Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A short and sweet thank you to all liberal/progressive sites.

I am not going to be equal to this, my gratitude is so limitless, but these progressive/liberal sites are now (I think) the best thing going in America.

Here is the collective American consciousness and here we can chat and criticize and inspire each other. Here we have internet "town meetings" and its win/win for America.

Yes, sometimes you get whacked (sometimes "I" certainly get whacked), but, hey, isn't that just a symptom of being in an extended political family?

Most of all I want to thank the folks who came up with the bucks and brains to start and maintain these sites. When I'm not too busted (Bush's taxes are murder), I contribute from time to time, and to all the rest of you who contribute, you have the thanks of us all.

I also want to thank the Americans who passionately respond to a submission, because that too is win/win for us all. It's takes time to submit, just as it takes time to respond, and I've learned more from your responses (certainly not just to my ponderings) than I ever thought possible.

So I guess I'll just make a total fool of myself and say I love you people. I love you (and I really do) because for all our different takes on this or that, we all of deeply love this country to the max. God bless America, indeed, and God bless all Americans who love America.

And one last time, God bless those individuals who made and make the sacrifices to keep these sites functional. I can only guess at your sacrifices and commitments, but please, please go to sleep at night knowing your sites are America's lifelines.

Lastly, I still remember what it was like 4 or so years ago when all we had for "news" was Fox Snooze propaganda and similar bought and paid for fascist trash -- and how terribly painful those memories are!

But now, that's dead and buried and those journalist traitors have become increasingly comic and it's just a matter of time before their accountants start pointing out that propaganda no longer pays. Business will have the last laugh, and the programs (and anchors) will go to where most the audience (i.e., money) is, and THAT'S US.

Well, enough already.

So, solidarity, solidarity, solidarity my dear liberal, progressive friends! We have too much collective soul for these subhumans to beat us! There’s a good time coming, be it ever so far away . .