Sunday, November 25, 2007

A 100% guaranteed grassroots way to bring down this treasonous dem/pug presidency & congress.

Frequently in life, the simplest and most obvious things get the job done, but we get caught up in meaningless complexities which don't only solve the problem, they PERPETUATE the problem.

Bush's Oils Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and next Iran?) are problems which must be solved since they are murdering millions (yes, millions) of innocent people and will inevitably lead to WW3. The expense of these Oil Wars, plus astronomical tax breaks for America's Greek God like elites are bankrupting our country (they're certainly bankrupting all the rest of us poor slobs) and bleeding away funding for education, science, retirements, national infrastructure maintenance & repair, health care, and much more.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed have turned out to be virtual Republican moles since anything that microscopically resembles liberal/progressive values gets buried alive by these two traitors in a heartbeat.

We could go on and on, but the DLC Hillary Clinton/Bush Doll is now the front running Democratic (whatever that means) candidate, but of all the dem candidate, she is the closest to being a literal clone of George W. Bush. Plus, even Bill Clinton keeps following the money and has spent considerable time and energy sucking up to Daddy Bush.

Lastly, the neocon lobby (which has NEVER lobbied for the well being and national security of the United States of America), has totally high jacked American foreign and domestic policy, so the "land of the free and the home of the brave" has been reduced to a tail wagged this profoundly un American cabal.

But this depressing list is something practically all Americans (dems, pug, and independents included) are well familiar with.

Said differently, the conflict is not between Republican and Democrats (our ONE party dem/pug system), but between a significant majority of American citizens and the Washington trash (on BOTH sides of the aisle) that is giving away the farm of our Constitutional Republic to Nazi-like fascists and 70 IQ religious fanatics who think the world is going to go Armageddon "boom" in the next week or two -- yeah, the rest of the planet is really worried about that, aren't they?

And behind it all (as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?) are the vampire elites. The sad, brutal truth is that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich abjectly controlled by the 1% or less of international elites. This planetary "secret society" of elites are the literal gods and goddesses of planet Earth and NOTHING protects and perpetuates them more than the "game of politics".

Politics means NOTHING in America! This can't be said strongly enough. It's the bone the elites throw us to gnaw on while we clean their commodes. How could it mean anything? Dear God, we don't have a two party system, we have a ONE party system. Look at Hillary Clinton. Look at Nancy Peolsi. Look at Harry Reed. And if you haven't thrown up by now, look at nearly EVERY MEMBER of the "Democratic" Congress. Certainly we have a few marginal exceptions (only marginal!), and they just prove the rule.

The point is our country and planet are dying. EVERYTHING is dying. The stench of what used to be America almost makes you faint. And Mother Earth is also going down for the 3rd time in hundreds of ways. Pandora's Box is now wide open and a flood of new devils fly out practically every day.

Of course, things are not hopeless for the pig, pig rich. Exactly the opposite. The bottom lines of Texas (please note the state) energy corporations are increasing SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT year after year. How about you and your family's income? Has it been increasing hundreds of percent for the last few years. Are you now making at least $500,000 a year, as you would be if your income had been increasing at that rate?

OK, enough already. Let's talk about how we can stop all this.

Please notice that I said how WE can stop all this, since what's coming has nothing to do with political parties. That's what's so great about it this solution. We don't have to "make deals" with cowardly, greed head politicians, since this strategy has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.

It's strictly power of the people, grass roots if you like, but it’s a way of totally outflanking the sewer of Washington.

Now, you're going to be disappointed if you think I've discovered some kind of magically wonderful thing, because it's already widely known that this power of the people methodology would work. May I say that again? It’s already widely known that THIS STRATEGY WOULD WORK.

The only Catch 22 is to fire up enough passionately frustrated Americans to implement it.

The strategy is nationally targeted boycotts. But please stay with me. I know in a certain sense you've heard this all before, but that's totally missing the point. The point is that it ABSOLUTELY WOULD WORK. Corporate fascism (and that's America's present cancer) is limitlessly powerful in certain, public ways, BUT is has a very soft and vulnerable underbelly, and that's targeted boycotts.

It's like finding the Achilles ’ heel in a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

So, we have a puzzling and ironic problem. We know EXACTLY what would bring down the Tyrannosaurs Rex of corporate fascism and we know EXACTLY the location of its Achilles’ heel. And better still, it has nothing to do with the Washington sewer of elected traitors. This strategy is independent of sewer politicians. This strategy is 100% power of the people and grass roots. So, what could be better and if everything's so perfect, why aren't we doing it?

Ah, but that's the problem, isn't it?

The problem is to GET US TO DO IT.

So are we saying the problem is hopeless? Certainly not. And the reason it's not hopeless is because of the internet (and blessings upon it).

Basically the idea is to single out, say, 10, corporations (Halliburton and EXXON come to mind), and then collectively boycott the living s___ out of them. It would be counter productive to go after too many, since we want the laser focus of financial damage to double these corporations over. You just watch how quickly EXXON changes its position about global warming after discovering a financial artery has been cut by thousands (millions?) of enraged Americans who want their children to have a future not polluted by EXXON.

This paper has two finger crossing big ideas:

(1.) nationally targeted boycotts

(2.) finding a "spokesman" to launch this strategy.

The second is probably imperative since even though most of us agree that selected corporate boycotts would almost certainly inflict mortal damage to the Bush/fascist juggernaut, effectively organizing and implementing such boycotts would, realistically, be terribly difficult to do.

BUT NOT IF WE HAD A NATIONAL SPOKESMAN. If Dennis Kucinich, for example, took the lead and suggested to the American people that it would be win/win for America if we boycotted certain blatantly fascist and/or racist and/or anti American companies, that would almost surely launch a national movement, and that's what we need, a “national movement”.

Of course it wouldn't have to be Kucinich, Gore would be nice, Bill Richardson, or WHOMEVER (preferably a Democratic Presidential Candidate), but with such high profile leadership, this thing could actually happen. It would be "safe" for whatever candidate supported this, since in a certain sense boycotts are “politically neutral".

Maybe we could bait the candidates by predicting that whoever did this first would be the next President of the United States (which indeed might be the case if it significantly crippled corporate fascism).

All they would have to do would be to come out with a circulating list of 10 or so corporations which are raping Mother Nature and bleeding away the honor and wealth of America. What could be simpler?

Lastly, if we can't find a high profile spokesman, I guess it’s up to us to work out how to make this happen. Maybe we could start an informal "Boycott Party". I know many of you out there have already looked into boycotts extensively and have numerous great sites on this subject so let's all patriotic Americans brainstorm together about how to get national boycotts pragmatically organized.

Thanks for listening -- and don't you agree that there's NOTHING corporate fascism fears more than what we are talking about now? But they probably think the American public is too flaky to ever do it.

Let's prove them wrong and get our country, planet, and future back with BOYCOTTS.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

American elites and fascists are beginning to realize that the internet (i.e., knowledge) is their ultimate enemy

Over the centuries and millennia, the "Have's" controlled and enslaved the "Have Not's", not only with police terrorism, but also by keeping the peasants, peons, serfs, etc. (i.e., US!) propagandized into impotent stupor. And how absurd to call this a Class War. This is like saying a class war exists between cattle and the factories that butcher them.

This point is infinitely important! Elite terrorism has NEVER been enough to permit the 1% to enslave the 99%. This has always been the paradox of history. How can Greek God like elites (the 1%) so abjectly subjugate all the rest of the human race (the 99%)?

The answer is obvious. The pig, pig rich have always been masters of propaganda. They have contrived thousands of different ways to convince the rest of the human planet that “being a slave” is not only normal but pathologically moral.

Extreme examples of this stand out like: "Divine Right" or "survival of the fittest" (political/social, not scientific), "Manifest Destiny" (a sadistic fairy tale of American elites), and on and on.

The point is, WITHOUT this brainwashing and basically totally lack of communication among the "lower and middle classes" (shall we say it like that?); the pitiful 1% would be eaten alive, sadistic goose steppers, or no sadistic goose steppers.

But now, the internet! And FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY the suckers and slaves are communicating among ourselves in the millions.

Very rarely in human history has some event or technology "quantum jumped" the human race into a different dimension. Certainly atomic energy would be a candidate, but far less spectacularly, so has the internet.

There's probably no human being alive who comprehends even a TENTH of how the internet is mutating the human condition.

Communication is power. May we say that again? Communication is power and the internet is communication gone ballistic. The only mathematical model equal to the challenge is exponential growth, and probably the communication change between now and five years from now will be a hundred times greater than the change between five years ago and now.

In short, in the language of calculus, the rate of change is itself changing. That's the difference between velocity (first derivative) and acceleration (second derivative). It's not just that communication keeps growing; it's that communication change is ACCELERATING.

Of course the Devil's Advocate would say, so what, who cares? Well, let's just hope that retarded Devil's Advocate continues to influence the international "secret society" of the planet's vampire elites, because, again for the first time in human history, dynamics are at now work which are declaring unconditional war on the fascist Police State and the Earth's astronomically rich.

There's JUST NO WAY the Earth's vampire elites can continue to murder Mother Nature, literally millions of "Have Not" children, and all the world's Democratic Republics and get away with it, since the world's 99% is getting closer and closer to some version of "Take this job and shove it!”

In other words, "we're finding ourselves" and realizing that we don't HAVE to be butchered in cattle factories.

So to HELL with this "lower class" crap and "Have Not" crap, and yes even "middle class" crap.

We're all children of the universe and we have a God given and constitutionally given birthright to SHARE THE WEALTH EQUALLY WITH the entire human species. And this applies to Africans, ghetto victims, those wretched New Orleans families Bush seems to hate so much, Independents, Democrats, Republicans (all those nonsense political names), our neighbors, diverse religious groups, atheists, homosexuals, and people with and without facial hair.

NOTHING SHORT OF THIS is humanly acceptable. These's so much wealth on this planet that EVERYONE should be living fulfilling, creative, and healthy lives.

So why aren't we?

It's because there's a literal hell on Earth made of international elites and these "devil's" (metaphor or reality?) have succeeded since the dawn of human history in terrorizing (these are the REAL terrorists) practically all the rest of us into mooing our way into butcher factories.

But all is not lost. They didn't count of the internet and the internet may well be the Salvation of the human race. It's almost as if a technological/scientific God has taken pity on us and has given us the means to reach out to each other in the millions (billions?) and share our pain, loss, and rage.

We cattle people DON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS, but until we began to realize that a mere 1% of vampire people (hey, they're totally feeding on our lives -- isn't that a vampire?), we just bowed our heads and "resigned ourselves to the inevitable".

See, that's the key phrase, resigning ourselves to the inevitable, and that resignation was grounded in ignorance. Before we used to live in "pockets" of ignorance. No communication beyond our glorified neighborhoods. No BIG PICTURE understanding of what's really happening "out there".

But, by God now we DO know what's really happening out there and it's enough to make you "take this job and shove it"! Now we know WE'RE the 99% and the multi millionaires and multi billionaires are the 1% (probably significantly less than one percent), but this tiny fraternity/sorority of infinite greed heads is virtually controlling the very breath of our lives.


Politics is the bone they throw to us to gnaw on while they continue to live like Gods.

Fascism is an appendage of the vampire elites. It's their "police force" to keep us playing by THEIR arbitrary paper rules. It’s our ONE party dem/pug system, and if we need any proof, just look at the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll who is a virtual clone of George W. Bush. The only political distinction in America that now means ANYTHING is between dem/pug fascists and passionate progressives who are desperately holding the line against Nazi fascism. That’s all that’s left of land of the free and the home of the brave.

But (and let's end on this hopeful note), they didn't anticipate the internet. The anti American neocon cabal didn’t anticipate that the cattle and suckers and servants and lower classes and have nots and brainwashed "unwashed" (that’s their word for us -- they also call us the "masses"), would be given the means to communicate with each other on a scale never dreamed by our forbears.

Look, if you've got a million people in a corral and one percent of them have cattle prods and the other 99% is wired to nonstop propaganda about how the 1% DESERVE to live like Gods, this setup can go on (and has!) indefinitely. Indeed, is has been going on since the beginning of recorded history.

But if the 99% suddenly discover that they don't HAVE to listen to all that propaganda crap and that somehow, almost miraculously (the internet!) they discover that they can all talk to each other and share their intelligence, creativity, and rage (which by now is nearly infinite), then all bets are off on the future. Imagine a million cattle straining against the fence all at the same time.

That's all that's necessary. In fact, it’s a thousand times MORE than what is necessary. And the cattle prods? How about sticking them where the sun doesn't shine up the elites.

Revolutions don't have to be violent. Indeed, most of the time they just make things worse when they are violent. But how about revolutions of the spirit? How about revolutions grounded in our souls.

Arguably, the critical mass here is not basements full of guns. No, the critical mass here is simply 99% of us taking our world back because it is the sane, rational, and ethical thing to do.

Yes, the elites are still protected by their fascist thugs. It has always been so. But what has NOT always been so is that now all the rest of us are discovering our common humanity and our common POWER. The internet is empowering us almost beyond belief, but it's not the power of guns and cattle prods. It's the power of the collective human consciousness waking up and realizing that elites are almost certainly going be to "selected out" (one way or another) by the spontaneous processes of evolution.

It's fairly common knowledge that certain species of dinosaurs were both protected and burdened of enormous nose horns. In the end, some of these creatures were literally "brought down" by these counter productive nose horns. This could be a good analogy for the greed vampire international elites in the context of social and biological evolution. Their fabulously specialized wealth inevitably generates nearly limitless toxic by products for the infrastructures of nature and nature has never had any patience with ecological cancers.

All indications are that the human species will survive ONLY as a classless society, and what a coming together of science and religion this would be, since morality, justice, and sanity may well turn out to be the necessary if not sufficient ingredients for human species survival, and correspondingly, the "evil" of elites and fascists is almost certainly the royal road to human extinction.

And factoring the internet into this unimaginably convoluted social/biological stew is catalyzing a quantum jump in the human condition. The human race is now rapidly "waking up" from millennia of cattle conditioning.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A short and sweet thank you to all liberal/progressive sites.

I am not going to be equal to this, my gratitude is so limitless, but these progressive/liberal sites are now (I think) the best thing going in America.

Here is the collective American consciousness and here we can chat and criticize and inspire each other. Here we have internet "town meetings" and its win/win for America.

Yes, sometimes you get whacked (sometimes "I" certainly get whacked), but, hey, isn't that just a symptom of being in an extended political family?

Most of all I want to thank the folks who came up with the bucks and brains to start and maintain these sites. When I'm not too busted (Bush's taxes are murder), I contribute from time to time, and to all the rest of you who contribute, you have the thanks of us all.

I also want to thank the Americans who passionately respond to a submission, because that too is win/win for us all. It's takes time to submit, just as it takes time to respond, and I've learned more from your responses (certainly not just to my ponderings) than I ever thought possible.

So I guess I'll just make a total fool of myself and say I love you people. I love you (and I really do) because for all our different takes on this or that, we all of deeply love this country to the max. God bless America, indeed, and God bless all Americans who love America.

And one last time, God bless those individuals who made and make the sacrifices to keep these sites functional. I can only guess at your sacrifices and commitments, but please, please go to sleep at night knowing your sites are America's lifelines.

Lastly, I still remember what it was like 4 or so years ago when all we had for "news" was Fox Snooze propaganda and similar bought and paid for fascist trash -- and how terribly painful those memories are!

But now, that's dead and buried and those journalist traitors have become increasingly comic and it's just a matter of time before their accountants start pointing out that propaganda no longer pays. Business will have the last laugh, and the programs (and anchors) will go to where most the audience (i.e., money) is, and THAT'S US.

Well, enough already.

So, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity my dear liberal, progressive friends! We have too much collective soul for these subhumans to beat us! There’s a good time coming, be it ever so far away . .

Saturday, November 17, 2007

If Kucinich launches Impeachment hearings, will this make him a front running presidential candidate?

Millions of Americans (not just so called "dems") will be infinitely grateful to Dennis Kucinich if impeachment hearings FINALLY get airborne. And it seems reasonable to assume that most of them will not forget him in the primaries and (God willing) as a presidential candidate.

Short of stopping Bush's elite, money cow Oil Wars, or getting to the bottom line truth of 9/11, there's probably nothing any Democratic congress person could do to be raised to the shoulders of millions and millions of Americans.

In short, he would have succeeded in doing what around three quarters of America now demands (dems, pugs, independents, etc., alike), i.e., START THE CONSTITUTIONAL IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS.

There's no doubt that no matter what happens from this point on, Kucinich will be given 100% credit for "making it happen", as indeed he should, since he has been the patriotic "voice crying in the (Democratic Congress) wilderness” for the last several years.

Of course, there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Nancy Pelosi (the Republican mole) has blocked countless progressive issues, and there's no doubt history will remember her with contempt for her immediate pronouncement that impeachment would not be on the Democratic Congressional table.

Now we all know Congress was returned to the dems in 2006 by liberals and progressives who busted their butts (and wallets) to stand up to the elite/fascist, Bush juggernaut -- specifically, to STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ, impeach Bush and Cheney, and uncover the possibly treasonous truth of 9/11. Duh. Even barnyard animals know this is WHY the dems got the congress back.

But along comes Pelosi and Reed, and straight down the toilet goes the progressive agenda.

Passivity, passivity, passivity, Yes George, yes Mr. President, yes Mr. Cheney, whatever you say, we're your woman and man. Just tell us what you DON'T want, and we'll bury it. Just tell us what you DO want, and we'll make it happen. Nor sir, no rocking of the boat, nothing like that. Yes, yes, liberals are virtual terrorists and if you want, we'll tattoo your face on our foreheads (there's nothing behind them anyway).

Yes, this is shooting from the hip, but is it hyperbole? Is it exaggeration? Most Americans know full well that is ISN'T! Most Americas know (even though millions of us were shocked) that Pelosi and Reed are about as anti progressive as it's humanly possible to get.

But why? Why would they just "give away the farm" (so hard won) to Police State pugs? Money talks? Skeletons in the closet (if so, there must be an army of them). The betrayal of the electorate of the 2006 dem congress is simply off the chart. It boggles the mind to see these traitors simply give away (what's left of) our country AND PLANET to vampire elites, religious fanatics, and political fascists.

We had these evil scum on the run after 2006, but now THEY have the great majority of American citizens (according to all the polls) on the run. And more than any two people on planet Earth, we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed to thank for it.

But, back to Kucinich. Back to honor and courage and brains. And back to our question. IF impeachment is rescued from the Pelosi/Bush prison, will this:

(a.) ALSO catalyze hearings on Bush's money cow Oil Wars?

(b.) ALSO catalyze hearings on the treacherous truth of 9/11?

(c.) ALSO massively validate and empower a Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign.

President Kucinich? Could be

The ballistic truth is that absolutely anything is possible if and when impeachment hearings become center stage in America. The spin off will rock the planet.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the jaws of the Liberal Paradox: a trashed Democratic Party vs. no win 3rd Parties

Well, here we are trapped between a trashed Democratic Party and politically suicidal 2008 3rd Parties.

On the one hand, the probable Democratic candidate for the 2008 elections is the Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). But this woman has never taken a stand about ANYTHING in her life! In fact there's a rumor afoot that Hillary is really a DLC android whipped up by James Carville. Plus, her hubby did a lot of sucking up to Daddy Bush, so wouldn't it be wonderful if we can just take a pass on the "Clintons".

And as a matter of fact, aren't you sick to death of wall to wall Clinton's and Bush's. Jeez, when they run out of spouses and children, will they start running their parakeets? Of course that might not be so bad, since President Parakeet could well be a lot better than dolls and Nazis.

OK, now the other hand. We all KNOW in our heart of hearts that any third party we might slap together by 2008 will be the answer to the pugs prayers (do Republican "pray", or do they just have Skull and Crossbones Yale "ceremonies"?) Even most of us who still throw up at the sound of Ralph Nadir (spelled with an i), don't blame the Greens. To the contrary, most of these folks are fighting the good fight to honor American values at their best, BUT as a realpolitik 3rd Party, even Tinkerbelle wouldn't vote for them.

That's the crunch. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Having to choose between Hillary Clinton/Bush and some glassy-eyed fascist Republican is NO CHOICE.

In philosophy, there's a phrase called a tertium quid (which means a "third thing"). God in heaven, THAT'S WHAT WE NEED, we need a third thing. Something or someone who isn't a reincarnate Nazi and who isn't a DLC android.

Karl Marx was wrong about a lot of things, but he observed that the "subjective revolution" had to come before the "objective revolution".

Now revolution here simply means the resurrection of the American Dream (which clearly doesn’t have to be violent). But maybe Karl had something there, since the core of it all is the "mind set" of Americans, and maybe, just maybe, most Americans are now in mid mutation because we are so SICK TO DEATH of this gutless Democratic Congress of traitors AND this lunatic fringe of 70 IQ religious fanatics, fascist psychopaths, and neocon agents that TOTALLY control what used to be the Republican Party, that perhaps Americans are now changing more profoundly than we realize "from the inside".

The good news is the Internet belongs to liberals. Face it fascists. You blew this one to the max. And where the Internet is, there is the collective American consciousness.

So, if, if, if, any of this is significantly true, then all we have to do is "act it out". The dog isn't the un American neocon cabal, or the beltway dems, or 3rd Reich Republicans.

The dog is US, so let's get that tertium quid going!

I'm just one patriotic American talking over the fence to my neighbors, but TOGETHER hopefully we can turn this conversation into a tsunami of liberal/progressive change.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Progressives are not Democrats!

Progressives are not Democrats because Democrats are Republicans. Duh. Simple, simple, simple.

America is still a two party system, but it's time to categorically acknowledge that our two party system has long ceased to be Democrats and Republicans, but Progressives versus "Republican/Democrats" or "Democratic/Republicans".

And how are these two parties different?

Oh, ask us a hard one.

(1.) Progressives support the lower and middle classes. Said differently, progressives support the "have not's". Democrats (alias, Democrat/Republicans) suck up to the "Have's". Bill Clinton spent years sucking up to Daddy Bush and so it goes.

(2.) The dem/pug Party are the obedient domestics of the pig, pig rich. And we mean the REALLY pig, pig rich, i.e., the one percent of the human race who ruthlessly dominates nearly all the wealth of the planet. It may force us to lose our political virginity to admit this, but America is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich. Sad, sad, sad, but it has always been so and the elites will kill the Earth thousand times over to STAY pig, pig rich. Look what Texas Oil corporations are doing to Mother Nature. Look at what George Bush did (and very consciously did!) to New Orleans. Look at how this ego maniacal one percent of the human population is literally committing global-warming suicide for the entire human species (and countless other species) – plus thousands of other vampire elite atrocities.

(3.) Progressives commit to spirituality and humanity; not 70 IQ religioso cults that claim the world (or is it the local group?) is going to go boom in the next week or two. Just think about that for a second. What kind of synapse sludge would think the world is going to go boom in the next week or two? Perhaps we should ask our pinhead, Yale cheerleader president (lower case).

(4.) Conversely, progressives commit to intelligence, rationality, and science. I N T E L L I G E N C E. Sound it out, George Porgie. And with your Daddy Degree from Yale, maybe now you can at least pronounce the world science. Jeez, how far can a country go with a president who thinks the quadratic formula is baby food, or, that quantum soup comes out of a can, or that stars are object d'art for hominid religious fanatics. Oops, I guess we should to be a little more mono syllabic for these loony tunes bipedals.

(5.) Progressives believe in DEMOCRACY. And you know what? We're the only one's who do. More specifically, we believe in our Constitutional Republic. The dem/pugs believe in money. That's all they believe in. That's all they have ever believed in. GOP (Greed on Parade)! So Democracy vs. Money pretty much sums it up. Fascism vs. Democracy probably says it better. The dem/pug party is an army of greed machines (just like all institutional religions). Establishment politics: dem/pug greed machines.

But fun and games is the sideshow. Center stage is the FACT that our two party system has gradually, gradually evolved away from "Democrats" (whatever they used to be) and Republicans. Now it’s Progressives fighting to good fight against dem/pug lackeys of the vampire elites.

The thing is, THIS IS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. We play meaningless political games "as if" our two party system is dems and pugs. But here's PROOF that the dems and pugs are two different sides of the same coin:

Nancy Pelosi: A new progressive swear word. This woman is betrayal incarnate. More specifically, SHE IS A DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN.

Harry Reed: Samo, samo. Harry is such a wimp he must get nauseous whenever he has to look into the mirror to shave.

But most of all, the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). This thing/person has never taken a stand about ANYTHING (does she/it even "exist"?) She/it would have a nervous breakdown if you asked her what was her favorite color. In other words, Hillary Clinton/Bush is a DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN.

And all these American traitors are as opposed to what?

Progressives! Progressives are the very soul of God Bless America and it is literally life and death that the consolidating Progressive Party keeps racing to be THE party of America's future, because that's the ultimate choice we face. Progressive values and policies, or a dem/pug, vampire elite, Police State.

Fascism is the essence of what progressivism ISN'T and Hillary Clinton/Bush is the uncrowned dem/pug Queen of American fascism.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Suicidal Obedience

Imagine we're sitting at a card table playing a "political game". This game is called establishment politics and all (repeat ALL) of the game rules have been written by America's vampire elites. The fascists/Nazis are the "police force" of the elites to make sure we obey all the game rules.

It's not complicated. It's very simple. Remember the game rules were written by pig, pig rich Americans to GUARANTEE that they stay pig, pig rich Americans. Think of them as "fail safe" rules. It's actually our total political system, but its SOLE function is to keep pig, pig rich people, pig, pig rich people.

It's finally painfully obvious that all the rest of us (i.e., "Have Not's" and America's middle and lower classes) will NEVER win this game.

For openers, a critical game rule is that we have a two party system, but the implicit, secret game rule is that we have a ONE party system called the dem/pug party. This game rule is the chief reason why 99% of us keep cleaning the commodes of the 1% vampire rich, since we have no political representation. This isn't words or hyperbole; this is reality talk. Look at the (alleged) 2006 Democratic Congress, if you don't have a weak stomach. Look at the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). Most of us don't even know if she/it is "real", since she/it has never taken a moral/rational stand about anything and clearly never will. In short, even the leading candidate for the "Democrats" is more Republican than most Republicans.

So, forget the pseudo "two party" system. Congress is made up of coins with Republican stamped on both sides, so don't bother flipping -- or voting. It's a stacked deck. Even barnyard animals now know it's a stacked deck. Want more proof? Look at the two worst traitors of this "Democratic" Congress, i.e., Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed. All you can say about these two liars and losers is that they make convenient new swear words. "Go straight to Pelosi!" works pretty well or "Stick it up your Reed!" works too.

Let's get very specific with this. There's the "game" called politics which is the bone the elites throw at us to keep us gnawing and drooling while they continue to live like Greek Gods. Then there's the Nazi/fascist Police State aspect of the game which keeps all the cattle (that's us) in our pens.

So, there's the game (which we obediently play), and the inventors of the game (the vampire elites) and the "enforcers" of the game (the Nazi/fascist police force).

It's a very simple and TOTALLY effective set up which keeps the Greek God like elites living in their Greek God like heaven and gives the illiterate and sadistic fascists something to do (e.g., herd us around with cattle prods) -- and, gee, there's even something in it for us. We get to make absolute fools of ourselves (probably much to the sly amusement of the elites), acting "as if" we have some significant input into the national and international policies of the United States of America.


[We should probably pause here so the elites and fascists can laugh to their hearts content before we go on with this garbage illusion]


OK, they've had their fun, so now we get to go back to being fools at the card table.

But you know, there's something ELSE we can do with that bloody card table and that is to KICK IT OVER and take back our lives, country, and planet! How about that? How about telling the elites to stick their no win game where the sun doesn't shine and do WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to claim our God and constitutionally given civilized, ethical, and rational human existence.

Remember, the elites DIDN'T write our Constitution. Sure it's not "perfect" (what is), but it's incalculably better than the elite card game. And yes, the elites have stacked that deck too with Judas "Justices" (what a laugh), but if we keep the faith and stop being hypnotized cattle, we can resurrect a worthy Judicial System.

The sovereign message here is to STOP BEING SUICIDALLY OBEDIENT TO THE GAME. What does this mean? Well, in one form or another, no win card game tables have been kicked over hundreds of times by the betrayed and infuriated majority of citizens of nations who have finally reached critical mass.

Let's say it straight out. We are going to straight hell in a breadbasket with this elite/fascist government. And like future New Orleans Hurricanes, things are only going to get worse and worse.



My God, they've done everything but lock up our genitals and turn our children into dog food.

Think of it like this. What is now ruling our country is a horrific network of evil with a spider with Dick Cheney's satanic face in the dead, dead center.

THAT is now America.

It's time to kick over the card table while we still have legs . . .