Sunday, November 4, 2007

What is the mind set of Evil?

Can there be any human being on the planet Earth for whom it is not heart breakingly obvious that the United States of America is now in the grip of absolute evil?

Giving evil a name, like fascism, or George Bush, or the Republican Party, and perhaps most of all, the abomination of Nazism (i.e., the police force of the vampire rich) doesn't help much.

The question is what is the "geography" of this Heart of Darkness? What's "going on" in there? What makes the elites and Nazis tick?

And let's not settle for mere political logistics, such as our dem/pug ONE party system that puppet dances only for the Greek God like elites.

The sad, sad truth is that the great majority of Americans no longer have political representation. Dick Cheney, with one decision, has more influence and power than the DNC, the DLC, and the RNC combined. In short, we have been reduced to a literal dictatorship. Our Democratic Republic has been replaced with a Nazi Police State.

But again, let's return the focus to the black mystery of why Nazis ARE Nazis, or why George Bush IS George Bush, or why Republicans ARE Republicans.

The names are paper bullets. We need insight into the spiritual/philosophical/psychological dynamics of human evil.

Certainly such questions have been "answered" before, but all too often only by old men in dresses (theologians); however, the raw misery of our lives demands that we rip these questions away from the recycled babble of establishment religion, which is even more terrified of sex than it is of death, so let's demote these foppish theologians to the trash heap of Existential pap.

Surely, the number one explanation of human evil is raw fear. Life IS fearful, but when your fear of life passes a certain point, you turn into a Republican. And surely, the fear/violence interface is equally obvious. The more your neighbors are in the grip of fear (of whatever!) is the more you would do well to tread carefully around such ticking bombs.

The Palestinian/Israeli horror show is NOTHING BUT FEAR. Fear that your (woo! woo!) religion might not be a hot line to God after all, so "extreme measures" must be taken to guarantee that your core religious beliefs (and we should never forget that a "belief" is never a certainty) are never challenged. And if that takes genocide, so be it. Murder in the name of God has virtually been the favorite game of the human race since the beginning of recorded history anyway.

The thing about evil is that it's too abstract, too "theological", but gut wrenching fear, now that's something else, and there's something terribly plausible about thinking that "evil people" are in essence "fear of life" people.

Take the elites (God knows I don't want them!). Here too, fear is God. They are TERRIFIED that their Greek God like lives are going to be taken away from them. They see all the rest of us "Have Not's" and middle and lower classes out here working and struggling and, yes, dying, so they rush back into their mansions and kiss their money. They think their astronomical wealth will somehow permit them to one up life. Hell, probably most of the vampire elites think they're never going to die. Money talks and surely even the Grim Reaper "has a price". And on and on with psychosis after psychosis. In short, they think MONEY WILL SAVE THEM FROM LIFE, so they try to buy away their fear of life.

But, behind it all is still fear, fear, and more fear, because on some level they really KNOW that their literal mountains of gold will not protect them from death or growing older or getting cancer (even elites die of cancer), and on and on and on.

But money "seems" to protect us from life, just as establishment religion (for which we righteously mass murder) "seems" to protect us from life, but for human grown ups, seeming is only seeming. We know better, so we don't sell our souls for astronomical wealth (which is basically obtained by starting and maintaining money cow wars), or for the blessings of some religious psycho who tells us the world is going to go "boom" in the next few weeks, BUT the true believers are going to be "lifted up" by a cherry picking god. And also that we will lock in after death paradise if only we manage to kill enough heathens, pagans, atheists, and homosexuals.

Fear goes with violence goes with hatred. Indeed, the essence of hatred is violence against anything which would take away our protection from life, e.g., money and religious fanaticism.

All this chaos is opposed to what? It's opposed to the mystery and ravishing beauty of Mother Nature. It's opposed to a life of compassion and humility, perhaps humility most of all, because only infinite arrogance commits murder in the name of God.

Middle East, are you listening?

Look, let's face it; it's difficult to rebut the bumper sticker that says, "Life is a bitch, and then you die," even though this is holy writ for the elites and Nazis because of their fear of life philosophy and religion. But for most of us mere humans, we bloody "make the best of things". We love our children, our planet, and our country and we DON'T base our lives in fear, fear, and more fear. We DON'T murder our fellow Earthlings in the name of God and we DON'T think we can solve the mystery of life with money.

Bush/Saudi Royal Family are you listening? Indeed, all you vampire greed families, "communities" and countries are you listening? Here's another way to put it. Follow the money to that one percent of the planet that owns and controls practically all of the wealth of wounded Mother Nature, and you'll find that fear of life core of the Heart of Darkness.

Let's take one last shot at this. Short term, the fear obsessed elites and religious fanatics don't have it so bad. Yeah, money can grease the existential wheels of life, and no mistake, BUT human existence is more than bank accounts and 70 IQ religious cults.

Ultimate realness is where we already and life without generosity and compassion is a barren spiritual concentration camp. And oh yes, everyone dies. All we have to do to see the REAL limitations of greed head reality is to walk out at night where we can see the stars, and the stars don't give a rat's derriere about your multi millions and multi billions. And they also aren’t “decoration” for your hot line to God religion of choice.

They just are. Like death.

And a peaceful river at night when you hear a fish jumping in the dark is not a hell of fear.