and the astronomical tax breaks for the elites was stopped. I think another Duh is appropriate.

So our moment of truth is are we going to permit four (or more) years of this monstrous evolution into a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State by "accepting" ANOTHER stolen Presidential Election?

God in Heaven, isn't EIGHT YEARS already too much?

Plus, all indications are that McCain's heath would probably give out in a year or two, and that means (God forbid) the thing/woman Sarah Palin would be President of the United States (who, if you care for a religious take on things, has become the number one candidate for the 3rd millennia anti-Christ).

However, none of the above can happen if:

(a.) we somehow keep the fascist/elites from stealing the election (best option, of course).


(b.) we simply DON'T ACCEPT a third stolen presidential election.

But "not accepting" would mean what?

Well, I guess that's a function of how profoundly we take it in that the next four years would probably be significantly worse than the last eight years.

McCain (the Alzheimer's God of War) would almost certainly start two or three new Middle Eastern Wars in the first few months – and WW3 would be the inevitable result. And if McCain died or had to step down, Palin would so infuriate the rest of the world with her "religious" contempt for our one and only planet Earth, that some kind of war could easily be triggered against us by most of the rest of the planet (who also happen to live on the same planet we do). Plus, Sarah Palin's tiny, evil mind would step on what's left of our Democratic Republic like a cockroach. Let's face it; this psychotic pinhead would be the death of EVERYTHING.

I think this is called being between a rock and a hard place, since "accepting" another stolen presidential election would be the certain death of our already mortally wounded Democratic Republic and the probable end of the environmental ecosystems necessary for human existence. In other words, human extinction.

Conversely, "not accepting" another stolen presidential election, could very conceivably lead to some kind of civil war.

Maybe some advice can be found in the words of the song: “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” And there’s certainly no bloody freedom in “accepting” another stolen Presidential Election.

Viva the United States of America.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Civil or interntional war could be triggered if the pugs steal the election, McCain dies, and Palin becomes President..

Actually, a civil war (whatever form it takes and however gradually it picks up momentum) could even be catalyzed if the pugs blatantly steal their 3rd Presidential election.

It’s obvious to life forms on Jupiter that the ONLY way McCain/Palin could win this presidential election (my God, look at the poll numbers!) would be if Diebold black boxes (dem in, pug out) and thousands of Republican strategies to discount, miscount, or intimidate Democratic voters, killed the soul of Democracy once again at the voting place.

We already know they're going to try to steal the election, just as we know Sarah Palin is trying to incite pickup, gun rack, good ol' boy psychopaths in her audience to get beered up and assassinate Barack Obama. Boy, behind those 20 year old glasses and hairdo is a leering devil from hell.

So, what happens if the fascist/pugs DO steal the election and McCain gives out in the first year? Sarah Palin is what happens. That evil airhead would be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I don't think so. I really don't. There's too many MILLIONS of Americans who would, let's just say, "intervene". Probably, first they would try to dethrone her with diplomacy and deal making, but by now we have leaned that this woman/thing would eat her children if she thought it would give her more power. Remember, she let in slip in the Biden debate that even as VP she wants to be more powerful than Cheney.

Sarah Palin is an infinitely hypocritical religious fanatic who would continue to spit into the face of Mother Nature. Indeed, this is probably the main reason we would have to pull this woman like a tooth out the halls of power. The Earth absolutely can't afford a "President Palin" (God, it makes you puke to even say those words).

Look, may we use marriage as an example? To begin with, marriage is often at least mildly positive, but frequently one or both of the spouses realize this was the ultimately stupid and self destructive choice they ever made in their life. Sound familiar. Yeah, I bet it does!

So what happens? Well, for the people with spiritual grit, you bite the bullet and say goodbye (usually forever) to all the religious crap that keeps imprisoning you in an institutional prison. In short, you don't just divorce your spouse, you ALSO (and this can be much more difficult) divorce the oppressive religious mind set which has probably programmed the whole of your life.

OK, the comparison is obvious. In order to politically/socially "divorce" Sarah Palin, we would have to ALSO start playing the social/political game BY OUR OWN RULES. Just as we escaped the "religious marriage prison" (hey, is this OUR life or what?), we would also have to do the same to the social/political game rules that keep us obedient robots (for the elites, of course!).

In other words, we would have to choose between these anti-working-class, elite/fascist game rules (which would keep Palin as the Queen of America), and our own souls, God Bless America, and our beloved and rapidly dying planet. Probably the most repressed truth of humanity is that the necessary ecosystems of our species (and countless others as well) truly are “going down for the third time”.

Thus, axiom one is that Sarah Palin would kill what's left of the human ecosystem (and thousands of others) in probably a year or two.

Axiom two is that Sarah Palin would ALSO kill what's left of our dying Democratic Republic in probably a year or two.

Axiom three is that Sarah Palin would start not one but several wars in the name of her twit God against her Muslim countries of choice (one can imagine she would do this with a dart board). Of course Russia (which Palin tells us she can see clearly with her superwoman eyes) and China and others would then declare war on us -- after all, it’s their planet too which Palin would be destroying.

My God, she would be a hundred times worse than McCain, even though he is the Alzheimer's God of War.

End result of Axiom three: more nukes would be flying around our planet than birds, and human civilization itself would probably return to the dark ages, if not disintegrate into extinction.

Of course, for President Palin, this would not be a negative. Indeed, it would be a plus since her tiny mind sees the Earth as merely a motel she and her religious dingbats are just "passing through" on the way to salvation or damnation, and, hey, a nuclear Armageddon would be their door into the promised land (a philosophy clearly shared by our current president pinhead).

The thing to bear in mind is that millions and millions of Americans have a similar (perhaps, very similar) take on Sarah Palin. They know she's a brainless, religious fanatic who has as much contempt for the Earth as she has for our Democratic Republic.

You know, it really makes you wonder if reincarnation has something to it, since she is such a clone of the WW2 fascist, psychopathic monsters.

So, all this being basically known by millions of Americans, are we really going to let this would be assassinator of Barack Obama with at most a 2 digit IQ, have her way with our country, our children, and the very Earth?

I think not. So help me God, my fellow Americans, I believe in my quarks that if in addition to stealing the 2008 election, McCain shuffled of this mortal coil and Palin stepped in, I think this would be the beginning of America's second Civil War.

As said earlier, it probably wouldn't happen overnight and it would take forms impossible to predict (like internet warfare), but for all of that it would be honest to God war to the death.

Because we would be fighting for the very soul of America, our children's future, and our mortally wounded planet.

The alternative would be the certain death (in probably less than two years) of all these things. My God, if your spouse is feeding you and your children ground glass, are you really going to submit to social/religious "rules" that say you must NEVER get a divorce?

Also, since Palin would be doing basically the same thing to all countries of the Earth (directly or indirectly), you can take it to the bank that if WE don’t rid our county if this dufus, religious fanatic, psychopath, the rest of the world will do it for us!

Thus, in one form or another, Sarah Palin would almost certainly catalyze a civil or international war.

Especially after eight years of the Bush Family 3rd Reich, SHE MAY SIMPLY NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE PRESIDENT . . . whatever the cost.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Look, I don't mean to sound like a dufus, but how much of the bail out can be undone if Obama is President?

My PhD is math and I encourage my students (when I teach) to feel free to ask questions, since they typically block themselves by thinking they're the only one in the room for which this material is a black hole.

The reality, of course, is that generally everyone breathes a sigh of relief when the question is asked, because they too wanted to ask a similar question and blocked themselves for just the same reasons.

Well, economics is not my forte, and I swear to God I am at least as confused as my students about what the h___ is really happening.

So please forgive the very short piece, but may I cut to the chase and ask you professionals can Obama basically "undo" the bailout, which one submission I recently scanned said was EVEN WORSE than 9/11?

Also, any really solid general outline of this convoluted financial world (at least to me) would be very, very gratefully received.

I thank my teachers in advance.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh, oh, Palin leaked it out during the debate that she wants to be EVEN MORE POWERFUL than Dick Cheney!

Hey, the pig behind that lipstick is a psycho power freak. First she implied Dick Cheney is on the right track (because of his massive destruction of our Legislative Branch?), but "he didn't go far enough"!

Well, at least now we know what's lurking behind those 20 year old glasses and hairdo persona. Forget the rigor mortis smile; this lady is LUSTING for power.

Notice she didn't seem particularly concerned at the thought of McCain's demise if, God forbid, he becomes president. I don't know John; you probably better have someone watching your back. Just a tip: take a pass on any Alaskan hot toddies.

And will someone please explain to me why fascist Republicans always have that smirking, sneering smile? George doesn't use it very much any more for obvious reasons (toilet poll numbers come to mind), but when McCain isn't glaring, my God, there it is: the “McCain version” of the fascist/Republican smirk.

And during the Biden/Palin "debate", didn't you notice that Palin’s android smile had an evil, sneering quality to it -- which was her facial way of giving Joe Biden the finger every time he opened his mouth.

And here, the Cheney reference is almost surreal, because he too has a satanic sneer.

Ok, if we take a shot at the bottom line; how about Biden won (and won big!) not because he took a page out of Republican evil dirty tricks, but because he was vice presidential, respectful of his opponent (no sneering!), but most of all because he was 100% PROFESSIONAL and focused on the issues and wouldn't be baited into Republican/Palin lose/lose traps.

So even though it turned out Palin could find actually find the podium and managed to complete at least most of her sentences, Biden's Senatorial dignity and reassuring decades of congressional experience simply spoke for itself. He didn't need tricks. He had the moral/rational high ground record and he spoke like a consummate professional.

Palin, however, DID need tricks (even though none of them worked) and she spoke like a sneering grasper at straws. In a sense, how could she do otherwise since the country fully knows (podium finding notwithstanding) that it's not only that she has effectively ZERO experience in government, it's also that you really CAN'T put lipstick on a pig and the "true self" that repeatedly leaked out of her programmed presence was ghastly and revolting.

Here's more evidence. Remember her ZERO empathy with Biden when he shared his soul with us about his family tragedy and compensatory and awesome responsibilities. Palin looked on while he did this like a stick; like as person so self-obsessed that she would walk over a dying child without a spark of compassion.

Some folks think the debate was, yes, a success for Joe Biden and I entirely agree.

But I'm also desperately trying to be a voice crying in the wilderness that this debate showed us that we may literally have a female version of the European fascist leaders of WW2 at the very gates of the ultimate power centers of America.

I think we saw a glimpse during the debates of a virtual reincarnation of these fascist monsters, i.e., someone completely without compassion, literacy, and human connectedness and someone who is willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to achieve limitless power.

This woman isn't just a smirking illiterate, she also has the potential to ignite a literal American Civil War, because we are NEVER going to turn over the reins of American national power to that "thing" who was constantly giving the finger to Joe Biden with her evil sneering face and who has a rock for a heart.

Is there anything in life more dangerous than giving astronomical power to a heartless, Duh-brained worshipper of POWER?

Hey, I’m just one American, but I fear this woman a thousand times for than John McCain. McCain may be a sex obsessed dufus with dementia tendencies, but Palin is virtually another species. EVERYTHING about this woman reeks of evil. A worthy successor indeed to arguably the most evil man on the entire planet: Dick Cheney (her mentor?).


W. Christopher (Bill)

ADDENDUM: Please remember that her humanity-indifferent, power lust/psychosis also totally extends to Mother Nature, who her social/political record proves she has at best indifference to, if not actual hatred (boy, she sure loves to kill endangered species animals, doesn’t she?). Come to think of it, those ww2 fascist leaders also didn’t give a rat’s ass about the environment either.

Maybe it's a stretch to equate Sarah Pain with these WW2 fascist monsters, but we are political Ostriches if we ignore their MANY evil similarities, and they certainly reveal a creature that is light years away from that lip-sticked-pig!