Saturday, October 18, 2008

Out of the box there aren't any elites.

In 1905, Albert Einstein published, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies."

Before this publication, the scientific community was "stuck" in a multitude of physical contradictions, most of which had to do with inertial motion (motion which is not slowing, speeding up, or turning) and the behavior and nature of light.

The problem with inertial systems is to determine if they are moving or stationary. Seemingly this isn't difficult because all you have to do is "look out the widow" (of a train, to take that as an example of an inertial system) and compare it to the stationary land outside the train.

But what if there isn't anything in the universe which is ABSOLUTELY stationary? Forget the Earth, the sun, and even the so called "fixed stars", etc., since it can be proved that nothing is absolutely stationary.

This is a taste of relativity since it implies inertial motion is relative. The distance between A and B may be changing, but neither can claim to be absolutely moving or absolutely stationary since neither can compare themselves to anything absolutely stationary.

Einstein extended this relativity to include electromagnetic behavior, e.g., light.

The point is that Einstein jumped out the 19 Century mind set, in which time and space were absolute (that word again) and showed that, to use his beautiful words, "Time and space are modes by which we think, and not conditions in which we live."

He also showed that the speed of light is constant and independent of the source or observer.

OK, so why are we talking about this? Good question and I hope a have a convincing answer.

What Einstein did in Special Relativity (General Relativity has to do with non inertial motion) was to "see through" (a root meaning of intelligence) the common sense 19th Century box into vaster truths. Newton's Mechanics, for example, is a special case of Einstein's relativity, but Newton's Mechanics is the physics of common sense.

In other words, Einstein jumped out of the box and I mean REALLY jumped out of the box, but this out of the box reality turned out to be a vastly more comprehensive reality, even though it wasn't the child of common sense, e.g., in common sense land no one EVER witnesses speeds that approach the speed of light.

So, here's the moral:

Arguably, the ultimate challenge of human civilization is to "transcend" the consensus social/political mind set of contemporary civilization. In other words, we have do what Einstein did, but not with physics. We have to do it with the hypnotic brainwashing of how we have been taught to live together as human beings.

Because in THIS common sense world, the Have and Have Not horror is business as usual. In THIS common sense world, elites just go with the territory of being alive and war is as common as a cold.

But such a world is wall to wall agony and only 1% of the human race gets to live like Greek Gods.

In such a world, people like Sarah Palin can imply that Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist in order to incite psychopaths in the audience to scream out, "Kill him, kill him"! In other words, to incite his assassination.

In such a world, a few thousand international elites (and is really is that few), CONTROL ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that happens in social/political human existence.

The point to all this is almost impossible to put into words. The world we live as social human beings is a brainwashed box. We do what we do because we equate this box with reality.

But this box is a consensus delusion. It's the product of millennia of programming, conditioning, and brainwashing.

And we can LEAVE IT, just as Einstein transcended his scientific box.

Because OUTSIDE this box, there are no elites and the Have and Have Not horror doesn't exist. All this human anguish, infinite injustice, war, and murder exist only "inside" our box.

Time to follow Einstein's example. He proved that cosmic dimensions are calling to the human race OUTSIDE the box.