Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh, oh, Palin leaked it out during the debate that she wants to be EVEN MORE POWERFUL than Dick Cheney!

Hey, the pig behind that lipstick is a psycho power freak. First she implied Dick Cheney is on the right track (because of his massive destruction of our Legislative Branch?), but "he didn't go far enough"!

Well, at least now we know what's lurking behind those 20 year old glasses and hairdo persona. Forget the rigor mortis smile; this lady is LUSTING for power.

Notice she didn't seem particularly concerned at the thought of McCain's demise if, God forbid, he becomes president. I don't know John; you probably better have someone watching your back. Just a tip: take a pass on any Alaskan hot toddies.

And will someone please explain to me why fascist Republicans always have that smirking, sneering smile? George doesn't use it very much any more for obvious reasons (toilet poll numbers come to mind), but when McCain isn't glaring, my God, there it is: the “McCain version” of the fascist/Republican smirk.

And during the Biden/Palin "debate", didn't you notice that Palin’s android smile had an evil, sneering quality to it -- which was her facial way of giving Joe Biden the finger every time he opened his mouth.

And here, the Cheney reference is almost surreal, because he too has a satanic sneer.

Ok, if we take a shot at the bottom line; how about Biden won (and won big!) not because he took a page out of Republican evil dirty tricks, but because he was vice presidential, respectful of his opponent (no sneering!), but most of all because he was 100% PROFESSIONAL and focused on the issues and wouldn't be baited into Republican/Palin lose/lose traps.

So even though it turned out Palin could find actually find the podium and managed to complete at least most of her sentences, Biden's Senatorial dignity and reassuring decades of congressional experience simply spoke for itself. He didn't need tricks. He had the moral/rational high ground record and he spoke like a consummate professional.

Palin, however, DID need tricks (even though none of them worked) and she spoke like a sneering grasper at straws. In a sense, how could she do otherwise since the country fully knows (podium finding notwithstanding) that it's not only that she has effectively ZERO experience in government, it's also that you really CAN'T put lipstick on a pig and the "true self" that repeatedly leaked out of her programmed presence was ghastly and revolting.

Here's more evidence. Remember her ZERO empathy with Biden when he shared his soul with us about his family tragedy and compensatory and awesome responsibilities. Palin looked on while he did this like a stick; like as person so self-obsessed that she would walk over a dying child without a spark of compassion.

Some folks think the debate was, yes, a success for Joe Biden and I entirely agree.

But I'm also desperately trying to be a voice crying in the wilderness that this debate showed us that we may literally have a female version of the European fascist leaders of WW2 at the very gates of the ultimate power centers of America.

I think we saw a glimpse during the debates of a virtual reincarnation of these fascist monsters, i.e., someone completely without compassion, literacy, and human connectedness and someone who is willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to achieve limitless power.

This woman isn't just a smirking illiterate, she also has the potential to ignite a literal American Civil War, because we are NEVER going to turn over the reins of American national power to that "thing" who was constantly giving the finger to Joe Biden with her evil sneering face and who has a rock for a heart.

Is there anything in life more dangerous than giving astronomical power to a heartless, Duh-brained worshipper of POWER?

Hey, I’m just one American, but I fear this woman a thousand times for than John McCain. McCain may be a sex obsessed dufus with dementia tendencies, but Palin is virtually another species. EVERYTHING about this woman reeks of evil. A worthy successor indeed to arguably the most evil man on the entire planet: Dick Cheney (her mentor?).


W. Christopher (Bill)

ADDENDUM: Please remember that her humanity-indifferent, power lust/psychosis also totally extends to Mother Nature, who her social/political record proves she has at best indifference to, if not actual hatred (boy, she sure loves to kill endangered species animals, doesn’t she?). Come to think of it, those ww2 fascist leaders also didn’t give a rat’s ass about the environment either.

Maybe it's a stretch to equate Sarah Pain with these WW2 fascist monsters, but we are political Ostriches if we ignore their MANY evil similarities, and they certainly reveal a creature that is light years away from that lip-sticked-pig!