Sunday, November 25, 2007

A 100% guaranteed grassroots way to bring down this treasonous dem/pug presidency & congress.

Frequently in life, the simplest and most obvious things get the job done, but we get caught up in meaningless complexities which don't only solve the problem, they PERPETUATE the problem.

Bush's Oils Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and next Iran?) are problems which must be solved since they are murdering millions (yes, millions) of innocent people and will inevitably lead to WW3. The expense of these Oil Wars, plus astronomical tax breaks for America's Greek God like elites are bankrupting our country (they're certainly bankrupting all the rest of us poor slobs) and bleeding away funding for education, science, retirements, national infrastructure maintenance & repair, health care, and much more.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed have turned out to be virtual Republican moles since anything that microscopically resembles liberal/progressive values gets buried alive by these two traitors in a heartbeat.

We could go on and on, but the DLC Hillary Clinton/Bush Doll is now the front running Democratic (whatever that means) candidate, but of all the dem candidate, she is the closest to being a literal clone of George W. Bush. Plus, even Bill Clinton keeps following the money and has spent considerable time and energy sucking up to Daddy Bush.

Lastly, the neocon lobby (which has NEVER lobbied for the well being and national security of the United States of America), has totally high jacked American foreign and domestic policy, so the "land of the free and the home of the brave" has been reduced to a tail wagged this profoundly un American cabal.

But this depressing list is something practically all Americans (dems, pug, and independents included) are well familiar with.

Said differently, the conflict is not between Republican and Democrats (our ONE party dem/pug system), but between a significant majority of American citizens and the Washington trash (on BOTH sides of the aisle) that is giving away the farm of our Constitutional Republic to Nazi-like fascists and 70 IQ religious fanatics who think the world is going to go Armageddon "boom" in the next week or two -- yeah, the rest of the planet is really worried about that, aren't they?

And behind it all (as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?) are the vampire elites. The sad, brutal truth is that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich abjectly controlled by the 1% or less of international elites. This planetary "secret society" of elites are the literal gods and goddesses of planet Earth and NOTHING protects and perpetuates them more than the "game of politics".

Politics means NOTHING in America! This can't be said strongly enough. It's the bone the elites throw us to gnaw on while we clean their commodes. How could it mean anything? Dear God, we don't have a two party system, we have a ONE party system. Look at Hillary Clinton. Look at Nancy Peolsi. Look at Harry Reed. And if you haven't thrown up by now, look at nearly EVERY MEMBER of the "Democratic" Congress. Certainly we have a few marginal exceptions (only marginal!), and they just prove the rule.

The point is our country and planet are dying. EVERYTHING is dying. The stench of what used to be America almost makes you faint. And Mother Earth is also going down for the 3rd time in hundreds of ways. Pandora's Box is now wide open and a flood of new devils fly out practically every day.

Of course, things are not hopeless for the pig, pig rich. Exactly the opposite. The bottom lines of Texas (please note the state) energy corporations are increasing SEVERAL HUNDRED PERCENT year after year. How about you and your family's income? Has it been increasing hundreds of percent for the last few years. Are you now making at least $500,000 a year, as you would be if your income had been increasing at that rate?

OK, enough already. Let's talk about how we can stop all this.

Please notice that I said how WE can stop all this, since what's coming has nothing to do with political parties. That's what's so great about it this solution. We don't have to "make deals" with cowardly, greed head politicians, since this strategy has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.

It's strictly power of the people, grass roots if you like, but it’s a way of totally outflanking the sewer of Washington.

Now, you're going to be disappointed if you think I've discovered some kind of magically wonderful thing, because it's already widely known that this power of the people methodology would work. May I say that again? It’s already widely known that THIS STRATEGY WOULD WORK.

The only Catch 22 is to fire up enough passionately frustrated Americans to implement it.

The strategy is nationally targeted boycotts. But please stay with me. I know in a certain sense you've heard this all before, but that's totally missing the point. The point is that it ABSOLUTELY WOULD WORK. Corporate fascism (and that's America's present cancer) is limitlessly powerful in certain, public ways, BUT is has a very soft and vulnerable underbelly, and that's targeted boycotts.

It's like finding the Achilles ’ heel in a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

So, we have a puzzling and ironic problem. We know EXACTLY what would bring down the Tyrannosaurs Rex of corporate fascism and we know EXACTLY the location of its Achilles’ heel. And better still, it has nothing to do with the Washington sewer of elected traitors. This strategy is independent of sewer politicians. This strategy is 100% power of the people and grass roots. So, what could be better and if everything's so perfect, why aren't we doing it?

Ah, but that's the problem, isn't it?

The problem is to GET US TO DO IT.

So are we saying the problem is hopeless? Certainly not. And the reason it's not hopeless is because of the internet (and blessings upon it).

Basically the idea is to single out, say, 10, corporations (Halliburton and EXXON come to mind), and then collectively boycott the living s___ out of them. It would be counter productive to go after too many, since we want the laser focus of financial damage to double these corporations over. You just watch how quickly EXXON changes its position about global warming after discovering a financial artery has been cut by thousands (millions?) of enraged Americans who want their children to have a future not polluted by EXXON.

This paper has two finger crossing big ideas:

(1.) nationally targeted boycotts

(2.) finding a "spokesman" to launch this strategy.

The second is probably imperative since even though most of us agree that selected corporate boycotts would almost certainly inflict mortal damage to the Bush/fascist juggernaut, effectively organizing and implementing such boycotts would, realistically, be terribly difficult to do.

BUT NOT IF WE HAD A NATIONAL SPOKESMAN. If Dennis Kucinich, for example, took the lead and suggested to the American people that it would be win/win for America if we boycotted certain blatantly fascist and/or racist and/or anti American companies, that would almost surely launch a national movement, and that's what we need, a “national movement”.

Of course it wouldn't have to be Kucinich, Gore would be nice, Bill Richardson, or WHOMEVER (preferably a Democratic Presidential Candidate), but with such high profile leadership, this thing could actually happen. It would be "safe" for whatever candidate supported this, since in a certain sense boycotts are “politically neutral".

Maybe we could bait the candidates by predicting that whoever did this first would be the next President of the United States (which indeed might be the case if it significantly crippled corporate fascism).

All they would have to do would be to come out with a circulating list of 10 or so corporations which are raping Mother Nature and bleeding away the honor and wealth of America. What could be simpler?

Lastly, if we can't find a high profile spokesman, I guess it’s up to us to work out how to make this happen. Maybe we could start an informal "Boycott Party". I know many of you out there have already looked into boycotts extensively and have numerous great sites on this subject so let's all patriotic Americans brainstorm together about how to get national boycotts pragmatically organized.

Thanks for listening -- and don't you agree that there's NOTHING corporate fascism fears more than what we are talking about now? But they probably think the American public is too flaky to ever do it.

Let's prove them wrong and get our country, planet, and future back with BOYCOTTS.