Monday, November 5, 2007

Suicidal Obedience

Imagine we're sitting at a card table playing a "political game". This game is called establishment politics and all (repeat ALL) of the game rules have been written by America's vampire elites. The fascists/Nazis are the "police force" of the elites to make sure we obey all the game rules.

It's not complicated. It's very simple. Remember the game rules were written by pig, pig rich Americans to GUARANTEE that they stay pig, pig rich Americans. Think of them as "fail safe" rules. It's actually our total political system, but its SOLE function is to keep pig, pig rich people, pig, pig rich people.

It's finally painfully obvious that all the rest of us (i.e., "Have Not's" and America's middle and lower classes) will NEVER win this game.

For openers, a critical game rule is that we have a two party system, but the implicit, secret game rule is that we have a ONE party system called the dem/pug party. This game rule is the chief reason why 99% of us keep cleaning the commodes of the 1% vampire rich, since we have no political representation. This isn't words or hyperbole; this is reality talk. Look at the (alleged) 2006 Democratic Congress, if you don't have a weak stomach. Look at the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). Most of us don't even know if she/it is "real", since she/it has never taken a moral/rational stand about anything and clearly never will. In short, even the leading candidate for the "Democrats" is more Republican than most Republicans.

So, forget the pseudo "two party" system. Congress is made up of coins with Republican stamped on both sides, so don't bother flipping -- or voting. It's a stacked deck. Even barnyard animals now know it's a stacked deck. Want more proof? Look at the two worst traitors of this "Democratic" Congress, i.e., Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed. All you can say about these two liars and losers is that they make convenient new swear words. "Go straight to Pelosi!" works pretty well or "Stick it up your Reed!" works too.

Let's get very specific with this. There's the "game" called politics which is the bone the elites throw at us to keep us gnawing and drooling while they continue to live like Greek Gods. Then there's the Nazi/fascist Police State aspect of the game which keeps all the cattle (that's us) in our pens.

So, there's the game (which we obediently play), and the inventors of the game (the vampire elites) and the "enforcers" of the game (the Nazi/fascist police force).

It's a very simple and TOTALLY effective set up which keeps the Greek God like elites living in their Greek God like heaven and gives the illiterate and sadistic fascists something to do (e.g., herd us around with cattle prods) -- and, gee, there's even something in it for us. We get to make absolute fools of ourselves (probably much to the sly amusement of the elites), acting "as if" we have some significant input into the national and international policies of the United States of America.


[We should probably pause here so the elites and fascists can laugh to their hearts content before we go on with this garbage illusion]


OK, they've had their fun, so now we get to go back to being fools at the card table.

But you know, there's something ELSE we can do with that bloody card table and that is to KICK IT OVER and take back our lives, country, and planet! How about that? How about telling the elites to stick their no win game where the sun doesn't shine and do WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to claim our God and constitutionally given civilized, ethical, and rational human existence.

Remember, the elites DIDN'T write our Constitution. Sure it's not "perfect" (what is), but it's incalculably better than the elite card game. And yes, the elites have stacked that deck too with Judas "Justices" (what a laugh), but if we keep the faith and stop being hypnotized cattle, we can resurrect a worthy Judicial System.

The sovereign message here is to STOP BEING SUICIDALLY OBEDIENT TO THE GAME. What does this mean? Well, in one form or another, no win card game tables have been kicked over hundreds of times by the betrayed and infuriated majority of citizens of nations who have finally reached critical mass.

Let's say it straight out. We are going to straight hell in a breadbasket with this elite/fascist government. And like future New Orleans Hurricanes, things are only going to get worse and worse.



My God, they've done everything but lock up our genitals and turn our children into dog food.

Think of it like this. What is now ruling our country is a horrific network of evil with a spider with Dick Cheney's satanic face in the dead, dead center.

THAT is now America.

It's time to kick over the card table while we still have legs . . .