Saturday, November 17, 2007

If Kucinich launches Impeachment hearings, will this make him a front running presidential candidate?

Millions of Americans (not just so called "dems") will be infinitely grateful to Dennis Kucinich if impeachment hearings FINALLY get airborne. And it seems reasonable to assume that most of them will not forget him in the primaries and (God willing) as a presidential candidate.

Short of stopping Bush's elite, money cow Oil Wars, or getting to the bottom line truth of 9/11, there's probably nothing any Democratic congress person could do to be raised to the shoulders of millions and millions of Americans.

In short, he would have succeeded in doing what around three quarters of America now demands (dems, pugs, independents, etc., alike), i.e., START THE CONSTITUTIONAL IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS.

There's no doubt that no matter what happens from this point on, Kucinich will be given 100% credit for "making it happen", as indeed he should, since he has been the patriotic "voice crying in the (Democratic Congress) wilderness” for the last several years.

Of course, there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. Nancy Pelosi (the Republican mole) has blocked countless progressive issues, and there's no doubt history will remember her with contempt for her immediate pronouncement that impeachment would not be on the Democratic Congressional table.

Now we all know Congress was returned to the dems in 2006 by liberals and progressives who busted their butts (and wallets) to stand up to the elite/fascist, Bush juggernaut -- specifically, to STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ, impeach Bush and Cheney, and uncover the possibly treasonous truth of 9/11. Duh. Even barnyard animals know this is WHY the dems got the congress back.

But along comes Pelosi and Reed, and straight down the toilet goes the progressive agenda.

Passivity, passivity, passivity, Yes George, yes Mr. President, yes Mr. Cheney, whatever you say, we're your woman and man. Just tell us what you DON'T want, and we'll bury it. Just tell us what you DO want, and we'll make it happen. Nor sir, no rocking of the boat, nothing like that. Yes, yes, liberals are virtual terrorists and if you want, we'll tattoo your face on our foreheads (there's nothing behind them anyway).

Yes, this is shooting from the hip, but is it hyperbole? Is it exaggeration? Most Americans know full well that is ISN'T! Most Americas know (even though millions of us were shocked) that Pelosi and Reed are about as anti progressive as it's humanly possible to get.

But why? Why would they just "give away the farm" (so hard won) to Police State pugs? Money talks? Skeletons in the closet (if so, there must be an army of them). The betrayal of the electorate of the 2006 dem congress is simply off the chart. It boggles the mind to see these traitors simply give away (what's left of) our country AND PLANET to vampire elites, religious fanatics, and political fascists.

We had these evil scum on the run after 2006, but now THEY have the great majority of American citizens (according to all the polls) on the run. And more than any two people on planet Earth, we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed to thank for it.

But, back to Kucinich. Back to honor and courage and brains. And back to our question. IF impeachment is rescued from the Pelosi/Bush prison, will this:

(a.) ALSO catalyze hearings on Bush's money cow Oil Wars?

(b.) ALSO catalyze hearings on the treacherous truth of 9/11?

(c.) ALSO massively validate and empower a Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign.

President Kucinich? Could be

The ballistic truth is that absolutely anything is possible if and when impeachment hearings become center stage in America. The spin off will rock the planet.