Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will Americans even ALLOW another (third!) stolen Presidential Election?

I don't think they will. I think it would bring us to the brink of out of the box hardball.

The theft would be so blatant; everyone on the planet would know it was another stolen Presidential Election.

Look, after eight years of Bush/elite greed and evangelical hatred, our planet is dying (certainly the human ecosystems are going, going, gone), our Constitutional Republic has virtually ceased to exist, the working class is being turned into peasants for less then one percent of the country (the vampire elites), our civil rights have been stolen, the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job (including, let's just say, certain Middle Eastern "friends") is now absolutely mountainous, our children are being used as cannon fodder for the elite money cow oil wars (with profits in the trillions!), and we now have a pug VP candidate, who if she becomes president, could even catalyze an international war.

Clearly, Palin's murderous anti-environment record would inevitably spill over to the rest of the planet, and, guess what?, the "rest of the planet" would not be amused. In short, if WE didn't rid ourselves of this psychopathic manikin, Russia and China (for openers) might do it for us. Hey, this is their planet too, and they aren't just going to sit back and watch Palin mutilate what's left of the human ecosystem (e.g., for fossil fuels, etc.). It's effectively an absolute certainty that if we don't take care of the Palin insanity, other countries will "intervene".

And the background of this Republican criminal theft is 9/11; but forget the pictures, the analysis of literally hundreds of scientists, the interviews of people who were there, etc., etc. All this can be found on sites now too numerous to mention and all pointing to the interpretation that 9/11 wasn't the result of Bush administration ineptitude, but rather that Bush and company ACTIVELY ENGINEERED this atrocity.

But the short cut way to see into the heart of 9/11 is to answer two simple questions:

(1.) What American political party immeasurably "benefited" from 9/11? Duh.

(2.) What Middle Eastern country immeasurably "benefited" from 9/11? Duh.

So, behind a third stolen Presidential Election looms the infinitely treasonous engineering of 9/11. It sure pulled Bush out of the political toilet, didn't it? And it sure justified hating ALL Middle Eastern Muslims, didn't it?

However, an event which may well be the most treasonous and world changing obscenity in human history has been buried even deeper than John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

But WE haven't forgotten the last two stolen Presidential Elections and the human race will keep 9/11 in its heart as perhaps the treasonous low point in human history. Who knows, maybe the name Bush will become a synonym in several languages for the ultimate incarnation of treasonous evil.

OK, bottom line time. These last eight years have been a literal horror. Our Democracy is nearly dead, our children's blood is being exchanged for oil to make billionaires, multi billionaires, the very Earth is being ravaged for the elites, and we're headed into at least a virulent recession if not depression.

And ALL this is the direct result of Bush/elite/fascist policies. For example, the economy would be healed overnight if the Iraq War (whose ONLY function is to make trillions for the elites!) was stopped, and the astronomical tax breaks for the elites was stopped. I think another Duh is appropriate.

So our moment of truth is are we going to permit four (or more) years of this monstrous evolution into a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State by "accepting" ANOTHER stolen Presidential Election?

God in Heaven, isn't EIGHT YEARS already too much?

Plus, all indications are that McCain's heath would probably give out in a year or two, and that means (God forbid) the thing/woman Sarah Palin would be President of the United States (who, if you care for a religious take on things, has become the number one candidate for the 3rd millennia anti-Christ).

However, none of the above can happen if:

(a.) we somehow keep the fascist/elites from stealing the election (best option, of course).


(b.) we simply DON'T ACCEPT a third stolen presidential election.

But "not accepting" would mean what?

Well, I guess that's a function of how profoundly we take it in that the next four years would probably be significantly worse than the last eight years.

McCain (the Alzheimer's God of War) would almost certainly start two or three new Middle Eastern Wars in the first few months – and WW3 would be the inevitable result. And if McCain died or had to step down, Palin would so infuriate the rest of the world with her "religious" contempt for our one and only planet Earth, that some kind of war could easily be triggered against us by most of the rest of the planet (who also happen to live on the same planet we do). Plus, Sarah Palin's tiny, evil mind would step on what's left of our Democratic Republic like a cockroach. Let's face it; this psychotic pinhead would be the death of EVERYTHING.

I think this is called being between a rock and a hard place, since "accepting" another stolen presidential election would be the certain death of our already mortally wounded Democratic Republic and the probable end of the environmental ecosystems necessary for human existence. In other words, human extinction.

Conversely, "not accepting" another stolen presidential election, could very conceivably lead to some kind of civil war.

Maybe some advice can be found in the words of the song: “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” And there’s certainly no bloody freedom in “accepting” another stolen Presidential Election.

Viva the United States of America.